Signs of Love Bombing You Should Watch Out For

By John V

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Navigating the early stages of a new relationship is often filled with excitement and wonder. The attention and affection from a new partner can feel intoxicating, making it easy to overlook red flags. However, not all that glitters is gold, and it’s crucial to pay attention to the dynamics that unfold between you and your new love interest. While the rapid pace at which a relationship progresses can sometimes signify genuine affection, it can also be a warning sign of a manipulative tactic known as love bombing.

What Is Love Bombing?

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Love bombing is a complex emotional tactic that may seem genuinely affectionate at first glance. The person employing this method, often referred to as the love bomber, will overwhelm their love interest with positive affirmations, attention and affection, and sometimes even extravagant gifts. This intense display of affection feels like a whirlwind romance, making it seem as if you’ve met the right person who’s incredibly invested in you. This is especially captivating in the early stages of a new relationship, where such intense displays can be mistaken for a genuine falling in love scenario.

However, experts in mental health and relationship fields caution that love bombing is often not what it appears to be. In reality, this over-the-top affection is a tactic used to manipulate and control the recipient. The goal of the love bomber is usually to quickly secure emotional commitment and dependency from their partner. Once that happens, the love bomber may shift dramatically, potentially engaging in abusive behavior or poor treatment of their partner. Therefore, it’s essential to pay attention to this as a potential red flag for an unhealthy relationship.

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Signs of Love Bombing to Watch Out For

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Over-the-Top Gestures

When you are being love bombed, gestures may go over the topGrand gestures and expensive gifts may make you feel like you’re living a fairy tale, but be cautious.

Inundating Social Media

Your new relationship could flood your social media with comments, likes, and love notes. While it might feel flattering initially, it is often a red flag.

Pressure to Spend Time Together

Your partner may want to spend every minute with you, isolating you from family and friends. This tactic is a sign of love bombing aimed to separate you from your support system.

Immediate Emotional Intensity

In new relationships, it’s normal to explore emotions gradually. Love bombers, however, will often provide constant reassurance and discuss future plans early on.

Unwarranted Jealousy

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Love bombers often get upset when you spend time with others, even if it’s a family member or a close friend. This possessiveness is not a good sign, and it’s an attempt to control your other relationships.

Constant Contact

Be wary if your new partner insists on constant text messages, calls, or even surprise visits. Excessive communication can feel overwhelming, and it’s often another tactic to dominate your attention.

Criticism of Your Support System

love bomber might start to criticize your family and friends, questioning their intentions or pointing out their flaws. This is often a ploy to further isolate you and make you more dependent on them.

Quick Commitment Expectations

One of the signs of love bombing is the rapid push towards commitment. Your new partner may express an eager desire for exclusivity or even discuss long-term plans like marriage in the early stages of the new relationship. This quick jump to commitment is often a way to lock you into the relationship before you’ve had adequate time to assess its healthiness.

Neglect of Your Own Needs

love bomber often creates a relationship environment where your own needs are sidelined. They might make you feel guilty for wanting to spend time alone or for engaging in activities that don’t include them. This neglect of your personal needs and boundaries is a red flag, signaling an imbalance in the relationship dynamics.

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The Emotional Impact of Love Bombing

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The emotional impact of being love bombed can be disorienting and mentally taxing. As the recipient, you might feel obligated to return the intense affection and attention, which can cause stress and impact your self esteem negatively. This feeling of obligation could come from the extravagant gifts or overwhelming compliments that make you feel indebted. The experience often turns the relationship into an emotional rollercoaster, making it difficult to establish a stable, emotional footing.

If you find yourself in such a situation, seeking professional guidance is crucial. Consult a mental health counselorlicensed clinical psychologist, or licensed clinical social worker to gain an objective perspective on your relationship. They can help identify if you’re in an unhealthy relationship characterized by manipulative tactics like love bombing. With their help, you can develop coping strategies and determine the best course of action for your emotional well-being.

Why People Love Bomb

Individuals who engage in love bombing often have underlying emotional or psychological issues. Some may have conditions like borderline personality disorder or other mental health challenges. These internal struggles often lead them to use manipulative tactics to gain power and control over their love interests. It’s important to understand that the primary motivation behind love bombing is not to cultivate a healthy relationship, but rather to create a dynamic where the love bomber has the upper hand.

This need for control often stems from their own insecurities or a lack of self-worth. They may have experienced poor treatment in past relationships or have a low self esteem, which drives them to seek constant validation. By making you emotionally dependent on them, they feel more secure and powerful. However, this dynamic is harmful and sets the stage for an unhealthy relationship, often teetering on the edge of emotional abuse.

How to Protect Yourself From Love Bombing

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Protecting yourself from love bombing is essential for maintaining emotional well-being. First, share your experience with a trusted advocate or objective outsider, such as a close friend or family member. Discussing your relationship can provide valuable external perspectives that you may not see when you’re emotionally involved. It’s also crucial to re-establish boundaries with your love bomber. Set limits on how much time you spend time together and communicate your need for personal space and time with other loved ones.

Feeling guilty or embarrassed can sometimes deter individuals from taking necessary steps to protect themselves. However, you should never feel guilty or feel embarrassed for prioritizing your own needs. Remember that in a healthy relationship, both parties respect each other’s boundaries and emotional well-being. If you find that your mental health is deteriorating, do not hesitate to seek professional help. A licensed clinical psychologist can offer you tailored guidance and coping strategies to navigate the complexities of your relationship while safeguarding your mental health.

Seeking Help for Love Bombing

Identifying the signs of love bombing is the first crucial step towards safeguarding your emotional well-being. If you notice these warning signs, seeking professional help is imperative. Consult relationship experts like a mental health counselor or a licensed clinical social worker for tailored advice and coping strategies. For situations that have escalated into more severe forms of manipulation or control, reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. They can provide immediate assistance and resources to cope with potential abusive behavior.

These professional resources serve as a vital support system for anyone experiencing love bombing. They offer an objective look into your relationship, allowing you to identify whether you’re in a healthy relationship or falling into a pattern of unhealthy relationships. Taking this proactive step enables you to arm yourself with knowledge and strategies, helping you make informed decisions about your emotional future.

Red Flags in Family and Other Relationships

It’s important to note that love bombing isn’t exclusive to romantic entanglements; it can manifest in family and other relationships as well. A family member or a close friend may display signs of love bombing to exert control or manipulate the relationship dynamics. Because of the emotional investment already in place in these relationships, it might be tempting to ignore red flags or give these individuals the benefit of the doubt.

However, the emotional toll of being love bombed by a family member or close friend can be equally damaging. It’s crucial to pay attention to these warning signs irrespective of the nature of your relationship with the love bomber. Setting healthy boundaries is vital, and just like in a romantic context, seeking help from relationship experts or a licensed clinical social worker can provide useful insights into how to manage these complex emotional dynamics.


Recognizing the signs of love bombing is crucial for maintaining emotional and mental well-being. This manipulative tactic is often used to establish control and power dynamics in a relationship. It may seem like genuine affection, especially in new relationships, but the ultimate aim is rarely to establish a healthy relationship. Always pay attention to red flags, and consult relationship experts, a mental health counselor, or the National Domestic Violence Hotline for professional advice if you encounter this form of emotional manipulation.

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FAQs: Signs of Love Bombing

What Are the Main Signs of Love Bombing?

The main signs of love bombing include excessive attention and affection, overwhelming compliments, and extravagant gifts in the early stages of a new relationship. A love bomber may also want to spend all their time with you and may push for quick commitment expectations. These behaviors are designed to make you feel special but are often used to gain emotional control.

How Does Love Bombing Affect Self Esteem?

Being love bombed can significantly impact your self esteem. While the excessive attention and affection may initially boost your confidence, the underlying manipulative nature of these actions can make you feel obligated or indebted. This can create emotional stress and potentially lower your self-esteem over time.

How Can I Seek Help If I Think I’m Being Love Bombed?

If you suspect you’re being love bombed, consult with relationship experts or a mental health counselor for professional guidance. For situations that may be veering into emotional or domestic abuse, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for immediate support and resources. Seeking professional help will provide you with strategies to cope and an objective perspective on the relationship.





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