Are You Afraid Of Becoming A Leader? 5 Simple Ways To Overcome Your Fear

Being a leader is definitely not an easy job. But this does not mean that you are allowed to sit back and avoid any kind of responsibilities. On the contrary, it is always good to take initiative and get out of the comfort zone. However, most people have unconscious fears that stop them from taking steps forward. Below, there are some aspects that should be overcome by everyone who wants more out of life; then, you could also read some pieces of advice on how to become bolder. Three hidden reasons why individuals avoid having important responsibilities: 1. They have no confidence People are aware of primary feelings like hunger, thirst, sadness and so on. Unfortunately, we cannot perceive subconscious states of mind that make […]

Author: Lynn Foster

Blogger, Ghost-writer, editor

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9 Things You Must Stop Doing Now If You Want To Live Free In A World That Can Bind You Up

Most people want to be free to do what they like when they like. Unfortunately, this never becomes a reality for a whole host of reasons that always seem sensible at the time. We live in a world that makes it tough to be free or should I say, that the way we go about living in this abundant world causes us to long for freedom but never truly achieve it. If you are determined to live free then realize it is possible and here are a few ideas to you must stop doing in order to make it a reality. 1. Stop being so loyal And when I say loyal, I mean loyal to your old ideas of what works and what does not […]

Author: Rosemary Nonny Knight

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Benefits of Having God

How it pays to have faith in God, religion or the associated paraphernalia (let me call it ‘it’ for the remaining part)? • ‘It’ frees up time, energy and motivation since you’ve offloaded a part of your mental baggage to a third party vendor. This saved time can be reinvested in something productive or interesting. • ‘It’ helps you to uphold your self-confidence that you’ll be protected, no matter what comes in your way. • ‘It’ helps coping up with critical life and death situations. As it’s often said, when medicines fail, prayers are the only resort. • Less stress due to uncertainties means less prone to diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac arrest; in short, a healthier lifestyle. • When you experience injustice or wrongdoing on […]

Author: SHBAN

The commentator, as I started calling myself a few years back, is an amateur in vague blogging.

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6 Most Commonly Outsourced Tasks and Why They Work

Outsourcing work to online assistants has been around a long time, but only recently, with the application of new technologies and user experiences, has the concept of personal outsourcing started to catch on with a wider audience. Operator, Magic, and more new personal assistant apps are applying technology such as natural language processing and machine learning to a traditionally low-tech space. To shed some light on how people make use on-demand personal assistance, we analyzed and categorized thousands of user requests. Then, we took a look at what it is about these requests that makes them good candidates to outsource to an assistant and what types of requests are not as helpful when outsourced. Requests are submitted mostly by busy professionals and entrepreneurs to assistants […]

Author: Evan Britten-Bozzone

Evan Britten-Bozzone is a co-founder of, an on-demand personal assistant app that has helped its users offload thousands of tasks from their to-do lists

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7 Common Money Mistakes to Avoid (And their easy Solution)

Have you ever thought about your money leakage? You work hard to get the precious paycheck. At the end of the month, you scratch your head in confusion. You are not able to diagnose the money outflow. Your self-confidence shatters in front of your eyes. There is no progress in your life. You start cursing your fate because you are not able to meet the demands of your family members. Here is a list of 7 common money mistakes and their simple solutions. You do not want to come out the vicious trap You put in lots of efforts by creating a wealth for your organization. But, are you creating a wealth for yourself? You wait for the next paycheck to fuel your family needs. […]

Author: Yatin Khulbe

Yatin Khulbe offers freelance writing and ghostwriting services to startups, small businesses and internet entrepreneurs. Check out his Personal Development Blog

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6 Benefits of Motivational Training for Employees

  A common per-occupation of any leader is to constantly be on the look-out for new ideas and ways to motivate their team. As a leader, you have probably read the best of books on management, attended seminars, developed incentives and perks for employees to boost productivity. Motivational trainings are paramount to any businesses’ success today. In fact, some of the most admired companies in the Fortune 500 list owe a lot of their successes to leadership development training programs and motivational speakers. So, there are times when you should consider bringing someone in to help identify and solve roadblocks that are holding you back in unlocking potential avenues of success and enhance your company’s performance and profits. The following 6 benefits illustrate how a […]

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Theory of negativity: 5 cheers to the cheerless

Born-negatives may or may not be the bloody Rh-negative. In other words, their identification marks are not exactly organic, but rather a set of loosely coupled behavioral symptoms. While expecting outcomes, making assumptions or predicting future, they usually hover around with a negative bias. They may border on maniacs or depressed souls, but cannot be called a burden on mother earth in entirety. Enough has been said to glorify theories of positivity. Leaders in every sphere of life have overwhelmingly advocated the ‘be-positive’ principle; often hailed as one of the foremost contributing factors to success. I feel the urge to speak for this minority community, my community. We accept marginalization by the optimists of this world, but refuse to be condemned. Those who believe that […]

Author: SHBAN

The commentator, as I started calling myself a few years back, is an amateur in vague blogging.

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7 Great Foods to Boost Your Brain Power

Our addiction to work and the internet is slowly wearing us down, and with that it’s dragging down our ability to think clearly and creatively. Luckily there is the help at hand, and thankfully it comes in the form of food. Here are seven great foods that can get your brain back on track. 1. Seeds Seeds, namely pumpkin and sunflower seeds, are fantastic sources of vitamin, with a quarter of a cup of the latter containing over 60% of your recommended daily allowance. What’s the benefit of eating a food so rich in vitamin E? People with diets rich in the vitamin have been shown to have 67% less chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease in later life, and could even reduce or prevent brain […]

Author: Benjamin Smith

Writer and semi-pro cyclist. Contributor at The Online Grill.

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Six Proven Secrets To Turn An Angry Customer To A Most Loyal One

  I saw a sign in front of a business centre one day that read, “Dissatisfied with our service? Please let us know. Satisfied with our service? Kindly tell others”. That got me thinking. Different customers have different ways of reacting when they are unsatisfied with your business. Some will walk away without saying a word, and will never return. Some on the other hand will tell you what’s wrong, but will do so nicely. However, there are equally the irate customers. They are unsatisfied about a product or service too. However, they won’t mind creating a scene so far as they vent their anger. Most times, their concerns are genuine. But even when they are not, they still need an outlet for their anger. […]

Author: Toby Nwazor

Toby Nwazor is a free lance writer, a public speaker and a personal development blog artist. He is the co-founder of where he gives tips on how to live a more productive life.

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How To Use Regret To Fuel Your Dreams

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” ― Sydney Smith Regret prison. That’s a horrific place to be, isn’t it? Just sitting in your mental cell, torturing yourself with regret. Because let’s face it, you’re a prisoner of your past as surely as any correctional facility inmate is trapped by the physical walls and bars surrounding them. Unable to escape the endless cycle of longing for it all to be different, you relive the pain of disappointment over and over … and over, forever blaming yourself for what you did or didn’t do, and what you did or didn’t say. Forever wondering, “What if?” Regret hurts. Regret haunts. […]

Author: Mark Tong

Mark and Laura Tong love people, pizza and positivity. They are on a mission to help you declutter your mind and life of stress, strife and regret.

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