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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The expert team at Dumb Little Man, known for their proficiency in finance and trading, rigorously evaluates proprietary trading firms. They employ a comprehensive algorithm and strict evaluation standards, focusing on essential factors such as:

  • Quick customer assistance
  • Rapid access to funds
  • Strong financial security
  • Protection of personal information
  • Ethical trading standards
  • Achievable trading goals
  • Equitable profit distribution

In their analysis of Bulenox, they found that the firm not only meets but also exceeds these key benchmarks. Thanks to its deep understanding of the brokerage sector and consistent support for traders, Bulenox stands out as a premier prop trading firm.

Prop trading firms, also known as proprietary trading businesses, are specialized financial entities that trade stocks, bonds, currencies, and other financial assets using their funds instead of their clients’ money. To take advantage of market opportunities, these companies look for experienced traders.

Identifying and supporting knowledgeable traders is Bulenox’s primary focus as a prop trading organization. Providing people with the means to turn their passion for trading into a profitable enterprise is their mission.

This post presents an in-depth analysis of Bulenox based on data from actual customer experiences and trade experts at Dumb Little Man. The review aims to give readers a balanced and unbiased perspective that clarifies Bulenox’s goods in the context of proprietary trading by fusing professional research with real user feedback.

What is Bulenox?

Bulenox is a private trading platform where traders may use and demonstrate their tactics and abilities. Through the platform, traders with real-world experience, accountability, and discipline will be developed. To be qualified, traders must create a personal account, choose an account size, register, and start trading on a Qualification Account.

Two essential components of the process are following the guidelines and proving the results.

Recognizing the limitations of scarce funds, Bulenox offers guidance and professional oversight to enable traders to realize their maximum potential. They stress how important a consistent, mutually beneficial partnership is to advancement in both the personal and financial spheres.

Professionals can achieve new milestones and advance their careers with the help of this method. Getting started with your own plan from day one, getting your first $10,000 without commissions, keeping up to 90% of your gains, and having free access to the trading terminal are some of the main advantages.

Bulenox prides itself on providing services to traders globally and removing geographical obstacles through global access. Additionally, they guarantee Limited Risk by limiting traders’ exposure to risk to the parameters of the chosen account, so preventing them from jeopardizing their own capital.

Flexible Terms allow trading at any time, with no limits, according to one’s own schedule. Last but not least, their Loyal Approach offers traders a favorable atmosphere with large payouts, cheap reset fees, and the ability to manage numerous accounts at once.

Pros and Cons of Bulenox


  • Flexible withdrawal methods
  • Variety of account tiers
  • Weekly withdrawal processing
  • Diverse trading tools and strategies


  • Limited customer support options
  • Stringent qualification criteria
  • Drawdown limits and trading restrictions
  • Lack of immediate support channels (phone, live chat)

Safety and Security of Bulenox

One important component, Bulenox’s safety and security, has been thoroughly studied by Dumb Little Man. Safety is vital in the trade industry.

Bulenox has created a robust system to ensure the security of trader assets and personal data. This emphasis on security releases traders from concerns about potential outside dangers, allowing them to concentrate solely on their trading tactics.

Some of the software available at Bulenox uses the standards of the funded futures trading programs by offering Rithmic as your data feed and account connection, and also providing NinjaTrader to use during the evaluation. This is beneficial for the futures traders.

Their deployment of sophisticated security solutions demonstrates their dedication to creating a secure trading environment. These solutions contribute to maintaining the high level of reliability and trustworthiness of the platform by shielding it from various threats.

Bulenox is an excellent choice for traders who prioritize security over all other considerations since this leads to traders’ actions on the platform being both safe and efficient.

Bulenox Bonuses and Contests

Bulenox in particular offers enticing bonuses and competitions to traders who are interested in higher account tiers. Customers who select the $50,000 account tier are eligible for a special coupon which is “$50OFF”. This coupon provides a straight savings on the associated costs. In a similar vein, traders who want to target the larger $100,000 account tier will find the discount “$60OFF” useful.

Additionally, one significant offer is the free 14-day trial account, provided in collaboration with Rithmic. This trial, encompassing 10 trading days, is exclusively available to individuals who have never registered with Rithmic before. It serves as an ideal starting point for newcomers to the trading world.

Bulenox Customer Reviews

User reviews for Bulenox, which has a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot, are not all the same. On the one hand, a lot of clients value the business’s prompt payment procedure; they especially draw attention to the effectiveness of services like Zelle, which enables consumers to get early deposits into their accounts on Wednesdays following payout requests.

In addition, the company is renowned for providing easy transactions and prompt email responses, all while maintaining a higher level of client care and responding faster than other prop firms.

However, several clients have voiced doubts about Bulenox’s commitment to helping traders, highlighting issues with order execution and trade processing. Unprocessed orders have raised questions about the company’s procedures and prompted comparisons with related problems in the larger sector.

Bulenox Commissions and Fees

Bulenox implements a structured approach to commissions and fees, which vary based on the size of the trading account. Traders should budget between $145 and $325 per month for fees, depending on the size of the account they select. This tiered fee structure is meant to accommodate traders with varied levels of investment and trading techniques.

A notable feature of Bulenox’s fee system is the profit-sharing model. Once a trader earns over $40,000, the first $10,000 of profit is completely theirs, free from any commission. Beyond this initial amount, a generous 90% of the profits are allocated to the trader. This model not only incentivizes traders to perform well but also ensures that they reap the majority of the rewards from their trading successes.

Bulenox Account Types

Bulenox has created account tiers that are tailored to meet a range of trading requirements and preferences, drawing on research conducted by Dumb Little Man:

Traders can have multiple accounts with a maximum of three contracts with a $1,500 profit target and a $1,500 drawdown restriction are permitted under Bulenox’s $25,000 Tier. For a $145 monthly subscription, traders keep all of their first $10,000 in gains. This tier gives traders a choice by offering options between an EOD account and a No Scaling account, depending on their methodology.

Trader capacity in the $50,000 Tier is up to seven contracts. Here, the drawdown limit has been raised to $2,500, and the profit target is set at $3,000. The trader keeps the entire $10,000 in profit in the first year, just like with the prior tier, and the monthly charge is $125 rather than $175. Options include a No Scaling Account or an EOD Account, allowing traders to pick based on their trading technique.

If you opt for the $100,000 Tier, you can have up to 12 contracts, each with a $3,000 drawdown limit and a $6,000 profit target. The trader keeps all of the first $10,000 in earnings, and there is a $155 monthly cost for this tier. To accommodate varying trading patterns, this tier additionally provides an option between an EOD Account and a No Scaling Account.

Lastly, the $150,000 Tier is meant for more intensive trading activity, allowing up to 15 contracts. There is a $4,500 drawdown limit and a $9,000 profit target. Traders keep 100% of the first $10,000 in profits, and the monthly fee is $325. It provides options between a No Scaling Account and an EOD Account, similar to the other tiers, giving experienced traders more flexibility.

Opening a Bulenox Account

The process of opening a Bulenox account is easy to understand and only requires a few quick steps:

  1. On the Bulenox website, click Join Now to begin the process of opening an account.
  2. During the sign-up process, enter any promo codes you may have.
  3. Select the type of membership or account tier that best suits your trading needs.
  4. Select the payment method that you want to use for account transactions.
  5. Make your account’s username stand out.
  6. Make sure the password you use for Bulenox is safe.
  7. Please supply your email address, as it will be used for account communications.
  8. Once you have agreed to the terms of use and privacy policy of Bulenox, complete the sign-up procedure by verifying your account using the email you were sent.

Bulenox Customer Support

The speedy and friendly customer care provided by Bulenox is attested to by Dumb Little Man’s experiences using its services. Customers can email [email protected] to directly contact the support team with any questions or requests for assistance. With a direct channel of connection with their support staff, this approach guarantees prompt and individualized solutions.

Furthermore, Bulenox has a live chat option and a contact form on its website. Users can quickly report questions or complaints using this form. Its purpose is to simplify the communication process so that clients can more easily receive the assistance they require in a timely manner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bulenox Customer Support

Direct email support

Online contact form

Limited communication methods

No live chat or phone support

Bulenox Withdrawal Options

Bulenox provides its traders with flexible withdrawal choices, which are confirmed by testing conducted by a Dumb Little Man trading expert. All funded trading accounts have many payout methods, such as ACH payments, Venmo, PayPal, and cryptocurrency payouts, which are supported by the site.

Throughout the month, traders can request withdrawals whenever they’d like, and Bulenox will process them once a week on Wednesdays. Traders need to have completed a minimum of ten trading days to be eligible for a payment.

Bulenox Challenges and Difficulties

A number of qualifying requirements must be met by traders in order to advance to the Master Account and get a funded trading account at Bulenox. A trader must, first and foremost, engage in trading activities for a minimum of five days. This qualification is the first step in becoming qualified and is essential to trade consistently.

The trading day is scheduled to begin at 5:00 PM and end at 4:00 PM (North American Central Standard Time; CST). It is important to keep in mind that trade days are not computed on weekends or holidays. Furthermore, to ensure that all trading activity is recorded in a single day, all positions must be closed by 3:59 PM CST.

A trader can manage multiple positions simultaneously depending on the account type they have chosen and the maximum position size they can maintain. This portion of the qualifying procedure provides traders the opportunity to apply different trading tactics depending to the type of account they have.

Reaching a predetermined profit target is a crucial goal for traders in this level since it serves as a doorway to the Master Account. This objective, which emphasizes the value of good trading strategies, is a crucial step in the process.

Furthermore, it’s critical to manage the account’s drawdown. Traders need to ensure that their account does not exceed the maximum drawdown limit in order to reduce risk and preserve account stability.

Lastly, traders have the freedom to conduct normal and micro contracts with Bulenox. The fact that one standard contract is comparable to ten micro contracts boosts this versatility and enables traders to customize their approaches to meet their trading aims and tastes.

How to Pass Bulenox Evaluation Process

Navigating the evaluation process requires a deep awareness of Bulenox’s stringent standards. Success requires both strategic planning and a deep comprehension of the process.

To significantly increase the likelihood of passing, it is essential to consider enrolling in a comprehensive training program. This kind of education equips you with the abilities and information required to fulfill and even surpass Bulenox’s evaluation requirements.

Asia Forex Mentor – Rated Best Comprehensive Course Offering by Investopedia

Highly suggested by Dumb Little Man’s trading experts, Asia Forex Mentor is a great resource for anyone hoping to pass the Bulenox evaluation procedure. Under the direction of well-known forex trading guru Ezekiel Chew, this platform has successfully led thousands of traders through a variety of exclusive firm evaluation programs.

With over two decades of experience, Ezekiel is highly regarded for his exceptional trading skills and six-figure transaction successes.

As demand for Ezekiel’s trading strategies and insights grew, he established Asia Forex Mentor, or AFM. His purpose is to teach forex traders lucrative trading strategies through the formation of the One Core Program and the Golden Eye Group.

This journey began with Ezekiel teaching close friends, and it has developed into a comprehensive online program. Asia Forex Mentor’s success may be attributed to Ezekiel’s effective teaching strategies and his commitment to sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with aspiring traders.

How Could Asia Forex Mentor Help You Pass Bulenox Challenge?

Forex Trading Tutorial
Photo: asiaforexmentor.com

Asia Forex Mentor (AFM), whose reputation has been reinforced by multiple noteworthy honors in the field of forex trading education, is a priceless resource for traders getting ready for the Bulenox challenge.

As an amazing achievement, Investopedia ranked AFM’s One Core Program as The Finest Complete Training. This differentiation highlights the training’s depth and breadth, making it the best option for a thorough understanding of forex trading.

Furthermore, the same curriculum has been commended by Benzinga, a trustworthy source of business and financial news, as the Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners. This acknowledgment highlights how applicable it is too inexperienced traders as well as how effective it is for seasoned ones.

When BestOnlineForexBroker recognized AFM as the Top Forex Mentor of 2021, its already stellar reputation was further cemented. This endorsement demonstrates the program’s ability to significantly raise traders’ success rates in foreign exchange trading. A thorough study of the top forex trading schools revealed that AFM stood out due to its excellent trading system and robust trading tactics.

These honors are but a small sample of the numerous recommendations that AFM and its One Core Program have garnered. The program is a vital resource for anyone hoping to succeed in the Bulenox challenge because it regularly exceeds the expectations of a diverse group of traders, from novices to more experienced pros.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

Participants in Ezekiel Chew’s One Core Program at Asia Forex Mentor have frequently attested to the program’s revolutionary influence on their ability to trade forex. Novices praise the course for its simple tactics and Chew’s ability to demystify difficult ideas. Because of the program’s thorough and understandable methodology, which is beneficial for both novice traders and those dealing with prop company evaluations, it comes highly recommended.

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Conclusion: Bulenox Review

As a result, Bulenox has proven to be a platform with notable advantages, say Dumb Little Man’s trading experts. These advantages include the platform’s numerous account tiers, adaptable withdrawal options, and an abundance of trading tools and methods. Bulenox is a great option for traders who seek to take benefit of a comprehensive trading environment because of these attributes.

It’s also important to keep in mind that enrolling in premium courses like Asia Forex Mentor can significantly increase your likelihood of passing Bulenox’s assessment procedure. Overall, even if Bulenox has many benefits for traders, anyone thinking about using this platform should weigh its advantages and disadvantages carefully.

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FAQs for Bulenox Review

What is Bulenox and how does it support traders?

Bulenox is a prop trading company that provides traders with the tools they need to transform their passion for trading into a steady stream of revenue, giving them personal and financial growth. Its primary objective is to help traders advance both financially and personally.

How does one start trading with a prop trading firm like Bulenox?

You have to register, create a personal account, and choose an account size on Bulenox before you can trade. Following that, traders begin by showcasing their trading skills with a Qualification Account.

What are the withdrawal options available at Bulenox?

Bulenox offers ACH transfers, PayPal, Venmo, and cryptocurrency withdrawals as withdrawal options. Withdrawal requests are processed once a week and accepted at any time.





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