What is Rizz? New Slang Term in Social Media

By Wilbert S

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

The rapid pace of language evolution is often driven by social media platforms in today’s digital landscape. Words and phrases appear, gain traction, and sometimes even become a staple in our everyday language. Rizz is one such term, capturing interest, especially among younger audiences frequenting Twitch and YouTube. This term transcends mere curiosity; it’s become a defining part of modern teen slang, encapsulating complex emotions and actions in a single, versatile word.

Understanding what is rizz is more than just grasping its literal meaning; it’s about acknowledging the nuances and context in which it’s used. Originating from the online realm, the term has now spilled over into everyday conversations, showcasing its widespread appeal and adaptability. With its roots in describing one’s ability to attract and charm, rizz is a vivid example of how social media influences language, serving as a mirror to contemporary culture and social norms.

What Does Rizz Mean?

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Digging deeper into what Rizz means, the term fills a unique niche in today’s vernacular. While traditional phrases like “having game” might imply a calculated strategy to win someone over, having rizz portrays a more organic form of attraction. It’s not just about what you say; it’s about how you make the other person feel. This emotional resonance is a key aspect of rizz, and it extends beyond mere romantic pursuits to potentially any form of meaningful interaction.

Versatility is another attribute that makes the term ‘rizz’ stand out. Its dual nature as both a noun and a verb offers flexibility in expression. When used as a noun, it describes the intrinsic qualities that make someone captivating. As a verb, it’s more action-oriented, highlighting the active process of charming or attracting someone. This dual usage not only enriches the language but also provides a nuanced way to explore human relationships.

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Unspoken Rizz

Unspoken Rizz captures the subtleties of non-verbal communication that are often more impactful than words. Whether it’s a fleeting eye contact that lingers just a second too long or a confident walk that commands attention, these non-verbal cues are vital in building a magnetic aura. They bring an additional layer of depth to what it means to have rizz, highlighting the non-verbal strategies people employ to draw others toward them.

Understanding unspoken rizz is essential, especially in an age where so much of our interaction happens online, sometimes without the benefit of face-to-face communication. Non-verbal cues can fill in the gaps where words fall short, allowing for a fuller expression of charm and allure. This makes mastering the art of unspoken rizz crucial for anyone looking to amplify their magnetism, both online and offline.

Who Popularized It?

The term Rizz owes much of its popularity to YouTuber and live streamer Kai Cenat, who first coined the term around 2021. Initially used as an inside joke among his circle of friends, including streamers like Silky and Duke Dennis, the term quickly gained traction, resonating with a broader audience. This transition from an in-group term to a widely recognized slang term was catalyzed by its relatable nature, especially when it came to discussions around one’s ability to attract or impress others.

Interestingly, while many modern slang terms find their roots in TikTok, Rizz first emerged on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Cenat has even gone so far as to host “Rizz Academy” classes, imparting wisdom on the art of rizz to his followers. Once the term migrated to TikTok, its meaning expanded from a mere descriptor for flirting skills to an umbrella term for general charisma and magnetism. This broadening of its application showcases the term’s adaptability and resonating power across different social media platforms.

Linguistic Roots

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Delving into the linguistic roots of the term, rizz originates from the phrase romantic charisma. This etymological background provides insight into the term’s primary focus on one’s captivating qualities, especially in the realm of romance. Some scholars and social media users also attribute the term to African American Vernacular English (AAVE), adding another layer of cultural significance to its emergence and usage.

While rizz can be considered the modern iteration of the older slang term game, the two are not entirely synonymous. The term ‘game’ often carries the implication of manipulation or calculated actions to win someone over. In contrast, rizz signifies a more organic and genuine allure, often without premeditated tactics. These nuances set rizz apart, allowing it to occupy a unique space in both connotations and context within today’s rapidly evolving language landscape.

Examples and Usage

Rizz in Action

To get a real sense of rizz meaning, consider these examples:

  • “He’s got serious rizz.”
  • “She’s got so much rizz, all she had to do was look at her.”

How to Use it?

The term’s usage varies depending on the context. You can say someone has rizz or is rizzing someone, depending on whether it’s a noun or a verb.


Rizz has evolved from a simple slang term to a cultural mainstay, influencing the way we talk about attraction and communication. Whether it’s describing the nuanced art of flirting or simply encapsulating someone’s magnetic persona, the term has widened its scope to include various dimensions of human interactions. Its absence from traditional platforms like Merriam Webster doesn’t diminish its influence; instead, it highlights the power of online communities in shaping language and culture.

Beyond simply answering the question of what is rizz, the term’s rise signifies a broader shift in how we understand and discuss human connection. With roots in online videos and social media platforms, rizz reflects the convergence of digital and real-world experiences. It serves as a testament to the power of language to adapt and evolve, capturing the essence of modern-day charm and charisma in a way that resonates with people from diverse backgrounds.

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FAQs: What is Rizz?

What is Rizz?

Rizz is a slang term used to describe someone’s ability to attract and charm others, often in a romantic context. The term can be used as both a noun and a verb and was popularized by YouTuber and live streamer Kai Cenat.

Is Rizz a New Term?

Yes, rizz is a relatively new term that gained prominence around 2021. It originated from the phrase romantic charisma and has since evolved to describe a wide range of attractive qualities and actions.

Is Rizz the Same as Game?

While both terms are used to describe someone’s ability to attract others, rizz and game are not entirely the same. The term ‘game’ often implies manipulative tactics, while rizz suggests a more natural, genuine allure.





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