Increase Your Productivity In 4 Steps With The Prison Workout

‘Hey Bro, how do I get that prison body?’ One of the most common questions I’d be asked by guys when I worked as a Personal Trainer. The body they’re talking about of course is that larger than life look some prisoners have when they go away for a long time. How they can be put away for a couple of years – and suddenly come out looking superhuman at the other end of the stretch. Sadly, there is no formula for the bros to get that prison body though – unless they actually go to prison. No miracle workout or nutrition plan that will suddenly shape them in to it. Because, in prison, they’re left without one fatal flaw the people on the outside […]

Author: James Johnson

James is a writer, blogger and coffee enthusiast from Salford, England. He challenges you to live 'A Week Without Fear' over on his blog - think you can do it?

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In An Emergency, Be An Asset, Not A Liability

Most of us experience life as a set of predicable events that unfold as a series of manageable challenges. When we hit a speed bump in our day, there is usually plenty of time to select among several amenable choices or at least choose the least of all evils. However, once in a while, we are faced with an event that qualifies as an emergency, a situation that raises our heart rate, places us in a position of stress and indecision, and which may actually threaten our life or limb. When emergencies happen, there is little time for comprehensive analysis, thoughtful contemplation and making good choices may feel impossible. These moments in life might affect us directly, our family or friends, or those nearby who […]

Author: Wilder Leavitt

Wilder Leavitt is an attorney, writer, teacher and 9-year volunteer paramedic in the Washington, DC area. He responds to medical and trauma emergencies trying to make a difference and save lives.

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Check Your Ego, Build Your Relationships

Picture yourself at work leading your way to a one-to-one meeting with your boss. Words start flowing and you can feel them like bullets fired by a machine gun hitting you deep down somewhere you can almost feel the pain: They are the foundations of your ego being badly shaken, holding on again and again after every strike. Nonetheless, you stand strong and do not let your feelings throw you to say something wrong. However, the damage is done. As common as this panorama may seem, it is always brought about due to the same cause: Our egos. And the less flexible we are to the external threats it receives, the more resistance and emotional pain we will suffer as a result. Here you will […]

Author: cspwrites

Hi everybody! My name is Carlos and I am a freelance SEO content writer. I write content on self-help, finance, travel and technical writing. Please, visit my site on:

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10 Great Books that Will Boost Your Creativity

Becoming more creative can be challenging, especially if you have no idea where to start. You’ve probably already scoured Google for the answers to all your creative problems and whether if you’ve found answers or not, you walked away from the search engine not feeling like you found what would get you over the hump. Today you’ll read about books that are designed to do just that and boost your creative qualities as much as you can imagine. The following list was formed with no particular order in mind. They are all equally beneficial to boosting your creativity; however, you will not receive all of them the same. You are suggested to read each one and find out which one you can relate to the […]

Author: Jessica Millis

Jessica Millis, an aspiring writer and educator at JMU. Her dream is to finish her first novel.

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How to Instantly Connect With Anyone

  I used to try so hard. I would analyze everything I said. If only I said the right thing, THEN they would be interested in me. I could work myself up so much and get so nervous, I would often forget everything the other person said. After the conversation, I would complicate things further by blaming myself for a botched pick up line or a job interview that didn’t go so well. Thus, the vicious cycle would continue. I would always blame myself for something I wasn’t doing. The truth is, people are just people, just like you and I. However, people believe that they are so unique that if only they said the right thing, people would be interested in them. I certainly […]

Author: Shawn McKibben

Shawn McKibben is the founder of, a website teaching ambitious introverts how to tackle social anxiety. You can download his free eBook here.

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How Not To Network

I spent the better part of an afternoon recently having a conversation with someone on my Southwest flight back home. Like many of us who travel frequently, I was bored, restless and looking for something to occupy my time. Keep in mind, the battery on my iPAD was dead and I was looking around aimlessly for some sort of intellectual stimulation. I introduced myself to the woman sitting one seat over from me who kept trying to make eye contact and initiate a conversation. I tried like the dickens to avoid it at first but I caved in and allowed her in my world. I am a sucker for persistence. I was also really, really bored! I soon found out just how eager she was […]

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6 Life Lessons We All Know But Always Forget

School isn’t the only place where we can learn—day-to-day experiences can deal us some major life lessons that you won’t find in any academic book. Sadly, because we are always too wrapped up in our fast-paced lives, we forget about these life gems that help us become better people. Now that we’re adults, we’ve become even more stubborn and hard-headed than when we were children, and sometimes, it takes the discipline of a strict teacher to beat some sense into us. That disciplinarian can come in the form of an actual slap on the head, or it may come in the form of an online article that aims to remind us of the lessons we’ve forgotten. 1.Be productive, not busy. Never let your job rule […]

Author: Andrew Walton

AJ Walton left home to travel the world in an effort to understand what makes us tick. He blogs at

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So, Here’s 14 Reasons Why You’re Not Successful!

1. You Complain. Complaining may feel good for a second but it is probably the biggest waste of time there is! It serves no purpose unless you are taking note of what went wrong for the sake of figuring out what you’re going to do about it. Otherwise, shut up about it because really, nobody wants to hear it! 2. You’re Unorganized. You can’t find anything when you need it! Everywhere you spend any time is a mess, at home, at work and even in your car! Start to get organized by getting rid of ANYTHING you don’t use, don’t know how to use or don’t recognize; then you’ll begin to have room to think! 3. You’re Late. If early is on time and on […]

Author: Robin Oxford-Davis

Robin is a the creator of - a spiritual & practical guide to believing in yourself! She's also the author of the ebook How to Begin to Believe!

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5 Things We All Do That Over Complicates Our Lives

Can you get trapped in a treadmill while you try to chase your dreams? My answer is yes. You can sleepwalk through life, with your eyes wide open, and not even notice you are doing it. You can convince yourself that you are building a career, while you are simply being used as, often cheap, labour. You can slave away for a project, despite having no real interest in it. You can fake enthusiasm for certain activities to such an extent that you even believe it yourself. You can think that you are following your own strategy while you are working for someone else’s plans and goals. You can end up in a job you hate, to pay for things you don’t need, to impress […]

Author: Marina Popzov

Helping others helps me. Giving advice guides me. If you are curious for more ideas on how to handle choices and simplify your life, visit me here:

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5 Things Happy People Let Go Of

There’s a reason the theme from Frozen is a worldwide hit. People have been finding ways to “Let It Go” for a very long time, but throwing caution to the wind is easier said than done. Often, we are bogged down by the daily worries that life throws at us, but if there’s one secret that genuinely happy people share, it’s that they know how to let stuff go. It may take a while for you to completely change your mindset, but letting go of these can be a good start: 1.Stress. Sure, everyone needs to go through some level of stress, especially in our jobs. But when we let stress rule our lives and have it affect our personal relationships, we lose our innate […]

Author: Andrew Walton

AJ Walton left home to travel the world in an effort to understand what makes us tick. He blogs at

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