When I Give Someone Flowers, What Message is the Color Sending?


Flowers have long been used to convey our innermost feelings. Say it with flowers and you have a good chance of declaring your undying love and devotion to the woman or man of your dreams. These days it is common to gift flowers for Valentine’s day, birthdays or anniversaries.

But who says we only have to gift flowers for obvious occasions. Instead surprise your dream date/partner with flowers when they least expect it. In additon, be different. Don’t keep giving the same flowers – be unique! Here is the message you are sending based on the color and type of flower you choose.

  • Roses
    Roses come in many variations and colors. They are a popular choice for stating your romantic feelings and you’d have to be hard-pressed to find a woman who doesn’t like to be romanced with roses. But a rose ain’t a rose unless you decipher the meaning of its color.
  • Red: Red roses are the universal language of love. It states “I love you” if given to your lady. It also speaks of desire and passion.
  • White: White roses declare your eternal love for the girl of your dreams. They also convey the message that she is worthy, showing her your respect as an equal. If your love is pure then white roses are a great gift for the woman of your dreams.
  • Yellow: Yellow roses are associated with jealousy and friendship. In the end the meaning is conveyed through the context in which you gift the rose to a woman.
  • Red & White: Given together, these two colors demonstrate unity, togetherness.
  • Pink: Pink roses are the sign of happiness.
  • Carnations
    Carnations are most likely a second choice to roses in the context of love. They are a popular flower for bouquets and ideally mixed with other colors and flowers to make an attractive and meaningful combination.

    • Red: Red carnations are given for love. They also speak of passion and courage.
    • Pink: Pink carnations denote a show of confidence and thankfulness. These flowers are more gentle and low-key to the obvious red.
    • White: White carnations are often chosen in context with purity and spirituality. If your love is pure, strong and secure then these flowers are a good choice.
    • Peach: Peach carnations show your devotion, your desire for the woman of your dreams.
    • Yellow: Yellow carnations are often given to invoke friendship, joy and happiness.
    • Purple: Purple carnations can be a sign of love at first sight or else they demonstrate your commitment to your girl.
  • Bird Of Paradise (Strelitzia)
    The Bird Of Paradise is a tropical flower originating in South Africa. We have come to associate its beauty with uniqueness and rarity. Just like the Strelitzia is unique in its appereance, by gifting this flower to a woman you celebrate her uniqueness in the world.
  • Orchids
    Orchids are mystical and exquisite. If you want to show the woman of your dreams just how special she is, then give her orchids. You can choose from around 20,000 variations of orchids. Expect to dig deep into your pockets though as orchids are certainly not cheap.
  • Lily
    Lilies are a wonderful, stately flower and often given in reverie. They carry a mysterious air and go beyond the usual flowers of choice when it comes to matters of the heart. If you want to be a little more sophisticated, then consider giving a lily or a whole bunch of them to your lover. Lilies are not just associated with funerals, they can just as well be used to say “I love you” to that special person in your life.
  • White: White Lilies declare unconditional love. You mean the world to your partner.
  • Peruvian lilies: They represent devotion and friendship.
  • Orange: The orange lily shows passion, desire.
  • Yellow: Giving a yellow lily can demonstrate feelings of gay love.

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