5 Helpful Tips for Adjusting to Change

Whether we are talking about a business or an individual, change is necessary for growth and improvement, but many of these have difficulties adjusting to change or resist it altogether. It goes without saying that change requires a great deal of faith. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is easier to believe in faith or preach it than it is to live by it. Learning how to cope with change is an important skill that one must attain in order to improve our companies or our lives. Reasons why Change is so difficult There are 4 primary reasons why so many individuals have a problem making changes or adjusting to them. This includes: Change is not popular – resisting change is a universal mentality that invites […]

Author: Andrew Walton

AJ Walton left home to travel the world in an effort to understand what makes us tick. He blogs at AJWalton.com

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If Money could buy Happiness, You won’t get enough Bang for Your Buck

As human beings, we oftentimes dwell too much on the unanswerable question “Can money buy happiness?” Indeed, it is an age-old question and yet so many of us have defined our happiness by the amount of assets and wealth that we have. It’s that many individuals attain more wealth over time and get richer in the process. Ironically, all the money in the world can never equal the price tag that happiness oftentimes has attached to it. So what is it that drives us to attain wealth that drives us to earn more and attain more assets and possessions? Does this truly make us happy, or is this nothing more than an illusion that will result in disappointment? Granted, money will enable you to buy […]

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The Only Habit You Need to Accomplish All Your Goals for 2015

We all know the disappointment of unachieved goals. With each new year, we set a number of goals to make this year the best, only to forget what goals we’ve set come December. For many of us, the story of passionate goal-setting followed by disappointing results is one we’re all too familiar with. But what if this cycle could end? It’s now December—a time to reflect on how far we’ve come this year, and also pause to plot the path forward. As soon as December hit this year, I began charting my goals and what I wanted to achieve for 2015. But soon, the frustration and hopelessness of not reaching my other past goals overwhelmed me like a wave. I wanted to end the cycle […]

Author: Neal Samudre

Neal Samudre is the founder of JesusHacks.com, a website dedicated to productivity and meaningful living tips derived from the life of Jesus. Follow him @NealSamudre to see more of his writing.

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How to work from home and not become a vegetable!

Wow! They are paying me a great salary but it is a ‘work from home’ opportunity: I wonder ‘how that works out in the long run’! Working from home can be easy or difficult – it all depends on our belief. We may get a work from home opportunity without even asking for it; or we may actually ask for it thinking that – it comes with lot of freedom. But lot of freedom comes with fear of inaction, boredom and isolation. Our thoughts determine: how we measure the success in our life? Some may measure the success in money and the chaos that goes behind earning money, while some may measure the success by living a simple life, yet living with lot of passion! […]

Author: Yohana Petrovic

Yohana Petrovic is a writer and educator. She has 10 years` experience in educating and now she is a proofreader at globalessays.org . You can reach her on Facebook: Yohana Petrovic

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What to Do When There Are Too Many Things to Get Done

You know that feeling of having way too many things to do. When you don’t feel like starting to work on them any time soon, and just the thought of all the tasks, projects, housework, school assignments, or else, is overwhelming you. Most of us do know how this situation looks like. And those who don’t are either the most organized people in the world, or have some secret strategies for doing a lot of work in no time and not feeling stressed. Or have just followed some or all of the simple tips I’m offering you here that may put your to-do list in order and make things manageable. 1. Eliminate some of the tasks Not everything you think you need to do is […]

Author: Lidiya K

Lidiya K is a writer in the fields of self-improvement, life hacking, human potential and minimalism. She's the creator of Let's Reach Success

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How Writing Santa Claus Can Be Good For You

Today we are in the middle of a revolution – the creative revolution. Science has found that children are way more creative than adults a long time ago – and now we know why: their minds aren’t limited by pre-conceived ideas about how things are supposed to work. Their minds use imagination to come up with solutions. As we grown up, we slowly stop exercising that imagination muscle. Mostly because we are taught how things are “supposed to work”, thus losing the need to use creativity and imagination to solve problems. Some great people out there, like Sir. Ken Robinson, have been taking action to make sure we educate our children in a way that preserves their innate creativity. If we fix the education system […]

Author: Leo Rosa Borges

Leo is a professional creative and writes about creativity on TheProfessionalCreative.com. He is the creator of GrownUpLettersToSanta.com

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Feeling Like Your Financial Adviser Doesn’t Care? Here’s 7 Tips to Get Them Listening

I was talking to a friend recently and she was telling me that her adviser was condescending, spoke with too much jargon, and didn’t appear interested in her concerns. In fact, he became irritated whenever she wanted to discuss them. She went on to say that the only time he called was to sell her something. When I tried to probe a bit and asked her why she simply didn’t find someone else, she admitted that he was her late husband’s adviser and she lacked the courage to make a change. Now granted, this is an extreme case. I literally have spoken to thousands of advisers during my career, and most went into this profession for all the right reasons. Still, like any profession, there […]

Author: Jaimie Blackman

Jaimie is president and financial advisor at BH Wealth Management. He is offering tools that help educate and equip people to make sound financial decisions.

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3 Questions You Need To Ask To Overcome Your Fears

Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins. – Charles Stanley It doesn’t matter what your fears are specifically, what matters is how you’re going to get over them. Because regardless of the type of fear you have, it can be overcome. Whether it’s fear of the dark, the opposite sex, starting a business, blogging, promoting yourself on social media, or going on a date. All these fears can be overcome, dominated, destroyed and diminished. In this mental exercise I’ll give you 3 questions you need to ask yourself to overcome your fears. 1. Will my health […]

Author: Theo J Ellis

Theo Ellis is a blogger, entrepreneur, and author of "7 Time Management Tips For Home Based Businesses". He delivers no nonsense advice via his personal development website http://justbereal.co.uk

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Three Steps to Keep Fear From Controlling You and Your Relationships

Fear stops all of us from doing things. It can also drive our behavior too – often behavior that is not good for us. Either way, when fear controls us, it’s not good. Not surprisingly, men and women respond to fear differently. While many women will readily admit their fears, most men on the other hand will not. Fear is equated with weakness for a lot of men. And there is just something about being a man that makes it very difficult to acknowledge weakness. I’d say it’s culturally bread, but I think this form of denial is learned by men in many cultures. There are actually a lot of things men can be afraid of, or at least worried about. Here’s a brief list […]

Author: Kurt Smith

Kurt Smith (LMFT, LPCC, AFC) is the Director at Guy Stuff Counseling (www.guystuffcounseling.com), a private counseling practice that specializes in counseling men and the women who love them.

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7 Ways to Create a Workplace That Breeds Success

Once upon a time, people went to work just for money. Now, so many go to work for purpose and meaning. So if your team isn’t performing the way you hoped, ask yourself if you’re fostering that sense of self-actualization, that sense of purpose/belonging that ‘ole Maslow taught us about back in the day. You’ve heard about Zappos, Beats and all the game changers in their industries. They’re not game-changers because they maintain a stone-age mentality. They’re game-changers because they promote their employees to be their best. They encourage them to do things differently. They open the door to positivity, creativity, and innovation. And their profits soar because of it. There’s More to Business Than Just Your MBO When’s the last time you high-fived someone […]

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