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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Looking to take your day trading game to the next level? Then you’ve probably heard of Bear Bull Traders, the online community that’s taking the trading world by storm. With thousands of members from around the globe, Bear Bull Traders is more than just a platform; it’s a supportive and collaborative space where traders of all levels come to share strategies, insights, and support.

In this review, we’ll dive into the world of Bear Bull Traders and see what all the hype is about. From its educational resources to its trading tools, we’ll give you the inside scoop on this innovative community and whether it’s the right fit for your trading needs, and finally, we will discuss some valid alternatives.

Evaluation Criteria

Making a decision to invest in an expensive trading program or membership is not something to be taken lightly. It requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure the best possible return on the initial investment.

At Dumb Little Man, our experts have developed a comprehensive framework that covers all the important factors to consider when making such a decision. This framework is then distilled into a four-criteria structure, consisting of the key criteria of convenience, reliability, competency, and affordability.

  1. Convenience refers to the ease of use and user-friendliness of the trading program. This includes factors such as the design of the platform, ease of navigation, and organization of webinars, chat rooms, and video lessons.

  2. Reliability measures the stability and consistency of the trading community. A reliable program provides quality information and a continuous flow of opportunities for its members to take advantage of. Additionally, a trading program is considered reliable if it has a track record of forming successful traders.

  3. Competency evaluates the quality of resources and materials provided by the platform. This category covers video lessons, chat rooms, live trading sessions, and other resources.

  4. Affordability refers to the cost of using the trading platform. An affordable program has a low cost and high-quality resources, making it accessible to a wide range of traders.

After conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the Bear Bull Traders platform and membership options, our experts at Dumb Little Man have concluded that the services offered meet all of the aforementioned criteria. Therefore, it can be considered a highly viable option for traders seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

What is Bear Bull Traders?

Bear Bull Traders is an online community of day traders that was founded in 2016 by Andrew Aziz, a former engineer who turned to trading full-time after discovering his passion for the markets. The community has since grown to include thousands of members from around the world who share a common goal: to become successful traders.

The community’s goal is to create a supportive and collaborative environment for traders of all levels to learn, grow, and succeed in the challenging world of day trading. Members of Bear Bull Traders have access to a range of educational resources and tools to help them improve their skills and make more informed trading decisions. These resources include live webinars, chat rooms, a trading simulator, and various trading courses, such as the popular “Trading Psychology Bootcamp” and “Advanced Day Trading Strategies” courses.

In addition to its educational resources, Bear Bull Traders also offers a range of trading tools to help traders stay on top of the markets and execute their trades with confidence. These tools include a proprietary trading platform and scanner, as well as real-time market data and news feeds.

Overall, Bear Bull Traders aims to provide traders with a comprehensive suite of resources and support to help them achieve their goals and succeed in the fast-paced world of day trading. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Bear Bull Traders offers a welcoming and collaborative community to help you take your trading skills to the next level.

Membership and Education of Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders provides a wide range of educational resources to its members. One of the most popular resources is the trading simulator, which allows traders to practice their skills in a realistic, risk-free environment. The simulator is designed to replicate the real market using real-time data, so traders can test their strategies and improve their skills without risking real money. The simulator is available to all members, regardless of their membership level, and is a valuable tool for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Bear Bull Traders also provides all members with the access to a live trading room, where members can watch expert traders make real-time trades and get insights into their decision-making processes. This is a valuable resource for traders who want to learn from experienced professionals and see how they approach the market.

Basic Members additionally have access to a variety of chat rooms and forums, where they can connect with other traders, share ideas, and get feedback. These chat rooms are moderated by experienced traders who are available to answer questions and provide guidance, making them a valuable resource for traders of all levels.

In addition to the trading simulator and chat rooms, Bear Bull Traders offers a variety of courses and webinars designed to help traders develop their skills and strategies. The courses cover a wide range of topics, including trading psychology, technical analysis, and advanced day trading and options strategies. These courses are designed to be accessible to traders of all levels, and they provide a wealth of information and insights that can help traders improve their performance, but they are only available for elite members and annual elite members.

Overall, Bear Bull Traders offers a comprehensive suite of educational resources and tools to help traders of all levels improve their skills and achieve their trading goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, there are resources available to help you develop your skills, make informed decisions, and succeed in the market.

Pros and Cons


  • Availability of an annual plan
  • Exceptional member support staff
  • Discounted 7-day trial of Elite Membership at $39
  • Extraordinary community and moderators


  • Extremely limited access to valuable resources for Intro and Basic Memberships
  • Above average monthly cost

Benefits of Bear Bull Traders

  • 1 on 1 psychology coaching sessions for annual elite members
  • Extensive daily chat room schedule
  • Weekly webinars and Mentorships for elite members
  • Access to live onboarding sessions to all members
  • advanced day trading and options courses

How Much Does Bear Bull Traders Cost?

Bear Bull Traders offers several membership options, each with its own set of benefits and pricing.

  • Intro Membership: This is the entry-level membership, offered free only for a limited period. This membership allows traders to access a live onboarding session and a stock and options trading course.
  • Basic Membership: This membership is priced at $99 per month and provides access to all the benefits offered in the Intro Membership plus the access to the stocks and options chat rooms.
  • Elite Membership: This level of membership targets professional traders and it is available for a monthly fee of $199. It includes all the features of the Basic Membership plus access to exclusive webinars held weekly, and an advanced trading course.
  • Elite Annual Membership: This type of membership offers the same perks as the classic Elite membership plus the ability to enter 1 on 1 psychology coaching rooms, which are not available in other programs. This membership is billed upfront annually at a price of $2,388, but it is important to note that they often run discounts on this type of membership, letting members save as much as 60% compared to the full price.

Bear Bull Traders Customer Reviews

Based on customer reviews on Trustpilot, Bear Bull Traders has received mixed feedback from its users. While some reviewers praised Bear Bull Traders for its high-quality educational resources, supportive community, and ethical approach to trading, others were critical of the value for money of its memberships, technical performance issues with the platform, and unhelpful customer support.

On the positive side, many users found Bear Bull Traders’ educational materials to be comprehensive and easy to understand. Several of them mentioned the supportive community of traders and moderators on the platform as a helpful and encouraging resource. Some traders even called it a “safe place” when they feel lost in the market. Additionally, some users appreciated Bear Bull Traders’ transparency in sharing its trading performance and ethical approach to trading.

However, a number of negative reviews also appeared, with some users feeling that the cost of Bear Bull Traders’ memberships was not justified by the value they received. Technical performance issues with the platform, including frequent outages and other technical problems, were also cited by some reviewers. Finally, a small number of users reported unsatisfactory experiences with Bear Bull Traders’ customer support, finding it unresponsive and unhelpful.

What is a Good Alternative for Bear Bull Traders

Ezekiel Chew's Biography

Trading is a challenging and exciting activity, and there are many trading programs and communities available for traders to join. While Bear Bull Traders is a popular and well-known option, it is not the only choice out there, especially at that price point. For traders looking for an alternative to Bear Bull Traders, we will discuss another great option, together with its main features and pricing.

Asia Forex Mentor

Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program is a comprehensive forex trading course that aims to provide traders with a solid foundation in trading skills and strategies. The program is designed to be practical and focused on real-world trading, with a step-by-step approach that covers everything from understanding the basics of forex trading to very advanced trading strategies.

One of the key advantages of the One Core Program is its affordability. Compared to Bear Bull Traders’ membership options, the One Core Program costs less and offers more value. It is priced at $950, and it grants a lifetime access to all the resources available on the website, plus additional webinars, and other benefits, as opposed to the annual elite membership which must be renewed each year for $2,388.

Additionally, the One Core Program offers the possibility to purchase the service after a 7-day full access to the program, allowing traders to experience the program and its benefits before committing to a purchase.

The One Core Program also offers more extensive educational resources than Bear Bull Traders’ memberships. It includes almost 20 hours of video lessons, live trading sessions, and all the proprietary strategies and techniques perfected by the program’s founder, Ezekiel Chew, over more than 20 years of experience.

The program is designed to be flexible and cater to traders of all experience levels, and with its unique blend of technical analysis, mindset training, and personalized coaching, this program is designed to help you develop a deep understanding of the forex market and become a profitable trader.

In summary, the Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program is a comprehensive and affordable forex trading course that offers more value and extensive educational resources compared to Bear Bull Traders’ membership options. Engineered by a forex and containing personalized coaching and advanced resources, the program is designed to help traders develop the skills and strategies needed to become successful forex traders.

Conclusion: Bear Bull Traders Review

In conclusion, Bear Bull Traders is a legitimate and well-respected trading community that offers a comprehensive suite of educational resources and tools to help traders improve their skills and strategies. With a focus on day trading and options, Bear Bull Traders provides traders with access to a range of features and services, including a chat room, daily watch list, educational webinars, and more.

While Bear Bull Traders provides a solid foundation for traders looking to improve their skills and strategies, it may not be the best fit for all traders. For those looking for a more extensive and affordable trading education program, the Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program offers a comprehensive approach to forex trading that includes video lessons, live trading sessions, and one-on-one coaching with a professional trader. The program also offers a free 7-day trial, allowing traders to experience the program and its benefits before committing to a purchase.

Overall, Bear Bull Traders is a reputable and comprehensive trading community that offers a range of educational resources and tools for traders of all experience levels. However, traders should consider their needs and goals when choosing a trading education program and weigh the cost and features of Bear Bull Traders’ memberships against other options in the market. With the right program and support, traders can improve their skills and strategies and ultimately achieve success in the forex trading world.

Bear Bull Traders Review FAQs

Is Bear Bull Traders free?

Bear Bull Traders is not a free platform. It offers a range of membership options, each of which comes with different features and benefits. The membership options offered by Bear Bull traders are designed to cater to traders of different skill levels and experience.

The Intro Membership is free and provides limited access to some of the platform’s features. However, this membership option is designed primarily to give traders an idea of what Bear Bull Traders has to offer, and it does not include access to the full range of educational resources and tools.

Bear Bull Traders also offers paid membership options, which provide access to a wider range of features and benefits. The prices for these memberships vary, depending on the level of access and support you require. The cost of a paid membership can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per year, depending on the level of access and support you require.

Is Bear Bull Traders legit?

Yes, Bear Bull Traders is a legitimate trading education platform that provides valuable resources and tools for traders. The company was founded in 2016 by Andrew Aziz, a professional day trader with years of experience in the industry. Since then, Bear Bull Traders has grown to become one of the most popular trading communities online, with thousands of members from around the world.

Bear Bull Traders is transparent about its fees and membership options, and it provides a comprehensive suite of educational resources designed to help traders improve their skills and make informed trading decisions. The company is committed to providing a high level of customer service and support to its members, and it has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality educational content.

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