10 Fun Things to do with Kids this June Holiday Singapore

By Dumb Little Man

May 30, 2024

Parents typically look for interesting and fun things to occupy their children’s newly found spare time when the term’s school calendar ends, and in this article, we will provide a carefully selected list of activities that are a mixture of fun, learning, and bonding.

Every second counts as spending quality time with your children over these holidays is absolutely vital for their growth and enjoyment. Come discover with us the 10 fun things to do in Singapore, now that they are done with school terms and holidays are fast approaching.

Upcoming June School Holiday Dates

Singapore plans multiple school vacations all year long, and the mid-year break in June is one of the most awaited ones. These scheduled school holidays 2024 give pupils, whether from primary schools, high schools, or even junior colleges a good time to relax and participate in many extensive activities away from the classroom.


Starting in late May and running through most of June, this long school holiday provides families with the ideal chance to investigate new hobbies, engage in learning activities, and spend precious time together. Parents should use this perfect moment to concentrate on striking a balance between leisure activities and educational opportunities so that their time off from the classroom not only helps children to relax but also improves their knowledge and abilities.

10 Fun Things to Do with Kids This School Holidays in Singapore

#1 Kidzania

Explore KidZania Singapore, a vibrant interactive environment where kids can live out their ideal careers. From culinary skills to piloting aircraft, this special educational theme park lets young guests participate in over 60 real-world vocations in an environment designed exclusively for them. Every activity is skillfully crafted to teach as well as to entertain, therefore teaching important life skills including financial literacy, responsibility, and collaboration.

KidZania creatively combines education with play to enable kids to learn about the working world by means of hands-on experience and immersive role-playing. This trip offers a dynamic day of fun and learning where children may really take control of their future, therefore changing the conventional knowledge of occupational exploration for them.

Visit their website


Opening Hours:

Open daily except Wednesdays, 10am - 6pm


31 Beach View Road #01-01/02 Sentosa Island Singapore 098008

#2 Children’s Festival at Gardens by the Bay

Face your emotions this June at the Children’s Festival at Gardens by the Bay, which honors the beloved universe of Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out 2”. Children and parents alike will enjoy meeting figures like Joy, Anger, Sadness, and newcomers Anxiety and Envy as the Supertree Grove develops into a vivid carnival bursting with bright installations and animated creatures.

This 10th edition of the festival, which runs from May 25 to June 25, 2024, turns the narrative into an interactive journey where families can negotiate emotionally charged areas like the Kaleidoscope of Memories and Mood Swings. Designed to teach youngsters about emotions and provide a day of inquiry and joyous discovery that will linger long after the visit, this is an enchanted mix of play and learning.

Visit their website


Opening Hours:

10.00AM - 9.00PM


Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

#3 Singapore Zoo – KidzWorld

Discover the magical KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo which offers an exciting safari trip for kids. KidzWorld also referred to as the “Home of the Ranger Buddies,” is a dynamic playground where learning and play coexist. Children may explore interactive sensory activities, enter water play areas, and get an up-close view of a variety of animals here. Every activity is meant to spark a child’s interest in the outdoors and inspire lifetime respect for animals.

Offering both thrills and instructive insights on animal conservation, the Wild Animal Carousel, and the Houbii Rope Course will appeal to kids who want a thrill. Families looking for an experience that teaches as much as it entertains will find KidzWorld the ideal location as it guarantees a unique and enriching day out in one of the most amazing zoological settings worldwide.

Visit their website


Opening Hours:

8:30am – 6:00pm (Last entry at 5:00pm)


80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826

#4 Children’s Museum Singapore

Step inside Children’s Museum Singapore for a remarkable expedition where history and creativity meet to provide kids with an educational adventure. Located in a beautifully renovated colonial building, this museum is a refuge of interactive displays combining real historical and cultural insights with fun learning.

Children may actively engage in the Oodles of Noodles event to learn Singapore’s unique hawker culture or journey back in time with the Travelling Art Cart, thereby immersing themselves in a hands-on environment. The museum is the ideal learning environment that is as entertaining as it is enriching as every area of it is meant to inspire creativity and promote knowledge of both local customs and more general worldwide ideas.

Visit their website


Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Monday), from 9am - 5:45pm


23-B, Coleman St. Singapore 1709807

#5 Skyline Luge

Discover the excitement of Skyline Luge Singapore on Sentosa Island, a must-do activity combining the smooth glide of a Toboggan with the thrilling surge of a go-kart. Celebrated for its gravity-fueled rides, which started in New Zealand, the Luge encourages everyone to take charge and race down one of four purpose-built courses against a verdant rainforest backdrop.

Exciting twists turns, and hills abound on every track to guarantee a fun and safe ride for riders of all colors. Whether your vacation search is for a relaxing ride with breathtaking scenery or a fast-paced adventure, Skyline Luge Singapore is an amazing experience well treasured by both adults and children.

Visit their website


Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday, 11AM to 7:30PM (Saturdays up to 9PM)


45 Siloso Bch Walk, Singapore 099003

#6 The Artground

At The Artground, families discover a world where creativity and community coexist. Designed as Singapore’s first multi-disciplinary children’s arts center, it provides a variety of creative activities ranging from visual arts to performing arts to suit children up to nine years old. Children are invited to explore, learn, and express themselves creatively in this special place within a setting that promotes inquiry and engagement.

It is a community center where parents, and teachers from all backgrounds join together to co-create and enjoy significant artistic activities, not only an art center. any visit is a fresh creative journey as the Artground guarantees that any family, regardless of their level of artistic access, may enjoy and gain from these stimulating events.

Visit their website


Opening Hours:

Open Hours: Wednesday - Friday (2pm – 3.15pm, 3.45pm - 5pm) Saturday, Sunday and Selected Public Holidays (9.15am - 10.30am, 10.45am - 12pm, 2pm - 315pm, 3,45pm - 5pm)


Goodman Arts Centre, One Holland Village

#7 Singapore Wake Park

Singapore Wake facility, tucked away in the magnificent East Coast Park, is the only cable-ski facility in the nation providing exhilarating water sports activity in secure and regulated lagoon surroundings. With specialist systems ranging from basic straight-line installations for amateurs, including youngsters as young as six, to a full-sized cable system for the more experienced thrill-seekers, this unusual location suits all skill levels.

Apart from the excitement, the park has the Coastal Rhythm cafe and bar where families may unwind and savor a combination of local and foreign cuisine following a day of watersport adventures. Singapore Wake Park is the ideal place for a family day out or a relaxing celebration with friends since it offers the optimum mix of excitement and leisure by combining high-energy sports with a laid-back seaside environment.

Visit their website


Opening Hours:

SKI: Daily (10:00 AM – 8:00 PM)

EAT: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Weekdays) 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Weekends & PH)


1206A East Coast Parkway Singapore 449891

#8 The Cat Cafe

Step into the cozy embrace of The Cat Cafe, where coffee lovers and cat enthusiasts alike can enjoy a unique retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This charming cafe not only serves up freshly brewed coffee, exquisite teas, and delectable pastries, but it also offers a heartwarming experience with friendly felines that once roamed the streets.

Perfect for families and friends, the cafe provides a relaxing atmosphere where you can cuddle with a lap cat or watch playful kittens as you sip on your drink. Each visit supports a compassionate cause, promoting the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” philosophy and encouraging the adoption of these adorable ex-strays. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to recharge their spirits and enjoy some furry companionship, making every sip of coffee a little warmer with the purr of contentment in the air.

Visit their website


Opening Hours:

Bugis and The Rail Mall (Monday: 3pm to 9 pm /Weekdays: 10am to 9pm /Weekend, Public Holiday, School Holiday: 10am to 10pm)


Bugis, and The Rail Mall

#9 Overworld VR

Enter the amazing environment of Overworld VR Gaming Hub, where the lines separating the real from the virtual blur in fascinating fresh ways. Overworld VR, Singapore’s top virtual reality arcade, provides a wide range of immersive experiences that accommodate both solo and groups looking for a shared virtual trip.

Families can compete in action-packed online games or work their way up by themselves in places where the only limit is their imagination. This place has cutting-edge VR technology and a huge collection of games, so you can have the best digital experience ever. It’s a great place for families who want to add some modern fun to their school vacation activities. It gives them something fun to do and a unique way to bond over cutting-edge technology.

Visit their website


Opening Hours:

Mon - Sunday (11AM to 10PM)


1 Stadium Place #01-63/64, Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore 397628

#10 Little Artists Art Studio

Ignite your child’s imagination this school holiday at Little Artists Art Studio, where the vibrant world of art comes to life through specially designed holiday programs. Celebrated for fostering creativity and artistic skills in children for over 25 years, Little Artists Art Studio offers an array of art classes that cater to young enthusiasts of all ages. From painting to sketching, each course is led by expert teachers who excel in turning each session into a fun, educational, and engaging experience.

This premier art studio not only helps children explore their artistic potential but also prepares them for future academic and career opportunities in prestigious institutions worldwide. Whether your child has an existing passion for art or is just beginning to explore their creative side, Little Artists Art Studio provides a nurturing environment that encourages artistic growth and development, making it an ideal choice for a productive and enriching holiday activity.

Visit their website


Opening Hours:

9:30am – 5:00pm


No.15 Siglap Road (Shophouses) #01-07 (Little Artists Art Studio) Singapore – 448912

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Singapore has a wealth of fascinating and enlightening events during school vacations that will help families make every time unforgettable. Any kid will find something to interest them from the interactive learning opportunities at KidZania and the Children’s Museum Singapore to the thrilling adventure at Singapore Wake Park and the creative enjoyment of virtual reality gaming. Pet cafés and art courses provide more laid-back but equally fulfilling activities that inspire compassion and creativity.

We advise you to take advantage of these incredible chances with your kids to create lifelong experiences beyond the typical holiday trips. To prevent missing out on these popular activities, schedule ahead and reserve your spots early. Once you’ve had these adventures, we encourage you to share your stories and photographs with us. Showing families the fun and learning Singapore offers over the school vacations would help more of them appreciate these amazing activities.

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FAQS 10 Fun Things to Do with Kids This School Holidays in Singapore

Where can I bring my kids for the school holidays in Singapore?

Think about bringing your children to engaging and instructive sites like KidZania Singapore, where they may participate in different professional role-playing events in a child-sized city, during the Singapore school holidays 2024. Particularly in the KidzWorld section, the Singapore Zoo provides interactive animal encounters entertaining educational initiatives, and more!

How can I spend my free time in Singapore?

Whether your interests are in culture, nature, or entertainment, Singapore presents a plethora of events to occupy your leisure on a public holiday. For a cultural immersion, visit historical sites or museums such as the ArtScience Museum. Spend your school holidays 2024 at Gardens by the Bay or simply stroll along the Singapore River for rest and picturesque scenery, and more!

Can these activities be enjoyed in any weather condition?

Many of the indoor VR games, painting workshops, and museum visits—including those to the Children’s Museum Singapore—are ideal regardless of the temperature as they are indoors. Still, the weather might influence outdoor events like the Singapore Wake Park and visiting pet cafés with outside seating. Examining the weather prediction and having a backup plan during school and public holidays would be wise ideas.

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