5 Divorce Mistakes to Avoid Right Now

Although feeling overwhelmed and confused during divorce is normal, remember to avoid the egregious divorce mistakes. It will save you time, money, and your sanity so that you can move on to the next chapter of your life better, not broken or bitter. 1. Not looking at the big picture One of the reasons why divorce feels horrible is because you probably weren’t taught how to plan ahead in divorce. It’s funny, isn’t it? Guidance counselors and academic advisers in school harped on planning and envisioning our future, while financial advisors preach about planning for retirement. But why, during divorce, don’t you apply those same principles? Instead of asking yourself, “What’s the game plan? Where do I want to be in a year with this […]

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3 Selfish Rules That Will Make You Happy

From a young age we are being taught to be selfless. To consider the feelings of the people around us and put them before our own. Selfless people are likeable, always nice to be around and they just make our lives a little bit easier. But are they happy? Some of them certainly are. I am not saying there is no happiness to be found in helping others. Especially the people that are close to your heart deserve to be treated the best way possible. But there is a limit to how much selflessness is good for you. If you cannot say no and are always thinking about what others have to say, you won’t be successful. Even worse, you won’t be happy. If you […]

Author: Cornelia Wagner

Writer, College student and blogger who is currently experiencing life in Tokyo. At Harajuku Smile she writes about her experiences living abroad as well as her daily thoughts and observations.

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The Honest And Painful Truth About Success

Let’s talk about Your success for a moment. The one you have always dreamed of. The image that fills your mind the moment I say the word. Yes, that one! That success that you have been making passes at. That success that you have entertained in surges of motivation. And shelved in moments of apathy. That success that has led you to the glossy covers of magazines. And the promises of self-help books. You won’t find it in those pages. It is not present in those advertisements. But such things do serve an enormous need. They provide a seductive sort of luxury. The luxury of avoidance. The guiltless pleasure of procrastination. A glorious distraction to keep you from doing what you know you must do. […]

Author: Kapil Gupta MD

Dr. Gupta helps Execs, Pro Athletes, & Celebs become The God Of Their Own Life. www.KapilGuptaMD.com and www.SiddhaPerformance.com

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3 Uncommon Ways To Be More Positive

“It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.” ― Ellen DeGeneres If you were to Google – “how to be positive” you’d come across over 1 billion results for those keywords. And If you were to Google – “how to think positive” you’d come across half the amount for those keywords. And the average article on this topic covers common tips most of us are aware of. In this post, I’m going to cover uncommon ways for you to be more positive in your everyday life. Practical steps that all of us can take no matter what the circumstances are. 1. Stay true to yourself. “Be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.” […]

Author: Theo J Ellis

Theo Ellis is a straightforward blogger who's committed to making a difference in people's lives. He focuses on confidence building, motivation and personal growth on his blog - Just Be Real.

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5 Things to Remember When you’re about Give Up

There are times when despite our hard work, optimism and good intentions, we fail to make progress on our goals. All of our efforts seem wasted. We lose hope in our abilities. We become demotivated and angry. In this negative state of mind, we persist with less than enough vigor and enthusiasm, our efforts become half-baked and the result we crave continues to elude us. When this happens, it’s easy for us to lose hope and want to give up, telling ourselves, maybe I’m not carved out for this after all. I’ve been there. But for me, giving up wasn’t an option. So I learn to turn thing around and see them from different perspectives. I learn that there are always other aspects we’ve not […]

Author: Jamila Mustapha

Jamila is a freeelance content writer and blogger at www.themidasfinger.com where she uses a combination of psychology, nueroscience and personal development to help people live a life of potential.

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Take Your Love Life To A Racey Track With These 7 Tips

To spend the whole life in the arms of the person we love is something most desired. Are you in a relationship and looking forward to settle in your life now? That’s amazing but you should understand that being in love is not enough to ensure a fairytale life where the boy and girl lives happily ever after, the story actually begins from the point you two commit to be with each other forever. The post below offers 7 tested tips that will take your love life right to a racey track. 1. Send him romantic messages or notes Yes, he knows that you love him but a few love words every now and then would make your relationship even more special and cherishing. Woo […]

Author: amit sen

Founder at MadTown. I love to spend my life with this ever changing World Wide Web and I work with several popular website as a guest author.

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When Putting Yourself First May Be The Least Selfish Thing You Can Do

We’re better to others when we’re at our physical, mental, and emotional best. Ironically, sometimes we’re so busy doing things for others that we forget to take care of ourselves. We may not see the negative effects at first, but before long, we’ll start breaking down like a car that’s skipped a few oil changes. Why This Matters To paint a picture of what can happen if we don’t practice self-care, I’ll share this little confession – it’s about the time when I had an emotional breakdown. I became so unhinged that I had the dog cowering behind the toilet. My Confession I was just leaving work. The weather was perfect but the way I dragged my feet made it seem like every step to […]

Author: Kelvin Lozano

Kelvin Lozano is the creator of Chasing Someday, the place to go to learn how to achieve the dreams you’ve been putting off. http://kelvinlozano.com, http://facebook.com/kelvinlozano

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10 Smart Tips to Get More Organized For Your Moving Day

You just bought a brand new house. Congratulations! The thoughts of moving to a new home can be exciting, stressful and tiring at the same time. Whatever your reason is (marriage, annulment, work, school); you are up for a big change in your life. Goodbye old neighbors, goodbye street, goodbye things you previously hated about your old apartment. Sometimes, we’re all so caught up about the excitement of starting a new life somewhere that we don’t make much time to prepare ourselves for one of the most important part – the moving day. Here are 10 smart tips you should read before you pack your bags and make the move. 1. Don’t Box the Day Before Your Move Give it a lot of day allowance […]

Author: Armela Escalona

Armela Escalona is a content editor at Scoopfed. She writes about life hacks and productivity. Learn more moving tips at MovingRelocations.com

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Mom vs. Mom – Why Going back to Work does not Make you a Bad Mother

New mothers, especially with comfortable financial means have always had the freedom to choose between going back to work and staying at home after the birth of a child. However, in spite of all the progress that has been taking place socially, there are a large number of mothers who believe that choosing work over child rearing would make them bad people. Other findings worth considering – • A recent survey with regards to working mothers exhibited a significant gender gap with regards to attitudes towards this consideration. 45%of women suggested that children are better off if the mother chooses to stay at home. However, 38% said that the kids are equally well off if the mother chooses to go back to work. On the […]

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10 Life Changing Tips for Successful And Happy Life

Success which can’t be defined in normal terms. It is a subjective notion. Every individual has his/her own success term from their perspective of life. Though we generalize the term “success” for many material things. Being a good, faithful and loving wife/husband, Owning a good financial position, a dream job or well settled and happy life are some of the examples of success. Things go sometimes wrong, as they are meant to be. It is the attitude of the individual, how to overcome the circumstances and taking the things as they are matters a lot. Life has all ups and downs. Falling a part and standing up for one self and boosting your self confidence is the most importance aspect. Sometimes life becomes so routine […]

Author: Abhishek

I blog at proxy server list. Abhishek likes to consider himself as a free spirit rather than a commitment-phobe.

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