TOP 10 Movies Starring Robots

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

TOP 10 Movies Starring Robots

People began to show an active interest in robots at the beginning of the last century. Time moves forward and what is described in fantastic stories has become a reality today.

People began to show an active interest in robots at the beginning of the last century. Time moves forward and what is described in fantastic stories has become a reality today.

Nowadays, experiments with artificial intelligence have led to the fact that robots and their variations have become a part of our lives, and their image in pop culture is popularized every day. The film industry is actively helping in this.

1. SpaceCamp, 1986

SpaceCamp, 1986
Photo: Youtube

A group of young people who dream of becoming astronauts and conquering space go on a summer vacation to a SpaceCamp. None of the future astronauts could even think that the “space game” would turn into reality, and incredible adventures awaited them in space orbit. Robot Jinx will be a good friend in this adventure

2. I, Robot, 2004

I, Robot, 2004
Photo: filmaffinity

The year is 2035, robots have densely joined the families of people and their everyday existence, and they have become devoted and silent helpers. But crimes are committed even in this vastly changed world. One of the policemen is investigating the murder, a robot is involved in this case…

3. Lars and the Real Girl, 2007

Lars and the Real Girl, 2007
Photo: imdb

The film tells the story of a very shy and modest young man Lars, who lives in a small town located in the North of America. He thinks that he has acquired the greatest love of his life in the face of a girl named Bianca. But there is a little problem: Bianca is not a real girl, but a love doll , that Lars ordered via the Internet.

4. Moon, 2012

Moon, 2012
Photo: imdb

The plot of the picture is about Sam Bell, who has been working on the moon for three years under a contract. Here he controls the functionality of the station for the extraction and transportation of gas to planet Earth. On the Moon, Sam was only accompanied by a robot that only knows how to express emotions with emoticons on the display.

5. Robot & Frank, 2012

Robot & Frank, 2012
Photo: uk.newonnetflix

Frank lived a fun and eventful life, he had everything he could and raised wonderful children. But now he is completely alone. In order to somehow brighten up the father’s old age and help him, the children give him a home robot, which has an enviable intellect. The robot is ready to help Frank in everything, to be there and replace loved ones as much as possible.

6. Chappie, 2015

Chappie, 2015
Photo: Youtube

A reprogrammed former combat robot receives artificial intelligence and rediscovers the world around him. Thanks to his sweet shyness, modesty, and irresistible desire to learn as much as possible, Chappie causes sincere sympathy.

7. Sayônara, 2015

Sayônara, 2015
Photo: imdb

The 2015 Japanese film was presented as “the first film to feature an android performing opposite a human actor”. It tells about the fate of a foreign girl in infected Japan.

8. Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, 2015

Photo: wordpress

Thirty years after the death of Darth Vader and the Emperor, the galaxy is still in peril. Fate brings the young girl Rey and the former First Order stormtrooper Finn with the heroes of the war with the Empire. Together they must fight the First Order. Sphero BB8 as an astrodroid.

9. I Am Mother, 2019

I Am Mother, 2019
Photo: teaser-trailer

After a global cataclysm, humanity is dying out. An emergency program is automatically activated in the underground bunker, and the humanoid robot “Mother” grows a human child from an embryo. 

10. Film “b” with Erica the robot

Film “b” with Erica the robot
Photo: dkoding

Robot Erica will star in the sci-fi movie b, which was supposed to be filmed in the summer of 2021. According to the plot, the scientist developed the android robot Erica, and now he is working on creating a more perfect human DNA.

Now you know exactly what to watch after work or on the weekends.

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