5 Ways to Say Sorry

By Annette Amos

December 23, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

ways to say sorry

Why is it so hard to say sorry? While we desperately want to hear others telling us sorry, many times we turn this simple job into a chicken and egg game or use it to put blame on others. Since we all make mistakes once in a while, it’s prudent to learn how to say sorry. Usually, the key to forgiveness is to put a smile on the other person’s face.

Here are 5 different ways to say sorry.

Accept the responsibility

If you are like many, your perception may be clouded with the feeling that your loved one has hurt you. It might also be difficult for you to accept and acknowledge your reaction.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the right part of the brain that has passion, love, and creativity is always locked up in right and wrong. When we see with our hearts, we tend to apply meaning to every action thereby weakening our ability to accept responsibility.

Remember, it can be hard to apologize to some people since they may use the opportunity tell you how wrong you were. Thankfully, any sincere apology does not require any response.

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Write a poem to the person

sorry poem

Instead of just talking directly to the person, you can write for them a poem showing how you feel about them. Just keep it simple, give it to them, and say I am sorry.

You can also leave a note or a poem where they are sure to find or see it. Wait somewhere until you are sure that they have read it then come out and apologize to them.

The humorous side of the poem will remind them how funny and great you are hence they cannot stay angry at you forever. You can even send them love text messages.

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Play attack them until they give in

If it’s your partner whom you want to apologize to, attack them in a playful way until they accept your forgiveness. For instance, you can kiss, hug, and even start tickling them. Who will remain angry at you if you are behaving this way? However, to avoid making the situation worse, do not go overboard. Instead, start small and move up gradually until they give in. Wait until your partner has cooled off from the thing that made him/her mad.

Use puppy eyes

puppy eyes

This is the reason why dogs get away with so much when they are still young. When you shout at them, they give you those eyes that just melt your heart.

You can sit next to the person and apologize to them with puppy eyes. Just do these until they notice you and you will see them laugh. Say I am sorry but continue to look at them. If they do not accept immediately, continue giving the puppy eyes every time you meet them.

Donate to his or her favorite charity

This is also one of the best ways. Just make a donation to your partner’s favorite charity. Once you do this, they will know that you are genuinely sorry about what you did and that you value the relationship.

Well, these are some of the best ways to say sorry. However, none of these ways will work if you are not truly sorry about what you did. The worst thing to do is to pretend.


Annette Amos

Annette Amos is an editor-in-chief of the site http://sweetytextmessages.com/. Years of experience and work with a lot of people helps her to write some lifehacks concerning different relationships. When you feel frustrated and nobody seems is not able to help - feel free to read useful articles and your life will shine with happiness.

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