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February 12, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The team at Dumb Little Man, made up of financial specialists, seasoned traders, and individual investors, employs an advanced algorithm for in-depth reviews of brokerage services. They focus on critical elements including:

  • User Experience
  • Earnings Potential
  • Reliability
  • Broker Expertise
  • Cost-Effectiveness

By integrating feedback from actual users, their evaluations offer a comprehensive and impartial view. Through detailed research, they identify SimpleFX as a credible choice for those seeking a dependable financial ally. Nevertheless, Dumb Little Man advises prospective users to carefully examine their thorough review to grasp any potential drawbacks linked to the broker.

SimpleFX Review

“Forex brokers” are essential in the fast-paced world of online trading since they offer trading platforms for a wide range of financial products. SimpleFX comes out as a reliable choice among these brokers. This platform offers a broad range of markets, including cryptocurrency, FX, commodities, and more, to traders worldwide. This broker takes great satisfaction in providing a wide variety of trading options, enabling customers to diversify their financial holdings.

This evaluation of SimpleFX incorporates professional perspectives and expertise. It attempts to give traders a thorough rundown of what to anticipate from the trading platform SimpleFX. The report provides important details and user reviews, providing insightful information about the platform’s effectiveness in the cutthroat world of online trading.

What is SimpleFX?

Since its founding in 2014, SimpleFX has had a significant impact on the online trading scene because to the recognition and continuous improvement of its platform. Among the noteworthy achievements are the designations of “best broker” and “best trading platform” in 2022, 2018, and 2017. This accolade highlights SimpleFX’s dedication to safe trading conditions and protecting customer funds, differentiating it in the cutthroat cryptocurrency market where security is critical.

Many features aimed at enhancing the trading experience are included in the platform, such as native apps for iOS and Android, WebTrader (available since 2015), and more than 50 payment options (including cryptocurrency). It has demonstrated its dedication to satisfying the various needs of its investors by introducing more than 25 new trading symbols in 2022, giving leverage up to 1000x, and providing Stake & Trade accounts, among other features.

For SimpleFX, security and dependability come first. By using two-factor authentication, advanced encryption, and separate accounts to secure user cash, the platform has raised the bar for operational transparency and digital security. Because of these security precautions and its round-the-clock customer support, SimpleFX is a trusted option for traders looking for a stable and secure trading environment.

Safety and Security of SimpleFX

The security and safety of SimpleFX, a well-known trading platform, have been thoroughly investigated; Dumb Little Man’s in-depth investigation provided the basis for the conclusions. Having been incorporated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, SimpleFX Ltd. is registered with the Registrar of International Business Companies under registration number 22361 IBC. This incorporation gives its operations a legal structure by submitting them to the laws of Saint Vincent.

It is imperative that prospective users comprehend that SimpleFX is not a financial entity subject to regulatory oversight. Due to this status, it is not subject to the supervision of financial regulatory organizations even if it functions within the parameters of its incorporation. Because it could affect how safe and secure they believe their trading platform to be, this information is vital for traders who place a high priority on the regulatory status of their platforms.

In spite of this, the platform’s adherence to security features like two-factor authentication, robust encryption, and separate accounts for user funds highlights how serious it is about safeguarding its consumers. These security measures, which are intended to protect users’ funds and private information, demonstrate SimpleFX’s commitment to upholding a safe trading environment even in the absence of conventional financial regulation.

This data, which was acquired by Dumb Little Man’s investigation, offers a thorough understanding of SimpleFX’s safety and security protocols. When choosing a trading platform, traders who are thinking about SimpleFX should carefully analyze these aspects and balance the platform’s strong security measures against its unregulated status.

Pros and Cons of SimpleFX


  • No minimum deposit requirement
  • Competitive spreads
  • 24/7 withdrawal processing
  • Commission-free trading
  • Extensive range of trading instruments
  • User-friendly platforms (MT4 and WebTrader)
  • High leverage options up to 1:500
  • Comprehensive affiliate program
  • Robust security measures


  • Not regulated by a financial authority
  • Limited deposit methods
  • Additional fee for inactive accounts
  • Complex for beginners due to high-leverage options
  • Dependency on third-party services for certain transactions

Sign-Up Bonus of SimpleFX

Potential users should be aware that, at this time, SimpleFXis not offering any bonuses to new sign-ups when evaluating its Sign-Up Bonus. For traders who may be considering sign-on bonuses or incentives as part of their platform selection process, this information is essential.

But since the world of online trading is always changing, SimpleFX advises both new and returning users to keep a watch out for updates. The bonus policy may be modified, or new incentives may be introduced, as a way for the platform to respond to user requirements and market changes.

Minimum Deposit of SimpleFX

SimpleFX distinguishes itself in the crowded online trading market by providing a feature that appeals to both novice and experienced traders: opening a new account with no minimum investment is required. This strategy lowers the platform’s barrier to entry for anyone wishing to get into trading by removing financial constraints.

The CFD broker SimpleFX does not have a minimum deposit requirement and promises tight spreads and low trading expenses. By supporting both the well-known MT4 platform and its own SFX WebTrader platform, the platform caters to a wide range of trading tastes. This strategy draws in traders of all stripes by emphasizing the broker’s commitment to prioritizing the client experience.

This no minimum deposit policy is quite advantageous for people who would prefer to start trading with a lower financial commitment because it allows them to test the waters without making a significant upfront investment. SimpleFX’s focus on reasonable costs and user-friendly platforms adds to its appeal and solidifies its position as the go-to broker for those seeking flexible trading options.

SimpleFX Account Types

The experts at Dumb Little Man have investigated and assessed SimpleFX in great detail to give a comprehensive overview of its many account types. They have emphasized the features and advantages of using a Demo Account on SimpleFX through their in-depth study, making it an indispensable tool for both new and experienced traders.

The Demo Account feature of SimpleFX attempts to provide traders with a smooth and risk-free way to assess their trading techniques. Users that register are given access to 0.4BTC of demo Bitcoin, which allows them to mimic trading in a regulated setting that closely mimics conditions on the actual market. With this arrangement, you can obtain practical experience without having to worry about actual financial loss.

Through the provision of a realistic trading experience within the trial account, the platform guarantees that the move to trading real funds is as seamless as possible. Because they can add virtual money to their sample accounts as often as needed, traders can continuously experiment and improve their strategies.

Moreover, sample accounts are available for use indefinitely, giving customers plenty of time to become acquainted with the features and trading processes of the site.

To prevent inadvertently trading on a live account, users need to confirm they are in the demo environment. Demo accounts are a vital learning tool that SimpleFX strongly recommends using to ensure that traders approach live trading with confidence and a tried-and-true strategy.

SimpleFX Customer Reviews

Reviews of SimpleFX by users reveal a variety of experiences, from difficulties with payment methods to great satisfaction with the platform’s support, usability, and cryptocurrency possibilities. Many users hail SimpleFX as the best platform they’ve ever used, citing its user-friendliness, quick deposits and withdrawals, and wide variety of trading options—particularly for cryptocurrencies—that it offers.

But other users have encountered issues, especially when trying to deposit money because fiat currencies aren’t accepted directly, necessitating the usage of third-party services like Fasapay. Problems with signing up for these services have caused annoyance and, in certain situations, the loss of clients who were looking for simpler procedures.

SimpleFX Fees, Spreads, and Commissions

With its affordable trading fees, spreads, and commissions, SimpleFX distinguishes itself in the online trading market and appeals to a diverse range of traders. With an average spread of just 0.9 pip, the platform provides an excellent selection of 60 forex pairs. With its wealth of charting features, traders of all skill levels may easily access it on PC and mobile devices.

With spreads averaging 0.9 pip for important currency pairings like EUR/USD and 1.3 pip for significant indices like the FTSE 100, trading on SimpleFX is commission-free. Commodity traders may find that gold trading spreads are currently about 0.17 pip. These costs are very reasonable when compared to other brokerages of a similar kind, which makes SimpleFX a desirable choice for traders who want to optimize their profits.

Another feature of SimpleFX is its leverage options, which offer up to 1:500, with the real amount based on the trader’s account balance. The platform establishes the margin trading call at 50% and offers comprehensive details on margin needs. But traders are warned about the risks involved in leveraged trading, particularly novices.

For individuals who like to know the specifics, it’s crucial to remember that swap fees and rates are outlined in the contract specifications. Furthermore, inactive accounts are subject to an extra 3% cost (minimum $25), highlighting the significance of maintaining an active account.

Deposit and Withdrawal

A trading expert from Dumb Little Man who examined SimpleFX’s deposit and withdrawal procedures claims that the company follows certain guidelines to guarantee seamless transactions. Withdrawals are handled around-the-clock in accordance with the guidelines of the platform. Every transaction must have the same currency, withdrawal and deposit methods, and form of payment.

Withdrawals are limited to the balance of the trader’s account and cannot include money used as margin for open positions. It’s important to remember, nevertheless, that SimpleFX’s stated withdrawal time does not take payment processor delays into consideration.

While withdrawals made using bank cards, cryptocurrencies, and electronic payment systems are usually handled within 24 hours, withdrawals made through wire transfers may take three to five business days. Requests for withdrawals submitted over the weekend are handled the following Monday to avoid any unnecessary delays.

When you request a withdrawal, money is immediately deducted from your trading account; nevertheless, you can still trade using the remaining amount, giving you flexibility and continuity in your trading operations.

An important caveat for traders is the additional 3% fee (minimum USD 25) on accounts deemed inactive, which underscores the importance of regular account activity. Furthermore, in scenarios involving multiple payment systems for deposits, withdrawals must be executed using the payment system associated with the largest deposit, especially relevant in cases of profit or loss.

How to Open a SimpleFX Account

Opening an account with SimpleFX is a straightforward process, designed to quickly integrate new users into the trading environment. Follow these nine easy steps to begin your trading journey with one of the leading online trading platforms.

  1. Visit the SimpleFX website.
  2. Select “Start Now.”
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Choose your desired password.
  5. Check your email to verify your address.
  6. Complete the email verification process.
  7. Access the platform to begin trading.
  8. Deposit funds to start trading.
  9. Explore trading with a demo account.

SimpleFX Affiliate Program

The SimpleFX Affiliate Program gives its members access to profitable opportunities through the power of sharing. After registering and receiving a special referral link, affiliates can invite friends to join the website. Within the first thirty days, affiliates will earn 5% cashback on any purchases made through their recommendations. This first step is straightforward because the “refer friends” option makes it simple to locate the referral link.

The earning potential rises dramatically when affiliates invite friends to sign up and those friends start trading actively. There is a strong association between the increase in earnings and the activity levels of their referrals because affiliates can gain up to 50% of the spread value from their trading activity.

SimpleFX offers pre-made landing pages and widgets to make it easier for its affiliates to communicate with potential referrals. Furthermore, the platform’s user-friendly affiliate dashboard facilitates thorough performance tracking and improvement and offers insightful data on how to optimize profits through well-crafted referral programs.

SimpleFX Customer Support

Leaning on Dumb Little Man’s experience, SimpleFX Customer Support offers a comprehensive approach to user support. Before contacting their support team directly, users are recommended to look through the platform’s resources, which include an extensive FAQs section. This section’s goal is to assist traders in finding answers fast by providing succinct answers to often asked questions.

SimpleFX provides customers with real-time live chat support so they may speak with customer service representatives for more individualized assistance. This service enhances the overall customer experience by ensuring that any issues or queries may be promptly resolved. The availability of both self-help resources and live chat support demonstrates SimpleFX’s commitment to providing trustworthy and effective customer service.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SimpleFX Customer Support

Live chat for instant support

Detailed FAQs for self-help

User-friendly interface
Limited information available

No phone support mentioned

Email support details not specified

Potential wait times

SimpleFX vs Other Brokers

#1 SimpleFX vs AvaTrade

With no minimum deposit requirements and leverage up to 1:500, SimpleFX offers a wide choice of trading instruments, including cryptocurrencies, to suit the needs of a broad customer base seeking flexibility. AvaTrade was founded in 2006 with the goal of empowering traders by providing a wide range of tradable instruments, trade insurance, and protection against negative balances, all backed by an effective instructional program.

Verdict: With its strong trader protection features and abundance of educational resources, AvaTrade is a superior choice for traders who place a higher priority on security and education. Nonetheless, SimpleFX is still a strong option for anybody looking for a flexible trading environment with an emphasis on cryptocurrency and no minimum investment.

#2 SimpleFX vs RoboForex

SimpleFX distinguishes itself by being easily accessible to traders of all skill levels, providing high leverage together with an extensive selection of trading instruments without requiring a minimum deposit. RoboForex sets itself apart with a broad range of trading platforms, including MT4, MT5, and cTrader, that have been adapted to meet different trading needs since 2009.

Verdict: RoboForex is the best option for traders seeking individualized trading circumstances and a diverse range of platforms. On the other hand, people who value market accessibility and a simple trading environment would find SimpleFX appealing.

#3 SimpleFX vs FXChoice

SimpleFX stands out for being user-friendly for traders of all experience levels, offering high leverage in addition to a wide range of trading instruments and no minimum deposit requirements. FXChoice distinguishes itself with an extensive selection of trading platforms, including as MT4, MT5, and cTrader, which have been customized to satisfy various trading requirements since 2009.

Verdict: FXChoice is the greatest choice for traders looking for a variety of platforms and customized trading conditions. Conversely, SimpleFX would appeal to those who appreciate an easy-to-use trading environment and market accessibility.

Choose Asia Forex Mentor for Your Forex Trading Success

If you want to learn how to trade forex and make a lot of money, Dumb Little Man’s trading experts strongly suggest Asia Forex Mentor as the finest learning resource.

Leading trader Ezekiel Chew, Asia Forex Mentor distinguishes itself with an extensive curriculum encompassing stock, cryptocurrency, and FX trading. In the industry, Chew is well-known for his seven-figure deals. Giving traders the resources they need to thrive in increasingly competitive markets is the aim of this curriculum.

The effectiveness of Asia Forex Mentor’s mentoring and training programs is demonstrated by their track record of consistently producing profitable traders. Students gain insights from Ezekiel Chew, a qualified mentor who guides them through the complexities of trading with personalized assistance. The website offers traders a welcoming community where they can share ideas and learn from one another, which enhances the learning experience even more.

With a strong emphasis on psychology and discipline, Asia Forex Mentor’s approach teaches traders how to manage their stress and emotions so they can make better judgments. With the aid of ongoing updates and materials, traders can stay current on the newest strategies and market trends. There are a ton of testimonials available attesting to the transforming impact that Asia Forex Mentor has on students’ trading careers and ultimate achievement of financial independence.

To sum up, Asia Forex Mentor is the best choice available for anyone seeking in-depth and effective instruction in stocks, forex market, and cryptocurrency trading. Its comprehensive approach, which blends a rigorous curriculum, expert coaching, and a collaborative learning environment, guarantees that traders will be well-equipped to succeed in the financial markets.





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Conclusion: SimpleFX Review

Following a comprehensive analysis, the trading experts at Dumb Little Man have emphasized how SimpleFX’s low spreads and no minimum deposit requirement appeal to a variety of traders, from beginners to experts. They do, however, caution about the platform’s limited deposit alternatives, and the potential additional fees connected with dormant accounts. These factors necessitate balancing SimpleFX’s advantages and downsides.

Users of platforms such as SimpleFX can greatly benefit from the extensive instructional resources offered by Asia Forex Mentor, which is directed by Ezekiel Chew, for new and even advanced traders who want to improve their trading methods and market expertise.

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SimpleFX Review FAQs

What is the minimum deposit for SimpleFX?

One notable feature of SimpleFX is that it does not demand a minimum deposit, making it available to traders of all skill levels. This feature gives people freedom and makes it easier for them to enter different financial markets by enabling them to start trading with any amount.

Who owns SimpleFX?

SimpleFX Ltd., a business incorporated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is the owner and operator of SimpleFX. With a vast user base spanning the globe, the platform has made a name for itself in the trading community by providing a variety of trading tools and services.

Does SimpleFX require KYC?

SimpleFX does not strictly require Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for all trading activities. This approach facilitates a quick and straightforward account setup process, allowing traders to begin trading without extensive verification delays. However, traders should be aware of the potential for certain restrictions or requirements for higher trading volumes or withdrawals.

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