3 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Drop Out Of The Race, Here’s How To Prevent It.

It is so easy right now to start a business working out of your home but it is not actually quite so easy to make that business, start making you money. And this is where a lot of entrepreneurs find themselves. And this is why a lot of entrepreneurs quit. How can you make sure that you do not become one of these people that this happens to? Do you know these three major issues that cause entrepreneur to drop out of the race? 1. Stuck in Reverse Are you stuck looking back at all the mistakes you have made and the reasons why you think you cannot succeed as an entrepreneur? Maybe you think that because no one in your family has ever done […]

Author: Rosemary Nonny Knight

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7 Simple Techniques to Activate Your Creativity

Are you expected to deliver creative work on a daily basis? Sometimes the flow of ideas comes naturally, but there are also times when you cannot awaken this state of mind no matter how hard you try. It’s like you have a creative capacity – when you use the ‘allowance’, your brain goes blank and it refuses to collaborate. Don’t be devastated; you can find a way to get out of that state. Jonah Kehrer, the author of Imagine: How Creativity Works, revealed an important detail: a man’s imagination is harmonious with other kinds of cognition; it does not work separately. The creative function of the brain is dependent upon its ability to approach an issue from a different viewpoint by combining information, insights, and […]

Author: Antonio Tooley

Antonio is a New Jersey-based hopeless optimist who enjoys basking in the world's brightest colors. He loves biking and he is a writer at EduGeeksClub

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3 Ways Of Dealing With The Pain Of Rejection

We all experience rejection throughout our life. No matter if it happens in dating, in social settings, in sports, at our job or even in our committed relationships. It always hurts and often when we get rejected we gang up on ourselves, adding fuel to the fire. We blame ourselves by taking on all that went wrong and thinking, “how did I cause the rejection?” But are we really responsible? When we experience rejection, we experience pain. In a study involving fMRI scanners, researchers Eisenberger, Lieberman and Williams found that rejection triggers the same pathways in our brain as physical pain. In a further experiment Eisenberger and colleagues tried treating rejection pain with over the counter painkillers and participants reported that, while still feeling rejected, […]

Author: Falk

Falk is a sex, relationship and intimacy coach. He is also one of the founders and teachers at desire.guru where he runs online and live classes and workshops.

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5 Steps To Reinvent Your Life By Traveling

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller Whenever I want to make a change in my life, I choose to travel. I’ve tried self-help books, Internet videos, and local programs – but nothing seems to work so effectively as the open road. When I engaged in meaningful travel for the first time, I realized that so much of it was geared towards personal development. I was afforded time away from my stressors and triggers at home, while having sufficient time to develop and discover myself. And in the process, I received a perspective on life that I could not have acquired anywhere else. For 18 months I traveled from the spiritual paradise of Bali, Indonesia – […]

Author: Rylan Urban

Rylan is a motivational writer teaching how to Reinvent Yourself Through Travel. Start your own journey? Visit http://reinventivetravel.com and get your own step-by-step, life-changing guide for FREE!

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How To Help Your Heartbroken Friend Become Normal Like Before

I exactly know how it feels, the pain is really unimaginable. No matter how cheered up person you are in your daily life, once your heart breaks everything comes to rest. You literally then don’t wanna enjoy life or should I say you almost forget how to enjoy life. There was a time when your friend used to be the heartbeat of everyone, the shining star of every party, the person full of life but now your friend is unable to smile even. There are different reasons for being heartbroken, some get separated due to their family pressures or some get separated because one of them ditched the other. To be very true I have seen one of close friend of mine being in this […]

Author: Karan Bhagat

He loves to write for people seeking valuable information. You can see a small section of his work at Healthy Relationships

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5 Mindset Shifts That Helped Me Lose 40 Pounds

Although many people focus on diet and exercise programs to achieve weight loss, I believe that the most important and often overlooked factor is a person’s mindset. At the start of my career as a nutritionist I soon realized that losing weight and becoming healthy is not primarily about food, exercise or other lifestyle habits. Don’t get me wrong, what you put in your mouth and how you move your body matters. However, it is clear to me that having a huge appetite, craving unhealthy foods, and experiencing blood sugar swings, low energy and laziness, are just manifestations of some deep and real causes. My own success at losing over 40 lbs. of fat, as well as my experience working with hundreds of women, has […]

Author: Osha Key

Osha Key is a life lover, certified nutritionist, weight loss expert and the creator of the FREE Weight loss video training series at www.LovetarianDetox.com

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How to Achieve Success When You Are 20

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein You may not have thought about it, but every person wants to achieve success. Of course, there are many ideas about what success is; it can be earning money, having a strong family, or winning many friends. However, the real success is to be happy. When you are 20, you have so many possibilities ahead, and what is also important – you have a chance to achieve success not sacrificing your personal life. Here are 7 ways you can become more successful: #1: Try something new Have you ever dreamed about traveling around the globe? If yes, it is your chance, and you’d better not […]

Author: Andrew Howe

I am fond of writing and languages, so I've created a tool Adverbless.com to help people improve their writing skills. I like to keep in touch with different people and meet new friends.

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7 harmful eating habits that cripple your productivity (and what to do about it)

Skipping lunch to get ahead of your work is not giving you the productive advantage you expect, after all. Putting in longer hours doesn’t equal more productivity, and putting in longer hours while eating poorly is a surefire way to get a lot less done. In our busy world with endless tasks to complete, the way we eat has dramatically deteriorated. Our eating habits have disappeared from our concerns. Cheap, unhealthy meals and snacks on-the-go have become the norm. This disconnect from our food has worse effects than weight-gain and heart-related diseases. Giving our bodies a nutrient depleted supply of food paired with poor eating habits is one of the main factors that alter productivity, energy levels, focus, attention, concentration, working memory, learning, creativity and […]

Author: Liv Faye

Liv Faye is a healthy eating blogger passionate about teaching people how to make smarter eating choices. You can get her free guide on making healthy eating easier at her blog, cravethebenefits.com.

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Five Useful Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping….it can be the bane of our existence at times. We want to make healthy food choices and buy what is best for us and our family, but we want to keep our total bill to a manageable level. Sometimes the balancing act between good for you and good for the pocketbook can be a battle. Oftentimes we enter the grocery store with the best intentions, but we end up buying more that we need and buying more of the stuff that isn’t entirely the best for our bodies. How can we buy healthier on a budget? The following five tips will help you accomplish that goal. Tip #1: Shop the Perimeter Your good ol’ neighborhood grocery store features a layout that is custom […]

Author: Hugo-Alexandre Leveille

I’m a 26-year-old author who has devoted himself to helping others improve their lives through fitness. Contributor at Body Fitness Expert

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Three Top Tips for Maximizing Your Motivation

What’s your motivation challenge right now? Is it getting fit? Looking for a new job? Going back to study? Losing weight? Sticking to a budget? How are those New Years’ resolutions going? Motivation is the key link between having goals and actually achieving them. We’ve all had experiences at both ends of the motivation spectrum and the many shades in between. This is natural – motivation is not a stable trait in anyone. It can fluctuate week to week, day to day, even hour to hour. Knowing this can help us to ride the waves, without giving too much credence to the ebbs and flows. If you need a bit of a boost in order to get started, however, here are my top three tips […]

Author: Averil Linn

Averil's mission is to make mental wellbeing something we talk about as easily as physical health. She writes from a decade's experience in psychology & behavior change at her site This Short Life.

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