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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The Dumb Little Man expert team, composed of retail traders, financial advisors, and trading experts, carries out detailed evaluations of brokerage firms. They employ a unique algorithm to rate brokers on consistent factors like:

• Convenience
• Profitability
• Reliability
• Broker Expertise
• Cost-effectiveness

User feedback is also factored into the final assessment. We merge professional insights with client experiences to offer a balanced perspective, reducing individual biases and presenting an objective overview of the broker.

After reviewing FXFlat with these standards, we identified it as a trustworthy choice for those in search of a reliable financial broker. Nonetheless, the article will detail certain limitations that prospective users should consider.

FXFlat Review

A vital connection between individual traders and the foreign exchange market is provided by forex brokers. They provide buy-and-sell order execution platforms for traders. German online brokerage FXFlat is well-known for offering a wide range of trading instruments, including futures, CFDs, and forex. Its extensive trading platform enables users to participate in a variety of financial markets.

FXFlat is not only a platform for trading. It also offers a selection of resources and tools made to help traders. To assist clients in making well-informed decisions, research and analysis tools as well as instructional materials are offered.

This FXFlat review offers a thorough analysis of Dumb Little Man’s trading gurus’ observations as well as user feedback. We hope that our analysis will provide you with all the necessary knowledge about FXFlat. The evaluation provides a simple way to determine whether FXFlat is a good fit for your trading needs by weighing professional analysis against real trader experiences.

What is FXFlat?

FXFlat is a Forex online broker that operates under strict rules as a securities trading bank. It is supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and adheres to European Union financial legislation. This provides clients with a safe and transparent trading environment.

FXFlat provides a variety of account types and trading tools to meet a wide range of trading requirements. Clients can select between normal and professional accounts. It also offers a variety of trading platforms, such as Trader Workstation and the commonly utilized MetaTrader platforms.

FXFlat has been recognized for its attractive trading conditions and services since its start in 1997. The company is still committed to providing cutting-edge technology and first-rate service while conforming to rules. Its service offering has grown over time, emphasizing the value of quality assistance and education for traders.

FXFlat is an active member of the CFD Verband e.V., which promotes openness and investor protection in the German CFD market. Furthermore, the broker is conscious of its social duties. It supports a variety of social institutions and hospitals, demonstrating a holistic commitment to its community role.

Safety and Security of FXFlat

After thorough research by Dumb Little Man, it’s clear that FXFlat Forex broker is not a scam. The broker is regulated by BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) in Germany. This regulation ensures specific security for traders’ funds, as the broker is subject to strict oversight.

FXFlat is a fully regulated and authorized broker under BaFin. It operates as a trading brand of FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank GmbH, established under German laws. The firm also functions as a large Introducing Broker and has its headquarters in Ratingen, near Dusseldorf.

The broker’s regulatory obligations confirm that it’s legit and constantly overseen. BaFin ensures that the broker provides transparent trading conditions and protects investors in various scenarios. This level of oversight establishes trust between the broker and its clients.

Clients can expect several safety nets when they open an account with FXFlat. Due to BaFin’s regulatory obligations, accounts are covered by the German compensation institution. The broker must also follow strict rules for deposit protection and segregation of deposits from company funds.

Sign-Up Bonus of FXFlat

As of when this review was written, FXFlat does not offer sign-up bonuses for new traders. The absence of a sign-up bonus reflects the broker’s compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Minimum Deposit of FXFlat

For those interested in opening a standard trading account with FXFlat, the minimum deposit is 200 EUR. This initial requirement allows traders to access the platform and begin trading.

FXFlat Account Types

Our team of experts at Dumb Little Man conducted thorough research on FXFlat‘s various account options. Here is a clear and organized list of FXFlat trading accounts:

Standard Account on MetaTrader or TWS

  • Initial deposit: €200 for MetaTrader
  • Assets: Access to CFDs, forex, and futures
  • Initial deposit: €2,000 for TWS
  • Assets: Access to stocks, options, futures, CFDs, spot forex, and more

Corporate Account

  • Accessibility: Open to any type of business globally
  • Features: Designed to help companies to operate more profitably

Islamic Account

  • Features: Complies with Sharia law
  • Application: Can be converted from a live trading account or applied for separately

Demo Account

  • Platform: Available on MetaTrader or TWS
  • Duration: 30-day trial
  • Purpose: Allows users to test platforms and strategies using virtual funds

FXFlat Customer Reviews

Customer opinions on FXFlat are mixed. Some find the broker reliable and trustworthy, praising the educational materials provided. Others, however, raise concerns about changes in market conditions after making profits and accuse the company of unresponsive customer service. A few reviewers even claim that the broker sells customer order flows, potentially undermining client positions. These varying experiences highlight the importance of thorough research before choosing FXFlat as your brokerage service provider.

FXFlat Fees, Spreads, and Commissions

FXFlat‘s spreads vary based on specific currency pairs and prevailing market conditions. For example, major currency pairs like EUR/USD generally have low spreads, while less-traded or exotic pairs might have wider spreads. Traders should check FXFlat’s spreads for the specific instrument they plan to trade and compare them with other brokers.

In terms of fees, FXFlat imposes charges depending on the trading products and services used. Typical fees include the spread and overnight financing charges for maintaining positions beyond the trading day. Additionally, inactivity fees may apply if traders don’t log in or trade for an extended period. It’s advisable to review FXFlat’s specific fee structure and compare it with other brokers before making a trading decision.

Deposit and Withdrawal

After testing by a trading professional at Dumb Little Man, it was found that FXFlat provides multiple methods for deposit and withdrawal. These include Card Payment, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, Giropay, and iDEAL. However, the availability of these methods can differ based on the account holder’s country.

FXFlat also has trading accounts in various base currencies, such as USD, EUR, and GBP. It’s worth noting that FXFlat may impose specific transaction requirements and fees. For current information, traders are advised to consult directly with the broker.

How to Open an FXFlat Account

  1. Visit the FXFlat website to start the account-opening process.
  2. Click on the option for opening a live account.
  3. Select the trading platforms you prefer.
  4. Fill in the required personal information to register.
  5. Check your email for a verification message.
  6. Click the link in the email to verify your account.
  7. Log in to your verified account.
  8. Choose your base currency and deposit method.
  9. Make your first deposit to begin trading.

FXFlat Affiliate Program

FXFlat has an affiliate program for partners with high-quality, financially related websites, as well as those active in trading software and education. The program intends to assist these partners in making stock exchange trading available to their clients. Partners can profit from a variety of commission structures, including lifetime and one-time payments.

To meet a variety of demands, the program offers Lifetime Commissioning, Single Commission, and an Individual Partner Model. FXFlat offers multiple payment alternatives, whether you desire monthly payments or a one-time commission. Joining FXFlat as an affiliate opens the door to lucrative rewards while boosting trading options for your audience.

FXFlat Customer Support

According to Dumb Little Man’s experience, FXFlat‘s customer service is normally available throughout market hours. However, for the most up-to-date information on support availability, it’s better to contact the broker directly. FXFlat has a number of support channels, including phone, email, and live chat, to help traders resolve concerns.

FXFlat has an online help center in addition to regular contact methods. This comprises FAQs and instructional tools meant to provide quick answers to frequent questions. This multifaceted approach to client service ensures that traders have the resources they require to trade effectively.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FXFlat Customer Support

Quick and Pertinent Responses

Support in Multiple Languages

Option for Live Chat
Limited to 24/5 Availability

FXFlat vs Other Brokers

#1. FXFlat vs AvaTrade

Given that its principal regulating agency is in Germany, FXFlat offers a more focused variety of trading accounts and is geared primarily toward European traders. AvaTrade, on the other hand, is a worldwide player located in Dublin, Ireland, that serves clients from over 150 countries and offers over 1,250 financial instruments. Both brokers are well-regulated, but AvaTrade has a larger global footprint and a more diverse array of tradable assets.

Verdict: AvaTrade is better for traders seeking a wide range of financial instruments and global market access.

#2. FXFlat vs RoboForex

FXFlat mostly provides ordinary or corporate accounts on the MetaTrader or TWS platforms. RoboForex provides several trading platforms, including MetaTrader, cTrader, and RTrader. RoboForex also offers a greater range of trading alternatives, with over 12,000 available, and is known for tailored trading settings ideal for a variety of trading styles.

Verdict: RoboForex is better for traders seeking a wide range of platform options and personalized trading terms.

#3. FXFlat vs FXChoice

FXFlat offers a variety of account types, including the option for an Islamic Account. FXChoice, on the other hand, caters primarily to experienced traders, offering both traditional and professional ECN accounts. FXChoice does not cater to beginners because they require features such as cent accounts and appropriate leverage. It does, however, provide a loyalty program for professional customers with big trading volumes.

Verdict: FXFlat is better for a diverse range of traders, including those who require an Islamic Account, while FXChoice is more suited for experienced traders with high trading volumes.

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Conclusion: FXFlat Review

FXFlat emerges as a solid solution for all types of traders following extensive analysis by the team of trading specialists at Dumb Little Man. Its diverse account options, which include Standard, Corporate, and Islamic Accounts, cater to a variety of trading requirements. The broker also provides powerful trading platforms, MetaTrader and TWS, that are appropriate for both novices and pros.

However, prospective customers should be wary of FXFlat’s cost structure. While spreads for big currency pairings are competitive, traders may face higher spreads and suffer inactivity penalties for less prevalent pairs. Another disadvantage is the limited availability of customer help, which is restricted to market hours.

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FXFlat Review FAQs

What is the minimum deposit for an FXFlat MetaTrader account?

The minimum deposit for a MetaTrader account with FXFlat is €200.

Is FXFlat regulated?

Yes, FXFlat is regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Does FXFlat offer a demo account?

Yes, FXFlat offers a 30-day demo account on MetaTrader and TWS platforms, allowing users to test the platforms without any financial risk.

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