4 Things Experts Do to Learn Faster Than You

Let’s learn how to play Bizaroo. The fictional game invented by me, five minutes ago. How would you start? Your first attempt would naturally be followed by immediate failure and maybe amused laughter from experienced onlookers. We would then probably say,”Wow! It’s hard”, followed by a healthy dose of self deprecation. From there we would seek some help, and it would definitely be useful. As long as you don’t have some serious mental handicap, most people would experience a lot of initial growth. Then eventually a plateau. More than likely a plateau that lasts most of their lives. Quick basic skill acquisition and than long period of plateaus are the norm for most people learning anything. Plateaus are where dreams of mastery go to die. […]

Author: Sean Sergio

Sean Sergio is an ex-psychology PhD student turned blogger at www.brainhacksblog.com, where he discusses the psychology of success and life change. His posts are research based and packed with info.

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“Make a budget” is one of the most often repeated personal finance tips but, just like “eat more greens”, very few of us actually follow it even though we know it’s good for us. The reason, of course, is that unless you’re someone who gets an adrenaline shot from juggling numbers, odds are that even the thought of sitting down and writing down a monthly budget is giving you a panic attack. I know, because I’ve been where you are. Even worse, when you do write that budget, and stick it to the fridge (or whatever the digital equivalent of that may be), it’s still an extremely tough challenge to stick with it. Budgeting may be hard, but living within it is even harder. Luckily, […]

Author: Amante Reale

I'm Pen-Man, writer extraordinaire, and I use my powers to help you get more subscribers, more customers, and more sales through your website and your blog.

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Ten Tips for Life That I Learned Coaching Softball

As a softball coach and parent, I give softball advice to parents, coaches and players in person and on my Softball Journey blog. In my recent article, “Top Ten Tips for Players at Tryouts,” I noticed the parallel between softball and life in general. Proponents of youth sports have always suggested that players learn valuable life lessons from sports. However, many do not elaborate what those lessons might be. Using the softball points from the blog, I’ll show how they relate to tips for success in life. 1. Dress Like a Ball Player – Present yourself professionally and appropriately for all occasions. Look sharp at your day job. Working at home in your pajamas is fine, but when the time comes to meet with a […]

Author: Greg Cruthers

IT Pro by day, build websites by night (cewss.com) and girls softball coach in between (mid-michiganfirestix.com) . Creator of SoftballJourney.com to help parents, players & coaches with softball.

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How to cope with break-ups: the 3 day-solution guide

Break ups happen every day, everywhere. Even though we may have already experienced them, the fact is we are never prepared to coping with such hard times. Our world seems to be falling down to pieces and it is quite hard to overcome them. No matter what people try to tell you or help you out, we normally think we won´t have the strength or commitment to handle them out. It does take time and lots of effort to put our lives back to the ground again, but we survive. Everybody does. The 3 best-quote physicians for everything including break-ups are time, patience and nature. This 3-day solution guide intends to bring fast results and to be useful to rough moments. Even though, we all […]

Author: Monica Mastrantonio

Monica Mastrantonio is a PhD Social Psychologist who loves writing and sharing new ideas. Mother of three, lecturer and researcher, she finds perfect time to travelling, reading, jogging and cooking.

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8 Candid Reasons Drug Companies Won’t Fix Your Health Problems

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Ian Maclaren Are you waiting for someone smarter than you fix your problems? I was, but I have come to the conclusion that it’s not going to happen. I go to bed every night wondering what the next day will be like. I’m wasting away. My legs are all but useless. Raising the white flag and hoping for a “Die Hard” style rescue isn’t practical. I would love to think that “they” will come up with a weight loss solution that works, cure cancer, or stop my disease – multiple sclerosis. They won’t. They can’t. The system is set up to fail. I can try to figure it out for myself or wither […]

Author: Jim Turk

Jim Turk, of beatmydisease.com, has been featured in several publications and on TV. He has a passion for helping people make the best life for themselves despite their circumstances.

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No time for meditation? Try this instead.

“I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.” – Gandhi So you want to try meditation? You’ve heard there are many health benefits: it boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces depression and improves mental focus. Also, your favourite celebrity practices meditation, so it must be useful, right? I know what you’re thinking; ‘That’s OK for some people, but I don’t have time to sit around for 2 hours meditating.’ Well, what if there were a way to include meditation into your daily life without having to create any extra time at all? Working meditation Although making time for formal practice can be a challenge, it’s not necessary to sit cross-legged, staring into space to […]

Author: DLM

A mixture of story and Truth. Writer, musician, practitioner of Iyengar yoga. Fascinated by the nature of reality, spiritual awakening and True Self.

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9 Ways Reading Fiction Can Jump Start Your Career

Do you remember how excited you were when you landed your first job, or your dream job? It may seem like a work of fiction now, a story about someone else, but those were probably among the most giddy and dream-filled days of your life. You were going to storm into your new company and make an impact they could not ignore. You would work nights and weekends on major, inspirational projects, and you would blast your way out of that entry-level job within just a few months. Promotions, raises, and the esteem of your colleagues loomed just ahead. You were going to be a freaking rock star! If you’re like most of the workforce, though, it didn’t play out quite how you envisioned. Sure, […]

Author: Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes is an author living in rural Indiana. See how the isolation affects his writing by downloading his FREE 101 Life Hacks from Famous Literary Fathers.

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Discover Factors That Can Seriously Hurt Your Promotion Chances

Undeniably every employee wishes to drive endless opportunities in the professional world to make their career prosperous. But the surprising fact is that there are numbers of things that can spoil our promotion chances, if not handled effectively. However, you can get promotion easily and comfortably by learning about factors that affect the chances of growth in the professional world. Check out the information shared in the below passage to grow your career effectively with timely promotions. *Bad time management If you’re not proficient in time management, then you must learn tactics that will enable you to perform every task on the appropriate time. This is because in the professional world very often we have to perform multiple tasks. In this situation time management habit […]

Author: Ishika Agarwal

Ishika Agarwal is a passionate writer at academic firm. she is engaged with students who need coursework writing help online to avail maximum results

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5 Ways to Beat the Crap Out of the Bully in Your Head

You aren’t satisfied with your life because you’re not getting everything you want out of it. You’ve figure out what you need to change to move you closer to the amazing life you want. And you know it’s possible because other people have done it. But every time you get close to making the change, a little voice in your head pops up and says: “Come on, you’re not the kind of person that does this.” “That’s reserved for people that won some kind of cosmic lottery. People that are far more naturally gifted than you.” “Just because some extraordinary people have done it, doesn’t mean you can do it.” “You are normal. Your life needs to stay on the normal path. You’ve been successful […]

Author: Craig Boneau

Craig had an “aha” moment when he realized he wanted to live a life that provides an inspiration to his son not counterexample. Now he wants to help others in the same boat. If that's you, start.

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6 Low Paying College Degrees to Avoid

It’s obvious that salary prospects for different college degrees vary. The Economic Value of College Majors report by Georgetown University and Kiplinger’s list of low paying degrees shed light on how great the difference in salary really is. Compared to majors in STEM and healthcare where the entry-level salary starts at $43,000 and $41,000 respectively, the majors below earn less, and the gap continues to widen long after graduation. Not to Discourage You This article isn’t meant to discourage you from taking any of these majors. I just want to help you make an informed decision. Your decision, after all, will shape your career path. Think Twice before Majoring in these Subjects: 1. Early Childhood Education Education majors are among the lowest paid employees. It’s […]

Author: Michelle Riklan

Michelle Riklan is a Certified Resume Writer and HR consultant. When she’s not coaching executives for upcoming job interviews, she and her team provides outplacement services to small businesses

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