“Am I Naïve?” (30 Signs You Are One and 20 Ways On How To Deal With It)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Am I Naïve?” (30 Signs You Are One and 20 Ways On How To Deal With It

Do you think you are a naïve person but want to figure out if you are one? If so, you must take just a few minutes to look for the signs of being naïve.

Here are the 30 Signs You Are One and 20 Ways How To Deal With It to Answer- Am I Naïve?

🔎 Here are the 30 Signs You Are One and 20 Ways On How To Deal With It When This Is You: “Am I Naïve?” 🔍

If you have most of the following signs in you, it means that you’re naïve.

1. Limited life experiences

If you want to know if am I naïve, see if you have greater life experiences or not. No one likes being called naïve but people would keep saying it when you don’t know much about life.

To get out of this state, you must try out new things and have new experiences.

By trying out new things, you would experience new lessons and your knowledge would get better about life.

As a result, you won’t be naive anymore as a result of knowing more about life and the world.

2. Others take advantage of you

At many times, other people would be taking advantage of you if you are naive. To be proven trustworthy, you would often follow what they expect from you.

In this way, people would be controlling your mind and life and make you do what they want you to do.

For example, suppose that there is a big party or ceremony at one of your relatives/friends’ houses. As she knows that you are naive, she would call you for help and for preparing meals.

You would happily assist her in all the preparations for the party but she would refuse to help you back whenever you would need her.

In this way, people take advantage of the people whenever they want and then forget about it.

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Others take advantage of you
Photo credit: Pexels.com

3. You change your mind based on people’s opinions

If you are being called naive, see if you change your mindset and opinions instantly based on people’s suggestions. If so, you are one of the naive people.

Human beings always try to manipulate each other’s minds but a sensible person always uses his reasoning before acting.

Therefore, never let people play with your mindset and change it in their way.

Otherwise, you would never be a better person if people kept changing your mind based on their own opinions.

For example, suppose that you are planning to buy a laptop of your choice. Now, one of your friends tells you that this laptop is not good that you are going to buy. Instead, you must buy another laptop which is a better and latest version. He might be lying because he doesn’t want you to have a good laptop but you would instantly start following his words.

Similarly, you are a naive person if you know how to complete a puzzle within 10 minutes but fail to do so because someone else tells you a different but complex way to complete a puzzle quickly and you listen to him.

You change your mind based on people's opinions
Photo credit: Pexels.com

4. You are not mature enough

Maturity indeed comes with age. You are not mature enough if you are young and don’t have in-depth knowledge of the world.

When you are not mature, you won’t be able to act and behave thoughtfully. Instead, this immaturity would make you do many foolish things.

For example, you may talk foolishly in a group of adults with a talk on some serious issue. As a result, others may weirdly look at you or may ask you to please keep quiet.

Such moments are very embarrassing when you make mistakes due to immaturity. However, the good news is that there is a solution for all these things that make you question yourself, “Am I naive”?

You will learn about it in the later section of this article.

You are not mature enough
Photo credit: Pexels.com

5. Your decision-making power is not strong

You might be making wrong decisions because your decision-making power is not strong.

Whenever naive people make decisions, they are not sure if they have made the right decision or not. Due to this, they keep on changing it and stay confused.

If you are also bad at making a firm decision, it means that you are also a naive person.

For example, suppose that you have decided to go hiking next weekend. Meanwhile, people tell you that the chosen place is not good for hiking and you must look for another place.

These types of talks would keep you confused and you won’t be able to follow your decided plan due to being naive.

Your decision-making power is not strong
Photo credit: Pexels.com

6. You are always afraid of others reactions

Are you afraid of what people say? If yes, it is also a symptom of being naive.

Instead of questioning yourself, “Am I naive”, you must look into the symptoms of being such a person.

Just think about the times when you made a mistake and you were afraid of others’ reactions. Did it get on your nerves or you are alright?

Let’s suppose that you are going to an official dinner where people from different backgrounds are coming. Among those people with various socio-economic backgrounds, you have to give a presentation.

When you come on the stage to give the presentation, your mind goes blank due to the fear of people watching you. You failed to make eye contact with them and forgot the words.

At that time, the fear of people’s reaction would make you shiver and you would feel like crying if you were naive.

7. You can’t exhibit your point of view to others

Instead of thinking am I naive, see if you can exhibit your real thoughts or beliefs to people. If you can easily criticize what others are saying while sharing your point of view with them, you are a courageous man/woman.

However, if you don’t have the confidence to tell people about what you think about a specific product/thing/topic, you are one of the naive people.

All such people find it hard to share their thoughts, beliefs, and points of view with others. Thus, they are often underestimated by others but it needs to be stopped.

8. You overly trust others

Naive people keep on believing that every person is trustworthy and honest with them.

However, the reality is very different from it because not all people are the same in this world.

Instead of believing that everyone is trustworthy, you must learn to evaluate people based on their real intentions.

Overly trusting others would often make you suffer a lot in life. Suppose that you have a very close and dear friend to whom you have a higher level of trust.

One day, you ask him to carry your bag for a few minutes at a public place while you have to go to the washroom. He does so because you trust him so much but there are chances that he takes your wallet or money out of the bag during that time.

Therefore, never blindly trust anyone in this world but keep your eyes open and stop being naive.

You overly trust others
Photo credit: Pexels.com

9. Your mental health is affected by what others comment on you

When others pass rude or mean comments to you, does your mental health affect you? If so, keep in mind that you are naive and you need to fix this thing.

Being naive may cause issues at multiple stages of life that will ruin your mental peace. Therefore, you must respond strictly and wistfully to such people.

Don’t behave in a way that others get the opportunity to say things against you or make fun of you.

At the same time, keep in mind that you can’t stop everyone from talking against you. Regardless of how good you become, the bad thing about people is that they will keep on criticizing you.

Therefore, the best approach is to work on yourself first and then let people say whatever they are saying without paying any heed to them.

Your mental health is affected by what others comment on you
Photo credit: Pexels.com

10. You don’t enjoy your comfort zone in public

Many naive people fail to stay in their comfort zone when they are in public. The crowd of people all around them makes them uncomfortable. An unknown worry gets to affect their mind and this uneasiness remains the same until they get back home.

Staying in such a condition makes a person unable to enjoy his time out with friends and family.

Whenever you go out, you must cherish every signal moment by living your life to its fullest. To do so, you must behave normally just like all other human beings.

In other words, you must stop bothering the crowd around you but do freely and openly what you want to do.

Suppose that you order a lot of food in a restaurant because you are too hungry. You would be naive if you were too shy to finish all the food just because the people might be watching you. If you are hungry, you must finish your plate regardless of the thing how people are looking at you.

You don't enjoy your comfort zone in public
Photo credit: Pexels.com

11. You are not well-informed about current political affairs

Without knowing about the current political situation of your country and the world, you were being called naive no matter what. You must have to be up to date about the current situation and about what’s going on around you.

Watching the news and reading the newspaper daily would increase your knowledge about the country’s political situation. When your knowledge widens, you will think and behave more rationally and logically.

When you don’t listen to the news, you realize that your area of knowledge is getting very limited and you are unable to participate in current affairs talks.

12. Expect everyone to be kind

Another sign of being a naive person is that he thinks that everyone is very kind and humble. However, the fact is that a great majority of people are mean, selfish, and cruel.

Many people behave as kind only when they have some underlying concern with the front person. When their concern is fulfilled, they even fail to recognize who you are.

It’s harsh but the true reality of the world around us!

Therefore, stop thinking that everyone is kind around you but unfortunately, naive people are too poor to judge others’ ulterior motives and bad concerns. Therefore, they expect that every person is kind and so down to earth.

Expect everyone to be kind
Photo credit: Pexels.com

13. Assumes that people are honest

Just like every person is not kind, every person is not honest around you. Instead, people use you for their motives and then easily leave you alone when you need them.

When you question yourself, “Am I naive?” evaluate how you see the world around you. If everyone looks so caring, loving, kind, and honest to you, you must fall into this category.

14. Can’t keep secrets

Keeping secrets is very important for everyone because people often make it hard for you to accomplish your goals after knowing your secrets.

Unfortunately, you are naive if you can’t keep your secrets. No matter whether it is your family or friends, you must learn to hide things that are crucial to hide.

Suppose that you are planning to start a business with little financing because you don’t have much money, keep it a secret. If you tell your friends beforehand that you are about to open a business, it will get very hard for you to open it.

The negative and demotivating comments from people may make you step back from your mission. They may also misguide you in any way or may try to create issues for you.

Therefore, make sure you keep your secrets strictly and let others know when it’s the right time to reveal them.

15. Thinks that everything is simple and easier

The truth about life is that there is nothing simple and easy but you have to struggle for everything. Naive people usually think that everything on this planet is simpler and easier to do but it is not actually.

These types of people never come out of their shells or out of the box but spend their whole lives within their comfort zones where everything is uncomplicated for them.

To experience the world and to see its real side, you have to come out of your box to understand that there are many complicated things in the world.

If you think that a particular job is easier, do that job for some days to see how hard and complicated it is. These new experiences and exploring things would help you stop being naive.

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16. Lacks wisdom

Another sign of a naive woman/man is that you would lack wisdom. You can judge yourself in numerous ways.

Suppose that you have to complete an assignment before the next morning but you keep yourself busy playing sports or watching movies. A few minutes before the submission time, you get so much anxiety about how to complete the assignment now in a hurry.

If you have wisdom, you must manage your time accordingly.

Similarly, you would keep on shopping and having fun while you have to complete a reading project in a few hours. Your lack of wisdom would make you suffer so badly and give you greater anxiety.

Lacks wisdom
Photo credit: Pexels.com

17. Lacks worldly knowledge

One person must be aware of what’s happening around him or in the world. Not only the news, but you must know the current trends, demands, poles, business insights, and media statistics.

Being naive means that you have cut off your connection with all this worldly knowledge.

Do you think that you hold eye contact with people while talking about a current issue? Not because you don’t have any knowledge about current affairs and trends.

18. Poor judgment

Judgment is very important for any person who wants to make progress in this world. With judgment, you can easily judge people regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds.

To succeed, you must see the world with open eyes and an open mind. To evaluate people, your judgment power must be so strong.

If it is not, you are naive but don’t worry because you can practice putting judgment and rationality in your thinking process.

Poor judgment
Photo credit: Pexels.com

19. Unable to make eye contact and forget words at times

Do you hold eye contact with people all the time or have difficulty making it? One person may not be able to look into the eyes of others when he has a naive personality.

Such people look very shy and confused at times. When it comes to exhibiting their thoughts, they look so nervous and fail to look into the eyes of others with whom they are communicating.

In addition, you may forget some of the important points in your debate when you get nervous.

Especially, when you are talking about a critical/sensitive issue and fail to choose the right word, it would impact your point/perspective.

Suppose that you are discussing workplace harassment and have to mention the word “Sex”. It’s better to call it intercourse because it is a proper formal language word.

Failure to choose the right words and not looking into the eyes would impose a negative effect on your personality.

Unable to make eye contact and forget words at times
Photo credit: Pexels.com

20. Shyness is high at times

It is also important to see if you’re shy at times or in front of others when everyone is focusing on you. When others are focusing on you, you must look confident and optimistic.

Shyness can make you compromise a lot in life. Suppose that someone is asking for your opinion while choosing a gift for your big day.

If you get shy, he may buy something from someone else that is useless for you or you won’t like it at all.

Similarly, he may place the wrong order for a meal just because he is too shy to tell your choice in a restaurant. It’s possible that you have meat and he order all the meat dishes because you didn’t say anything when he asked you in front of others.

These are just a few simple examples but you may have to face more due to your shy nature.

Shyness is high at times
Photo credit: Pexels.com

21. Childlike behavior

People with childlike behavior are surely naive because they don’t behave sensibly whether they are alone or with others.

Regardless of whether you are alone, with your family, or with friends, you must behave properly so that others may not get offended by you.

If you don’t have creative ideas to share on a topic being discussed at a family table, stay quiet. Listen carefully to others and pay attention to what they are saying.

By being careful and attentive while listening to others, you would get rid of your childlike nature while stepping into maturity.

22. Inadequate understanding

Inadequate understanding of something due to being naive can also create troubles for you.

When you have difficulty understanding the ongoing situations, matters, affairs, and conversations, it’s a clear sign that you are naive.

Being naive doesn’t mean that you will stay the same forever. Instead, you can try out different things to enhance your understanding capability.

You will learn about how to improve your understanding and stop being naive in the next section.

23. Share your personal life with everyone

See if you are an introverted person or an extrovert. An introverted person would be one who mostly focuses on his ideas and thoughts while doesn’t share everything openly with the world.

In contrast, an extrovert person is one who usually believes in whatever others say to him and always tells others what is happening in his life whenever they inquire about him/her.

A naive is more like an extrovert person who always shares his personal life with others.

He doesn’t know the tricks and techniques to say no to people when they ask personal questions. Instead, he happily shares everything with everyone without knowing the real intentions of people.

24. Rush to conclusions

Another popular sign of being naive is that you would always rush to conclusions. The ability to make rational conclusions is very important to be an intellectual person.

When you don’t make a careful investigation of the situation and believe in the stories that people are telling you, you make immediate conclusions. Such conclusions are usually free of any authenticity, or validity, and are wrong.

To be thoughtful and stop being naive, you have to quit this habit and try to go into the depth of whatever happens before giving your final thoughts.

Suppose that your friend tells you that he has been crying all the time in the past few months and went into depression. Instead of asking her about the factors that drag her to this condition, you simply conclude that she is a lifeless person and doesn’t know how to enjoy life.

Instead of making fun of her, you must give some free time to her and pay serious attention to what she says to give an honest suggestion if she wants.

25. Lacks long-term planning

Another sign of a naive man is that he cannot plan for the long run. If you are naive, you will see this sign in you.

Even if you make long-term goals, you might not be accomplishing them over time. The point here is that a naive is unable to meet his long-term goals but quits in between.

Long-term planning or long-term goals are usually those that take a total of 12 months or more than 12 months to accomplish. A naive person usually quit focusing on a goal within 12 months.

You will find many examples of it in your life. Suppose that you decide to open up your boutique and see it as a leading one in the next two years.

Being naive, you would have many weak points in your personality that won’t let you accomplish this goal. You may get fed up with the boutique dresses when you hear the critique because a naive man/woman is very sensitive to what people say.

As a result, you may discontinue this goal/mission and all your planning would go in vain.

26. Inability to deal with critical people

Being naive, you may also see that you are unable to deal with tough and critical people. You will meet many people in your life who will give you a tough time.

One of the best examples of this is an employee and his workplace. Not all people are kind and caring in the workplace.

When you start a job, you have to deal with some people from different backgrounds. Some of them would prove as your best friends while others would be more like your enemy.

At the same time, there would be people who would take benefit of you and make you share their workload. Some of those would treat you with respect while others use their power of authority on you.

If you’re naive, you won’t be able to easily handle all those people but may behave as passive at frequent times.

Inability to deal with critical people
Photo credit: Pexels.com

27. Dependent on others

When you question, “Am I naive?”, see if you depend on others and are strong enough to live an independent life.

You will find the answer to this question easily when you analyze yourself.

Let’s take a few examples. Do you need anyone’s help when it comes to cooking or cleaning the home? If you can do it all independently, it means that you are not being naive.

Similarly, do you make your minor and major life decisions by yourself or look upon someone else to decide it for you? By asking such questions to yourself, you can easily decide about what type of man or woman you are.

Dependent on others
Photo credit: Pexels.com

28. Unsophisticated personality

An unsophisticated personality is a simple and innocent personality that lacks the knowledge of worldly tricks and complexities.

A naive is usually one that is unsophisticated and simple. A naive man can never be a tricky and problematic man but must be a straightforward and innocent one.

This is a clean and easiest sign of such a personality that you can easily look into yourself.

29. Easy to trap by love talks

Everyone likes to be loved and likes to hear the love talk about herself. If you think that anyone can trap you easily through his love talks, you are surely naive.

Make an audit of your behavior about how you act or speak when someone says that he loves you so much. Do you rush to say I love you too or take time to evaluate the intentions of that person?

If you blindly believe in the love sentences of that person, you are more like a naive who doesn’t use his senses to listen to his mind but only listens to his heart.

To avoid being cheated and betrayed in life, it is important to figure out the real intentions of people before indulging in any relationship.

Easy to trap by love talks
Photo credit: Pexels.com

30. Doesn’t know cunning tricks

Do you know cunning tricks and techniques to attract people to you? If not, you are naive.

Suppose that you like a guy but he doesn’t notice you whenever both of you are together somewhere. To make him listen to the voice of your heart, you plan to throw a party and invite him.

When he comes, he sees that there is no one else except him and you start to play your magic on him to make him involved. There are chances that both of you get into a relationship after trying such a trick with him.

However, a naive woman or a naive man won’t think or try such tactics because they don’t dare to do so.

📝 20 ways on how to deal with 📝

Now that you know what are the signs of being naive, here are the 20 best ways on how to deal with it.

1. Read lots of books to get knowledge

Books are a powerful source of knowledge and information. If you want to get rid of your naive nature, you must stick to reading books.

The basic rule to start book reading is to choose the books that are written for beginners and on your favorite topics.

Over time, move to other books on several different topics and ensure you stick to reading. You will notice a magical change in your information level, understanding, and thoughtfulness after adopting this habit of reading books.

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2. Read the newspaper daily

Are you reading the newspaper daily or make it difficult or not interesting? When it comes to stopping being naive, you must start reading newspapers daily to get your hands on the latest news and current affairs.

This is the only way through which you can stay up-to-date regarding what’s happening around you. When you have lots of insights about it, you will be able to communicate with people on all issues with greater confidence and courage.

3. Spend time in research

Another important thing to stop having a naive personality is to start spending more time on research.

For better research, you must start reading more articles and research journals on several topics that are hot. When you read people’s minds through research, you will soon be the most knowledgeable person who can easily discuss everything.

You would know current trends and have deep information on almost any topic when you stick yourself to research over time.

Spend time in research
Photo credit: Pexels.com

4. Evaluate yourself every day

Stop wondering, “Am I naive?” and start evaluating yourself from today. See what mistakes you have been making so far and what were the weak points that made you suffer a lot.

See which things stop you from progressing and what restricts you from being you!

When you start to learn more about yourself and find ways to overcome your weaknesses, you will soon succeed in overcoming them.

One person can never be a successful man or a successful woman if he doesn’t spend some time on his evaluation daily.

5. Learn from your mistakes

It’s also important to keep in mind that whatever mistakes you have made so far, should not happen again in your life.

If you keep on repeating the same mistakes, other people will get the chance to play with you more. They won’t let you move forward in life but always cause trouble for you because you’re repeated mistakes would let them know that you’re naive.

Therefore, it’s crucial to avoid repeating the same mistakes again and again but learn from them while making sure they won’t happen again.

6. Face your fears

If you have any fears, let’s promise yourself today that you will face them. Take a paper and write about the fears that restrict you from being what you want to be.

Whether these fears are created by your family, friends, or yourself, you can easily overcome them if you decide to do so.

Suppose that you’re afraid of snakes and can’t even think of going closer to them. Now, let’s challenge yourself that you will see the snake from very close. Search for a relevant authority from where you can safely see or even touch harmless/trained snakes.

Go there on the scheduled date or decide the time and let’s face this fear. You may feel dead on the first visit but the more visits you make, you will see that this fear is diminishing from your mind.

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels.com

7. Don’t trust everyone

Just like facing your fears is important to stop being naive, stopping trusting everyone is also important. Keep in mind that not every person is sincere with you.

Learn to evaluate people before you act or speak to them. No matter whether it is your friend or a member of the family, you should never blindly trust anyone.

8. Don’t be kind and humble to everyone

It’s good to be kind and humble to people but this act may make you suffer at times. Therefore, make sure to invest your kindness and humbleness in the right place on the right people.

If you have this naive sign in you, make sure to fix it by not treating kind to every person but behaving accordingly.

9. Don’t let people play tricks with you

A naive person has the sign that he let people play tricks with him. To stop being naive, you would have to stop people first from playing tricks with you.

If you notice that anyone is doing it, speak to him regardless of the age difference. No matter what stories others make, you have to act wisely. Don’t believe in all the stories of others because they might be playing tricks with you.

10. Make friends wisely

Not every person can be your friend. Even if it is someone from your family, don’t disclose all your secrets to him because he may not prove to be your honest friend.

The best way to evaluate your friends is to speak about a few of your secrets (that are not true) to them. Then wait and see if they disclose it to others or not. If not, they would be your best friends and you would miss them if you lose them.

Make friends wisely
Photo credit: Pexels.com

11. Try out new things for new experiences

Another important tip to stop questioning yourself, Am I naive? is to try out new experiences. The more experiences you have, the more expert and sophisticated nature you will enjoy.

12. Figure out the ways to be independent

In your free time, find out the ways to be independent. Until you are financially dependent on others, you won’t stop others call you naive.

Whatever happens in your life, you must be able to survive independently and courageously.

13. Explore the world outside your home

Don’t think, am I naive or not but spend your time exploring the world outside of your home. These new experiences from exploring the world would give you the answer to your question, “Am I naive” and make you feel proud of yourself.

14. Get out of your comfort zone

Stop listening to the stories of the people and get out of your comfort zone. Get the courage to face the new challenges of the world and don’t miss your comfort zone if you want to be successful.

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One person can only make progress when he comes out of his comfort zone and stops being called naive.

15. Learn to share your perspective with others

You must also learn to share your inner thoughts, your actual answer on a topic, and your real story with the people.

The best way to do it is to start by writing your perspective and share it with someone else. This writing process would give you the courage to speak out the same thing in front of others.

16. Make well-informed and wise decisions

If you are confused about “Am I naive or not?”, see if you make well-informed and wise decisions or not. If not, make sure to practice taking several minor and major decisions in your life by yourself. Over time, you will get good at it, for sure.

Make well-informed and wise decisions
Photo credit: Pexels.com

17. Stop being passive

Another important tip is to stop being passive but you must learn to speak for yourself whenever and wherever needed. Make sure you act and behave as per the demands of the situation and time.

18. Focus on setting and accomplishing goals

Another sign of stopping being naive is that you start to focus on setting and accomplishing goals that are time-bound, specific, calculated, and realistic.

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels.com

19. Don’t be the helping hand for everyone

You won’t be asked to answer people for why you didn’t help them, so don’t be a helping hand for everyone. Offer your services to only those who deserve it and bring good to the world.

20. Involve reasoning and rationality in your thinking process

Without reasoning and rationality in your thinking process, you won’t stop having a naive personality. Therefore, work on your thinking process and find logic in everything instead of believing in stories.

📌 How To Stop Being Naive 📌

If you have a naive nature or are worried due to it, here are the top 5 ways to stop being naive.

⫸ Stop saying stupid things or don’t talk uselessly

The point here is to speak sensibly in front of everyone to create a better image of yourself. When you don’t know about a particular thing, you must stay quiet.

Stop saying stupid things or don't talk uselessly
Photo credit: Pexels.com

⫸ Don’t believe in everything that others say to you

A sign of naivety is that he believes in everything that others say. However, you shouldn’t do it because others are not always right or may be misleading you at times.

⫸ Don’t be the only person that has to please everyone

You are not responsible for making others happy all the time, so please stop it right away.

⫸ Make reading an important part of your day

You must make reading books an important part of your day. No matter how busy you are, make sure to find a few minutes for it.

⫸ Watch daily news and documentaries

A sign of being naive is that he doesn’t watch the news and related stuff. You must start watching these things to update yourself.

⚔️ Disadvantages of Being Naive ⚔️

Most people who are naive, have to go through the following disadvantages.

◉  People will take advantage of you

A sign of naivety is that many people would try to take advantage of you during various events.

◉ You won’t be able to stand for yourself

When you’re naive, you would fail to stand up for yourself because you don’t dare to do so.

◉ You would have limited life experience

Being naive would make you have limited life experience which would restrict you from accomplishing many goals.

◉ You would lag in this modern world

It would also make you lag in the way of your success while others will beat the competition.

◉ People will easily deceive you within just a few minutes

Anyone can easily deceive a naive man or a naive woman due to their passive personalities.

People will easily deceive you within just a few minutes
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🧐 Conclusions 🧐

By looking into the signs of being naive, you can easily find out if you are naive or not. If you are one, there are numerous ways to deal with him. The 30 signs of being naive and 20 ways to deal with it in this article will help you in creating a better version of yourself to cherish every moment of your life!

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ Is being naive good or bad?

Being naive is bad as it makes you suffer several times in your life.

❓ What does it mean when a guy calls you naive?

When a guy calls you naive, his point is that you are unsophisticated, innocent, and illogical.

❓ What is the opposite of being naive?

The opposite of being naive is sophisticated.

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