The Best Ways To Handle Conflict In A Relationship

By Rebecca Shinn

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

The Best Ways To Handle Conflict In A Relationship

Description: Conflict is one of the most frustrating things you can encounter in a relationship. The good news is, there is a way to behave in a relationship that expresses mutual understanding and helps you get to a reasonable solution fast, as outlined in this post.

How to Behave During a Conflict With Your Man: 10 Tips

How to Behave During a Conflict With Your Man: 10 Tips
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Perspective is everything because, whether you like it or not, you and your partner will argue. And the difference between breaking up after an argument and coming out of it much stronger lies in the wisdom of your perspective.

So, what does conflict mean to you? Is conflict an opportunity for you to assert control in your relationship, or is it a chance for you to remove the kinks that threaten to dampen your relationship? How you answer this question determines your conflict strategies.

And conflict or not, your man needs to be treated with respect. That is why we’ve made it a point to write an article about the best way to act during conflict solving with your man. Let’s dive in.


1. Know When To Take A Time Out

You need to know when to take a time out. Think about it this way; what you say affects your man somehow. And sometimes, we say things when we are angry that we cannot come back from. A break is crucial in these moments because it allows you to let go of your anger.

Additionally, the break allows you to take a step back and see the conflict for what it truly is, outside your hurt emotions, a chance to build a stronger connection and understanding. So take a minute to mindfully meditate if you have to, then get back to resolving conflict.


2. Be Objective

When you are objective, you can sit down with your man and have a more constructive conflict resolution. It also becomes much easier to identify the root cause of the conflict. This also creates an environment where you can have open communication with your partner.


3. Listen To Your Man

Before you learn how to resolve conflict, you should learn how to listen. Listening skills are essential in everyday life. The problem here is that everyone thinks that they know how to listen to others, but they do not in an absolute sense.

So, what is active listening? This is a conscious act to hear the words of other people but also the message they are trying to communicate. Inactive listening, you pay attention to the words and the speaker’s body language. Then you respond affirmatively or ask follow-up questions.


4. Seek Understanding

What does this have to do with conflict resolutions skills? When you focus on understanding what your man is saying, or at the very least, you try to understand what they are saying – you become more empathetic to their feelings.

The more empathetic you are towards each other, the easier it becomes to arrive at a happy solution because it allows your man to express themselves without judgment. Therefore, reflect on the words your man says, look for understanding, and ask where you do not understand. Always avoid responding with your perspective or reasons for the discord in the relationship.


5. Choose Your Words Wisely

Carefully choose the words resolving conflict. The words you use to describe your feelings should be “I.” Avoid using “never” and “always” because it identifies your man as the problem in the relationship.

For instance, instead of saying, “you always ignore what I tell you,” say, “I feel ignored every time I share my needs.” You can tell just by reading them that the two sentences have very different impacts, yet they share the same meaning. Therefore, focus on how you feel and not how your man makes you feel.


6. Agree To Disagree

When resolving conflict in relationships, it is okay to agree to disagree before concluding. For instance, after actively listening to your man and asking follow-up questions, you now understand their side of the conflict but have reasons to differ. Now it is your time to share your feelings and motivations for conflict. Never leave the conflict until both of you are heard and satisfied.


7. Own Your Mistakes

When you take responsibility for your actions, two things happen:

  • It diffuses the conflict
  • It releases your guilt or regret

Additionally, the maturity and example you set by accepting and admitting your mistakes inspire your partner to respond in kind. Even though you get a little criticism for your mistake, the honesty you share will direct you towards a mutual understanding.


8. Learn To Compromise

We recommend that you compromise with each other. Compromise means finding a way to meet your needs and those of your man. For example, suppose you started an argument because you couldn’t decide what to order for dinner.

Maybe you like Mexican food, your man loves Chinese food, and no one is willing to eat the other’s choice. In that case, go against your instinct to fight and order Mexican and Chinese for the night. This is compromise.

If the conflict is about something more challenging to resolve, like deciding whether you’ll spend the holiday with your parents or theirs, then find some common ground to make you both happy. For example, you can choose to fly from one parent’s home to another’s during the holiday.

Or spend Christmas in one home and New Year in another. Compromise means letting go of a little for your partner but getting something better in return: a happy partner and relationship. Remember, compromise doesn’t mean making your partner happy at your expense.


9. Treat Each Other As Individuals

You and your partner are two individuals with certain similarities but differences in character and opinion. Therefore, when conflict highlights these differences, one of the ways to resolve a conflict is to allow yourselves to be individuals with different views.

For instance, choosing to buy Chinese and Mexican food in the example above was a healthy way to handle differences. By accepting and respecting these differences, you create a space of acceptance in the relationship that, in turn, builds more companionship, safety, vulnerability, and love.

Besides, some fights are not worth the energy, and recognizing your differences will teach you to pick your battles.


10. It’s You And Him Against The World

The best way to handle conflict is to see it as a third party threatening the peace between you and your man. This means maintaining a conscious awareness that both of you are against the conflict. As long as you and your partner are willing to work on the relationship, never give up. And ask for help when needed. But above all else, respect your man.



When you first start looking for a partner at, it barely crosses your mind that you might find yourself in conflict with your man. And when it happens for the first time, sometimes the first instinct is to take a flight.

However, there are ways of resolving conflict that can get you and your man back on track. And these conflict-solving steps are an excellent place to start. Let us know in the comments the challenges you face when resolving conflict with your loved one and how you plan to fix them.

Rebecca Shinn

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