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Most stock traders struggle to better their trading skills in the stock market. Which makes most new investors fall out of the game along the way. Many traders seek stock trading companies that allow them to grow and perfect their trading skills such as the Bullish Bears. It is a stock trading company driven by the ‘pay it forward’ mentality. This is aimed at assisting the users in gaining valuable trading skills. The Bullish Bears review will help us understand its key features.

Bullish Bears was founded in 2016 by Daniel Adams, Lucien Bechard, and Tim Davis. The company is based in Connecticut, USA. The company also has a futures specialist, Rose Boye. She works with the founding trio to moderate the community chat rooms and the website. Each founding trio has a special input towards the company’s success.

Here is a quick peek into their specialties; Lucien focuses on options strategies, Daniel specializes in futures trading, and Tim inputs his diverse trading styles. In the following article, we will look at the membership, education, and pro and cons, among other key features of Bullish Bears.

Evaluation Criteria

In the current stock market, several brokerage companies offer various services. These trading companies are the heart of trading, the key determiner of success or failure in stock trading. Hence before signing up for any of them, it's best to scrutinize thoroughly to make an informed decision.

We understand the immense value of trading brokers in the stock market. For this reason, we have a team of experts who help scrutinize different stock brokers through over 70 scrutiny lenses. This offers the trader an in-depth analysis of a given stock trading broker. This enables the trader to make a well-informed decision when choosing a stock trading broker. Our standard evaluation criteria follow these key points. 

Convenience -
the convenience of a stockbroker is essential when choosing a stockbroker. The convenience of a stockbroker is determined by applying different aspects into consideration. These aspects include the experience level of a stockbroker. Also, it is evaluated through how fast the trader gets feedback.  

Reliability -
the reliability of a stockbroker is an essential consideration for every trader. A reliable stockbroker is one with high-security measures. This protects the stock traders' details. It should also immune the trader from possible system downtime.

Competency -
a stock broker must exhibit competency. It's evaluated through the company's trustworthiness and its analytical skills. The company should have a vivid understanding of the market and market signals. It is determined by customer-related resources by the stockbroker, such as learning materials and customer care services.

Affordability -
every trader needs an affordable stock trader. Before committing to a stock broker, ensure the company clearly outlines spreads and commission fees. Be cautious of any hidden fees and any applicable additional fees.

What is Bullish Bears?

Bullish Bears is a stock broker company that was founded in 2016. The company has its headquarters in Connecticut, USA. It was founded by three partners: Daniel Adams, Lucien Bechard, and Tim Davis. The three founders of Bullish Bears have diverse capabilities that they pump into the company. Lucien focuses on options strategies, Daniel specializes in futures trading, and Tim inputs his diverse stock knowledge.

The company founders work closely with Rose Boyes, a futures specialist, to moderate community trade rooms and websites. Bullish Bears serves as an online education hub offering free trading courses to traders. Bullish Bears also operates under the ‘Pay It Forward’ mechanism. It is aimed at helping traders gain substantial skills in trading.

Bullish Bears works under the guidance of its mission – which is to provide an honest, affordable, and realistic educational journey while having fun. It supports traders through mentorship programs like the live trading rooms, trade alerts, Penny stocks watchlist, and real-time charting. This makes it ideal for newbies seeking to learn and experienced traders seeking to polish their trading skills.

Membership and Education of Bullish Bears

Bullish Bears is an online education hub offering free trading courses worth $3,000 to traders. The value of the trading online course is determined by comparing other trainers online. It is one of the cheapest stock trading schools. A member of the Bullish Bears can enjoy free courses like how to trade candlesticks patterns, Advance options spread strategies, Fundamental analysis Vs technical analysis, and Trend trading, among others.

Bullish Bears is a popular stock trading community. The members and aspiring members of the stock trading community have the liberty of choosing between types of memberships provided by Bullish Bears LLC. They include;

The Month To Month Subscription Plan

Members seeking to join the month-to-month subscription plan are allowed a seven-day trial period. After the seven-day trial program lapses, the subscriber is expected to pay $49 monthly. In the event of dissatisfaction, the member can cancel the subscription during the trial period. The features of the month-to-month subscription plan include the following;

  • Access to trading discord
  • Access to the live day stock trade room
  • Access to penny stocks live swing trading room for swing traders
  • Real-time actionable trade alerts
  • An E-book on how to trade candlesticks

The Yearly Subscription Plan

The yearly subscription plan is also called the annual subscription plan. The member under the plan is required to pay $499 annually. The subscription incorporates the Month-to-month subscription plan feature. In addition to them, members get some extra features such as;

  • Daily livestream replays
  • Supportive trading community
  • Access to live futures trading room
  • Next-level training video library worth $5,000
  • A custom trade ideas scanner and Gappers settings
  • ThinkorSwim day trading and swing trade custom scanner

Pros and Cons


  • Guarantees value for money
  • Offers free courses that are beginner friendly
  • It has an Interactive chat trade room and community
  • It provides a free stock scanner template


  • The yearly subscription plan does not have a free trial
  • The content volume can be overwhelming

Benefits of Bullish Bears

  • It has a seven-day trial for the month-to-month subscription program
  • Allows direct access to the Bullish Bears founders
  • It provides members with free courses Bullish Bears
  • It provides Live screen share mentoring
  • It offers resources for all skill levels

How Much Does Bullish Bears Cost?

The popularity of the Bullish Bears company in the stock trading arena has immensely grown. It is highly attributed to the features available to the client. To access these benefits and features, one has to sign up for a membership plan. There are two membership plans to choose from; the month-to-month membership plan and the yearly membership plan.

The month-to-month membership plan costs the member $49 per month. It has a seven-day trial plan where a member can cancel the program if they are not satisfied with the plan. Furthermore, the member only commits for a month and may choose to upgrade or cancel a subscription if they are unsatisfied or need a break.

The other plan is the yearly subscription plan or the annual plan. This allows the member to commit for a whole year. It costs the member $499. It also comes with about six extra features to the month-to-month subscription plan.

Bullish Bears Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to choose a stock broker company is to know the experiences of people who have used the service ahead of you. The information shared under the customer review is from satisfied and unsatisfied customers using the platform. Their comments show what to expect when you commit to the stockbroker.

The comments are based on different topics, such as the team and the quality of assistance provided to traders. Bullish Bears offers customer-friendly customer care. One of the comments proves that the team there is always willing to assist the trader in achieving their trading goals through guidance and rapid response to queries raised. The comment on the pricing shows a lot of satisfaction from the client. Terming that the pricing of the membership is fair can only mean that the benefits come from the membership. Are immensely beneficial.

As much as the positive comments are valuable, so are the negative ones. Look out for the negative ones and see how the company tried to make the customer feel appreciated or tried to resolve the misunderstanding. Based on the client review, Bullish Bears can be considered a good stock broker.

What is a Good Alternative for Bullish Bears

Ezekiel Chew's Biography
Photo: asiaforexmentor.com

Asia Forex Mentor

The Asia Forex Mentor was founded by Singapore-based Ezekiel Chew in 2008. The main agender of the company is to provide forex education. Ezekiel Chew is a strategic growth advisor and self-described trading expert. The founder started the venture, organizing small seminars for his friends and growing to advise huge corporates.

The company has built a reputation for honesty and providing reliable services to seasoned and day traders. It provides learners with a single course, the Proprietary One Core program, plus a weekly subscriber-only video series (the Golden Eye group). Asia Forex Mentor has become popular through the One Core program developed by the company’s founder. It allows the traders to learn from the mistakes and lessons Mr. Ezekiel shared in his trading journey.

The services offered by the Asia Forex Mentor make it an ideal alternative to Bullish Bear. One of its key advantages over the Bullish Bears is its one-time annual membership initiated by a trial period. Unlike the Asia Forex Mentor, the Bullish Bear has a yearly membership program not ushered by a trial program.

Conclusion: Bullish Bears Review

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in trading or have some substantial experience; Bullish Bear is a trading community worth joining. As a member, there are quite some benefits to gain. For instance, receiving trade alerts and several learning materials are provided to equip you as a trader with the needed trading skills.

Bullish Bears have two membership plans to choose from. One can choose a monthly subscription plan. It has many benefits, the major being that it is ushered in by a seven-day trial period. Under the subscription plan, the member only commits for a month and can cancel or pause the subscription. The other one is the yearly subscription which allows the member to commit for a year. It does not have a trial period. Instead, it has additional features to the monthly subscription.

The Bullish Bears was founded in 2016 by Daniel Adams, Lucien Bechard, and Tim Davis. They all have complementary expertise that helps keep the company running and provide top-notch services to their clients. This also equates to immense experience being channelled to the trader. Joining Bullish Bear is fast and easy. You only need to visit their website and select Join. Then select the membership of your choice, complete the payment, and you are good to go.

Bullish Bears Review FAQs

Is Bullish Bears free?

No. Bullish Bears doesn’t offer free membership. One must sign up for a membership plan to access Bullish Bearish’s services. The membership plan can either be monthly or yearly. The monthly plan is renewable for $49 and has a seven-day trial period. The yearly plan is renewable yearly for $499.

Is Bullish Bears legit?

Yes. Bullish Bears is a registered Limited Liability Company under the regulations of Connecticut US. It was registered in 2016 and is currently based in Connecticut, US.

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