3 Fresh Productivity Hacks to Get More Done

Do you want to tackle your to-do list, but you’re just not sure how? I share your passion for productivity, but sometimes I get stuck in a rut feeling like my productivity has stagnated. One thing that works great when this happens, that you can do right now, is to start some fresh productivity hacks to get you back on track. Sometimes all you need is that little push of a few fresh ideas which make productivity fun again. Here are 3 fresh productivity hacks to get you motivated and accomplishing even more in less time. 1. Momentum Momentum (https://momentumdash.com) is a free Google Chrome extension that appears every time you open a new tab in the Google Chrome browser. It displays a beautiful background […]

Author: Garik Himebaugh

Garik Himebaugh is passionate about helping freelancers and entrepreneurs be more productive and get 10x results. You can find him at TurboResults.com

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EARTH DAY – Earth VS Man? No, Let Us Join Hand in Hand

It was like something out of a movie. The small boy sat, gazing in awe at the numerous sign boards and infographics that littered the main streets of Karachi City. What did it all mean? ‘Earth Day’ was what they called it. The multiple events and functions that hailed this special day had made it very clear that this was the day that Mankind would make a desperate plea to his fellow brethren to stop attacking the planet we inhabit. It was the day for event organizers to state their case—to make it perfectly clear that this is our world and we have a duty and obligation to protect Earth at all costs. It was noble. It was valiant; it would surely change the face […]

Author: Muhammad Saad Iqbal

Field Engineer, Well Production Services & Frac Operations, Sprint Oil & Gas Services

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How To Deal With Setbacks. A Fool-Proof Strategy To Get You Back On Track

Let your mind drift for a moment… You’re in a perfect place—a place where every morning you wake up feeling confident, ready to take on the world and win. In this place, everything always works out. Struggling to imagine that? Yep, me too. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. It has its ups and downs. If you’re not careful, the ‘downs’ can force you onto a slippery slope of negativity and low self-esteem. Setbacks happen. You need to deal with them quickly to prevent negative thinking from taking over. So how do you that? Having a strategy will help. Some time ago, while I was in the Armed Forces, I was invited to spend a week submerged at sea in one of the Royal […]

Author: Mike McClement

Self-improvement author and coach. Founder Think Confidence. Passionate about helping people to have the self-confidence to maximise their potential and enjoy life to the full.

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6 Tools to Increase Your Self-Employed Productivity

The benefits of being self-employed are stunningly obvious to those who have decided to take the plunge. The freedom and flexibility it creates and the sense of being in control of your own destiny are a dream come true. For many, self-employment is an empowering and rewarding – both personally and financially – career move. Sometimes, however, self-employment comes with downsides. Maybe without a manager breathing down your neck, you can get more easily distracted from the tasks at hand, or struggle for motivation. Perhaps being the only person to do the work makes you feel as though you have far too much work to do and far too little time in which to do it. Whatever your reasons, you may be looking for a […]

Author: Michael Catford

Michael is a bearded Australian with a love of travel, that quickly developed into a love of writing while he was trying to document his adventures.

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How To Change Careers Without Losing Your Mind

You hate your job. The economic outlook in your field is grim. You’ve moved and there are no openings in your area of expertise. You’re still too young to retire though. Whatever the reason for considering a new line of employment, knowing how to make a career change can seem like a daunting task. Break the thought process down into bite-sized chunks, weigh the benefits and consequences and tap into a new line of work with these ten tips. What’s Your Motive? Check the reasons why you want to change careers. Is it money? More time with family? The prestige of a new career? Understanding your mindset will guide your decision-making process. If it’s more free time you seek, a labor-intensive field may not be […]

Author: Sarah Smith

Sarah is a writer, she works with many real estate business owner to upskill their current license to further their employment prospects.

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2 Strategies to Get Your Business Unstuck

Is your business stuck, paralyzed, not moving forward? You know where you want to be 5 years from now, do you feel like you’re on the right path to achieving it, or does it seem like the days tick by without you getting any closer to those dreams? For most of us, the second one is our reality. We spend our time tackling the items on our to-do lists, the things that seem the most pressing, ignoring our bigger goals for ourselves. But if life is a summary of our days and we spend those days on the unfulfilling stuff, then doesn’t that add up to—the horror—an unfulfilling life? You deserve so much more. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case. Taking control of […]

Author: Karen Knode Trepte

Karen Trepte is a Productivity Coach that helps entrepreneurs be more productive so they can make more money and have more time to do the things they love to do.

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Should I Get a Loan? : Ask Yourself These Questions

Getting a loan is serious business. Nearly everything in life requires a financial backing to make a large purchase unless you have plenty of money. A loan will allow you to build a new home, buy a car or build a building that will benefit hundreds of people. Before jumping out there and going into debt, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Making sure you can take on a loan is just as important as the approval. Can My Income Justify This Loan? The debt to ratio may seem okay on paper, but you know your financial situation way better than the banks. See, they don’t factor in all the extra costs like your dry cleaning and your home’s utility bills. After you […]

Author: Tully Rickets

Tully is planning to start his business in Australia. He is new to saving and investing, he has been learning a lot by reading the personal finance and business blog.

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How to Stay Motivated at The Gym

You walk into the gym, throw on your gym shoes, and you are off to the races. Starting with a brisk walk on the treadmill, every second feels like an eternity. After a short ten-minute walk you decide to do some stretching, but as time passes you contemplate making a swift move back to the change room, leaving unnoticed. How do you avoid the unenviable? How do you stay motivated without spending a fortune on a personal trainer there to push you through the hard times? Look no further. Here are some quick tips on how to stay motivated at the gym. 1. Find a gym buddy. Go to the gym with a close friend or co-worker who you believe will motivate and push you […]

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4 Essential Checkups You Should Have Each Year

It can be difficult to get yourself to regularly visit the doctor, but it is an essential process to ensure that you are healthy. Getting the right checkups and screenings will allow you to stay in the best physical shape possible. If you develop any health problems, then they will be caught and treated in a timely manner. These are the four essential checkups you should have each year. Annual Physical Every doctor recommends that their patients come in at least once a year for an annual physical exam. Since there are so many medical conditions that can occur without presenting many physical symptoms, the annual physical is necessary to ensure you remain healthy. Your blood pressure, heart and lungs will be the primary things […]

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How to Study Online Courses : 7 Best Study Methods

Most colleges are now offering online courses, ranging from a single elective course to a full online degree program. There are thousands of degree programs that you can finish without ever visiting a college campus. For many, one of the challenges of finishing an online course or degree program is the studying. Without physically being in a class with fellow students, professors and even study assistants, some students struggle with studying at home. Luckily with a little discipline, studying at home for online courses can be just as effective as studying with peers in a campus classroom. All you need to do is follow these seven simple study methods to ace your online courses without ever having to step foot in a classroom. These methods […]

Author: Delan Cooper

is part of a team at NREL who provides real estate online courses. He works with many real estate business owner to upskill their current license to further their employment prospects.

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