5 Easy Ways to Improve your Mental Clarity

You turn on the TV and you are bombarded with images and stories of disaster and tragedy from around the world, you are getting 100 emails a day, your finances need attention and you still haven’t fixed the leak in your bathroom. With modern life pulling us in so many different directions, coupled with a connection to so many people across so many platforms it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep our mental faculties working at their absolute best. With that in mind, it is essential that we give our brain a fighting chance. If you had a beautiful Lamborghini, would you drive it for hundreds of miles before it finally died on you? Of course you wouldn’t, you would refuel it, check the oil […]

Author: Jermaine Harris

Jermaine Harris is an Online Life Coach, Author & Speaker. He is passionate about empowering others to change their lives in the same way he did. Check out his blog at http://jermaine-harris.com/blog

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5 Reasons Your Life Should Have a Theme

You should have a theme, a motto, a definite thing that you stand for. Does that sound a bit corny to you? It did to me too until I realized how much having one could affect all aspects of my life. I’m not talking about a theme song here, even though I have wished my life had a soundtrack from time to time. Instead I’m talking about a saying that represents the concepts you find most important in life. You might already have one and be well aware of the common thread running through your daily activities. Others have never thought to look for one before. I never thought to look for a theme in my own life until about a year ago. I’m a […]

Author: Lovelyn

Lovelyn Bettison is an author and artist who helps others reclaim their dreams. Go to her blog to get a free copy of For the Dreamers: A Manifesto.</

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Don’t Quit Your Jobs…Yet

It’s the new year. If you’ve put off pursuit of your dreams, I have a message for you. And no, it doesn’t require that you write a resignation letter, tell off your boss or make a viral video informing company management that you quit. You could do all that, but what’s the point? You would soon be unemployed, homeless and living on someone’s couch with your dog, Fido. Throughout the past few years, I’ve made a transition in my career, starting in law and politics, then working for myself. I ran an online law firm, became a freelancer, wrote and sold books online and now coach others who are unhappy with their jobs. Instead of the typical path many people follow when they quit their […]

Author: Vishnu's Virtues

Vishnu helps people live more purposeful lives. To download “One Way Ticket: 11 Ways to Discover your Highest Purpose and Transition Out of Your Profession”, visit http://www.vishnusvirtues.com/

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5 Motivation Secrets of Successful People

Because motivation is such a powerful, driving force, it is one of the most important elements of the corporate world and can be the difference between failure and success. However, since no two individuals are ever alike, whatever you use for motivation may not work for others, especially in business. Motivation enables individuals to overcome the challenges of setting and accomplishing goals in their lives by taking consistent action to do so. Two Types of Motivation It is important to understand that motivation takes two forms. On the one hand, there is external motivation or certain factors around you that drive it such as earning more money than you did the prior year or receiving a prestigious award. On the other hand, we have internal […]

Author: Ajax Oliver

Ajax's mission is to help 1,000,000 people create a harmonic relationship with money by eliminating the stress, doubt & insecurities we feel about money

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10 Ways to Embrace Changes In Your Personal and Professional Life

For many individuals, accepting change in their personal and professional lives is oftentimes a difficult proposition. Yet change is inevitable; it is the only thing that is constant in our world. Whether it is in your personal life or your professional life, you can anticipate changes that you will have to adjust to. However, accepting change is not a popular idea and we typically oppose or resist it. People are reluctant to step out of their comfort zones because they get attached to old habits and their lifestyles. This makes it difficult to achieve our goals. Why are People so afraid of Change? Even though you may want to control your own destiny, making changes in your life may be so intimidating that you will […]

Author: Andrew Walton

AJ Walton left home to travel the world in an effort to understand what makes us tick. He blogs at AJWalton.com

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Introducing The “DEAL-WITH-IT DOZEN” To Lift You Up When You Are Down

  “I don’t regret what I’ve been through. I’ve had ups and downs, super highs and some really low lows. I’ve been so blessed that I could never say, ‘I wish this didn’t happen.’ It’s part of who I am.” Jennifer Lopez We’re all familiar with the phrase “Life has its ups and downs”, and we’ve experienced both. We’ve been buoyed by trivial things, or had our feelings dashed by equally minor events. Do we focus too much on the downs? To many people, it seems there are more downs to life than ups. This probably isn’t true. It’s just that we give more attention, and more importance, to the downs. We remember, respond to, are affected by even changed by our hard times. It’s […]

Author: Jenna

Erral & Jenna are passionate about empowering people to live a satisfying and fulfilling life. They are founders of Success Jennarator. http://successjennarator.com/welcome/

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5 Ways Athletes (and anyone else) Can Connect Their Mental and Physical Self

Everything we do, sports included, is 90% mental. In fact, saying that sports is 90% mental might be one of the most overused clichés. The truth is, anything we do is both 100% mental and 100% physical. Think about it. Our thoughts influence our actions, and our actions influence our thoughts. What is more important? Thinking about this further will lead us to the “chicken or the egg” debate. But what is really important is that most athletes spend training only the physical aspect – the moves, the routines, their endurance. Rarely do we hear about anyone working on their mental preparation. Many brilliant people have tried to express the essence of how mind and body work together. Seneca noted that “It is part of the […]

Author: Igor Tomić

Positive thinker. A writer always in search of new experiences. Loves meditation and hypnosis. Listen to Natural hypnosis mp3 free!

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8 Principles to live by for an Epic Life

In our modern society, it’s really rare seeing people living on principles. A life principle is basically something that drives you to be the best image of yourself every single day. It is an invisible force that defines who we truly are. Life principles have the power to transform you from the inside out, defining how much happy, successful and productive you will be. If you are dealing with difficult moments in life, or you are trying to figure out exactly what you really want to do with your life, STOP focusing on what’s wrong, and start following these 8 principles for living from a state of lack to a state of flow and abundance, where success becomes effortless. Use these 8 key principles to […]

Author: Luigi Potenza

Luigi Potenza is founder of zenife.com, a wellness, self improvement and healthy living blog that focuses on helping million lives around the world to get healthier, happier and more fulfilled.

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The Best Way to End The Day: 5 Things to Do Before You Go to Sleep

You know that moment between going to bed and falling asleep, right? Some watch movies, read a book, force their eyes to close, plan and worry about tomorrow, or think about the things they had to do today but didn’t manage to. I say eliminate all this and make the best of the end of the day. It’s a period of time that’s important for your personal development whether you realize it or not. It’s as important as the morning routine. A day that’s started well should also end well. And the way to do it is pretty simple and the benefits are amazing. Here are 5 things to do before you go to sleep in the evening that will make your day meaningful and […]

Author: Lidiya K

Lidiya K is a writer in the fields of self-improvement, life hacking, human potential and minimalism. She's the creator of Let's Reach Success

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1. Fear Of Failure. This is one of the restricting factors at start. When you try to think about failure in the first place, there is a high probability that you could restrict yourself from starting even when failure has been discovered to be a subset of success. What to do: Take failure to be one of the factors of success and over expect to be successful overnight. Whenever one fails, the truth is that s/he has taken a step further towards success because of the experimental lessons learned. At least failure teaches us how to do things in a different way and you should not fear failure. 2. Perfectionism. Another common form of poorness thinking is trying to do something perfect. You keep promising […]

Author: Muzafar Ahmad

bad boy gon' good

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