Fight to Win!

‘Deep within all of us there is a fight, so powerful so strong, it can overcome any fear, any obstacle, any challenge. It can even intimidate and stave off death itself, even when death is at your doorstep staring you in the face, if your reason for living is big enough’ In every unfortunate extremity that life can dare to throw at you, there is an inner fight that will bludgeon, scrap and force its way through. Deep inside your head is the ‘fight’ and when your circumstances are plotting against your purpose, dreams or the very continuation of what you consider your idealistic essence and backbone to be, when your habitual subsistence is provoked it will give you the commanding jolt you need. A […]

Author: Kris Barnes

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5 Questions To Catalyze Big Change

No matter what you want to change:- career, relationship, body, mind, the catalyst always comes down to one thing:- you. You, and you alone, are the vehicle driving the force of change in your life. Trust me when I say that you would be completely amazed by the power you have within you to create miracles in your life. If someone had told me that 2 years ago, I would have cried with relief. I was working in a highly competitive job in Investment Banking and high-octane stress had become second nature to me. I had a busy social life filled with superficial relationships that did not fulfil me. I had all the financial security everyone tells you to work so hard for, yet nothing […]

Author: Jessica Heslop

Jessica Heslop is the founder of which provides inspiration and tools that support people to create a life filled with authenticity, abundance, infinite love and joy.

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The Real Truth About Lasting Weight Loss-Why Diets Don’t Work (and What Does)

Imagine for a moment you have $1000 to invest. After giving it much thought, you decide to put your money in a mutual fund because a financially-competent friend gave a glowing recommendation. However, just before you pull the trigger and invest, you read an analyst’s report that details the fund’s historical return. You discover that this investment promises quick short-term gains—but 80 percent of people who buy it end up losing their entire initial investment. For most people, this would prompt an easy decision: save your money. When it comes to weight loss and diets though, turns out we like to gamble. A staggering 80 percent of overweight dieters fail to keep the weight off … yet 108 million men and women still pour billions […]

Author: Scott Christ

Scott Christ is the founder of Healthy Recipe Club, a monthly delivery service of simple and healthy real food recipes that take no more than 30 minut

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5 Ways To Cope With Workplace Stress

Workplace stress happens to the best of us. Even if you love your job, there are going to be days where you are likely to feel overwhelmed, overwrought or just plain stressed out. Things won’t always go your way. People won’t always deliver things to you on time, or do things the way that you’d want them to. Deadlines get moved, pressure gets ramped up and clients can be a nightmare. The more importance you put on your work, the more stressful it can become. But that doesn’t mean you should start slacking and not putting so much into what you do – well, not really. Think about it – that job you had when you were in college or as a teen wasn’t that […]

Author: Jo Casey

Jo Casey’s motto is ‘Work Happy’ Jo shows people how live calmer, happier & more purposeful lives.

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What’s In Your Web?

Think all spiders are basically slackers just waiting around for home food delivery? Stop and look closer. Sure, some of them may not have any ‘gusto’, but the more industrious ones are driven to succeed. You’ll find not just one web but two, three or even four of them ready for the catch of the day. One might be larger (for the big hauls) and the others will be smaller (hey, snacks can be a meal!), but they are set up and ready. Pretty smart thinking on the spider’s part. Different size webs, kept within a defined area that was manageable. Think about it. You wouldn’t find a crab or lobster fisherman just setting out one trap, would you? Now, think about your own webs…your […]

Author: Brad Apling

I've dirtied my hands in archeology digs, computers, researching, volunteering, and writing. I'm still at it...

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How to Stop Black-and-White Thinking from Destroying Your Life

“Black” or “white”, “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad”, “smart” or “stupid”, “strong” or “weak”. Do you live your life in black and white terms? Is your mood in constant fluctuation, going from great to depressed in under one minute? Many people suffer from this black-and-white thinking pattern, which is greatly influenced by their childhood and earlier experiences. The all or nothing type of thinking can seriously damage your sense of self, well-being, happiness, and relationships. How do I know? Because I am a recovering black-and-white thinker. I, too, used to see the world as a scary place, where you have to be prepared for the worst, where some people are good and others are bad (but most are bad and can’t be trusted), and […]

Author: Adelina Moisan

Adelina Moisan is a self-improvement, personal growth and fitness enthusiast who shares her knowledge and experience with readers on, where she aims to teach people how to take better care of their bodies and minds.

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Five Tough Spring Cleaning Projects and How to Tackle Them

When the birds return and the grass starts turning green, we want to fling open windows and set to scrubbing the house down from top to bottom to match the fresh new season outside. Spring cleaning can be hard work, but it can be made easy, too! (Permanently) Foggy Glass Shower Doors No, it’s not the remnants of your steamy shower. It’s a winter’s worth of soap scum built up on your once crystal clear doors. There are two solutions that can get those doors looking pristine again. The first is to use white vinegar in a spray bottle or to use a soap scum removal product (vinegar fixes a lot of house cleaning problems). Avoid using abrasive products or items to scrub it clean; […]

Author: Hannah Whittenly

Hannah is a full time mother of two and a freelance writer from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys writing in many niches of blogging, but some of her favorites are family, business, and creative home improvement.

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Happy and Healthy Marriage – Your Wife Might be More Upset Than You Think

Marriage isn’t always easy. That’s a fact. Relationships take work. We all know that. What we may not know is how to do the work or when there’s nothing left to be done. There are things you can do to improve your union in an attempt to preserve it, as well as to have a happy and healthy marriage. Start with these suggestions. Be Self-Centered That’s right. Focus on yourself. See what you can do to make things better and to promote change in your relationship. We can’t make other people change. Figure out what tangible steps you can take toward improving interactions with your partner. Along these same lines, learn to use “I statements.” These are statements in which you focus on sharing with […]

Author: Erika Remmington

Erika is a recent UC Berkeley graduate in Linguistics with a minor in business. She is married and has an 18 month old daughter. She has been free-lance writing for 3 years.

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7 Ways to Brag Without Sounding Like You’re Bragging

I bet you have some great stories. Almost everyone has something interesting or memorable about them which makes for good cocktail party fodder. Take my friend Tom, for example. Tom went to West Point, then spent a few years in a U.S. Army special forces unit where his job was to parachute deploy into warzones from helicopters. That’s right — his job was to jump out of helicopters. And he didn’t stop there. While still active duty, Tom wrote two books and started a boutique publishing company. If he wasn’t such a nice guy, I’d probably hate him. His background is so incredible, that it’s hard to imagine how he can talk about his background at all without coming off as an insufferable jerk. Tom […]

Author: John Corcoran

John Corcoran is an attorney and former Writer in the Clinton White House, and founder of You can download his free, 52-page ebook, How to Build Income in 14 Days by Building Relationships with Influencers, Even if you Hate Networking

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10 Ways to Stop All That Drama in Your Life

1. Choose – Diplomacy or Silence?  As you grow up you realize that being honest and straightforward doesn’t mean you blurt out everything that comes into your mind. You have two choices, either you learn to be diplomatic or if that route is too political for you, then learn to keep quiet! If you choose neither then you will only create trouble for yourself. 2. Do not give advice unless asked for While we can never watch our near and dear ones suffer.  Unless you are a parent you better keep your opinions to yourself. No one likes to hear how he or she should lead his or her life. Plus, the advice would always be better received when the other person is open and […]

Author: Tanvi

Tanvi Rastogi blogs at ∞ ∞ where she shares her sartorial experiments and musings from everyday life. She also owns an e-store Crazy & Co. where she curates unique and handcrafted pieces from all over the world. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter

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