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By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Online dating is becoming more and more popular. Dating websites and social networks are used by a lot of people looking to find their significant other. While dating sites are a great way to find love, it is advisable to be extra cautious when talking to someone you do not yet know. While the internet offers many advantages, it can sometimes be a dangerous place.

Some people manage to build healthy and loving relationships with a partner they have met over the internet. Unfortunately, others unknowingly meet romance scammers and end up not only with a broken heart, but an empty bank account as well.

Romance Scammer Photos
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Online romance scammers do not always create false identities. Sometimes, they might steal photos or identities of reputable and trustworthy people to make their jobs easier. Identity theft is very common among scammers to help them reach their goal of getting their victims to send them money. This makes it easier for a scammer to gain their trust.

Romance scammers are experts at what they do. They spend a lot of time and energy luring people into a relationship where they can later ask for money. Scammer photos are all over the internet, and you have to be extra careful before you consider any online relationship.

While it might be difficult to stop romance scams, there are signs to help you watch out for them. The most important step is for you to verify their identity and make sure you are communicating with an honest person.

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9 Most Common Signs of Romance Scammer Photos and How You Can Protect Yourself.

1. Romance scammer photos are very few

Photos of romance scammers are the first thing to pay attention to. Since they are professionals at identity theft, it is easy for them to steal photos of attractive men or women and use them as their own. You might see these photos on various social media outlets as well as on any dating site.

Since the photos are not theirs, you might notice that they share very few pictures of themselves. Nowadays, it is common for a couple to text each other selfies or live updates or to stay in touch. This will never happen with romance scammers, who only want to get to your bank account.

They could make that a part of their plan and describe themselves as private people who do not like to take a lot of pictures or talk about themselves. But in reality, they are romance scammers who simply do not want to expose their true identities.

In contrast, in an online healthy relationship, you would find several pictures of the person you are dating. They might also share their portraits as well as their full-body photos in different settings openly. An honest person will also never hide their details from you.

If for any reason you feel like you are in a relationship with a scammer, a smart way to make sure is to do a quick image search on their pictures. Use specific websites to perform a reverse image search, where you upload pictures of the person online. A reverse image search will tell you if the pictures are being used on more than one website and for what purposes.

2. You like their social media profiles

While this might sound counterintuitive, social media profiles that are too good to be true are almost certainly so. In a scam, scammers often create fake identities that they know you will like, often listing your favorite hobbies, movies, and any other details that you will connect to. When you look at their profiles, you cannot believe how many things in common you both have.

Photo credit: Pexels

This is because most likely, their profiles were specially crafted to impress you. As you start chatting, they always bring up topics that they know you will like and will make you feel closer. This feeling of understanding creates trust in the relationship which scammers need to get to their goal.

In a scam, scammers might also claim to be international doctors, military personnel, or construction workers working abroad to gain your interest. This is to make their fake identity appeal to you and to be able to start a relationship in the first place. Job positions abroad are also a smart way to justify why they cannot see you in person. It is also their way to eliminate video calls, claiming that they live in a different time zone or are just “busy” with their jobs.

If you like a person’s social media profile, it is best to research them first. Go through their Instagram, Facebook, and even Linkedin to verify that they are all the same person. Nowadays, it is very easy to go online and gather information about the person you are dating, so use this feature to your advantage.

3. Consider the timing of your relationship

An online romance scam almost always starts at a time when you desperately need to talk to or be with someone. This could be after going through a tough breakup, health issues, or even losing your job. When you go through a difficult time your emotions become the most vulnerable, which is what online dating scammers prey at.

Of course, the scammer will be understanding and easy to talk to and will use this sensitive time to gain your trust. In the beginning, they will make no mention of money, but later on, in your relationship, they will start to bring up the subject.

This is why you need to evaluate your relationship when you feel like you are in a good place emotionally and mentally. If your online relationship started from nowhere when you most needed it, you might want to slow things down and think about the way it started.

4. Consider the pace of your relationship

While it is a good thing for people in relationships to grow attached, you need to be careful to avoid a romance scam. If you notice that your online partner is very quick to “fall in love with you” and attributes that feeling to “destiny” or “fate,” then chances are you need to slow down.

Remember that it takes a lot of time for people to grow fond of each other. This is especially true on social media or an online dating site, where you only use instant messaging for several hours a day. If your partner “confessed their feelings” in a relatively short period, it might be because they want to finish their romance scam and ask you to transfer money as quickly as possible.

In other words, one of the warning signs in online dating is when things start to advance too quickly. Fake online profiles only worry about gaining their victim’s trust in the begging, before asking for money payments to be made.

5. You notice that you only use instant messaging to communicate

Although your relationship is going fast, you only talk to each other through instant messaging. Your partner does not video chat with you or send you photos. And although he might not say it, your partner might be your number one social media fan to fill that gap and continue to make you feel special.

Romance scammer’s profile
Photo credit: Pexels

In addition to using dating apps and texting, you might also be talking over the phone, but that is about it. Phone calls are a great way to help develop strong feelings and strong emotions that a scammer needs before gaining access to sensitive information as well as necessary financial information.

Therefore, if you notice that your communication channels are limited, you might be falling victim to an online dating scam. Try to bring up the option of phone or video chat with your partner, and if they continue to refuse, it is a warning sign to look out for. Video calls are a great way to verify a person’s identity and can help you avoid romance scams.

6. Any face-to-face meeting gets canceled

Naturally, online romance scammers never show up in person. This is why not meeting physically is always a warning sign to look out for especially in online dating.

Keep in mind, however, that a romance scammer will not tell you they do not want to meet upfront. Instead, they will always come up with last-minute excuses to change plans. No matter how many times you agree to meet, scammers will always find a very convincing way to cancel or postpone being with you.

A romance scammer may be the person to suggest meeting together or going out on dates to avoid any suspicion. They seem genuine about it and act like they cannot wait to finally see you. Even if they are abroad, they might promise to come all the way to see you.

As the date of your meeting approaches, an emergency typically suddenly comes up that stops the scammer from showing up. This “emergency” can also be a golden opportunity for scammers to ask for money or sensitive information such as credit card details.

7. Your partner asks for money payments

An instant warning sign is if a person asks for money, financial assistance, or a wire transfer to be made in an online relationship. However, since most online criminals are professionals at this, they come out as extremely convincing to their partners, who might also be blinded by love. Online dating scams take a lot of forms, so be very cautious whenever your partner brings up the subject of money.

Photo credit: Pexels

One common online dating scam involves making plans with you. Once a scammer has built strong feelings of trust in the relationship, they go on to make their move. They might say that they need money to start a new life with you and secure your future together.

Or, a romance scammer on a dating site might claim that they need money for an urgent matter that came up, like an important trip abroad. They might ask their victims to help them pay for their plane tickets travel expenses, or any other details. Of course, they promise to fully transfer the money back as soon as they can. most likely, the money is never repaid and the victim ends up with financial losses.

Criminals in a romance scam do not always directly request money. They might ask for gifts to be purchased, online subscriptions to be paid, or debt paid off. As a rule of thumb, never transfer money or give out financial assistance to a person you do not know. If you think they seem honest in their need for money, you can always talk to a trusted friend or family member. An outside opinion from a wise family member can bring your attention to important things.

8. You notice a change in their behavior

If you start to notice inconsistencies or changes in your partner’s behavior, especially for no particular reason, you need to consider it a warning sign.

Some scammers will start to change their stories for you to send them more money. For instance, they might claim that something major has changed in their lives which requires more money from you.

If your gut feeling is telling you something is not right, do not be afraid to confront them and ask them questions. If you are still not getting clear answers, you need to consider this a red flag. Do not accept any vague explanation or listen to them if they start calling you paranoid.

Scammers might also change the way they contact you after they bring up the subject of money. If you say no to what they ask, their messages and phone calls become more persistent and desperate, trying to get you to change your mind.

9. You are often asked about your personal life

Scammers are extremely interested in their victim’s personal life. They want to know all the details about their victims that they can know, in the hopes of catching something to use against them if need be.

Romance Scam
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Moreover, scammers might start asking for intimate photos. While a victim might think this is ok in a romantic relationship, scammers often have a completely different motive. Some scammers will collect any material, including intimate photos, to blackmail their victims.

Unfortunately, in this situation, a victim is forced to comply with the scammer’s orders. This can create a cycle of making payments and continuing with them until the victim runs out of money. This is why it is extremely important to be careful about what you share online. Scammers might use any piece of information or photo of you to get to your bank account.





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What is a scammer’s profile like on social networks?

Scammers in online dating scams are very active on social media networks. They are all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Linkedin. While we all use social media sites to connect with friends, shop, and stay updated, scammers use social networks to find victims. For scammers, social networks are a low-cost and cheap way to find billions of people from all over the world. Most scammers are interested in older victims who might seem to have assets, are single or lonely, and may be going through a tough time.

Scammers may create fake profiles that appeal to their victims and wait for them to reach out or begin texting them themselves. They start by picking photos of attractive people from the internet and use them as their own. Online romance scammers start innocently, with the scammer claiming they just want to meet and get to know the victim better through a certain social media site. Over time, however, the victim grows attached to the scammer, which creates endless opportunities for a romance scam.

What is a romance scam?

Romance scams happen when a person falsely believes that they are in a romantic relationship with someone they have met over the internet. Often, the scammer creates a fake identity or claims to be someone they are not. Either way, they are experienced at what they do and can be very convincing.

In romance scams, a scammer uses a lot of time and energy to gain his victim’s trust. It might take months or even years to make their victim believe that they have finally met their true other. Once enough trust is built in the relationship, scammers begin either directly or subtly requesting money payments. They might want wire transfers, credit card details, or even gifts or subscriptions. Most romance scammers continue to ask for payments through the relationship and suddenly vanish when they find a new victim.

What is reverse image search in romance scams?

Reverse image search is a service provided by Google that can be very helpful in detecting a romance scammer. It is also very easy to use, simply upload a picture of the person you are dating to Google Image search.

You will end up with all the links where the picture is posted. This way, you can see if you are in an honest online relationship or not. If the picture of the person you are dating comes up across different websites under different names, then you know they are not honest.

Since romance scammers in romance scams usually use pictures of attractive men or women from the internet, searching their photos will be a good step to take. Often, you will find that the scammer’s identity does not exist or that is being used for other purposes.

How to protect yourself from online dating scams?

If you take the necessary precautions, dating websites can be a great tool for you to potentially find your significant other. Some people are successful in building healthy and lasting relationships with someone they have met online.

You need to make sure to not send private photos or reveal personal details such as answers to security questions, no matter how many times you are asked. In romance scams, a scammer might use any piece of information against you to pressure you to deposit money. If you notice that your partner is trying to get you to send them sensitive material over and over again, it is a good option to evaluate your relationship.

Moreover, if your partner asks you for payments of any kind, make sure you evaluate the situation first. Keep your emotions aside, as romance scammers are likely to be very convincing and might promise to pay you as soon as possible. It is a good idea to discuss this matter with a trusted family member or friend for a second opinion.

What to do if you think you or someone you know is involved in romance scams?

If you think you are involved in online dating scams, stop communicating and report your profile. Continuing with your chats to “make sure” will only put you at a higher risk for fraud. If you constantly feel like something is not right in your relationship, you are most likely correct.

Photo credit: Pexels

The second step is for you to report the scammer’s profile to protect yourself and others. This is easily done by filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center or any other trusted government website, that is an expert in handling romance scams.

What are the most common red flags when it comes to a romance scam?

With millions of people using online dating sites, cases of romance scams reported are unfortunately more than ever. To avoid being a victim of online dating fraud yourself, watch out for the following common red flags.

In an online dating scam, the scammer always has an online profile that seems too good to be true. For example, you might notice that they share the same hobbies and interests as you do. This is usually because they took their time crafting a profile that would appeal to you and lead you to believe that you have finally met your true soulmate.

What are the warning signs of a romance scam?

In romance scams, scammers always claim to lead interesting lives. For example, they could say they are military personnel, construction engineers, or international doctors. However, when you ask for personal details or photos, you only receive vague answers. To protect yourself, always verify the identity of the person you are communicating with online to make sure you are not involved with a romance scammer.

Romance Scammers
Photo credit: Pixabay

Another common red flag of romance scams is if you notice that your relationship is going fast. Your partner might confess their love way sooner than you expected. While this might be flattering to the victim, chances are the scammer is only trying to gain their trust before asking for their money.

 What are the most popular scenarios in an online dating scam?

A scammer always tells their victims that they work and live abroad and can’t meet in person. Keep in mind that they will make plans to meet but will cancel at the last minute. Some criminals will take this as the perfect opportunity to ask their victims to pay for their plane tickets or travel expenses.

Romance Scammers might also ask for money for urgent issues, such as a family or personal emergency. They tell elaborate and emotional stories about why they need the money right away. Or, an online criminal might use the victim themselves as an excuse for requesting money. For example, they say they will use the money to secure their future and start a new life with the victim.

Since they promise to pay the victim back, and they have already gained their trust, criminals often get what they ask for.

Can my money be recovered from romance scams?

If you or a good friend have been a victim of online fraud, the bad news is it might be very difficult to recover your money. This is especially true if you have made payments that are not easily traceable. For instance, payments made in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or other digital coins are difficult to trace and can be more difficult to recover.

However, immediately reporting to the authorities after you or someone you know has been scammed increases your chances of getting your money back. By reporting criminals, authorities can get to predators and sometimes networks of predators, which greatly reduces criminal activity. This is why it is essential that you immediately file a complaint after a scam, instead of feeling embarrassed, afraid, or ashamed.

Can other means of financial assistance be recovered in romance scams?

If you have made wire transfers to your scammer, contact your bank or financial institution right away. The bank may be able to stop or hopefully reverse the transaction. Similarly, if you bought online gifts or gift vouchers for the scammer, contact the company as soon as possible. They might put a hold on that gift and hopefully refund you the amount.


Unfortunately, the number of romance scammers reported has increased over the past few years. Social networks and dating apps create endless opportunities for scammers, as more and more people share their information online.

Scammers are professionals at what they do. Most take months or even years to gain the person’s trust before asking for money payment. Some continue to request money payments, gifts, or any other form of financial assistance throughout the relationship and promise to pay it all back. Of course, this never happens, and the scammer vanishes into thin air.

Most signs in common online dating scams can be identified. Scammers have profiles that seem like a perfect match to you. They do not have a lot of pictures posted and are good at impersonating somebody else. If you think that is the case, you can easily ask for a video chat early to verify their identity. Moreover, you could always talk to a friend or family member about your relationship.

You shouldn’t share your financial information with anybody that you barely know. Criminals will make sure that you fully trust them before asking for money. This is why you should keep emotions aside before making any financial decision.

While video calls are important in online relationships, make sure you are never inappropriately dressed, or even undressed, as this can be used to blackmail you. If you refuse to make or continue with making payments, a scammer might threaten to share your photos. In order to protect yourself, do not send money, accept money, or talk about finances online.

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