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Forex Gump Review

Forex trading, once limited to the floors of stock exchanges and the screens of expert traders, has seen a transformative change with the emergence of trading robots.

One of the most talked-about robots in this space is Forex Gump. For those unfamiliar with the term’ Expert Advisor’ (EA), it’s a fancy name for a Forex robot. When connected to your MT4 trading account, these robots can place and manage trades on your behalf.

Imagine a tool doing the hard work while you check in occasionally to see the results. That’s Forex Gump for you. Its design caters to newcomers to forex trading and seasoned professionals.

This review will touch upon its key features, what actual users have to say, its advantages and disadvantages, the cost, and even guide you on setting it up. By the end, you’ll also be made aware of any potential hiccups that might lie in its path, ensuring you have all the information needed to decide if Forex Gump is the right trading assistant for you.

What is Forex Gump?

What is Forex Gump

Forex Gump is a trading robot made in 2017. Its primary role is to automatically execute trades on the MetaTrader platform. The brain behind this innovation is Andrey Kozak, hailing from Ukraine. Interestingly, Kozak isn’t new to this realm; he has developed 44 other trading robots showcased on the MQL5 marketplace.

So, how does Forex Gump make its decisions? It leans heavily on candlestick trends and incorporates a News Filter. This blend ensures it stays updated with the dynamic Forex market, making calculated and informed trading choices.

Regarding currency pairs, traders are at liberty with Forex Gump. They can either dabble with all the available pairs or zero in on specific ones. Notably, many traders lean towards the major pairs. Why? These pairs are known for their high liquidity and more favorable spreads.

Operating 24/5, it continuously scans, assesses, and acts on the market. This means even if traders take a step back or aren’t glued to their screens, the robot keeps the trading momentum going, offering potential profit avenues around the clock.

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How Does Forex Gump Work?

Having had our hands on Forex Gump, the team at Dumb Little Man can confidently provide insights into its operation. Forex Gump’s strength lies in its flexibility and broad reach.

It comfortably interacts with an impressive roster of up to 25 currency pairs. This includes frequently traded pairs such as AUDUSD, EURCHF, and USDJPY.

Whether looking at short bursts of trading with 1-minute charts or longer strategies extending up to a day, this tool has covered you.

One feature we appreciated during our test run was the choice it offered. Forex Gump EA doesn’t lock you in if you have a preferred currency pair or a specific trading strategy. It’s designed to adjust and adapt, putting the trader’s preferences at the forefront.

Diving into the core of its trading approach, Forex Gump EA relies on a trio of strategies. It blends trend filters, in-depth price action analysis, and a news filter to paint a clear market picture. This combination allows it to navigate the unpredictable waters of the forex market with finesse.

Lastly, let’s touch on its risk management. Every trader has a unique appetite for risk. Recognizing this, Forex Gump EA offers three distinct risk modes: high, medium, and low. This ensures that whether you’re a cautious trader or like to ride the waves, there’s a mode tailored for you. This adaptability makes Forex Gump EA a robust tool for diverse trading scenarios and preferences.

What are the Features of Forex Gump?

Forex Gump Review

The following are the notable features that we discovered while using Forex Gump.

  • One-Hour Time Frame: The bot’s primary operational period is 60 minutes.
  • Support for Multiple Currency Pairs: It isn’t limited in scope and supports nine different currency pairs.
  • Fully Automated: True to its nature as a trading robot, it operates 100% autonomously.
  • Flexible Account Size: Whether you have a large or small trading account, Forex Gump can work with it.
  • Demo Accounts: Demo accounts are available for those wanting a taste before diving in.
  • Money-back Guarantee: If unsatisfied, users can avail themselves of a 30-day guarantee.
  • News Integration: The robot has an incorporated news channel, ensuring it remains updated with market happenings.
  • Three Trading Modes: Based on your risk appetite, you can select from high, medium, or low trading modes.
  • Lifetime Support and Updates: Once you’re on board with Forex Gump, you’re entitled to free updates and dedicated customer support for life.
  • Profit-Taking System: It includes a structured mechanism to ensure your profits are locked in at the right time.
  • Market Adaptability: Forex Gump isn’t rigid; it adjusts its strategies based on prevailing market trends.
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Forex Gump Pros and Cons


  • Priced reasonably
  • Offers a demo account for risk-free testing
  • Straightforward setup
  • Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with standard and micro-accounts


  • Not universally supported by all Forex brokers
  • No option for a free Forex robot
  • Lacks a backtesting feature

Benefits of Trading with Forex Gump

Customizable Risk Settings

One of the standout features we observed with Forex Gump is its ability to adjust to various risk appetites. With options like High, Middle, Low, and Conservative, traders can choose a risk level they’re comfortable with.

More importantly, these settings act as a protective layer. Even if things go awry, such as a system malfunction, your losses are contained, ensuring you don’t lose more than you’ve earmarked.

Versatility with Currency Pairs

Forex Gump’s breadth when it comes to currency pairs is impressive. It accommodates up to 25 pairs, operating across timeframes from M1 to D1. This means traders aren’t pigeonholed into a narrow trading spectrum but have a broader playground to exploit opportunities.

Round-the-Clock Operation

The robot’s non-stop operational capability is one benefit that resonated with our team. Forex Gump tirelessly works 24/5, continuously assessing the market. Its strength lies in its complete market evaluation, ensuring it’s always on the lookout for profitable trades.

For traders, this translates to a potential stream of profits, whether they’re engrossed in their day-to-day activities, catching some shut-eye, or away on vacation. The robot ensures the trading pulse keeps beating.

Forex Gump Customer Reviews

Forex Gump Customer Review

Customers have shared mixed feedback on Forex Gump. While one user praised the system after purchasing it five weeks prior, noting its profitability and appreciating the quick customer support, they also highlighted its ability to operate smoothly, resulting in a stress-free experience and an easy 15% monthly return on a mid-risk level.

On the other hand, after testing the platform for three days, another user found the results could have been better, having made only $18 on their demo account and expressing disappointment with its performance.

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How Much Does Forex Gump Cost?

Forex Gump Price

Forex Gump offers two clear pricing options. The first package, priced at €199, provides access to one live trading account and one demo account.

For those looking for more, the €399 plan offers three live accounts and unlimited demo accounts. These straightforward packages cater to novice and experienced traders, ensuring they find a plan that suits their trading needs and budget.

Setting Up Forex Gump

Picking the Right Broker

Selecting a trustworthy Forex broker is essential to kickstart your journey with Forex Gump. Compatible brokers for Forex Gump include notable names such as IC Markets, Pepperstone, and RoboForex. Ensure your broker provides competitive spreads, swift trade executions, and dependable customer assistance.

Setting Up Your Trading Account

After determining your broker, proceed to set up a trading account. Brokers typically present various account types, including standard and micro-accounts, aiming to serve traders with varied financial capacities. Opting for an account that aligns with your trading aspirations and financial situation is imperative.

Platform Download & Installation

Forex Gump seamlessly integrates with both the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. Upon setting up your trading account, your next move should be downloading and setting up the relevant platform on your preferred device. Most brokers simplify this process by offering direct download links and easy-to-follow installation guides on their websites.

Acquiring Forex Gump EA

Once your trading platform is operational, direct your efforts toward acquiring the Forex Gump EA. You can make this purchase directly from its official site. The creators of this tool have outlined two distinct pricing structures: a one-off payment of €199 for one live account or €399 for access to three live accounts. Post-purchase, you’ll receive a direct download link and a comprehensive installation guide.

Tailoring Your Forex Gump Settings

Upon the successful installation of Forex Gump EA, it’s time to delve into its settings. The software offers an array of adjustable parameters like lot sizes, permissible trading times, and distinct risk management criteria. For optimal results, it’s advisable to tweak these parameters to mirror your individual trading style and risk comfort levels.

Who is Forex Gump Best For?

Forex Gump is designed to cater to anyone seeking to leverage automated trading in the Forex market. From novices just stepping into the world of Forex to seasoned traders looking for automation, Forex Gump has features that appeal to both.

The beginner-friendly setup process makes it accessible for those unfamiliar with forex trading robots. At the same time, its customizable settings allow experienced traders to tailor the platform to their unique strategies and preferences.

Additionally, its 24/5 operation makes it an attractive option for individuals who want to constantly capitalize on trading opportunities without being tied to their screens.

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Choose Asia Forex Mentor for Your Forex Trading Success

Jumping into Forex trading can be complex, especially with tools like Forex Gump that have many advanced features. For this reason, Dumb Little Man advises budding traders to garner solid trading knowledge before diving in. Among the leading educational platforms in this domain, Asia Forex Mentor, steered by the accomplished Ezekiel Chew, stands out prominently.

Asia Forex Mentor offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the trifecta of Forex, stock, and crypto trading. Their program’s robustness is evident in its proven track record of churning out consistently profitable traders. With their expert mentorship, learners get personalized guidance, simplifying the complex trading world.

Beyond lessons, joining Asia Forex Mentor means entering a vibrant community of traders. This network promotes collaborative learning, ensuring everyone is poised to harness the dynamic financial markets. The program also equips its students to confidently navigate the emotional terrains of trading.

In the fast-evolving financial landscape, Asia Forex Mentor keeps its traders ahead with timely updates. Their commitment to providing an all-rounded trading education has transformed many into success stories, embodying the essence of financial freedom and prowess in the trading arena.

Why Learn with Asia Forex Mentor

If you’re contemplating where to receive top-notch trading education, Asia Forex Mentor is a standout choice. Their credibility is vouched for by some of the most trusted names in the financial domain.

  • Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program was hailed as the “Most Comprehensive Course” by the esteemed financial platform Investopedia.
  • Benzinga, a trusted economic and business news source, named the program the “Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners,” emphasizing its wide-ranging scope from novice to advanced trading.
  • The BestOnlineForexBroker website awarded Asia Forex Mentor the title “Best Forex Mentor Award 2021,” highlighting their potential to drive significant forex trading gains for learners.
  • A collective review by top forex traders and platforms positioned Asia Forex Mentor at the forefront due to the impactful trading strategies and systems they offer.
  • The consistent accolades and endorsements from notable financial platforms demonstrate Asia Forex Mentor’s capability to effectively educate new and experienced traders.

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Conclusion: Forex Gump Review

In our comprehensive assessment of Forex Gump, the team at Dumb Little Man found it to be a tool with considerable potential. Its distinctive settings cater to different risk profiles, and its ability to work across many currency pairs exhibits versatility. The system’s capacity to operate tirelessly 24/5, coupled with its market evaluation feature, can provide traders a valuable edge.

However, like any tool, its efficacy is maximized when wielded with knowledge. Thus, it’s essential for users, especially beginners, to couple its use with proper Forex education.

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Forex Gump Review FAQs

What are the pricing options for Forex Gump?

There are two packages priced at 199 Euros and 399 Euros.

Does Forex Gump offer a demo account?

It provides live and demo account options based on the chosen package.

Is it beginner-friendly?

While it is user-friendly, beginners are advised to have foundational Forex trading knowledge.





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