5 Phrases To Help You Raise Your Salary

By Scott Butcher

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

what is the best way to ask for a raise

If you haven’t received a salary increase for a long time, then it’s time to remind your superiors about it yourself. Scott Butcher explains how to properly ask for a salary and what arguments to give in favor of increasing it.

“I overfulfilled the plan by … percent”

how to ask for a raise

This also includes the number of clients attracted, closed deals, articles written, and so on. Operate in numbers. Statistics, mixed with an eloquent story of your accomplishments, are the best argument in favor of higher wages.

Bad option:

I work here the most. The rest don’t sell anything at all. But I make sales every day!

A good option:

For these two quarters, I sold 1.5 times more services than planned, attracted 50 new customers who became regular, and became the best seller of the year 4 times. Based on these results, can we revise my salary?

“I know how to make everything work even better”

Do you have an active innovative solution to improve the efficiency of the company? Fine! This is your chance to point out to your superiors how valuable you are. Share the solution with your manager, demonstrating your value. Just don’t show all the cards at once. Leave something for last so that your contribution does not go unnoticed.

Bad option:

I came up with something here, but I won’t tell anyone until you raise my salary by 44%. And give me a separate office. And a helicopter. And a bag of sweets.

A good option:

I analyzed the work of the department, identified its weaknesses, and found a solution to how to strengthen them. I have a ready-made instruction document for implementing my proposal into work. According to my calculations, the results can be seen in a week. Sales forecasts show 20% growth in sales over the next two months. I am ready to personally supervise this project. I think it would be fair to also revise the level of my salary.

“My salary is below market”

If you are an expert in your field, then this must necessarily be reflected in your salary. How do you know if you are getting enough? View the average wage in your segment. Consider your location (in the capital, for example, salaries may be higher than in the regions) and experience. If your RFP is below average, this is a reason to sound the alarm.

Bad option:

You don’t appreciate me, you don’t pay me extra! Why do all normal companies pay from 10,000 dollars, while I am almost on the “minimum” here?

A good option:

I studied the average salary in my specialty in our region. It turned out that a specialist of my level receives 10,000 dollars per month. And I get 15% less, while doing more than my job description requires.

“I was offered a good position in another company”

Attention! Use this phrase only when it is truly true. In no case try to blackmail your superiors, otherwise the consequences may be irreversible.

When you are actually offered a new job with a higher salary, there is a lot to think about. Especially if you do not want to quit – the team is sincere, the tasks are interesting, the boss is good, but you also need money.

What to do then?

Honestly to tell the boss that a new proposal has appeared. And that you do not want to leave, oh, but the salary is promised to a higher level. By using this option, you must be prepared to be rejected. And then you have to really choose – money or inner comfort.

“I’m ready to take on more responsibility.”

best way to ask for a raise

If you are, of course, ready. Ask management to expand your responsibilities, for which you will receive a salary increase. Or just take on more work.

For instance:

If you work as a seller with a 2/2 schedule, you can ask to change the schedule and work 3/1, 5/2, etc. The accountant can additionally deal with incoming correspondence, the electrician – the tasks of the handyman, etc.

If your need for a salary increase is justified, then you know you have to ask for it. Otherwise, your boss will assume that you’re happy and satisfied with your compensation. Asking for a higher salary may make you uncomfortable, but you’re not likely to get one if you don’t initiate the discussion.

On the other hand, it’s also important to remember that how and what you say while negotiating can make a big difference on whether or not your employer agrees to give you a raise. The suggestions enumerated above can help you navigate the subject with more ease.

Scott Butcher

Scott Butcher is a journalist and professional essay writer with over 5 years of experience helping students to write scientific papers.

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