10 Ways to be an Adult with the Heart of a Child like a Boss!

By Samia Mehbub

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

10 Ways to be an Adult with the Heart of a Child like a Boss!

When I was younger, I thought adulthood was something gray, dull, and boring. I thought that life for an adult was black and white because you never get the time to smell the roses. When I turned eighteen, I felt like a kid with a big number. I wasn’t ready to be eighteen, because I thought that eighteen meant being all put together, having a job, being able to drive, and being independent. I was nowhere near any of this.

As years passed by, I realized that adulthood is actually nothing gray at all. There’s so much color, wonder, and adventure to being an adult. You get to explore what career is best for you, build your dreams and yourself, give back to others, and be financially independent on your own enough to be able to support others along the way. It’s our inner child that helps us fulfill our desires and be successful as an individual.

The truth is people think being independent means not depending on your parents. Even if I am more independent now than ever, I will always need my parents and depend on them for many things, because I trust them more than anyone. They brought me to this world, loved me, fed me, raised me, and gave me a home to live in. I think they’re amazing for all they do and I love them and out of respect for them, will always need their help.

Being an adult with the heart of a child means being humble and not being afraid to ask your parents for help when you’re about to make a big decision because you trust them, but most importantly, you respect and admire them. That’s what every kid does. This doesn’t mean that you’re wearing your parents out; it just means that you didn’t kick them out of your life.

With that being said, same thing goes for God. We need God in our lives like we need our parents. God loves us like a child in his eyes and wants to help us.

Unfortunately, not all rejoice the fact that we are a child on the inside when we’re an adult. We sometimes suppress our kid-like emotions. Pushing our childlike nature away is like denying our perfect and loving God from our life.

It doesn’t take much to honor your heart, mind, and soul. Have you made any time on your schedule to just happily be free as a butterfly? When was the last time you laughed? It’s time to make time for the one who always makes time for us. God will give you a life where you can find true freedom, happiness, and love that stays with you permanently and forever.

True happiness, is not from the pleasures in this world. Experiencing and feeling the God’s love inside you is bigger than any materialistic possession. To have the heart of a child, we must let God enter into our heart and live a life fully devoted to him. Then, you will experience all the love, kindness, joy, peace, gentleness, faithfulness, patience, and self-control that you have been waiting to feel along.

Give yourself time to bloom like a flower. You can’t force a flower to bloom completely in a day. You are God’s creation and you deserve to have good mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Having the heart of a child means being humble and be willing to learn from others. When times get tough, don’t be afraid to pray, ask for help from those around you, and discover yourself in the darkness. Seek the light by exploring and finding what it is that helps you overcome and get through your downs in life.

If you make time for God, he will have time for you.

Here are ten ways to be an adult with the heart of a child, let’s go!

1. Be creative

Have you ever done something creative? When was the last time you painted a picture or wrote a song?
Art is the gateway to creativity! There are no mistakes when it comes to art. For me, art is a way to just connect with God and spend more time with him. When I write for example, I feel like God is speaking through me to others and to myself.

Be creative
Photo: inc

All art is unique and different. Even if I am not the best with art, doing it everyday results in progress. Most importantly, it just feels good to let it all out.

We have to take care of our heart and mind; therefore, art is one of the many things that can help us feel positive emotionally and mentally, because we’re nurturing the child inside us. I consider writing a type of art; it makes me feel so good. Remember, you have to nourish to flourish!

2. Travel

We all deserve to make relax and make some memories! This brings us more positive energy. I haven’t traveled to all the places in this world, but I have been in many, such as Bangladesh and Singapore. As for out of state, I have been to Alaska, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, New Jersey, and New York.

Photo: youmatter

Children love to explore, and being a kid and letting yourself see the wonderful places and people out there will help your heart, mind, and spirit connect to one.

Whether it’s out of city, out of state, or out of country, there is always somewhere you can visit and have some fun!

3. Meditate

Do you ever just sit there and do nothing? Doing nothing every day for even only five minutes can really help. I do it for 40 minutes total, and it helps me be start and end the day with good intentions and a healthy mindset.

Photo: entrepreneur

Make some time to meditate every day even if it’s just for five to ten minutes. Living life with deep breaths, that is what will help us get our work done better. It relaxes our mind, body, and soul, and helps us take every day one step at a time.

The purpose of meditation is to just let your mind be. God is not judgmental of your thoughts, he is loving and forgiving.

4. Listen to music

Music can do something amazing to your soul. When it hits you boom, you remember a certain memory that brings nostalgia. Listen to music that uplifts you and brings good memories. The music you listen to can shape who you are, especially your style and personality. Just remember don’t be something that you’re not. This means being true to the kid in you.

Listen to music
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You can listen to music when you’re working out, taking a shower, studying, or when you’re relaxing and having some me time. I like to listen to it while I’m writing, reading, or studying!

5. Watch your favorite movies

I love Disney movies. As a child, it was Disney that helped me get through life and turned me into a more positive, ambitious, and kind person. I think Disney does this to everyone, softens your heart, inspires you to chase your dreams, gives you hope that your true love awaits, and motivates you to spread the love that you were given onto others.

To find your past child self, watch a kid movie. It doesn’t have to be Disney! It can be anything, such as Anime, Nickelodeon, etc. If you feel annoyed watching it, then maybe it means you are depriving your inner-child.

6. Laugh more, cry less

I used to take things way seriously and at times, I still do. I got it from both of my grandfathers because they were studious professors and scholars. I remember the first time I got a dads joke book and read it out loud to my family. When they laughed I thought to myself, “What’s wrong for me to just laugh my whole way? Everything will be okay, anyway!” Now, I am the bubbliest person I know, always smiling and laughing. Change is so important.

Laugh more, cry less
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Ready for some laughs with me? There is nothing better than reading some comics or funny novels. Share some laughs with your parents and siblings. You are grateful to be alive, especially when you are laughing.

7. Do something fun with family and friends

Kids love to have some fun. If you are in the bubbly spirits, hanging out with friends is a great idea! Find some things you can do together that you like! It could be going to the movies, joining an art club or a volunteering organization, watching a concert, or shopping. But, if you want to be comfy and filled with a warm heart, then family time is a great idea as well! You can go on a vacation together, have a relaxing time at the beach, cook a meal together, or have some dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Whatever idea you have, it could be something different from my own, just try it out!

8. Exercise

Kids love to exercise! As we get older, we are not as energetic as we used to be, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop moving. I have seen many older people with a lot of energy. They volunteer in the community, exercise, and work.

Go out running or play your favorite sport. You don’t have to be a professional, just take small steps, and you will see progress. As long as you are active, you will be fine!

I highly suggest speaking with your doctor first to discuss which sport may be best for you.

9. Read

Reading brings knowledge and knowledge is power. Every child has curiosity and they love to learn. I’ve loved reading since I was a child, and it all started with rhymes and short stories. As I read magical tales and rhymes, I was inspired, and this pushed me to delve into bigger books.

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Reading will ease your mind. I enjoy all kinds of books, whether if it’s taking me to another world, gaining knowledge, or making me laugh. If you’re feeling sad, read something, anything.

Reading all kinds of books can help you grow and change, which is important for us all to move forward.

10. Try new things

Whatever your passion or hobby is, you do it because you love it right? This is your inner-child that is telling you “find what makes you true to you!”
When I was a teenager and pre-teen, I used to perform with my choir group. I also used to perform in many talents shows and do poetry, spoken word, and song covers on You-Tube. In my young adulthood, I would share poetry and spoken word during open mike nights at Brewster’s about peace, love, and diversity. I used to play the guitar and keyboard. Now, I absolutely love to play the ukulele.

Try new things and discover what it is that you belong with most; you never know what your hidden talent could be. For me, out of all the things I enjoy doing, writing is the most important to me.

My passions and hobbies allow me to liberate myself from my personal issues. It helps me overcome the obstacles in my life. That’s what I learn from little kids!

Whatever it is that makes you happy, find what brings out the best in you.

You’re an adult with the heart of a child. Whether it’s innovative, creative, groovy, sporty, brainy, or wordy, there is a gift inside you. Unleash it and you’ll end up rejoicing these moments with God.

Samia Mehbub

Samia Mehbub is a Bangladeshi American writer, inspirational speaker, and aspiring English teacher. She is the author of "Inspired to Comfort Your Soul" and "Inspired to Comfort Your Soul Volume ll." She is also the founder and Youtuber of weaswords, an organization that brings mental health awareness. As a junior at the University of Central Florida majoring in English Literature, she writes for mental health literary magazines, such as Turtle Way and Word Gathering.

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