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May 30, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Dumb Little Man's trading and financial experts carefully evaluate proprietary trading companies based on strict standards and a detailed methodology. Their analysis highlights important elements, such as:

  • Prompt client support
  • Quick access to money
  • Robust financial stability
  • Safeguarding private data Dedicated to fair business practices
  • Reachable trading objectives
  • Equitable allocation of earnings

They found that Trader2b performed exceptionally well in these crucial areas. Express Funded is a prominent player in the proprietary trading space thanks to its extensive knowledge of the brokerage industry and unwavering support for its traders.

Prop trading firms give traders access to firm funds and cutting-edge trading technology. Express Funded distinguishes itself in this industry by fusing local knowledge from South Africa and Ghana with an understanding of international trade. For both novice and seasoned traders, this strategy offers a unique platform to support their financial development.

This article will review Express Funded through the use of actual consumer reviews and insights from Dumb Little Man’s trading experts. The goal is to provide a thorough analysis that highlights the firm’s strengths and opportunities for development in the trading industry through the mix of expert assessments and first-hand trader experiences.

What is Express Funded?

Based in Ghana and South Africa, Express Funded is a leading prop trading firm designed to revolutionize trading by enabling traders to achieve their financial goals in the financial market. The firm integrates local market expertise with global outreach, creating a well-structured trading environment for traders at various skill levels.

Their partnership with Purple Trading SC, a regulated broker known for its advanced technology and secure trading platforms, underscores their commitment to providing a dependable and superior trading experience. The firm offers a dynamic range of trading opportunities and educational resources, highlighted by their 1 and 2 Phase Challenges that cater to different trading styles and risk tolerances.

Express Funded offers accounts ranging from $5,000 to $200,000, with up to 90% profit sharing, demonstrating unmatched flexibility in the industry. Additionally, Express Funded prioritizes trader security with a zero-risk policy and a fee-back guarantee, ensuring traders can operate with peace of mind.

Pros and Cons of Express Funded


  • Partnership with a regulated broker
  • High-profit split
  • High leverage available
  • Scaling potential up to $5M
  • No time restrictions
  • Allows news trading and weekend holding
  • Educational partnerships


  • Unavailable in Asia
  • New prop trading firm
  • Limited customer reviews

Safety and Security of Express Funded

Express Funded prioritizes the safety and security of its trading environment for risk management, adhering to strict risk regulations to protect its traders. The firm is partnered with Purple Trading SC, a top-tier regulated broker known for its advanced technology, competitive spreads, and secure trading platform.

This strategic alliance ensures that all trading activities are conducted on platforms that uphold rigorous regulatory standards, providing traders with peace of mind. By leveraging the strengths of Purple Trading SC, Express Funded ensures that its traders have access to one of the most secure and technologically advanced trading environments available today.

Express Funded Bonuses and Contests

Express Funded offers unique opportunities for traders to accelerate their career paths with 1 Phase and 2 Phase Challenges. These challenges are designed for traders who want to quickly transition into funded trading positions. The 1 Phase Challenge simplifies the process, allowing traders to reach a 12% profit target without a time limit, encouraging swift progression.

Traders benefit from bi-weekly payouts and can choose from accounts ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. This challenge supports diverse trading strategies by permitting news trading, weekend holding, and trading without a mandatory stop loss. In contrast, the 2 Phase Challenge offers a more structured path.

It consists of two different phases with set drawdown and profit targets that traders must meet to advance. The profit targets are set at 8% for Phase 1 and 5% for Phase 2, with a minimum trading activity requirement of four days in each phase. This challenge caters to traders looking for a controlled environment to demonstrate their skills.

Like the 1 Phase Challenge, it offers flexibility with leverage funding options up to 1:100, and the ability to trade a broad range of markets, including Forex, Commodities, Crypto, and Indices. Successful traders in this challenge can also scale their accounts up to $5 million, enjoying up to a 90% profit share.

Express Funded Customer Reviews

Express Funded has garnered positive feedback from customers, particularly praising its support team for their exceptional service. Customers have highlighted the patience and helpfulness of support representatives who have provided dedicated assistance over several days to resolve issues.

Express Funded Commissions and Fees

Express Funded structures its commissions and fees around two main challenge types: the 1 Phase Challenge and the 2 Phase Challenge, each designed to accommodate traders with varying levels of experience and financial goals. Both challenges include an initial refundable fee, which is returned upon successful completion and subsequent withdrawals from the funded account.

The 1 Phase Challenge offers traders multiple account sizes, with refundable fees ranging from $49 to $329, depending on the account size. These fees correspond to initial profit targets from $600 to $6000 (all at 12% of the account balance), aimed at fast-tracking traders into funded positions.

The 2 Phase Challenge, designed for a more structured approach, has refundable fees starting at $49, scaling up to $299 based on the phase and account size. This challenge specifies profit targets for Phase 1 and Phase 2, at 8% and 5% respectively.

Express Funded Account Types

Dumb Little Man’s experts conducted significant research to present a clear description of the account types that Express Funded offers to all traders. The company provides organized trading challenges divided into two phases: 1 Phase Challenges and 2 Phase Challenges, both of which allow weekend holding and are tailored to the needs of various traders.

Both challenges offer significant features such as no time limits on trading, the opportunity for bi-weekly payouts, and a scaling plan that allows successful traders to scale up to $5 million. The challenges are designed to accommodate a wide range of trading strategies, allowing for news trading and trading without mandatory stop-loss settings.

1 Phase Challenge

  • Profit Targets: Ranges from $600 (12%) to $6000 (12%)
  • Refundable Fees: From $49 to $329 based on the account size
  • Minimum Trading Days: 8
  • Max Daily Loss: 3% (from $150 to $1500 depending on the account size)
  • Max Overall Loss: 8% (from $400 to $4000 depending on the account size)
  • Leverage: 1:50

2 Phase Challenge

  • Phase 1 Profit Targets: Ranges from $400 (8%) to $4000 (8%)
  • Phase 2 Profit Targets: Ranges from $250 (5%) to $2500 (5%)
  • Refundable Fees: From $49 to $299 for Phase 1 (Phase 2 does not incur additional fees)
  • Minimum Trading Days: 4 in each phase
  • Daily Drawdown: 4% (from $200 to $2000 depending on the phase and account size)
  • Overall Drawdown: 12% (from $600 to $6000 depending on the phase and account size)
  • Leverage: 1:100

Opening an Express Funded Account

Opening an account with Express Funded, a prop trading firm, involves a straightforward process. Here are the essential steps to open an account:

  1. Start by navigating to the Express Funded official website to access account information.
  2. Select from the available account types based on your trading experience and financial goals.
  3. Carefully read through the requirements for the chosen account type, including minimum trading days and loss limits.
  4. Fill out the online application form with your personal and financial details as required.
  5. Provide necessary identification documents for account verification to comply with regulatory requirements.
  6. Make the payment for the refundable fee associated with your selected challenge.
  7. Allow some time for the firm to review and approve your application.
  8. Once approved, you can begin trading under the terms and conditions of your funded account.

Express Funded Customer Support

Express Funded provides customer support to assist traders with any inquiries or issues they may encounter. According to Dumb Little Man’s experience, support can be reached via email at [email protected], with operating hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Sunday.

In addition to email support, Express Funded is active across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. For more direct queries, customers can also fill out a contact form on the company’s website, promising a prompt response to address specific questions or concerns.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Express Funded Customer Support

Available daily

Various contact methods

Quick response commitment

Only open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Same hours on weekends

Express Funded Withdrawal Options

A Dumb Little Man trading expert has carefully examined the Express Funded withdrawal choices, exposing adaptable procedures and conditions. In order to accommodate a variety of needs and offer convenience in accessing funds, traders have the option to withdraw their gains via bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

Trades using Express Funded can request withdrawals every two weeks; requests are processed 14 days after they are submitted. Traders can more effectively plan their financial plans with the aid of this structured timeline. The least amount that can be taken out of a funded account is $100, however, it’s important to note that there are no limits on how many withdrawals a trader can make.

Express Funded Challenges and Difficulties

Express Funded‘s failure to respond to problems has caused a great deal of frustration. They have followed up as directed, but have not heard back or been given a resolution for a week, leading them to question the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service. Their financial well-being has suffered as a result of this continuous communication breakdown.

According to negative reviews, Express Funded’s operation has problems as well. The CEO, known as Kojoforex, disabled the company’s Discord community in response to growing customer discontent, which, when combined with the abrupt stop of operations, significantly undermines the company’s credibility and dependability.

How to Pass Express Funded Evaluation Process

Enrolling in a comprehensive training program is highly recommended, as it equips participants with the necessary skills and strategies to meet the firm’s trading criteria successfully. This focused preparation not only enhances a trader’s proficiency but also significantly increases the likelihood of successfully navigating the challenges set by Express Funded and the wider trading world.

Asia Forex Mentor – Rated Best Comprehensive Course Offering by Investopedia

If you’re serious about making it through the Top One Trader assessment process, trading experts at Dumb Little Man heartily recommend Asia Forex Mentor. Asia Forex Mentor, backed by Dumb Little Man’s trading specialists, has successfully led hundreds of traders through proprietary firm evaluations.

Established by the well-known forex trading expert Ezekiel Chew, who has over twenty years of expertise, this platform makes use of his wealth of knowledge through the Golden Eye Group and his unique One Core Program.

The curriculum is specially made to impart to traders profitable forex trading techniques. At his friends’ request, Ezekiel Chew started his teaching career. Since learning his teachings online, he has assisted several traders in increasing their trading proficiency and success rates.

How Could Asia Forex Mentor Help You Pass Express Funded Challenge?

Forex Trading Tutorial

Asia Forex Mentor is ideally equipped to assist traders in navigating Express Funded‘s evaluation stages, owing to its renowned training programs and established reputation within the trading community. Here are the main reasons why this platform stands out:

  • Awarded Most Comprehensive Course: Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program was the best comprehensive forex training, according to Investopedia. This award illustrates how comprehensive the forex trading training is, covering everything you need to succeed.
  • Recognized for Excellence in Forex Education: Benzinga, a financial news and research firm, voted the One Core Program the best forex trading training for beginners. This prize proves the program can aid new and seasoned traders, making it ideal for Monevis challengers.
  • Best Forex Mentor: The reliable platform got BestOnlineForexBroker’s 2021 Forex Mentor award. Their award illustrates how well they coach and how much purchasers can profit on the currency market with their aid.
  • Top-Ranked Forex Trading Course: Experts reviewed many forex trading schools and chose Asia Forex Mentor for its best trading methods and systems. This ensures traders learn from the best and employ proven trading tactics.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

The AFM OneCore Program is known for its thorough forex trading teaching. Starting with the basics and progressing to professional approaches, it can assist beginners without financial experience. The course’s breadth, clarity, and practical application of techniques through live trading videos boost students’ confidence in real-world trading scenarios.

Participants like the curriculum because it delivers unique trade perspectives and ideas. Clear, engaging, and instructional training material distinguishes it from other trading courses. Overall, the program is highly recommended for anyone interested in a Forex trading career due to its value and comprehensiveness.

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Conclusion: Express Funded Review

The trading experts at Dumb Little Man acknowledge Express Funded‘s diverse account options and flexible trading strategies that cater to both new and experienced traders. The firm’s competitive profit splits and potential for significant account growth offer tangible benefits. However, there are limited customer support hours and a lack of real-time communication options.

For those preparing to undertake Express Funded’s evaluation process, enrolling in top-tier courses like Asia Forex Mentor significantly boosts the likelihood of success. This specialized training equips traders with essential trading skills and strategies, enhancing their ability to meet and exceed the rigorous standards set by Express Funded.

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Express Funded Review FAQs

What happens after I clear Phase 1 or 2 of the Express Funded Challenge?

Once you clear either phase, you must wait 24 hours for your funded live account. Then, complete the KYC verification with our designated broker.

Is there a limit on the trading volume?

Challenge Accounts have no lot size restrictions, while Funded Accounts impose limits based on account size and asset type, ranging from 5 to 10 lots for Forex and 5 lots for Indices and Commodities.

What is the inactivity rule for trading accounts?

To keep your Express Funded company trading account active, you must trade regularly. Accounts inactive for 30 consecutive days will be automatically suspended to promote consistent trading and manage active accounts effectively.





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