8 Mind Hacks That Give You Instant Results

Learning never exhausts the mind Leonardo da Vinci I have many weaknesses. I struggle to engage in conversation. Having to call up someone triggers a strong resistance in my brain, so I avoid the phone and use email instead. I do have some strengths though. Like I can remember dialogs from my favorite movies from 20 years ago. I am good with numbers. For example, I memorize that a trip takes exactly 43, and not 45, minutes. I am precise in obsessive ways sometimes, which infuriates my wife. To overcome my weaknesses and gather new incredible strengths, I am on a never ending quest for brain hacks. The type of mind tricks that give you fast results with limited effort. Overall, I haven’t been very […]

Author: Antoine Ribordy

Antoine's mission is to teach people how they can create an inspiring lifestyle that they control. His results-focused approach is based on best practices in psychology, coaching and learning.

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14 Things Only Shy People Understand

Being a shy person has its perks (oh, it does!), but it also has a long list of not-so-great consequences that only we—shy people—can understand. While shy people are always on the safe side when it comes to arguments and dirty politics (we prefer to stay out of), their opinions can sometimes be lost and unheard, making it difficult for other people to connect and understand us. As service to shy people who have difficulty communicating what goes on in their minds, we decided to write up a piece to help people understand them better. Here are a few things only shy people will understand. People think we’re snobs just because we don’t socialize: Seriously, this is quiet frustrating. While people may not say it […]

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3 Monumental Startup Disasters And How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Them

Startup culture and entrepreneurship in the US is on the rise. The darlings of Silicon Valley – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat to name a few – have all started with a simple concept. Along the road of their development, huge fortunes have been gained. These are the glorious stories of success we watch in films like “The Social Network” that likely put people under the misconception that anyone can be an overnight millionaire. Less attention is paid, however, to those who missed out. Like that Beatles drummer who left the party before it started, some entrepreneurs failed to protect their ideas and got swept aside as the stakes grew. This article delves into three intriguing case studies of the unfortunate few who are now […]

Author: Kyle Kivett

Kyle Kivett is an editor at Legal Templates (www.legaltemplates.net), often covering current social news and up-to-date legal topics.

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How NOT to Try and Help People in Times of Stress

Whether you are a kind, helpful person or an egoistic introvert, you will always find yourself in a situation when you can’t help but to feel sorry for a person and try your best to support him or her. Of course, there are people who are urging to look friendly and supportive for their own benefit, but there are surely a lot of people who mean it from the heart. Now, the problem sometimes is that people might not realise that what they are doing is actually doing more harm than good, it’s especially common with those in love. With time, couples realize how and what to do, they adjust to each other, but if it only concerns someone just trying to show attention and […]

Author: Anton Mironov

I am a copywriter and a translator for a new start-up called askhlp.com (http://askhlp.com/). I also write for http://tellmeaboutimmigration.com/

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5 Ways to Achieve Any Goal

You are frustrated! You passionately desire to move from where you are to that grand goal you have set for yourself. The only problem is that you seems to fall short of reaching your goal every single time. The passion just seem to die off over time. You are perplexed! What happened? You started out with so much excitement, your goals and the thought of accomplishing them put a spring on your steps every single time. Somewhere along the line things changed and you simply lost track of time! You wonder what you could have done differently. Well, your frustration is understandable and the good news is the scenario can change. Incorporating these 5 proven steps will help you accomplish your goals every single time. […]

Author: Bola Olayanju

Bola Olayanju is an entrepreneur who loves to write inspiring articles that will energize readers to live their best life now. You can find her post at InspiringNugget.com

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6 Manageable Steps to Life Goals Achievement

There are many steps one can take to achieve their goals. Though different, they all have one thing in common; you can only go so far, if you do not take them together. Yes, they are all important in building the right character for success in an individual, but the trick in building this persona, is to implement all these steps into one’s lifestyle. The below are the steps so discussed. Set Realistic Goals Before you go for what you want, you have to know exactly what you want; this is the first step in achieving your goals. There are short term goals and long term goals. Write them down, most preferably in a diary that you should be carrying around with you and arrange […]

Author: Zohair Sharif

I am a digital marketer, writer, blogger and entrepreneur. I like to write and develop educational and inspirational material to help bring value to other's lives.

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5 Tips to Use Social Media for eLearning Content

So you want to promote your eLearning content on social media. Well, you’re not the only one. These days, everyone and their mother is trying to promote their business on social media. So the question is, how do you stand out in a sea of content that seeks not only to educate, but entertain? It’s not as easy as it looks, so here is some actionable advice you can use to reach your social media goals. 1. Make sure you’re using your audience’s time wisely Understand that, if you’re promoting your stuff on someone’s Facebook timeline, you’re essentially intruding into their space, so it’s important not to waste anyone’s time. Make sure that the content you’re promoting is, first and foremost, interesting, applicable and relevant […]

Author: Nina Mitchell

Nina Mitchell is a writer expert and content creator at custom writing service Ace Writers. She loves write about college students life in social media.

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Why You Need Good Writing Skills To Survive College

Anyone can write. But not everyone can write well. College requires a lot of writing.This isn’t like high school where you can pass a 500-word essay about your reflection on a movie and get away with an easy A+. College writing involves more analysis, citing of facts and days of research. You will encounter professors who might require you to submit different kinds of writing assignments. It can be in the form of book reviews, essays or term papers. Although, you haven’t signed up for an English class, you might be surprised that many subjects require a lot of writing works. Writing Helps You Understand Concepts Better The reason why college professors make you write reports is because they want to evaluate how much you […]

Author: Armela Escalona

Armela is a content editor at www.scoopfed.com. She helps coaches attract clients and build their business online. For more details, visit http://www.yaelconsulting.com/seo-consulting-service/.

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How to Get Great Testimonials for Your Business

Social proof is a great way to bring credibility to your business, and to encourage people to buy from you. But all too often, either clients are too busy to give you a testimonial, or they don’t know how to write a testimonial that will increase your credibility instead of simply being white noise on your website. If you’ve encountered these obstacles in getting testimonials for your business, here’s a three-step method you can use to start getting testimonials THIS WEEK: Step one: Ask your clients if they’d be willing to answer a few quick questions. First, send your clients an email to thank them for working with you, and to see if they’d be willing to help you reach more people. It could say […]

Author: Stephanie O'Brien

Stephanie is a marketing expert, business coach and copywriter. She helps coaches to attract more clients and build a lifestyle-friendly business. To learn more, visit www.coachclientconnection.com.

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Video Games and Relationships: A List of Pros and Cons

Video games are more popular today than they have ever been in the past. The appeal of video games isn’t limited to one gender or age group either. People of all ages and genders enjoy spending time playing a wide variety of games using an equally wide variety of devices. This upswing in popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Because of this, many people have expressed concerns over the potential for playing video games to have a negative impact. One particular area of concern is the way that video games could negatively affect relationships. There is certainly scientific and anecdotal evidence to support this. On the other hand, there is also some evidence that shows that playing video games can bring a couple closer […]

Author: Julie Ellis

Julie Ellis - regular blogger for Premier Essay, has never found a topic to be uninteresting. Check her Twitter to find more.

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