What is the Game – Tibia?

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January 10, 2024


Tibia is for sure one of the first and it is also one of the longest-running MMORPGs of all time. It was released back in 1997, and it still has a large player base until today. The game is more than twenty years old, and it is still going on. That by itself is an amazing feat, and Tibia for sure was responsible for popularizing the genre of MMORPGs.

How It Started

Its development began in 1995, and its first server went online back in 1997. Later on in 2001, due to its popularity, Clipsoft GmbH was created, and premium accounts were also introduced in that same year. You would have to pay a monthly fee to become a premium member, and by doing so, you would receive some in-game benefits. As the years passed on, the game started creating and introducing more and more content. Things like map expansion, outfits, and new mechanics started being introduced to the game.

The game reached the peak of its popularity in 2007, with over sixty-eight thousand players, and overall two hundred and fifty thousand active players. The game was popular all across the world, but Poland and Brazil had the largest number of players, Brazil with twenty-six percent, and Poland with twenty-four percent. There are still active servers until today, and new content is released every six months. To be able to still have active players until today is a huge achievement, and the creators of Tibia should be extremely proud of their work.

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Tibia is set in an open world, and it has unique and charming pixel art graphics, and also has a top-down perspective. The main objective of the game is to kill enemies so that you can earn experience points and level up. After creating your character, you can pick from four different vocations, the class system of the game, and each of them offers a different style of gameplay. To be able to earn rewards, you must complete quests, and you can also kill bosses to obtain rare items.

When first starting the game and creating your character, you will find yourself in the tutorial island called Dawnport. In it you will be able to try out the four vocations, Knight, which focuses more on melee attacks, paladins who excel at ranged combat, sorcerers who use all types of offensive spells, and druids, whose specialty is using healing magic. So after testing out these vocations, you can select one, and head out to start the game for real.

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After reaching the Mainland, you will pretty much be on your own, as the game doesn’t give you a lot of information on what exactly you should be doing. Your main focus is to level up your character and to accept and complete as many quests as you possibly can. However, you must always be extremely careful, because dying will give you harsh penalties.

One aspect that makes Tibia unique, is the fact that the game doesn’t have a level cap, so that means that you can play, and level up for however long you want. So that means you can either focus on creating one character, and leveling him up for as long as you can, or you can create one character for each vocation, and level all of them up until they reach a certain level.


There are hundreds of weapons and armors that can be acquired while playing, so you can spend a lot of time searching for the best equipment possible for your character. Tibia’s magic system is text-based, so if you want to cast a spell, you would need to type its name. Later on, a hotkey system was added to the game, making it easier for players to use spells. If you choose a class that doesn’t focus on spells, you can also buy rune magic from other players. Rune magic can be created by casting a spell while holding a blank rune, and that will give you four great fireball runes.

Tibia also offers a PvP, and it works differently for each server. Some servers have optional PvP, while others encourage PvP. Early on, there was no limit to how much you could kill other players, and every time you died, you would lose some experience, and your backpack would also drop. That was extremely punishing and made the game famous for being unforgiving. Later on, that was adjusted, and a limit was added on how much you could kill other players.



Tibia might be one of the oldest MMORPGs out there that is still relevant. The game was released in the 1990s, and now more than twenty years later the game still has sixty-eight online servers, and while the game might not have such a large player base, there are still enough to keep the game alive and relevant.

So if you have never played Tibia before, don’t worry, as you can still go to their site, create an account, and install the game. Yes, is that easy, and you can absolutely find a server in your region. It is not too late to start playing Tibia, so you can finally understand what the hype was all about some years ago. Nowadays there is plenty of information on the game, so you would not go in as blind as players did back when it was released.

The game also has an in-game currency called Tibia Coins, which can be used to buy all types of premium content, like mounts, outfits, and can even be used to change the name, sex, and even world of your character. So if you want to get your hands on some Tibia Gold Coins at the best price possible, be sure to check out our site at eldorado.gg, where you can search our site for all of the best offers, and it is also a safe place, where our focus is to make sure that you get the services you paid for. So be sure to check us out, and we will do our best to help you with anything you need.

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