Tips For Selecting A Part Time Online Study Program

online study program

Thinking of taking on an online study program? A parttime online study program is a great way to get a higher educational degree while balancing your professional and personal life effectively. It will allow you to finance your degree while holding your current job. At the same time, you can also make the expenses associated with your degree program more manageable. Of course, part-time online study programs are longer than the regular ones. However, they provide you convenience beyond full time study programs. There are many facilities offering part-time online study programs nowadays. Before selecting a part-time study program you should consider the following tips: Discuss With Your Employer It is best to discuss your plans for further education with your employer. There are many companies that facilitate part-time […]

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5 Outdated Resume Writing Tips to Ignore Right Now

resume writing tips

Are you still using outdated resume writing tips? The world has changed a lot since the Internet came out with resume writing tips. Recruiters are now spending less time reading resumes – and unnecessary information may lead to your resume being put into the bottom of the pile. A free online resume builder may help but you should also watch out for the following tips for writing a resume as they are no longer recommended in today’s job-hunting market. 1. Stuff Your Resume with Keywords It’s true that resumes are put through ATS systems to search for keywords. However, this doesn’t mean you want to stuff a bunch of keywords at the end of your resume and turn them white to trick the system. Instead of resorting to cheats […]

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7 Tips On How To Overcome Procrastination Everyday

how to overcome procrastination

Are you finding out that you need to learn how to overcome procrastination? Procrastination is as bad as it sounds. Do you always put off what you have to do until the last minute, panic right before the deadline, or put yourself in an emotional rollercoaster almost every week? The causes for this kind of behaviour are many and they can be very private. They can range from fear of failure to simple laziness. The good news is that you can overcome this behavior if you decide to. It might feel hard in the beginning but you can succeed if you really work on it. You just need to decide that those days of procrastination are over and that you are going to take a week […]

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4 Delicious and Healthy Pasta Alternatives

Pasta loving people, beware! You need healthy pasta alternatives. Starchy, refined and processed white pasta is a thing of the past. In this day and age where healthy food choices are fast becoming the norm, it has become increasingly important to raise awareness and advocate for healthy substitutes replacing people’s old unhealthy carby ways. There are now such things as ‘healthy carbs’ where the health content of the food you are eating has more nutritional value compared to plain old carbohydrates. Since almost everyone loves pasta, here are some new guilt-free ways to enjoy this dish: 1. Brown Rice Pasta Brown rice pasta has very similar nutrient content as whole-wheat pasta but it is made from ground brown rice instead of wheat. This makes it the perfect […]

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5 Important Questions And Tips For Buying A New Car

tips for buying a new car

Check out these tips for buying a new car. If you’re thinking of buying a brand new ride, these tips should be very helpful. So you’ve decided it’s time for a new car. Now what? Looking for a new car can be daunting because there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. Whether you’re buying your first or fifth car, it is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. According to Which?, 31% of drivers regret purchasing their last car because they didn’t take the time to do enough research about it. To avoid being part of that statistic, take a look at these key 5 questions you should ask yourself before taking the plunge and investing in your new car. 1. What Can You […]

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Why We Should Look at the World as a Child Again

Do you remember what it was to be like a child? Seeing everything for the first time? I doubt many of you can retrace that far back. Me neither of course. But, if you take the time to watch a small child, it isn’t hard to notice just how full of wonder they are about life. Everything — even the simplest of things — are filled with questions of how and why. Life for them is a magical playground with unbelievable moments around each and every corner. And it’s beautiful to see. They interact with everything in a much deeper way. It’s refreshing to pay attention to and it makes you realize that even though growing up has made us wiser, it has left us with […]

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3 Life Hacks You Can Learn from Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow

Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow is easily one of the most popular characters in said popular TV show. He’s smart, sexy and he can fight like a knight with twice the experience. He’s also a lot more than that. Jon Snow is one of the most engaging characters on Game of Thrones because he’s done a few things that you can take from Westeros and apply to your own life. I’m going to straight up warn you that there are absolutely spoilers in here. If you hate spoilers, you’re going to want to come back and read this after you’ve caught up with Westeros. Here are just a few of the lessons Jon Snow has for us regular folk. 1. Befriend Those Without Friends I have […]

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10 Secrets To A Happy and Fulfilled Life

secrets to a happy life

What are the secrets to a happy life? Have you at any point in your life asked this question? Most of us spend the greater part our lives looking for happiness and satisfaction in the wrong places and activities. That’s because we attach happiness to money, fame, and other benefits. We erroneously think these benefits are all we need to be happy and fulfilled in life. But interestingly, we’ve heard stories of people who had all the money and fame that anyone could dream of and yet didn’t live happy lives. Those stories drive home the point that money and fame – while good to have – aren’t the recipes for happiness and fulfillment. Now, what’s the secret to a happy, fulfilled life? The answer […]

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7 Things to Consider When Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city

Moving to a new city is not a new thing in this modern world. In fact, it has become a common affair among people. It is usually a unique experience. You require looking for new things, meeting new people and much more. You would also get a chance to lead a new lifestyle. However, it can be very exhausting and even risky without proper planning and professional help. Here are 7 most important things to consider when moving to a new city. 1. Basic Necessities Have you considered basic necessities before moving to another city? If not, then it is very important to do so. One of the biggest necessities is housing. Apart from this, it is important to know about the expenses you may encounter […]

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Home Loan Tips: 5 Things To Avoid After Getting Your Home Loan Sanctioned

Are you looking for Home Loan tips?  Do you have a dream home and need a Home Loan to finance it? Foraging for a lucrative online Home Loan and meeting the housing loan eligibility requirements are the first few steps towards possessing your dream home. But, if you’re thinking that your job ends here, you are wrong. You can easily find yourself neck deep in financial mess if you’re not careful with your own finances during the repayment tenure. While it’s equally important that you keep paying your bills on time, it’s also essential that you keep the following points in mind so as not to lose sight of your finances. Never apply for new credit If your Home Loan just got sanctioned or is in the final stages of […]

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