How to Feel Together When You Are Apart

By Amanda Alberry

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

How to Feel Together When You Are Apart

Many factors may contribute to partners or couples finding themselves in a long- distance relationship. This experience may be daunting to some people, especially when they are unaware of the steps to minimize the probable feelings of loneliness. Nevertheless, with the latest advancements of technology, it’s much more possible to lessen the distance of a couple by new means of connections. You can utilize the internet to ensure you consistently communicate with your better half. Also, other activities can help bring you closer, even if you are miles apart.

Do you wish to know how to feel together when you are apart?

If yes, don’t worry. This article discusses the various steps you can take to feel together with your partner while still being apart.

1. Sharing Gifts

Sharing Gifts
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The internet has made it easier for couples in a long-distance relationship to connect almost instantly on various social media. Apart from simply communicating, online businesses have simplified buying and selling online. You can leverage this power to
buy your partner unique gifts online, such as wellington cash for gold. This is one way of letting your partner know that they are always on your mind. It keeps the fire in your relationship always burning and eliminates any feelings of loneliness. Therefore, surprise your partner with unique gifts to keep them remembering the love you share every day, regardless of the distance.

2. Exercising Respect for Each Other

Exercising Respect for Each Other
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When living away from your partner, it is imperative to respect their decisions and the circumstances they may be undergoing. In this case, your partner may be living with roommates or family members, and it might be challenging to maintain constant communication with you. This also applies when you have other engagements that hamper your communication with your partner. Therefore, respect will dictate your actions by ensuring that you are both aware of the situations on the ground to avoid misunderstandings. This will help strengthen the bond in your relationship regardless of the distance. It also helps in ensuring the safety of each other, even if you cannot be together physically.

3. Incorporate Creativity

Incorporate Creativity
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Unfortunate occurrences such as a lockdown or quarantine force each one of us to find new opportunities that might ease our connection with our particular person. You perform many activities while together physically, such as road trips, mountain climbing, or skiing. These are the opportunities you can use to come with video chats to help you interact with your partner. You can conduct many activities online through the video chats, such as checking in on one another before retiring to bed or visiting museums online. Furthermore, you can read books online together during your free time or purchase new wines or drinks online and taste, sharing the experiences via video chats. With time, new ways of connecting will emerge, helping you always stay together and forget the horror of the long distance between you.

4. Planning for the Future Together

Planning for the Future Together
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It is tough to be in a long-distance relationship, mainly due to inevitable crises like the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because many couples are used to planning for their future life while together physically. However, the advent of the internet can be helpful to hold online chats and share great ideas regarding your future. For instance, you can discuss the beautiful ways you plan to spend your time together when the crisis ends and meet physically. This may take the form of your dream vacation, visiting the new museum in town, or moving abroad for a new life. Planning your future together is one way of keeping yourselves always thinking about the plans that make the two of you want to spend your lives together. As a result, you always wake with a new hope that you are about to do something, and you are doing it with your partner.

5. Stay Present While Chatting Online

Stay Present While Chatting Online
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In many relationships, when partners are together, one or both of them are hardly fully present and participating in whatever they are doing or discussing. This has a lot to do with the busy mindset of life events and the internet. It is critically important to ensure
that you are online to chat with your partner. It hurts when your partner wishes to have a conversation with you, but you are unavailable. For instance, your partner may want to pass a message to you when your phone is unavailable. Therefore, while chatting with your partner online, this is an opportunity for you to give them all your attention. If you were doing something before the video call, stop giving your special one all the attention they deserve because you deserve the same. You can incorporate various tips to help you stay engaged in your conversation, such as:

  • Appreciating your partner when they share an idea you find interesting.
  • Contributing to the chat using detailed compliments.
  • Reminding your partner about the memorable experiences you shared, and you now miss.

6. Being Physical Yet Separate

Being Physical Yet Separate
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Intimacy between partners may be compromised with a long-distance relationship. Being away from one another but connected through the internet can be a great tie to explore and share various fantasies. Furthermore, this is the best time to come up with the many things you want to try together and discuss them to know if you share something in common. This way, you get to learn about the intimacies your partner wants to try out if given that opportunity.


There are many ways to ensure you feel together with your partner even if you are in a long-distance relationship. It requires being creative to single out the things you can do together online, such as making plans about your future or exploring fantasies by using the internet. However, it is good to exercise respect and consider your partner’s safety wherever they are.

Amanda Alberry

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