Baselang Spanish: That Is Exactly What You Are Looking For [2024]!

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

You are in luck! I have found the perfect Spanish learning platform for you. It is called Baselang and it has been designed to help students learn Spanish quickly and efficiently.

The content is well-organized, interactive, and easy to understand. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about this revolutionary new language system that can be used on your own time at home or with a tutor in person!

Baselang Spanish

Baselang Spanish

Spanish is a fun language to learn, but with so many different accents and dialects, it can be hard to know which one you are learning. This Baselang Review will walk you through the pros and cons of various popular options for studying Spanish.

We’ll cover everything from Pimsleur’s audio-based method to uTalk’s interactive program, as well as some other lesser-known programs such as Mondly and Babbel. Find out which one may be right for you!


What is Baselang Platform?

Baselang is a platform that provides content for students taking Spanish as a second language. It is based on scientifically proven methods of teaching.

Baselang Spanish

Baselang lessons provide original content that is both interactive and engaging. Grasping Spanish can be fun, with the right technology to help you study.

Additionally, Baselang has a social element where students can connect with other learners on the platform. This allows for improved learning as well as cultural exchange.

How does Baselang work?

Users can sign up for the platform and start taking Spanish lessons. They will be given daily lessons to help their understanding of the language.

Baselang Spanish

The lessons by the teacher are divided into different categories, which corresponds to different topics that you can learn about. Baselang is increasingly adding new content to its library all the time. This means there is always something new for students to study.

When you log in each day, you will see your next session by the teacher as well as a full list of what topics are covered within this session. All of these areas have been designed with interaction in mind, making for an effective language-learning experience that’s never boring.

Once you finish a session, there is also a review section where you can test yourself on what you learned.

Baselang is available on desktop, tablet, and phone. This means that it can be used in many different settings.

For many people learning a foreign language, self-study using online materials is ideal because it is at their own pace and organized in a way that makes sense to them (this varies from individual to individual).

There are free resources like YouTube videos or blog posts that make use of this method, but they lack structure and guidance in learning the language if you don’t already know it well.

Baselang is different. It uses scientifically proven methods to teach Spanish, so it is effective for all learners at any level.

To start using Baselang, students must first assess their current knowledge of Spanish by taking a placement test. This will determine the appropriate learning sequence.

After they’ve determined which lessons by the teacher are most suitable, they can begin working through them in order. Each session offers an interactive way of learning that involves reading, listening, comprehension questions, and translation exercises (from English into Spanish).

All lessons by the teacher also include access to online tutors who can answer any questions students may have about the content or exercises they’re doing. There is also an option for one-on-one tutoring sessions with native-speaking teachers.


What types of content can I study with Baselang?

Baselang offers a wide variety of content, all organized into distinct modules to make it easy for students to progress at their own pace and learn about whatever interests them. This includes:

–Conversation Lessons: These sessions focus on helping students become more confident when speaking/writing in Spanish by discussing common topics such as family, travel, history, and culture.

Baselang Spanish

They also cover the business side of using Spanish in professional life as well as teaching practical vocabulary that is often used in these settings.

–Listening Skills: In order to truly feel comfortable conversing in a foreign language, you need to understand what others are saying to you.

Baselang Spanish

These sessions are designed to improve students’ listening skills so they are able to clearly understand native baselang’s teachers.

–Cultural Lessons: This content is focused on teaching cultural information that can help learners of different levels better integrate with the international Spanish-speaking community.

Students will learn about the history, holidays, traditions, and cuisine of different countries.

–Vocabulary Building: Vocabulary building is an important part of studying any foreign language.

It allows for communication in a variety of situations as well as opening up opportunities to converse about more complex topics beyond basic phrases or greetings.

Baselang Spanish

These vocabulary sessions target specific themes such as travel, work/business, sports, and the home.

–Grammar Lessons: As you can imagine, Spanish has its own rules and patterns for how words should be formed and used in a sentence.

Baselang Spanish

These sessions cover topics such as verb conjugations, prepositions, and idiomatic expressions.

Currently, which is a growing library of content. This means that users will be able to study topics ranging from the basics of Spanish, such as greetings and numbers, to more complex concepts such as adjectives.

In addition to regular sessions that are added each day, there are other features on the platform designed to help students improve their learning experience even further.

One of these is a section called “Unlocked,” where you can take a look at all the various things you have already learned in your Baselang journey so far. It is a great way for students to come back and refresh their memory about anything they have recently studied before progressing onto new sessions.

Additionally, Baselang has created special videos with native baselang’s teachers that students can watch and listen to. This is another great way for you to see how sentences are really spoken by native Spanish speakers. Listening to actual samples of the language is especially helpful when it comes to trying to improve your own pronunciation.


Who can benefit from using Baselang?

This is an excellent program for people who are looking to improve their Spanish speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities. Baselang offers various levels of difficulty that allow students to choose their own level of immersion into the Spanish language.

Baselang Spanish

It is also beneficial for people wanting to learn more about Hispanic culture. By using this platform you can learn not only about traditional topics in Spanish such as history or science but also explore traditions from Spain’s many different regions.

There are several test preparation features on Baselang which make it particularly useful for students preparing for professional certification in fields such as business or education where knowing a foreign language is required. These tests have been created in conjunction with industry- organizations so they provide a great way to practice for the real thing.

As Spanish is becoming a popular language in Latin America, Baselang is a great option for unlimited Spanish classes. It helps you keep taking a Spanish lesson from the same teacher throughout using a variety of resources.

Baselang is also great for people who are looking to travel or live abroad. Because it offers information about different regions in Spain, you can use this platform to learn more about a particular place that interests you and plan out your trip.

People of all ages will benefit from using Baselang, as long as they have access to an internet connection. This means that everyone from school children studying Spanish to adults learning on their own time can make use of this system.

It’s important not only to know how languages work but also to understand what life is like in the country where the language comes from. By gaining some insight into Hispanic culture through Baselang, you can put yourself one step closer to fluency in the Spanish language.

It is designed to be appropriate for people at all levels of Spanish-language acquisition, from those who have never spoken it as a native speaker, to those with top academic degrees and several years of study under their belts.

It is also useful for people who are studying to take the official DELE exams, which are recognized by universities and employers throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

However, it may be beneficial to both beginning students as well as those with more experience under their belt.

For example, it could be used for review before taking an exam or even just providing some cultural insight into topics that might not have been covered in a typical classroom setting.


What kinds of features does Baselang offer?

The site includes personalized algorithms that analyze your speaking and writing habits and gauge your progress over time.

It also offers you personal exercises and tests that will advance you through the program and ensure mastery of key skills.

It also provides a variety of different ways for you to receive feedback on your progress, such as having an online tutor provide personalized feedback on your writing and speaking exercises.

You can also keep track of how many hours per week you spend studying with the site, which is a good way to chart your improvement over time.

Baselang Spanish

One of the most innovative features of Baselang is its personalized approach to training users. For each user, the system selects new material that is adapted to their specific language level and based on their interests. This makes for a highly efficient learning process because it ensures that users are practicing precisely what they need most at every stage of development.

Baselang’s platform offers all kinds of tools for picking up Spanish – including vocabulary lists, interactive online sessions, self-study material, and homework assignments – which helps students learn faster than ever before.

It doesn’t just help you speak Spanish but strengthens your listening skills too. Sessions will not only teach you useful words but also familiarize you with colloquial expressions that native speakers use every day.

Baselang Spanish

All the teachers provide core lessons from the baselang curriculum for a complete beginner of Spanish course. You can book classes for the core curriculum in a real-world program at your convenience. The baselang classes are unlimited classes once you subscribe. Starting your Spanish journey with baselang classes is a cost-effective option.

With this program, you’ll feel more confident speaking with natives so you won’t have to worry about making mistakes or asking them how they say something.

The platform provides you with Spanish different teachers to help guide you through the learning process. You have the options to choose a Venezuelan Teacher, select a few teachers for real-world programs, study a few minutes or half-hour, or maybe a few hours in one week. You can choose to have two lessons in half-hour, one class in your time slot in one week.

The best part? You’ll never run out of things to learn or practice. That’s because Baselang provides over 500 easy-to-understand sessions, covering topics like verb tenses, dates, times, and numbers.

It has an attractive user interface that makes learning a language fun and exciting for all types of students. Plus, it works on all devices – phone, tablet, or desktop – so everyone can study whenever they want.


Programs offered by Baselang


Real World Program is the ideal solution if you are looking for an intensive language program.

If you need strong language skills to get the job done, Real World Program is your best choice. You will train all four basic skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in one-on-one classes with highly qualified teachers all day long.

Baselang Spanish

The sessions are based on a communicative approach that starts immediately with the real business needs of the students. The school has its own team of different teachers who train participants in small groups or individual classes according to their special interests.

After finishing this real-world course using many language learning resources given by all the teachers on the baselang curriculum along with core lessons, you should be able to communicate effectively at work or study successfully at a higher level.


GRAMMARLESS Program of Baselang is a 4-week fully immersive live-in program designed to have you speaking from day one. Intensity and dedication are the secrets to this speed: 100 hours per month (vs. 20hrs/mo on average), with 1:3 teacher time (vs. 1:8), and an efficient use of class hours every minute matters.

Baselang Spanish

There are several types of students that come into Baselang, GRAMMARLESS satisfies all these types of students regardless of their level or learning style. The vast majority of them are satisfied with first-class with the first teacher. All the teachers provide core lessons but few teachers become your favorite teachers. It is extremely difficult to get acquainted with a new teacher but you will feel better after a few minutes of learning a single word at a time in your first class.

There are no books, worksheets, or tests during this period, just conversations with teachers who help you immediately when you struggle with something in your language quest.


How much does it cost?

The course is not free but you can try it for a week at $1. You can have unlimited classes with per month subscription at $149.

Baselang Spanish

Payment is possible both via card and PayPal.

Benefits of using the platform

Access to all learning material:

Baselang Spanish

The learning material is more than 70 hours of classes, drills, and quizzes for the price of one private lesson by the teacher. The 10 off your first sessions by the teacher are the easy ones.

Your own personal coach will guide you every step of the way by checking on your progress, making sure that you are following the course schedule, proposing personalized exercises tailored to your specific needs based on what you have already covered in the courses. They can also be reached at all times via chat or phone call if needed.

Personalized learning algorithms:

Baselang Spanish

These analyze your speaking and writing habits, gauge your progress through time, and adapt automatically to your needs.

There are personalized daily messages including vocabulary, grammar, and cultural tips based on your level. They are accessible even before you take the course to help you determine which level is best for you.

Your own learning dashboard:

Baselang Spanish

Baselang gives you your own personalized dashboard that works as an extension of the platform.

It allows students to have access to all their courses, sessions, exercises, tests, and personal activities in one single place. There are also useful statistics so you can check on your progress at any time.

Cultural tips tailored to your language level:

Baselang Spanish

Baselang offers several mini-sessions for beginner and intermediate levels where local experts will explain how locals live, work, eat, drink and play.

Through these visuals, videos, and mini-Sessions you’ll begin building a life in Spanish faster than ever before. This is an engaging and motivating way to learn about the country, culture, and language.

Feel good about yourself:

The platform is totally managed by teachers and admins (not machines) so any query or doubt is resolved immediately without having to wait for an email reply like other programs do.

You also receive personal feedback after each exercise and lesson via the online teacher.

Specialized servers:

Sessions are already pre-recorded so that your teacher can focus on you. The platform adapts to your pace of learning and provides the best classes for students by the teacher.

All classes are built with the same pattern to ensure they are always quality, motivating, dynamic, and up to date. During live classes, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about grammar rules or new conversations so you can perfect yourself during these sessions by the teacher.

Over 70 hours of lesson material:

Baselang offers more than 70 hours of classes for only $149 per month. There is no need to pay extra money for books, CDs, DVDs…or even more expensive monthly plans like other platforms do; it includes everything in the price. The 10 off your first sessions are the easy ones.

Interactive exercises:

Baselang Spanish

Interactive activities are an essential part of learning a language. Assignments and tests will help keep you motivated throughout the program while allowing for ongoing assessment to determine your progress. For instance, if the teacher asked you for an honest review about one class one week then you have an opportunity to turn it in your favor. You can perform these exercises with the help of your favorite teachers at your own prices.

All courses come with a practice exercise for each lesson so you can check your level before starting the course, as well as an activity at the end of every unit called “Mock exam”


Speech recognition technology:

Quality feedback from the teachers is essential when learning Spanish. Like many of the competitors, it uses voice-recognition software to enable us to provide more personalized classes and exercises through real-time evaluation.

As well as helping develop more customized classes of high quality, this helps improve and accent among students of all levels.

Bilingual teachers:

Baselang Spanish

There are no monolingual, automated courses out there. The platform is run by bilingual teachers with advanced degrees in teaching Spanish as a second language and extensive experience who know how to manage different learning styles so you can improve yourself at your own pace. No matter what level you are at, the course is always adapted to your needs and objectives.

Teachers from South America is also available making it easier for students to pick up a new teacher i.e. Spanish teacher for their first class in their comfortable language.

You have the choice to keep taking Spanish from the same teacher throughout the course using your internet connection.

Drawbacks of using the platform

The cons of Baselang are that it may be difficult to keep up with homework, class participation, and learning on your own. There are real-time classes once a week that only last an hour, therefore the rest of the time is spent doing the course work which can be very demanding if you have other classes or life commitments.

Another problem is that when live classes are over, the students go on their own to complete activities and exercises. This can be problematic when there is no one to check in with regarding questions or concerns



If one-on-one classes and conversational skills development is not what you are looking for then there are other equally good alternatives that are covered in this Baselang Review so that you can start your Spanish journey. These include:

1. uTalk for Spanish Lessons

uTalk for Spanish Lessons

uTalk is a digital platform that focuses on conversational Spanish learning. It is a Harvard Business School product and was developed by two professors who have significant experience in applied linguistics.

The course is a complete immersion into the language with real-life conversations being analyzed and broken down within each lesson. You can even take part in live calls with other students to practice what you’ve learned. You can use this platform to learn other languages as well. The 10 off your first classes are the easy ones.

uTalk provides complete access to all of their materials for only $99/month. This includes more than 50 hours of video tutorials, audio files, and class plans on different topics.


2. LingQ for Language Learners

LingQ for Language Learners

LingQ is an amazing tool to practice Spanish with multiple language resources and has been used by all levels of students to achieve real results.

It uses a completely different method than Baselang which involves watching videos in the chosen language, reading articles, and repeating words out loud while it records you so that your pronunciation can be corrected. The student then receives personal corrections from their instructor. This works well because you get to practice listening, speaking, and reading skills without pressure or confusion.

LingQ offers an alternative, comprehensive approach to language education that encompasses many language resources such as various platforms, apps, courses, and private tutors along with online concierge services for added support during your lessons.

As well as focusing on building vocabulary and grammar skills, their program aims to teach languages through context rather than rote memorization which can be very effective.


3. Speakify


Speakify is an online, interactive platform that focuses on conversational learning by giving students practice opportunities with native teachers through videoconferencing, voice chat, or text chat. Each session is conducted in real-time so students can get feedback immediately and learn how to communicate effectively in the language.

Speakify is a good alternative for students who prefer to speak with others as opposed to reading or writing.

It provides support, guidance, and feedback from native teachers as well as being rather affordable compared to other platforms.


4. Babbel


Babbel offers a game-like interface that allows for computer-assisted learning to take place where lessons are broken into chapters containing words and phrases related to different topics like home life, school life, etc.

There are also audio exercises along with progress tests users can take when they feel ready to do so in order to monitor their improvement.

Babbel is a platform that offers courses in over 14 languages including Spanish. The course has been developed by educators and linguists and it focuses on building vocabulary, grammar skills, and daily conversations through a variety of activities such as audio clips, video content, interactive games, and so on.

It also comes with useful features which allow students to track their progress, prepare for exams or simply refresh their memory if they need a quick review before traveling or going on vacation.

There are even personalized lessons for students of any level.


5. Pimsleur


Pimsleur is also a popular method that has been proven to greatly improve one’s ability to speak and understand a new language in record time. Pimsleur is based out of Latin America.

It focuses on short, effective 30-minute audio lessons that gradually build up the student’s fluency through repetition and conversational practice. This learning curve can be very helpful for beginning students who have not yet developed their listening or speaking abilities so they can start from scratch without feeling overwhelmed by the coursework.

The program does provide 3 levels of Spanish content suited for different types of learners so you will get support at all stages of your progress with specific guidelines to follow as you move.

They even offer resources such as a phrasebook, dictionary, and grammar guide to help you along.

Pimsleur is an audio course that focuses on conversation and pronunciation along with reading, writing, and basic grammar lessons.

It consists of short, 5-minute daily lessons which are repeated several times so they stick in the mind more effectively. You can download them onto your phone or tablet to listen to wherever you are so it’s easy to use anytime you feel like practicing.


6. iTalki for online Spanish Classes

iTalki for online Spanish Classes

iTalki connects people who want to learn a language with professional teachers who provide regular one-on-one sessions either through video calls or voice calls where students can ask questions during their practice time or just have fun conversing in another language for free.

What makes iTalki so special is that there are over 100 languages to choose from and the sessions can be affordable with prices starting as low as $5 per hour.

iTalki is an online platform where students can find a native speaker who will meet them online for one-on-one sessions at their own convenience.

Teachers are very experienced in the field and provide lessons for all levels of Spanish learners from beginners to advanced speakers while providing feedback on their progress over time.

The advantage of iTalki is that you can access someone who knows exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes having learned the target language themselves so they know how difficult it can be sometimes.

They also offer video tutorials, practice exercises, and reference materials which are all free so if you want private tutoring without breaking the bank, iTalki is definitely worth considering.


7. Mondly for Learning Spanish

Mondly for Learning Spanish

Mondly is an online platform that offers courses in 34 different languages and focuses on oral communication skills with lessons available right through to fluency with specific topics such as business, travel and tourism, technology, etc.

There are over 4000 phrases within each lesson as well as three games for users to play at their own pace in order to memorize them more easily.

Mondly is an app that provides a quick and convenient way of learning Spanish in your downtime whether that’s on the commute to work or waiting for an appointment.

It offers interactive lessons with speech recognition tools to help you write, read and speak the language which is all delivered through dialogue-based conversations so they are rather effective at making the learner feel engaged while using it.

There are more than 30 languages available with course materials for each one being provided by certified linguists so you won’t have any problems finding what you need here.

The courses are suitable for beginners right up to advanced levels offering interesting ways of picking up new vocabulary.

The highlight of Mondly is that there are games to play which allow you to apply your learning in a practical manner while having fun at the same time.


8. I Will Teach You A Language

I Will Teach You A Language

I Will Teach You A Language (IWTYAL) is an online course consisting of 30 eBooks and 27 videos covering a wide range of grammar and vocabulary lessons along with listening exercises, Flashcards, and challenge quizzes. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee which inspires confidence in the product.

I Will Teach You A Language is a platform for busy people who don’t have time to attend classes but still want personal attention with their language lessons.

They offer 2-hour sessions every week where teachers work with students on whatever they feel is needed in order to boost their confidence in speaking Spanish without worrying about feeling intimidated by the process.

I Will Teach You A Language works through Skype video conferencing so it’s easy to access and provides personalized help according to what the student needs most rather than following a pre-set path o fr study material.

Teachers are generally available 24/7 which makes this a good choice for those who like to be able to work around their own schedule.

The materials included with I Will Teach You A Language can’t be beaten and the fact they offer a money-back guarantee is indicative of how confident they are about delivering on their promises.

Their lessons provide personalized help according to your needs and there’s no need to worry about paying per lesson as they’ll set you up with one where they can check in weekly for 2 hours at a time.

The prices may seem high but the experience of working through them with such personalized attention definitely justifies it.



Baselang will provide you with the tools required to learn Spanish at various levels. There are various reasons why it is right for any person looking to take Spanish whether they are beginner or expert learners. The personalized messages they send out per day help maximize the time spent on each topic that is useful for you.

This platform also offers test-making modules that ensure you have grasped how to use the language before advancing through the program. No other platform out there can offer this much in one place; they have a sophisticated team of native speakers who make sure personal needs are met from the very beginning. This platform has been designed to meet your specific requirements and desires when learning Spanish.

Although not everyone prefers pre-recorded sessions or maybe you are looking for a free alternative. In that case, check out the other immensely incredible online platforms listed above for learning Spanish. I am pretty sure you will find the one that suits your taste.


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