Who You Go to for Advice Will Determine Your Success


August 19, 2009   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

If you go to your mom for advice every time something goes wrong then I hate to tell you, but you have a problem. Your mom may be a genius, but she isn’t a genius in all areas of life. It’s time to expand your advisors in order to help you in every aspect of your life.

The ability to create a great career depends greatly on your support systems. When you have people in your life who can help you through barriers, losses, and transitions, you have a solid foundation that can’t be shaken.

You only need two types of support systems.

They are…

  1. You
    The number one support is you. By developing your emotional intelligence, you build inner strength that supports your choices. You are your first defense against career disdain.

You have a lot of inner strength; you just need to learn to tap into it. You can start by listening to your needs and making an effort to fulfill them. Try making a list of all your strengths and see if you can utilize them more at your present job. If not then it’s time to find a new job.

Your emotional balance during both good and stressful times is vital to your success. If you are unable to comfort yourself when your boss shoots down a project you’ve spent countless hours on, then you aren’t going to make a smart decision. You must learn to develop that inner strength that allows you to stay calm and happy, even in the face of adversity.

The more you practice listening to your needs, the better you’ll get at accomplishing your goals.

  • People Support Systems
    I ask for advice from my mother, wife, father, brother, and my friends (Brian, Stavros, Luke…and the list goes on). I do this because they all give me unique perspectives that help me make the smartest choice. I’m also prone to getting swept away by my emotions. I’ve been susceptible to falling in love with ideas and running with them until I realized that they didn’t fit in with the future me.

The More Diverse the Better
By talking to a wide range of people who all think differently, I am able to make wise decisions. That’s why diverse companies thrive in down turns. They have many different perspectives on business and can help adjust the company’s goals to fit in with the new economy.

Make Yourself Useful
The people who stick with you either love you or they see your potential to help them in the future. I’ve had friends drop me because they just couldn’t see why I was worth the effort. I can be high maintenance, trying to prod people for new perspectives when they don’t feel like using that part of their brain.

I’ve learned to try to give as much as I take. That means listening to people’s problems and helping them make smart decisions. I’ll even give people marketing ideas that they might never use; anything to show them that I want to help.

Who Do You Go to for Advice?
Who is in your Jedi Council that helps you become stronger, smarter and have more fun with what you do?

Your advisors can really help lead you to your dream career, so don’t take them lightly. Don’t be afraid to talk to people who will disagree with you. They usually end up being more helpful than your mom, who will probably always tell you how wonderful and smart your choices are.

Written on 8/19/2009 by Karl Staib. Karl writes about unlocking and kicking open the door to working happy at his own blog: Work Happy Now! If you enjoyed this article, you may like to subscribe to his feed, follow him on Twitter or read one of his most popular articles, What do I do if I’m unhappy at Work?. Photo Credit: Don Fulano

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