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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The expert team at Dumb Little Man, renowned for their deep understanding of finance and trading, excels in conducting thorough assessments of proprietary trading firms. Their approach involves a meticulous algorithm and rigorous evaluation standards, focusing on key aspects for in-depth reviews. These aspects encompass:

  • Efficient and responsive customer support
  • Rapid funding availability for trading
  • Robust safeguarding of financial and personal data
  • Commitment to ethical trading norms
  • Attainable trading objectives
  • Fair distribution of profits

Their evaluation of FundYourFX suggests that the firm not only meets but surpasses these critical criteria. With its extensive knowledge in the brokerage sector and robust trader support, FundYourFX has earned its reputation as a top-tier prop trading firm.

A “Prop trading firm”, also referred to as a prop firm, provides traders with a special opportunity. These companies give people financing so they can trade with more money than they might have on hand. A prominent participant in this market, FundYourFX is dedicated to enabling traders to enhance their trading abilities and optimize their trading profits.

The founding principle of FundYourFX was that every individual should have access to trading with a significant amount of funds. This trading strategy gives competent traders the tools they need to potentially boost their profits, opening possibilities for them.

This post provides a thorough analysis of FundYourFX using real customer testimonials and trade professionals’ insights from Dumb Little Man. To help readers appreciate the benefits and efficacy of trading with FundYourFX, the review attempts to present a fair and impartial viewpoint.

What is FundYourFX?

Designed by traders for traders, FundYourFX is a unique proprietary trading (prop) firm that has won multiple awards. Known for its Instant Funding and Customer Support, the company gives traders a lot of funds and great assistance. This strategy aids traders in achieving success and taking advantage of market opportunities.

Recognizing the shortcomings of conventional fundraising schemes, FundYourFX transformed the idea. Many programs demand expensive fees to access real funds or lengthy demo trading periods. To solve this, FundYourFX provides actual money up front, a fair profit split, and loss liability immunity. This novel method will be advantageous to traders as well as the organization.

As per FundYourFX, the goal of financial inclusion for everybody is based on a network of forward-thinking businesses. Its objective is to support traders in their expansion by emerging as the most significant and trustworthy resource in the industry. The motto of the organization prioritizes long-term partnerships and mutual advantages over short-term financial gain.

FundYourFX’s commitment to its clients is demonstrated by the honors it got for Best Instant Funding Prop Firm of 2023 and Best Customer Support of 2023. The company provides speedy, barrier-free financing, up to $2 million in cash, and a 90% profit split. Hedging, news trading, and using expert advisors (EAs) are a few of the tactics that traders can employ.

As long as you follow the trading criteria and retain up to 90% of revenues when you attain a 10% profit, FundYourFX ensures weekly profit payouts. The two main objectives of this compensation scheme are self-interest and clarity. Since they can eventually grow the amount of money in their funded account by performing well, traders don’t have to worry about losing money either.

Reputably accommodating, the company allows news trading, overnight positions, and weekend transactions as long as risk management protocols are observed. A dedicated point of contact ensures that traders receive personalized support, as well as timely assistance and feedback.

A fundamental component of FundYourFX’s approach is real funding from the start. The company’s philosophy is to test traders’ abilities and assess their performance via actual account trading. FundYourFX provides the opportunity for individuals who exhibit proficiency and achievement to expand their accounts up to $2 million, fully utilizing their trading skills.

Pros and Cons of FundYourFX


  • Quick Finance
  • High Dividend Profit
  • Different Account Types
  • No Extra Fees
  • Clear Withdrawal Procedure
  • Adaptable Trading Regulations
  • Providing Customer Support


  • Few Channels for Customer Support
  • The setup fee initially
  • Tight Trading Regulations and Assessments
  • Deadlines for Withdrawals
  • Delay in First Payout
  • Reliance on Bank Transfer

Safety and Security of FundYourFX

According to research by Dumb Little Man, FundYourFX is not a regulated financial institution because it is not legally necessary for proprietary trading companies that do not provide brokerage services. The company operates outside of the typical financial institution regulatory framework and trades with its funds.

The regulation about proprietary trading firms often affects larger financial institutions that conduct commercial banking, which does not include FundYourFX.

FundYourFX Bonuses and Contests

There aren’t any active bonuses or contests at FundYourFX right now. Traders and other interested parties should, nevertheless, keep a watch out for any upcoming developments. Later on, the business might launch thrilling competitions and bonus opportunities, providing traders with even more incentives.

It is advised for anyone hoping to take advantage of these chances to keep a watch on FundYourFX’s updates.

FundYourFX Customer Reviews

Mixed customer reviews can be found for FundYourFX on Trustpilot, where it currently has a 4.5 star rating. In general, clients praise the company’s immediate funding and customer service staff, praising agents like IKA and Adam in particular for their promptness and helpfulness.

On the other hand, some users experienced loss of their money with no representative responding to their queries. The overall sentiment from these reviews indicates satisfaction with the level of support and professionalism offered by FundYourFX, despite its less-than-ideal Trustpilot rating.

FundYourFX Commissions and Fees

FundYourFX offers a profit split of up to 90% and capital scaling up to $2M, incentivizing traders to maximize their earnings. The firm charges a one-time setup fee based on the chosen plan: Starter (£197), Standard (£297), or Professional (£577). This fee covers account setup, license fees, administration costs, and risk management and analytics software. Notably, this fee is refundable after the third profit split, achieved by hitting 10% profit three times.

Traders are expected to cover some initial expenses as part of their collaboration with FundYourFX. Beyond the setup fee, there are no additional costs associated with trading with the firm. FundYourFX emphasizes a win/win approach, funding traders instantly with real money while expecting profitability in return. The company takes on all the risk, expecting traders to utilize the capital profitably.

For achieving payouts, traders at levels 1-3 are required to aim for 10% profitability within 90 days. This period extends to 120 days for level 4 and 180 days for level 5 traders. Significantly, at level 6, there is no time limit, offering traders more flexibility to achieve their goals. FundYourFX’s approach is to maintain transparency and ensure mutual benefit for both the company and its traders.

FundYourFX Account Types

Based on thorough research and testing by the team of experts at Dumb Little Man, the following is a detailed description of the account types offered by FundYourFX:

The Starter Account account requires a fee of £168 and comes with a 125% Refundable Fee. It provides traders with a Starting Balance of $6,000 USD and the potential to grow the account up to $500,000. Benefits include Up to 90% Profit Share, No Risks Included, Personal Support, and a Refundable Fee.

With a fee of £253, the Standard Account also offers a 125% Refundable Fee. The account starts with a balance of $15,000 USD and offers the opportunity to increase it to $1,000,000. Like the Starter Account, it includes Up to 90% Profit Share, No Risks, Personal Support, and a Refundable Fee.

The Professional Account has a fee of £491 and features a 125% Refundable Fee as well. This account has a $30,000 USD starting balance that can be increased to $2,000,000 USD. Traders can benefit from a refundable fee, personal support, no risk trading, and profit sharing of up to 90%.

These accounts are designed to meet the needs of traders with different goals and degrees of experience. They all provide a way to increase account balances while emphasizing risk-free trading and all-around support.

Opening a FundYourFX Trader Account

The procedure of opening an account with FundYourFX is simple and safe. People can simply access the chances and resources provided by this proprietary trading firm by following these eight easy steps.

  1. Choose a Plan: Select the FundYourFX Funded Trader Program plan that best suits your needs.
  2. Put Your Contact Information Here: To reserve your place, enter your contact details.
  3. Process Fees: Finish paying the fees associated with your selected plan.
  4. Put your signature on the contract: Accept and sign the FundYourFX contract.
  5. Secure Payment: Make sure that transactions are processed securely and encrypted.
  6. Receive Account: Contact FundYourFX to retrieve your funded account.
  7. Start Trading: Use the newly created account to start trading.
  8. Earn Profit: For each 10% of profit you make, you will be paid a profit share.

FundYourFX Customer Support

FundYourFX provides live chat support to its customers; Dumb Little Man has used and reported on this option. With this type of customer service, traders may easily and quickly get help for any problems or questions they may have. Users can effectively communicate with the support team through this method, which guarantees prompt and efficient resolution of issues.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FundYourFX Customer Support

Instant response via live chat

Direct contact with the support staff

Effective problem solving

Limited options outside of live chat

Reliance on chat service

FundYourFX Withdrawal Options

After being tested by a trading professional at Dumb Little Man, the withdrawal options at FundYourFX reveal a structured system based on trader levels and trading profits. The profit split you receive is tied to your current level, which is determined by achieving a 10% profit from your initial account balance. The split varies per level:

  • Level 1 to 3: 50% profit split.
  • Level 4: 70% profit split.
  • Level 5: 80% profit split.
  • Level 6: 90% profit split.

For example, with a starting capital of $15,000, reaching a 10% profit triggers a payout based on your level’s split percentage. If you’re at Level 2 (50% split), your new balance would be $22,500. As you advance to higher levels, your profit split percentage increases, with Level 6 offering the highest split of 90%.

Withdrawal requests are made through There’s a specific deadline for payout requests: Friday at 8 AM UK Time. Missing this deadline delays the process to the following week. After the deadline, FundYourFX reviews payout requests and performs account scale-ups by Friday 5 PM UK Time. Approved payouts are processed by the Finance Department on Monday at 8 AM UK Time.

The first payout may take longer due to the onboarding process in the payment system, but subsequent payouts are quicker. Processing times vary with different banks, and it may take up to 10 working days due to various factors like banking regulations and global locations.

To ensure efficient processing, submit your payout request by the Friday deadline. This helps in quick and efficient payout processing.

FundYourFX Challenges and Difficulties

FundYourFX prop firm eliminates the need for a demo account or trading challenges. Upon purchasing a plan, clients immediately receive access to a live FundYourFX account, streamlining the start of their trading journey.

However, FundYourFX has set three main trading rules for simplicity and clarity:

  • Maximum Trading Size: Applicable to Levels 1-3, with specific lot sizes for Forex, Crypto, Commodities, and Indices based on the starting account balance.
  • Pending Orders and Open Positions: Total size must not exceed the maximum position size.
  • Trading Multiple Instruments: Allowed, but traders must stay within the maximum lot size limits for forex and non-forex, adjusting lot sizes as needed.

Drawdown Limits and Stop Loss Requirements

  • Levels 1-2: Max drawdown of 5% of the initial balance.
  • Levels 3-4: Max drawdown of 7%.
  • Levels 5-6: Max drawdown of 10%. For Level 1 traders, every financial markets position must have a linked stop loss, set within 30 minutes of opening the position. Scalpers who trade within 30 minutes are exempt from this rule.

Profitability Goals and Time Extensions

  • Levels 1-3: Aim for 10% profitability within 90 days.
  • Level 4: The time frame extends to 120 days after earning the 4th profit share.
  • Level 5: Extended to 180 days.
  • Level 6: Unlimited time, providing more opportunities for success.

Consequences of Rule Violations

Violating trading rules results in account deactivation and ineligibility for profit sharing. While open trades aren’t automatically liquidated, the account becomes unfit for trading.

To continue, a reset of the funded trading account is necessary. More information on this can be found at FundYourFX Trading Rules.

How to Pass FundYourFX Evaluation Process

Passing the FundYourFX Funding’s Evaluation Process often presents a significant challenge due to its rigorous standards. To increase the likelihood of success, gaining the right knowledge and strategic understanding is crucial. Enrolling in a comprehensive training program is key in this regard.

It provides the necessary preparation and equips traders with the essential skills and insights needed to successfully navigate and pass the FundYourFX evaluation.

Asia Forex Mentor – Rated Best Comprehensive Course Offering by Investopedia

Trading professionals at Dumb Little Man highly recommend Asia Forex Mentor for people who are committed to passing the FundYourFX examination. Asia Forex Mentor is a well-known resource for comprehensive preparation, having helped thousands of traders pass various prop company evaluations.

Ezekiel Chew, a respected forex trading specialist with over two decades of experience and a track record of six-figure deals, created the platform. His One Core Program, a key component of Asia Forex Mentor, focuses on teaching profitable forex trading strategies.

Originating from his journey and starting with lessons for close friends, Ezekiel expanded his classes online, and Asia Forex Mentor has since become a pivotal resource for traders looking to enhance their skills and successfully meet the challenges posed by firms like FundYourFX.

How Could Asia Forex Mentor Help You Pass FundYourFX Challenge?

Forex Trading Tutorial

Asia Forex Mentor stands as a highly credible resource for traders looking to pass the FundYourFX challenge. This credibility is backed by multiple accolades from reputable financial content platforms.

Best Comprehensive Course Offering: Awarded by Investopedia, a leading financial content website, Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program is recognized as the most comprehensive Forex course available. This recognition underscores the depth and breadth of the program, making it an ideal learning tool for those preparing for E8 Funding’s evaluation.

Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners: The One Core Program was named the best forex trading course for beginners by Benzinga, a reliable source of financial, economic, and stock information. This recognition demonstrates that the program is appropriate for traders of all skill levels, from novices to experts, and that it provides the knowledge and abilities needed to overcome the Glow Node challenge.

Best Forex Mentor: Asia Forex Mentor was recognized as the top forex mentor in 2021 by the BestOnlineForexBroker website, underscoring its capacity to assist traders in realizing substantial profits from the foreign exchange market. This recognition strengthens the validity and efficacy of the mentorship.

Top Forex Trading Courses: Asia Forex Mentor was ranked first in a comprehensive analysis conducted by prominent forex traders and platforms for its effective trading strategies and systems.

Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program has consistently outperformed the expectations of its students, which include both new and experienced traders. Its wide and successful curriculum equips traders with the information and skills they need to tackle and succeed in the Liberty Market Investment challenge with confidence.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

Members of Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program, run by Ezekiel Chew, are very critical of the program’s efficacy in teaching forex trading. Testimonials demonstrate how the software may provide crucial information and tools to both seasoned traders and novices.

Craig praises the program for its logical, practical structure and short, enlightening lectures. Moshin is grateful for the simple, understandable trading methods that completely changed the way he thought about FX trading. Despite being a total novice, Shane commends Ezekiel for his ability to simplify difficult concepts and improve his chart-reading and market comprehension abilities.

The program’s comprehensiveness, which makes it quite helpful for anyone hoping to study forex trading and pass prop firm examination processes, is consistently recommended in these reviews.

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Conclusion: FundYourFX Review

To sum up, FundYourFX is a notable proprietary trading company that provides a special mix of chances for both inexperienced and seasoned traders. Its well-defined account tiers, simple trading guidelines, and aggressive profit divisions create an atmosphere that encourages traders to reach their full potential. Starting a trading experience is made easier with FundYourFX as there are no demo trials and instant account access is available.

The company’s attraction is increased by its focus on simple profit withdrawal processes and understandable trading recommendations. A broad range of trading preferences and styles are also catered to by adaptable trading strategies and friendly customer support.

FundYourFX offers traders a user-friendly instrument within a dynamic trading platform. If you want access to useful information, a high-profit share, or more trading cash, FundYourFX is a service to consider. Its innovative approach and commitment to trader success make it an appealing option for those who are ready to begin or further their trading profession.

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FundYourFX Review FAQs

How does FundYourFX differ from other prop firms?

FundYourFX is unique among prop trading companies in that it funds accounts quickly, giving traders immediate access to a funded account. It stands out from many other prop firms because of this, as their fundraising processes could be more drawn out.

What makes FundYourFX unique as an instant funding prop firm?

Fast access to trading funds is one of FundYourFX’s unique benefits as a quick funding prop firm. This is a very alluring choice for investors who want to jump on market opportunities quickly rather than waiting for typical prop firms.

What are the profit splits with a FundYourFX funded account?

Profit splits at FundYourFX range from 50% to 90%, depending on the trader’s level. Part of what draws FundYourFX’s appeal to prop firms is these inexpensive rates.





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