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Trading in the financial market has always been a tempting proposition for individuals to earn significant money. This trend has become even more popular ever since online platforms have made trading more accessible and convenient for all. Almost everyone is trading virtually to earn some profit, however, financial trading is not as simple as it seems. Therefore, new traders or those who lack experience in the field of financial trading depend completely on a trader’s training platform like Bulls on Wall Street.

The latest market trends are always changing in the financial market. Similarly, predicting the volatile condition and fluctuating price action is challenging even for most experienced traders. As a result. the most skilled traders also need support and assistance from expert advisors or financial managers for successful trading. Consequently, a trader’s learning platform is not just a need for new traders but seasoned traders also require to learn new trading skills.

On the other hand, first-timers or novice traders can only survive in the trading market if they have at least the basic know-how of the trading processes. In this regard, new traders are looking for training platforms with live trading courses where they can learn trading efficiently from an experienced trading instructor.

This Bulls on Wall Street review will guide all traders who are in search of a training platform. The review will shed light on all the services which are offered by this training platform, including all courses offered, their duration, courses’ cost as well as the components of each course. After reading this review the readers will be able to decide whether or not they should learn trading skills from this platform or not.

Evaluation Criteria

We at the Dumb Little Man platform ensure to provide reliable information to the readers. The aim is to present relevant information which would eventually help individuals in making the right decisions regarding any platform, product, or service. However, before making recommendations it is important to verify the platform through an evaluation process.

The criteria of the Dumb Little Man Platform consist of multiple aspects from which any platform, product, or service is evaluated. These aspects include assessing the firm from the point of view of convenience, credibility, efficiency, and economic value. The team of financial experts and researchers analyze a firm through a rigorous process from all these perspectives and then give their final verdict regarding any platform, product, or service.

The standardized evaluation criteria consist of the following points:

  • Convenience
  • Reliability
  • Competency
  • Affordability

After analyzing Bulls on Wall Street trader's education platform on the above-mentioned criteria it was concluded that the firm is worth investing with for new and struggling traders. The platform is easy to use with comprehensive trading courses for all types of traders. Moreover, the customer reviews also reflect that the firm is credible and many traders have benefitted from the firm.

The same can be said for experienced and skilled traders as they can equally benefit from joining the Bulls platform. The interactive sessions, technical analysis, and new strategies for successful trading can help on expanding their horizons towards successful trading.

Also, the trainers on the Bulls on Wall Street are professionals who can teach effective strategies for trading. The drawback of the firm is that it is a bit pricey and traders on a low budget might not be able to afford the courses on these platforms.

What is Bulls on Wall Street?

Bulls on Wall Street is a trader’s education platform that offers different types of both short and long interactive trading courses for successful day trading and swing trading. As online trading is all about knowing the ins and outs of the financial markets and seeking the right opportunities for profitable trading, Bulls on Wall Street offers this through trading education for a successful trading journey.

The trading courses which are offered on the platform help day traders, swing traders, and retail traders to learn the trading process step by step, including different market analysis strategies, risk management techniques, trade ideas, trading plans, tools, and multiple trading styles. Individuals willing to learn trading can simply sign in to this platform through the wall street website for free and can receive a free bull’s trading kit including an introductory trading handbook.

The actual learning begins when a trader starts taking the 60-day live BootCamp classes. These live classes start from the first introductory live sessions towards the day trading strategies and then transition to the swing trading strategy classes. Through multiple effective strategies, this platform facilitates new traders as well as professional traders to trade successfully.

The second phase after the first phase of the trading course is when traders get the chance to see the live implementation of what they have learned in the trading market through live demos. The mentors and veteran stock traders show live trading scenarios which help the traders to evaluate and asses what they have learned. The final phase is the third phase where the trainees are in a position to make their own trading plan which would suit their trading styles.

In these phases, the traders are not just passive receivers but they can also give their input in the live classes. Also, there are chatrooms on Discord where traders can share their experiences among themselves and can learn from each other at the same time. There are numerous trading courses and training platform which offers short courses or extensive training courses for all kind of traders. Bulls on Wall Street is one such trader education platform that has been offering its services to traders worldwide.

Membership and Education of Bulls on Wall Street

The membership on the Bulls on Wall Street platform is very simple. Any individual who is interested in learning an effective trading style along with productive trading strategies to earn considerable profits can sign up for this training course for free. The trader can visit the official website of this platform and click on the “sign up now” button.

Next, the trader will be asked to fill in their basic information including First name, Last name, email address, and phone number. Once this information is submitted and verified the user is taken to the dashboard of their account where they are asked to fill out another more comprehensive form. Here all the details regarding the account type and past trading experience and future trading expectations have to be submitted.

After submitting this information the trader will receive a message informing them that their request for enrollment in the training program has been received and they will be shortly informed regarding further instructions. The idea behind the wait is to design a tailor-made trading course for each individual to provide the most effective trading course. At this point, the user will also receive a free bulls trading kit for a reference regarding the program.

The traders will be then provided an outline of a customized bootcamp program which will have all the information regarding the live classes, tools, strategies, and methods that will be a part of the 8-week interactive program. If the trader approves of this program they can pay the program fee and start taking the classes or if they require any alterations in the program they can coordinate with the support team.

Pros and Cons


  • Live trading classes
  • Interactive Program with chat rooms
  • Experienced mentors and trainers
  • Comprehensive trading courses


  • No demo sessions or classes
  • The prices are relatively high

Benefits of Bulls on Wall Street

  • Live Classes from Introduction to competence level
  • Experienced traders with 40-year experience as trainers
  • Live trading demonstrations for a better understanding
  • Trainers get lifetime access to all upcoming bootcamps
  • 1:1 personal review by expert instructors of all sim trades

How Much Does Bulls on Wall Street Cost?

Compared to other Training programs available online in the financial market, Bulls on Walls Street offers relatively expensive courses. The live all-inclusive 60-day trading bootcamp is available for traders at $2850.

This includes all the material such as templates, tools, and services which are required in the 60-day BootCamp. Moreover, along with the classes and review period, learners also get access to the trading simulator to evaluate their own developed trading plans and strategies. Also, learners get lifetime access to all the future live bootcamps for free.

Those who do not wish to enter the 8-week-long interactive Bootcamp or find it unaffordable can also apply for the short-day trading and swing trading programs. The day trading or seeing trading sessions with live chatrooms where traders can watch the veteran traders do live trading in real-life market conditions. The price for these live trading sessions is $199 monthly or $1,499 yearly.

The Bulls on Wall Street also offers access to the TC2000 – Charting and Scanning Software. This software allows traders to apply their trading plans and strategies on the same software which the instructors are using making it simpler for new learners. Bootcamp learners get access to the software for the first month, 95% off try-out at $4.98 per month. The platinum version is $64.97 per month.

Bulls on Wall Street Customer Reviews

The customer reviews of Bulls on Wall Street are all praise. New and inexperienced traders as well as seasoned traders both have appreciated and applauded the Bulls Wall Street trading courses and its instructors. The learners have confirmed that they learned effective strategies for trading which helped them in earning more profits than earlier.

The customers also highlighted how the instructors give extra effort to ensure that the learners acquire the required skills. Moreover, the affiliated traders also acknowledged the prompt customer service of the platform. It was easy to reach the instructor anytime for any queries and there are multiple methods of communication available for the convenience of the traders. Overall, all the positive reviews of the customers vouch for the effectiveness of this trading education platform.

The only criticism we came across regarding the Bulls onWall Street training program was its high cost. Even when the services provided by the platform are worthy of the charges still the high fee can be beyond many low-budgeted and inexperienced traders who have just started their journey in the trading world and cannot afford to invest a significant amount at an early stage. Also, when we compare the price of this platform with other competitive training programs Bulls on Wall Street is clearly more expensive than others.

What is a Good Alternative for Bulls on Wall Street

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There are multiple online trading education platforms available however choosing the right one requires a lot of research on the customer’s part. To make things easier for the new traders we have done the research for you and have come up with just the right alternative for Bulls on Wall Street.

Asia Forex Mentor

Even when Bull’s trading courses are effective and highly recommended, it can be costly for some traders with a tight budget. For this reason, an alternative platform offering a successful trading course is the Asia Mentor Forex (AFM) Proprietary One Core program.

The Proprietary One Core AFM program includes comprehensive learning modules from beginner to advanced levels. The founder Ezekiel Chew, claims to provide such trading strategies which are based on mathematical probabilities and so every time a trader can make significant profits. Where Bull’s trading courses are focused on just day trading and swing trading strategies, the AFM One core program offers an in-depth program from the very basics of trading to the most level of trading strategies and market analysis.

The pricing system of the One Core program is much more economical than Bulls on Wall Street. The AFM Program allows traders to opt for their entire trading course for $ 940 which is almost three times less than the price of the Bulls trading course. Also, the AFM platform offers a 7-day free trial where traders can pay $ 997 if they are satisfied with the platform after 7 days. In this way, AFM is an affordable option than Bulls on Wall Street.

Conclusion: Bulls on Wall Street Review

The Bulls on Wall Street is a trading education platform that has been offering successful trading courses to new and professional traders for more than 13 years. The founder of this platform is Kunal Desai who has trading experience of more than 40 years in real-life market conditions.

The trading courses offered at the Bulls on Wall Street include not just manuals and trading lessons but it involves an interactive 8-week program. This consists of live classes where traders are taught the basics of trading and then progress through effective day trading and swing trading strategies. In the next phase, traders are allowed to have access to the live sessions with instructors having a live trading application on real-life market conditions.

The price of the BootCamp classes is at the high end compared to other training platforms however the customer review support and encourages all kinds of traders to join Bulls for their bootcamp. Moreover, this online platform also provides access to its trading software to all traders on a monthly subscription at an additional price.

Those who do not want to subscribe to the entire BootCamp can also sign up for the day trading and swing trading live session with the senior instructors at a monthly and yearly subscription. Overall, we can say that Bulls on Wall Street offers an effective online learning platform for traders where they can learn from more experienced traders, interact with other traders in chatrooms, and can observe how the strategies they learned are applied in the live market settings.

Bulls on Wall Street Review FAQs

Is Bulls on Wall Street free?

No Bulls on Wall Street is an online trading education platform that is not free. The 8-week interactive bootcamp offered by this platform charges a fee of $ 2580 including a trading course with live trading classes about market fundamentals and trading strategies, live application of strategies in market settings, chatrooms, discussions, trading plans, and sim trading.

Other traders who are interested in day trading and swing trading sessions with the senior instructors can also subscribe at a monthly and yearly subscription at the price of $ 199 and $ 1499 respectively. Also, there is an option for traders to get access to the TC2000 – Charting, and Scanning Software at a monthly subscription of $ 64.97 with a one-month 95% off for BootCamp members at $ 4.98.

Is Bulls on Wall Street legit?

Yes, Bulls on Wall Street is a legit online education platform for traders. The firm has been offering services for more than 13 years and has been able to make its name among the traders in the financial market. Another proof of its reliability is the customer reviews which are positive and reflects that the platform is offering satisfying services to its customers.

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