Synergy Spanish Review: I Wouldn`t Use It At All [2024]

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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

synergy spanish review

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the thought of learning a new language.

The language learner must not only acquire a completely new vocabulary but also new pronunciation and grammar.

Learning a new language from the ground up when one is no longer a child may appear to be an impossible thing.

However, learning Spanish, which is spoken by over 400 million people globally, is a vital element of many professions.

Even though Synergy Spanish is a Spanish language learning online app frequently recommended, I found it to be outdated, expensive, tedious, and inferior to its rivals.

On the plus side, their classes drive you to talk straight immediately. You’ll be able to say a lot of different things, even if your vocabulary is restricted. Still, it’s not something I’d suggest.

Synergy Spanish Review

General about Synergy Spanish

General about Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish is a Spanish language study software that takes a novel approach to the language.

In essence, the author uses a one-of-a-kind strategy that places a premium on communication.

It’s based on the idea that half of all conversation in any language utilizes just about 100 words. With European languages, this method has proven to be effective.

After that, learning the language becomes much simpler.

Unlike others, this course focuses on how the language is spoken in everyday situations rather than academic contexts.

To accomplish so, the course includes a variety of audio lessons, some of which are based on real-life discussions.

You have the option to listen to the audio again and then repeat the response.

The curriculum focuses on 138 words and terms in total. Then, if you’re serious, you’ll be ready to leave in just 25 days.

I understand that the vocabulary appears to be insufficient, but it is sufficient to succeed straight away!

The terms are presented in a way to learn this language that makes learning Spanish quickly and a lot easier. This is ideal for beginners and intermediate learners alike.


What does Synergy Spanish have?

Synergy Spanish Review

Marcus Santamaria is the inventor of Synergy Spanish, an online learning language platform that teaches the Spanish language.

In other words, it is the world’s easiest method for learning Spanish rapidly, with over 534,236 people learning Spanish on this platform as of today.

Synergy Spanish has been proven to be the easiest and quickest way to learn the Spanish language.

To learn more, take a free Spanish lesson and then evaluate whether or not learning Spanish at Synergy Spanish is a smart idea.

The Structure of the Synergy Spanish

The Structure of the Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish is a comprehensive language learning program on a website that can be used in a very convenient way to learn Spanish.

It offers different learning styles like audio lessons, video lessons, or a 90-day email coaching program.

It offers beginner courses, intermediate courses, and advanced courses to increase your ability to speak Spanish fluently.


Spanish Synergy – Quick Start Action Guide

Spanish Synergy - Quick Start Action Guide

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  • Grammar Spanish learning is concentrated
  • Learn 4 or 5 new vocabulary words in the Spanish language quickly
  • 22 Spanish boosters teach you to be able to speak and practice
  • Start learning simple and comprehensive sentences
  • Add more sentences for learners to learn Spanish and to speak Spanish
  • Maximize and double your Spanish learning

Video Lessons And Audio Lessons with Spanish Synergy

Video Lessons And Audio Lessons with Spanish Synergy

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  • From the very first time in class, learn the fundamental words quickly.
  • Using Synergy Spanish audio course and video lessons would use word combinations that are both strong and beneficial.
  • With 138 words in Spanish words, give stage process directions and training teaching method system.
  • The Synergy Spanish course system’s final installation
  • If you look at the audio course (68 audio) program and video classes, we may estimate that each lesson will last about 10-15 minutes.
  • More practice is required to master a wide range of skills to learn the Spanish language.


What are the Target Learners Of the Synergy Spanish Website?

Synergy Spanish Review

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The Synergy Spanish learning platform of Marcus Santamaria is appropriate for anybody interested in learning a new language.

It is appropriate for beginners if you are new to learning, and if you are not proficient in Spanish, you may easily acquire a higher level or advanced training.

The Synergy Spanish platform is not restricted to a certain age group; anybody, from a child to an elderly person, could enroll in the course and begin learning the language Spanish.

This is why Synergy Spanish of Marcus is a fantastic platform for anybody trying to learn Spanish, regardless of age or location.


Synergy Spanish’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Synergy Spanish's Advantages and Disadvantages

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Synergy Spanish Positive Points

  • Lessons in audio and video formats are available.
  • There is a free trial available.
  • Every week, I’ll provide you with some tips and tricks.
  • Provides a complete 100 money-back guarantee percentage.
  • 90-day email coaching support. If you get stuck during the course, simply send him an email and he’ll assist you in 90 days.

However, There Are Many The Demerits of Synergy Spanish

1. It’s not interesting – boring online website

The majority of introductory courses aren’t going to be thrilling.

However, this is one of the most uninteresting resources I’ve ever encountered.

2. There is no opportunity to get better

While we like how user-friendly this system is, we are unhappy that there isn’t much space to develop your abilities.

This course will not enable you to communicate fluently in Spanish like a native speaker.

At most, this course can be used as a survival guide if you ever find yourself in a Spanish-only environment.

3. Interaction Weakness

This may not be a problem in this program if you’re not taking the course for professional purposes and simply want to learn and improve your social skills for school.

Not only will you not be required to write anything for this action guide online course, but you will also not have the opportunity to converse with anybody to practice phrases speaking in Spanish.

True, you have the audio and accompanying videos to repeat, teach, and practice with (and you may even have a bit flawless accent), but you may struggle to understand a friend’s accent in Spanish speaking until you chat with someone else.

4. Repeating Lessons With Spanish Words, Phrases, and Sentences

If you’re the type of person who takes things up quickly and likes to move quickly through the material, you could find the tempo of this program boring.

5. Online course lessons

Though you could obtain CDs and a printout to go along with the online content to teach you to speak and practice Spanish sentences, unfortunately, they’re only accessible with the most expensive plan for lessons as reviews.

6. There Are A Bit Necessary Items Lacking

Nevertheless, this may not be a fair critique given that is essentially what their course is about.

Though I did not count how many terms they taught, if they only used 138 words in the Spanish course, then clearly some significant information was left out.

However, I didn’t see any t or ser – two crucial terms that should be included in any basic lesson to learn Spanish.

You would be shocked if there weren’t a few more crucial Spanish words missing.

7. It Is Out-Of-Date

The entire course has an antiquated and out-of-date vibe about it.

The platform, the videos, and even the substance of the classes all have an outmoded feel about them.

To their credit, they do state that it is a good course for anyone aged 30 to 96.

8. It Is a Pricey Online Program For Using Synergy Spanish to learn Spanish

The most affordable choice is $67, while the video course is $97.

That is simply unaffordable. There are just 25 lessons in total, with the majority of them taking less than 30 minutes to complete.

I simply do not believe the course is of sufficient quality to justify these fees.


The Cost of Synergy Spanish for Spanish Course

The Cost of Synergy Spanish for Spanish course

The audio course is included in Synergy Light, which costs $67.

Synergy Video is a $97 package that includes video Spanish courses as well as email mentoring.

Synergy Video + CDs is $145 and includes CDs as well as a printed pdf.

You may take advantage of their 60-day money-back guarantee and buy the course to get a refund after reading this review.

You may listen to several lessons it teaches in its entirety, and I browsed through others to get a sense of the course as a whole.

This review will include personal experiences, opinions, and suggestions about the course lessons for learning Spanish and speaking Spanish.

Better Options Are Available Besides

1. News In Slow Spanish

They provide so much more than simply a slower-paced version program to learn Spanish of current happenings.

It’s a thorough, interesting, enjoyable, and successful method of learning language Spanish.

It includes content for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners to learn at three distinct levels, as well as lessons in Spanish from either Spain or Latin America.

2. Babbel

Babbel is a Spanish language software program that teaches you to learn the language more completely.

Again, you won’t be able to communicate as much as you would with Synergy Spanish, but you’ll have a far better foundation at a lower cost.


3. Baselang

You may receive one month of unlimited 1-1 online Spanish classes with Baselang in many languages also for not much more than the video course costs to learn.

Using Baselang instead of Synergy Spanish would bring you to a much higher level much faster.

Furthermore, their curriculum is considerably more well-designed, and it will provide you with a solid foundation in all areas.


4. Rosetta Stone

This program’s efficacy has been proven as a review.

Whether or not the most successful Spanish course helps you to learn and speak Spanish will be determined by your language level, study requirements, and language practice choices about grammar, sentences, phrases, and conversation in life and school.

5. Speechling

The Speechling program offers a variety of free resources as well as a paid subscription. It’s intended to help you improve your speaking Spanish and pronunciation skills.

In a word, you’ll listen to recordings and then record yourself repeating the phrases.

Premium customers can have an infinite amount of recordings fixed, while free users can send 35 recordings each month to be corrected by an instructor.


This program, when it comes to getting you to start to speak the language, to learn Spanish is far superior to SpanishPod101, but SpanishPod101 is superior in every other way of action guide.

There’s a lot more material and the pricing is a lot lower.

7. Pimsleur

Pimsleur is among the most well-known brands in language study, yet their courses were formerly prohibitively costly.

The two programs Synergy Spanish and Pimsleur Spanish are comparable in style. Both emphasize speaking and listening and encourage you to speak a lot, but neither is interesting.

Their courses are longer, more complete, more organized, and overall superior and their app has additional capabilities.



To conclude, to learn Spanish online in the Synergy Spanish program, you can try it out, but for many reviews, it is not really the best option for everyone, it is good for beginners only, personally to me.

While the classes aren’t inherently terrible, I find them to be tedious, outdated, expensive, and inferior to those offered by rivals.

Other apps such as News In Slow Spanish, Babbel, Baselang, Rosetta, Speechling, SpanishPod101, Pimsleur, etc… may be able to bring you a lot further in the language for a lot less money.

However, if you want to utilize Synergy Spanish for any reason, you will undoubtedly benefit from it. It’s just not the greatest solution for you to learn Spanish.

Expect to make slow progress if your goal is to start creating your sentences rather than depending on a phrasebook, but if your goal is to gain a strong foundation for additional study, you may make significant progress in about a month.

The inclusion of 90 days of email coaching help is a great touch.





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