We Are All Stressed – 3 Simple Lifehacks That Help!

  We are the sickest, unhealthiest, and fattest we have ever been as the human species. The number of people who are overweight or even obese is at an all-time high, cancer rates are at an all-time high, and a long list of other diseases are all at “all-time-high” levels. We are chronically tired, over-worked, under-rested, consume toxic foods and drinks, spend more time with our electronics than we do with our own family and friends. We induce more stress into our lives on a daily basis than we know what to do with, and we are killing ourselves because of it. Stress used to be a survival response. Humans are hardwired with a flight or fight response – heart rate increases, blood flows from […]

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15 Steps to Mindfullness And A Better Work Day

Mindfulness and Focus are hot topics right now among the Leadership and Management communities. I get questions now and again from clients and colleagues who recognize the value but don’t know where to begin. I understand. The word “mindfulness” can conjure up all kinds of images, usually involving people in business attire sitting cross-legged on boardroom tables. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course, but crossing that chasm from myth to fact can be a bit much to overcome in one giant leap. Luckily, there are some small, deceptively simple steps you can make toward becoming more mindful at work that don’t involve a yoga mat or the skills of a professional contortionist. Here are 15 things you can do starting tomorrow to […]

Author: José Cruz, Jr.

José is a leadership consultant, corporate trainer, and executive coach with two decades of senior leadership experience in American higher education. Visit Jose & his team at http://SoteloCoach.com

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5 Habbits To Achieve Greatness

You’ve made the decision. Starting right now you are going to take the necessary actions to develop yourself. Maybe it’s personal development for business, marriage, family, kids, etc. You first need to decide which area you want to develop. I won’t get into that here. In this post I’m referencing personal development as a whole, and principles that will help you on your journey. Let’s begin… 1. Read 10 pages every day – experts agree that most successful people read before going to sleep each night. For most successful people, reading is a non-negotiable! Why? Because the key to personal development is being a life-long learner. The best and easiest way to engage in this process is through books. Some of you might not read […]

Author: Dr. Jake Schmitz

I am a high energy, high impact, high flying, fun, family guy with a heart for people! I have taught thousands of people to overcome fear, love life, and live out their dreams! www.justaskdrjake.com

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Three Reasons I Hate My Facebook ‘Friends’

I hate Facebook – that seems like the best way to start a discussion about my friends. Oh, I use it of course, otherwise how would I know I hate it; but I use it begrudgingly. I resisted it for a very long time, I’ve only been active since about August last year, and there are days that I seriously regret ever succumbing to the pressure. There are a number of reasons that I don’t like the interface, how they capture data, how they manipulate us, or how they are changing their promotional functions and views – but this post isn’t about that. This post is about Facebook ‘friends’; and the loss of common manners when it comes to sharing content on social media. I […]

Author: Kylie Dunn

Kylie Dunn is a blogger, writer and the creator of My Year of TED. Her company, dinkylune, provides a diverse range of services for your brain, heart and courage.

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4 Reasons Why You Fail At Investing

If you are like the average investor, you fail at investing. I’m sorry to be so harsh, but studies have shown this to be true. The average investor only earns 2% a year while the stock market earns an average of 8%. Why the discrepancy? The main reason is because we are human and we derail ourselves from what should be done. Below I list 4 of the biggest reasons why you fail at investing. Are you guilty of any of these? 4 Reasons Why You Fail At Investing You’re A Trader, Not An Investor If you find yourself placing buy and sell trades frequently throughout the year, then you are a trader and not an investor. An investor creates a plan and chooses a […]

Author: Jon Dulin

Jon Dulin writes Money Smart Guides, a personal finance blog that helps readers get out of debt and learn to begin investing for their future.

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8 Good Reasons Why You Suck At Life

Having a great life, enjoying freedom and flexibility in your days, and truly being fulfilled by what you do is something we all strive for. But the bitter reality is that very few of us actually do. Most of us will spend our time here going through the motions of a well-balanced life and die with too many regrets to count. And although this post may come off as a tad negative, its purpose is to serve you a much needed wake up call. You and I don’t need to suck at life. We can and should be great and do great things. We should live a life of abundance and prosperity and it’s within our grasp to have it. But the truth is that […]

Author: Steve Roy

Steve Roy is the owner of EndingTheGrind.com, a blog about escaping the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job, building an online business, and living your passions.You can also find him on Twitter at @EndGrind

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5 Easy Ways to Brighten Someone Else’s Day

It is an unfortunate truth that as members of the animal kingdom, we are naturally inclined to think of ourselves before anyone else. We can’t help the fact – it’s ingrained into our brains like last week’s lottery jackpot you were one number off winning. However, being programmed with a certain amount of empathy (most of us anyway) we understand there are certain occasions that call for us to put others first – rare occasions in which your fellow human simply cannot continue without the help and support of a friend. Yes, it is admirable when you take time out of your busy schedule to rescue the odd duffer who has decided to take a dip in the canal without first learning how to swim […]

Author: Zachary John C

Freelance writer from Surrey, UK. Author of no nonsense lifestyle blog Crucis Road and avid guitar and piano player

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6 Popular Summer Resolutions You Should Never Do

Whoops! It’s suddenly summer in earnest. Last we looked, summer was just toeing the water, fishing a long-lost floatie from the shallow end. Then bam! Next thing you know, there’s the fireworked fourth of July, cannonballing smack into the sunscreen slick of the deep end. No matter. Summer has arrived — however that happened — and brought with it a beach bag full of sage, old-timey advice just for you, dear freelancer. But forget all that. The summer is no place for no-nos and tales of caution. Here, rather, are 6 research-backed revisions of outdated advice to keep you productive and loving life all precious summer long. 1. Resist the urge to go outside > Get your a$$ outside. Everything is better outside. Sure, the […]

Author: Christy Delehanty

Creative writer and content marketer for Quote Roller and PandaDoc. Loves language flexibility and style guides with equal abandon. Walks SF, shops Goodwill, eats everything.

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10 Products That’ll Save Your A** At Work (And Maybe Even Get You a Raise)

When you work for someone else, that little behind of yours is always on the chopping board. You know you’re a peon in corporate America if you stress over deadlines, get scolded by managers, get that nervous sweat when the big bosses pop in for a visit, deal with annoying or unproductive coworkers, lose sleep over job insecurity, and decide whether to work through your lunch break or not. Other than those things, your job is great. Working hard is 50% of the battle to get off the chopping board. You may work hard, but do you work hard enough? It’s not your company, so chances are that you slack off every once in a while. Of course, your Facebook chats at work usually happen […]

Author: Mike HasThat

Michael Mastro is co-founder of thinkihavethat.com. Think I Have That is dedicated to providing people with the most useful, life hacking, problem solving inventions and products from around the web.

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4 Baby Steps to Approach Minimalism As a Lifestyle Today

For anyone who is not acquainted with the trend, let me give you a quick overview. In recent years a crowd of authors and bloggers revived this very old philosophy, which is based on the principle of living more conscious with less possessions and distractions. Sites such as Zen Habits, The Minimalists or Becoming Minimalist suggest that we should declutter our stuff, calendars and personal life to get rid of unnecessary possessions, busy time, overwhelming goals and fruitless relationships. By doing so we redefine our needs and also eliminate complexity, stress and frustration to achieve a simpler and more fulfilled life. Or to say it in the words of one of the leading minimalist bloggers Joshua Becker: “At its core, minimalism is the intentional promotion […]

Author: Marina Popzov

Marina lives in Germany and discovered Minimalism about a year ago. Since then many things changed, which inspired her to share her experience and spread the word.

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