5 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is A Fast Way to Personal Development

By Ronald

October 3, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


Might you be searching for the fastest way of improving your skills and development for eventual success? We’ve come up with five simple reasons on why you should finally take an adventure solo travel trip as quickly as you can!

Do you usually feel stuck? Are you tired of your hectic, daily routine? When did you last take a break to unwind and treat yourself? Are you truly free? In fact, when have you ever had a whole day to focus on your desires, thoughts, and needs?

In truth, life can sometimes feel so overwhelming, and you need to take a break to freshen up your mind and to sharpen your focus. But which is the best way that will make you feel this alive again?

The answer is pretty simple; adventure solo travel! Of course, for a majority of people, the idea of solo travel can be a huge challenge. Yes, it makes us uncomfortable, causes too much thinking, and we often have to face our fears alone. However, once we choose to ignore such awful feelings, there are several incredible benefits of solo travel especially when it comes to personal development. Take a look!

Traveling Solo Teaches You to Be Brave

solo travel adventure

What is ‘fear’?

We can describe it as hard work, taking risks, letting go, and jumping deep into nothingness. If you’re willing to accept those things, you’ll enjoy a high sense or exhilaration, excitement and most importantly, achievement.

Now, traveling solo requires a significant amount of courage. Remember that you’ll be in the woods or in the wild alone trying to pass through different obstacles. Here, ignoring the problem or sleeping it off will not work.

Instead, you have to tackle the challenge head on! The good thing is once you make it through, the realization that you did it by yourself is quite empowering.

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It Teaches You How to Accept Uncertainty

So, you’ve chosen the best place to travel solo, but keep in mind that things are bound to go wrong. For instance, the bus may break down, you might misplace your passport or even get food poisoning after overeating in a fancy restaurant. However, you’re exploring a fantastic destination and you have no time to be sad or miserable.

You’ll have to accept the course of things, search for solutions, and make the most out of the entire experience. We should definitely adopt such an approach in our daily lives. After all, it would make us happier, more relaxed, and focused on attaining our goals.

Travel for Development of Personal Authenticity

You’re just a traveler moving from one country to another. No one knows you or your past. They don’t know what type of car you have, how ‘perfect’ your marriage or relationship is, and they don’t even follow you on social media.

Amid such anonymity, there’s a strong feeling of equality. It’s complete freedom where you have the chance to be anything you want to be with no pressure or expectations.

As you travel for development, you’re like a blank page with the perfect setting to have a fresh start. It’s here that you’re reduced to the core of your essentials without the ‘distractions’ of friends or even family. Eventually, in such clarity, you’ll realize your destiny.

Understand the Importance of Connection

Don’t forget that you’ll be alone almost every time. You’ll go searching for a fun conversation or maybe just a friendly gaze. Once you get what you are looking for, it’s hard to hide the excitement and high feeling. It almost feels like a huge part of you has changed.

These moments can actually increase your well-being and happiness, especially while traveling. As human beings, aren’t we here to connect and love each other?

It Improves Communication

traveling solo

Have you ever talked to a local who didn’t know your language or speak it well? If you have, then why do you think you were able to converse flawlessly without using words?

Now, you might not know this, but it’s because you were not only curious but also made an effort.

How do you think your daily encounters would change if you adopted such a method?

Try turning off your cell phone and give a friend or colleague your undivided attention. You’ll realize that it takes a lot of energy to listen to and connect with someone’s feelings and experiences.

If you can’t let go of your device, then you could also open a travel blog or website.

We’ve discovered that travel blogs have become an excellent avenue for sharing exciting outdoor experiences. Here you can share the ‘beauty’ of solo travel with your readers. Tell them all how you’ve learned from a journey you took to South America or Asia and create a section where they can write their comments.


We all know that transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a well-executed plan and a strong support system. So, jumpstart your transformation and soon, you’ll reap the benefits of traveling solo.

Be brave, be authentic, learn how to talk, and come up with solutions. Know how to connect with diverse people as well. After all, don’t you feel that these traits are all you need to be successful?

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