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Feeling Like Your Financial Adviser Doesn’t Care? Here’s 7 Tips to Get Them Listening

I was talking to a friend recently and she was telling me that her adviser was condescending, spoke with too much jargon, and didn’t appear interested in her concerns. In fact, he became irritated whenever she wanted to discuss them. She went on to say that the only time he called was to sell her something. When I tried to probe a bit and asked her why she simply didn’t find someone else, she admitted that he was her late husband’s adviser and she lacked the courage to make a change. Now granted, this is an extreme case. I literally have spoken to thousands of advisers during my career, and most went into this profession for all the right reasons. Still, like any profession, there […]

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7 Little Known Ways In Which Poor Sleep Is Killing You And Your Career

Tired huh? Or more like exhausted? Fact: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 30 percent, or 40.6 million, of American adults are sleeping six hours or less everyday. Chances are you’re in that statistic. In today’s information age sleep deprivation is an epidemic. Screens bombard you all day. Computer screens at work and home, screens in building foyers, bus stands, and of course the one that sits cozily in your pocket. Oh, and that cute little smartphone often accompanies you to bed! You furiously work late into the night, trying to get that extra little bit done. Sometimes, it’s that addictive ping from the smartphone alerting you to yet another email. At other times, it’s a document you’ve got to finish […]

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Why We Fail To Pursue A More Purpose-Driven Profession

There is a wealth of books and blogs out there these days disclosing the latest findings on the how and why of our thinking. But even in this information-overload era we live in, the stats for those living a life less desired, especially in their work-life, still remain to be absurdly high. One wonders what’s missing. As an answer to this, let me shed some personal insights on the “why” of this conundrum by sharing these “not-so-obvious” reasons behind your inability to revamp yourself, your work, and your life. I’m also convinced the answers to these dilemmas once you have actually thought about them will become self-evident. Semantic Memory Think for a moment how many times you have read an inspiring passage from a blog […]

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4 Reasons Why You Fail At Investing

If you are like the average investor, you fail at investing. I’m sorry to be so harsh, but studies have shown this to be true. The average investor only earns 2% a year while the stock market earns an average of 8%. Why the discrepancy? The main reason is because we are human and we derail ourselves from what should be done. Below I list 4 of the biggest reasons why you fail at investing. Are you guilty of any of these? 4 Reasons Why You Fail At Investing You’re A Trader, Not An Investor If you find yourself placing buy and sell trades frequently throughout the year, then you are a trader and not an investor. An investor creates a plan and chooses a […]

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Why You shouldn’t Chase Money and Power (and What to Do Instead)

  “The problem with external power is that it is fleeting: when you lose the money, position and possessions, you lose the power. If you have tied your identity to those things, you will also lose a sense of who you are when they fall away.” Robin Sharma There was once a time I was pursuing the things that we all are interested in pursuing: money, prestige, and status. I was working on political campaigns and helping some of the most powerful people in the country get elected. I spent countless hours plotting, strategizing and helping candidates win higher and higher offices. I got paid more as I held increasingly important positions. And with each candidate who won an office, I had even more access […]

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Don’t Be Dumb: 4 Amazingly Easy Ways to Find Yourself Buried in Debt

Should we all live like the rock stars, trust fund babies, and Internet billionaires we see in the media? If life worked like Hollywood portrayed it, you would drive an expensive sports car between your high-paying job and your mansion. The thought of spending your hard-earned money on luxury items can be incredibly tempting, and you might be envious of those guys who always have the coolest car, the latest iPhone, and the biggest TV. But I can’t help but wonder whether they’re paying with cash or credit — or if they even know what their credit score is. Living the Dream or Surviving the Nightmare? While living within your means isn’t always glamorous, the real world isn’t what you see on MTV. The average […]

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Future Finances: How to Ready Yourself for the Retirement Years

One day you will awake and it will be the first day of your retirement. At that moment, a lifetime of habits dealing with money will become crystal clear. Your financial future as a retiree depends on honestly assessing your retirement planning now. It is crucial you calculate how much you must save to be ready for retirement. Every year or so, review both your retirement plan and your progress to make sure you are on your way to a secure future. MAKE STEADY PROGRESS Consider your savings progress so far. Have you been consistently stashing money away, contributing to IRA, 401(k), and similar accounts? Have you computed just how much you will spend each month in your post-retirement life? The typical worker has 45% […]

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5 Ways To Becoming A Rock Solid Investor Today

When it comes to investing, many people have a sour taste in their mouths. They look back at the housing bubble crash of 2008 and remember seeing the values of their investments drop by close to 40%. This memory has haunted them ever since and as a result, they feel that the stock market is a game they can’t win. Well, I am here to tell you that you can win and doing so isn’t that difficult either. You just have to forget about everything you have heard (and will hear) about investing and follow these 5 steps to get the most out of your investments. Forget About Timing, Just Invest…. Many investors see that the market is near an all-time high and get worried […]

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How to “Hack” Your Networking and Grow Your Income Using a Email Newsletter

One of the best things I’ve done for my business in years is starting an email newsletter.  Now, you may be thinking: what a hassle! I have enough to do already!  I don’t need another thing on my plate. Well, good news. An email newsletter actually doesn’t take any more time, beyond the initial set-up. In fact, it’s actually saved me loads of time. If you do it the right way, starting an email newsletter is an amazing way to grow your network, your business and your income, while actually minimizing the amount of time and effort you have to put into your business. If that sounds like some “get rich quick” scheme or too good to be true, well, it’s not. You do need […]

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10 Things to Buy for Less at End-of-Winter Sales

This weekend is President’s Day, and that means the major department and discount stores will be having big sales. Since they’re looking to clear out space for spring and summer items, this is a great time to score substantial savings on leftover stock from fall and winter. In addition to the markdowns on cold weather clothing and accessories, the chains are offering discounts on many other items. Here are ten types of merchandise to check out when you hit the mall. Winter clothingWith the way this winter is going, you may get your money’s worth out of that clearance sale coat or jacket without waiting for next year! Most chains start marking down fall and winter outerwear after Thanksgiving, so they aren’t likely to have […]

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