10 Working From Home Tips That Are Guaranteed To Make You Extra Productive

By Jasmin Humphrey

September 26, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

working from home tips

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up promising yourself that you’ll have a successfully productive day…but you end up sitting in front of the television all day instead?

This used to happen to me quite a lot when I first started working from home. I’d lounge around in my pajamas all morning, trying to find the motivation to do something. And, well, I never found it.

Then, one morning, I decided that enough was enough! I needed to change my routine. Otherwise, I’d end up being a lazy, unsuccessful and miserable woman- and that doesn’t sound appealing to anyone.

Here’s my list of 10 working from home tips that can make your day more productive than ever.

Get dressed

As much as I love being in my pajamas, I never ever get anything done in them. It’s just a fact for me now. Pajamas were invented to wear to bed or to watch TV in. So, get out of them now and throw on a nice (and clean) outfit and get to work. You’ll feel much better.

Make a list

This is one of my favorite things to do before I begin a productive day. Setting goals and writing them down makes me feel much more organized and I’m sure it’ll help you, too. Once you’ve completed a task from your list, you’ll get that great satisfaction of crossing the task off of your list and starting your next chore.

Clear distractions

working at home tips

Now, everyone has different distractions. These can be social media, your phone or the television.

You’ll never get anything done if you give in to these distractions all day. After all, they are just that, distractions. So, get rid of them! Hide your phone, throw away the biscuits, turn off the television and focus on the things you need to be concentrating on.

Don’t multitask

Not only does multitasking stress your brain out, it also stops you from giving your 100% concentration on your tasks. It’s much better to focus on one task at a time and complete it successfully rather than rush a bunch of tasks at once.

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Eat healthier

This one may sound a bit weird. How will eating healthy make you more productive?

Well, it’s a fact that junk food can make you put on weight and make you mentally slower and less motivated, too. Try snacking on walnuts as they are a powerful weapon against binge eating and depression.

Take regular breaks

You don’t want to burn all your energy out by trying to take on too much at once. Set your alarm at regular intervals throughout the day and allow yourself some time to relax in-between tasks.

Go for a walk

walking exercise

For this one, you’re going to have to actually step outside your house. But, trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Just a 15-minute walk will help clear your mind and you’ll be feeling much more productive when you get back. After all, research shows that regular exercise can make you feel happier, smarter and more energetic. This walk can be included in one of your regular breaks.

Reward yourself

Now, this one I love! I mean, who doesn’t like rewards?

Refer back to your list and promise yourself that after completing 3 tasks, you’ll reward yourself with a little something. It can be a 5-minute Facebook break or one piece of chocolate. Whatever floats your boat.

Write tomorrow’s to-do list tonight

By this point, you’ve hopefully had an extra productive day, but you don’t want this to just be a one-off. So, write a list of all the things you want to achieve tomorrow. This will make your morning easier and you’ll wake up knowing exactly what you need to do. It also crosses one task off your list before the day’s even started.

Get an early night

Did you know that 1 in 5 adults don’t get enough sleep? Don’t let that 1 in 5 be you!

Lack of sleep can affect your alertness, productivity, stress levels and problem-solving skills. So, give yourself a regular bedtime schedule and try your hardest to get enough sleep. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

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And there we have it, my 10 working from home tips that are guaranteed to make your day more productive. They might not work for everyone, but they certainly worked for me. What’s the harm in giving them a try?


Jasmin Humphrey

I run, I write and I take a lot of pictures of dog. My passion is writing and I have a Creative Writing BA Hons degree from the University of Greenwich. If I'm not typing on my laptop then I'm in a coffee shop somewhere writing billions of ideas down in my notepad.

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