4 Cheesy But Effective Tips To Set Goals And Achieve Them

By Harsh yadav

July 4, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

setting goals

Do you love pizza? Of course! Who doesn’t?

The word alone is enough to create a swirl of flavors in my mouth. The moment I order a pizza, I start envisioning the love-making session of warm cheese, bacon, tomato, and herbs in my mouth.

To be honest, pizza is the only thing I never want to share with anybody. Even when I am stuffed up to my soul, I somehow manage to squeeze in another bite.

And that is my problem. I don’t know how much to eat.

When I try to overstuff myself, I always regret it later. It ends up affecting my stomach and my sleeping patterns. It also leaves me lethargic.

And, if I try to eat far less than what my stomach can handle, it leaves me hungry. Even though I know I can eat a little more and my capacity is yet to be met, I avoid it as I get afraid I will overstuff myself again.

So, I figured out a way.

Instead of projecting all my lust on pizza. I started listening to my appetite. I started to eat one slice at a time. And, after each slice I ask my stomach “Bro, should I send some more?”

If I get a yes, then, without missing a beat, I reach out for one more slice. I started eating just enough to satisfy both my hunger and taste buds. That creates a beautifully balanced relationship between me and the pizza- without affecting my system.

Now, you must be thinking, “Damn it! What the hell is this guy trying to do?”

Instead of driving you and dropping you to your goals club as promised, I took a different lane and parked you at a Pizza place. This is all you must be thinking, right?

I know it’s all confusing right now and doesn’t make any sense to you. But, trust me, what I told you was all about goal setting- in a “cheesy” point of view.

Wait! Let me unwrap all this for you.

#1 – Place a reasonable order

choose your goal

This was one of my biggest weaknesses when ordering a pizza. No matter what my appetite was or how hungry I was, I always used to order a large pizza. And, 90% of the time, I either ended up overstuffing myself or throwing it away.

This is a major mistake a lot of people make while setting goals for themselves. They set unattainable goals. They don’t analyze where they stand, what their current situation is or if they can work on the goals they set.

Take, for example, a guy weighing 120 kg who set a goal to lose 30 kg in a month. What do you think will happen?

Simple. He will never make it to that goal because it is not a practical goal.

To lose 30 kg in a month, he needs to lose 1 kg daily and that’s not possible. Moreover, he will lose all his hope and motivation that he might never try again.

The first crucial step to any goal is not about measuring the goal. It is to measure yourself. You need to analyze your current situation. Based on that, you need to make projections.

Goals setting is important but setting practical goals is much more important than that.

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#2 – Extra price for extra toppings

Who doesn’t love some customization and extra toppings on their pizzas? For me, I always get a bit more cheese and cheese bursts. It makes my pizza even more divine.

But, what happens when you order all these extras? Obviously, you have to pay more for every customization you make.

Is it worth it? Will it incorporate more taste to your pizza?

It undoubtedly will but it will also add more cost to your total bill.

Our goals follow the same path. There’s always a price you have to pay when you add in “extras”.

Let’s suppose your goal is to hit the sales mark in order to buy yourself a new car. Now, you add some more weight to that goal. You want to buy a BMW (that’s your first topping). And, you put a little more weight to it as you set your eyes on BMW M3 (the final crust to your pizza).

So, how you are going to buy it?

Obviously, you have to do more hard work, put in more effort and be more disciplined. That’s the price you need to pay to bring your dream car in your garage. Of course, that’s apart from the thousands of dollars you need to pay for it.

Success mantra: You can’t aim for high goals while paying a low price for it. You have to pay the price for that extra taste. There’s no other way.

#3 – Go one slice at a time

one goal at a time

So, your pizza has arrived and I know you can’t wait to dig in. But, what happens when you try to eat all the pizzas in one go?

Next day, there’s a good chance you might not even want to look at it. It might not even taste as good as it did yesterday.

The solution?

Take it slow. When you eat one slice at a time, your whole system will fully accept it and every process will work as it should. Take your time. Eat it, chew it and then digest it.

Same with our goals. Overdoing doesn’t do any good to them either.

Apart from setting realistic goals, you need to know how to break your goals into smaller targets so you can work on them on a daily basis. Every journey begins with a single step and goals are no different.

Tip: Write your goals on a blank paper. Then, write down the different ways you can achieve them. Write down a roadmap to reach those goals. Instead of hitting the finish line directly, divide the goals into smaller tasks and work on them every day.

#4 – Don’t aim for too less

So we take it slow on our pizza, but that doesn’t mean we need to eat much less than we want to or need to.

I agree that overeating is bad. But, if you eat way less than your hunger, then you are doing yourself a disservice too. We eat to satisfy our hunger and not to keep ourselves on starvation mode.

Nobody in the entire history of the world has touched the sky by setting very small goals. And, in case you are setting small goals, you are likely to get stuck in the same loop. To make sure that doesn’t happen, create goals that satisfy your hunger and soul. Otherwise, you will never realize your true potential.

Somewhere deep down, we all know what we are capable of. We just tend to fly under the radar because of bad habits. We know we are capable of much bigger things, but we don’t want to leave our comfort zone.

Whenever you set a goal, try to keep a balance so you don’t starve or overstuff yourself.

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We are living in a highly competitive world where we are not just competing with others, but with ourselves, too. Every minute of the day, we should think of ways to achieve our goals and exert effort to turn those goals into a reality.

We create our future and there should be no reason why we can’t make the journey more worthwhile.

Harsh yadav

Harsh Yadav is a blogger, who is running his blog www.gofameus.com. It's a self development blog which is working towards unwinding the complex wisdom and serve it to you not just in easy to understand way, but also in creative and gripping way.

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