Ideas On How To Free Yourself From The Reality Trap

Have you ever been told before to be more realistic? I have spent so much of my life, being told this, especially by those closest to me, and it grates on me every time. It seems like such a harmless phrase, but that simple phrase can kill potential and creativity so quickly, especially to kids. Why do we constantly get told this anyway and especially by those closest to us? Simple, they want to protect us and take care of us; they want us to be safe and to not see us fail. It is often out of love that most people tell us to be more realistic. But despite the fact that this statement can often come from the best intentions, it is actually […]

Author: Todd Polke

As a Property Investment Coach, personal mentor and professional speaker I help every day people take their personal, professional and financial lives to the next level.

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3 Keys to Staying Focused & Reaching Your Goals

It’s easy to drift. Life is hectic for all of us and if we’re not intentional about our direction in life we can easily wake up one day and wonder how we got where we are. A common complaint I hear from people, men in particular, is regret over not having done something in their life that they had always wanted or planned to do. It wasn’t their intention not to do it, but they also weren’t intentional enough to make sure it happened. Being able to stay focused on a goal or direction despite all of life’s curveballs is a necessity for success. It’s the people who develop the skill of staying focused no matter what’s happening in their life who are successful. Less […]

Author: Kurt Smith

Kurt Smith (LMFT, LPCC, AFC) is the Director at Guy Stuff Counseling (, a private counseling practice that specializes in counseling men and the women who love them.

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How to be Seen as a Leader at Work and get Promoted Quick

Some people watch it happen. Some people say what happened. And some people make it happen. The world and more importantly your workplace is crying out for people who make it happen. One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that leadership is in a title. “I couldn’t do that, that is only for managers or senior people” people often think. I should know, I used to do that myself. Well in order to be seen as a leader or a potential leader, you must act like one. Not then, but now. There is actually a phenomenon called the bystander effect which looks at why people fail to take the lead in situations when others are also present. The research is fascinating. In one […]

Author: Martin Robert Hall

Martin Robert Hall is an author, motivational speaker and performance coach based in the UK. He is fascinated with the science and psychology behind high performance and success.

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3 Things I Learned from Playing Big in Life

Chances are that most of us at one stage or another have found ourselves at a pivotal crossroad in our lives. Which way to turn? We have all been there. Over-thinking a decision into oblivion and flinging ourselves into a tailspin. The analytical mind whips us into a frenzy and we let our ego run wild off its leash. The human mind has a tendency to speed ahead with its I-Know-What’s-Best-For-Me-Thanks-Very-Much attitude. Yet when we think we know best, we dump the entire weight of the decision making process onto our shoulders. We get stuck on the How instead of the Why. I’m currently facing a huge decision with regards to my career. Having recently quit my job of 10 years I am dipping my […]

Author: Victoria Cox

Victoria Cox currently resides in NYC. She's igniting a career as a writer & is a contributor to The Conversation, Tiny Buddha & Elephant Journal. You can connect with her on Instagram @vcox23

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5 Reasons a Female Friend is the Perfect Wingman

What is your biggest fear when you are on a date with a woman? I know a lot of guys who would say that their biggest fear is to land in the zone that no man wants to land in. As you can already imagine I am talking about the friend zone. It never feels good when a woman tells you that “you are such a nice guy, but…” especially when you are really into her. It always hurts when a woman puts you in the friend zone. However, it is not as bad as you probably think. In this situation you have the choice between two different reactions. You can either hang your head in shame, or you can accept the fact that she […]

Author: Sebastian

Sebastian Harris is a travel enthusiast and lover of women who writes for The Global Seducer Community. His vision is to inspire men to seduce amazing wome

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5 Reasons Why You Must Constantly Learn

How many times you had the feeling that you are lost with a new subject at work? If you are like most people, probably many times… But don’t worry! This is really common in our days because we live in a very dynamic environment, with a lot of new information to handle every day and staying up to date is a real challenge. The hard truth is that if you want to grow as person, in your society and in your job, you have to constantly keep learning new things. But, why exactly? 1. To perform, perform and perform: you can only succeed at what you are doing if you have the right knowledge to do so. Today’s society is so well educated that you […]

Author: Fernando Vilas

Fernando Vilas is founder and CEO of, an online website which mission is to put in contact motivated students with the best teachers around the world, in many different subjects.

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Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Beginning a relationship is a very easy job; but the thing which gets a little tricky is maintaining it. Every relationship faces some ups and downs, but it is totally your calibre of handling those while keeping your relationship headstrong. Here are given a couple of few tips which will help you in maintaining your relationship for a long time . Get in Touch: Hugs and kisses are very common. But simple acts similar such stroking his arm while you both are watching TV, taking his hand when you both are going for a walk, or fondling his thigh during dinner will add a different spice and naughtiness in your life. Share intimate moments frequently: Guys feel more at ease connecting with women over a […]

Author: Anand Srivastava

Anand is a Blogger and he loves Shayari and often writes Hindi Shayari

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The Theory of Scarcity and How It Can Change Your Life

There is a theory in economics called the theory of scarcity which basically discusses that there is limited availability of certain resources at any point in time. This basically dictates that due to the limited resource, it also means a limited number of goods can be created. This theory of scarcity exists for our lives as well. In any one moment of time, we have a limited amount of resources at our disposal: A limited amount of TIME A limited amount of MONEY A limited amount of KNOWLEDGE What we choose to do with these three resources ultimately dictates the success we have in our lives. To truly create a successful and wealthy life you need to focus your efforts on finding ways to get […]

Author: Todd Polke

As a Property Investment Coach, personal mentor and professional speaker I help every day people take their personal, professional and financial lives to the next level.

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How to Decide What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Any of It!?

Every day, I start my work day by looking at the list of things I planned to do that day. Most times, I’m pretty much on track with meeting goals and deadlines but there days when I look at my list and …nothing… I’m not motivated to do anything I scheduled to do! I used to hate when this happened because I would waste a lot time doing nothing or I would half-ass the tasks. So how do you decide what to do when you don’t feel like doing any of it? 1. Needless to say if you have things you have to do in order to meet deadlines or fulfill other pertinent obligations or promises, then you have no choice. Suck it up and […]

Author: Robin Oxford-Davis

Robin is a the creator of - a prayerful & practical guide to believing in yourself! She's also the author of the ebook How to Begin to Believe!

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Can instant messaging help you regain control of your inbox?

Instant messaging (IM) has suffered unfairly over the last 20 years, afflicted with a rocky reputation as a social media platform for gossiping teenagers and bored university students. Its abilities as a powerful enterprise collaboration tool have largely been underestimated, with email owning the workplace. IM has been particularly pigeonholed in the US, where some 70% of teenagers already send more instant messages than emails. With that kind of engrained loyalty, it could be set for a resurgence in the workplace in the near future and could even overtake email as the dominant communication tool. Being a free-to-use and immediate real-time platform, but being unable to store conversation trails, IM has both advantages and disadvantages over email – not least in security and bandwidth usage. […]

Author: Sebastian Bos

Sebastian works with Cryoserver, a email forensic company located in the UK and in the USA. He contributes with the social promotion for the Cryoserver

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