An Outstanding And Detailed Rocket Korean Review [2024]

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The US Foreign Service Institute says that it takes around six hours to achieve “general professional skills” or above to learn Korean. Rocket program reduces the time to learn this new language by offering you more than 30 advanced learning methods that have been shown to improve the way you learn Korean. Learners also get free access to different features and a free trial to acquire any lesson.

You really have to immerse yourself as much as possible if you want to experience Korea and Korean culture like a local. This is where the Korean Rocket comes in.

Thanks to 28 courses on Korean culture which explain aspects of everyday life, famous individuals, and crucial periods in history, you avoid any embarrassing cultural false steps. You better understand Korean lessons.

Traditional classes are typically dry and uninspired while learning a foreign language, which makes it tough to persist once the first motivational wave fades.

This is why Rocket languages have included a host of motivational features and tactics to keep track of you and look forward to returning for more.

Downloadable Korean classes for PCs, iPhones, and Android phones are available. Each course features an interactive audio course like a podcast that you can listen to wherever even offline.


About Korean

The official language of Korea (South Korea) is Korean and the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea).

Learning Korean language links you internationally to 75 million individuals. Here, you can have a unique chance to immerse yourself in Korean culture and experience a new world. Knowing another language and respecting different cultures—are life-long talents.

Korean is also considered to be a legacy language by significant populations in Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Russia as well as the former USSR, and over 75 million people in the world speak the Korean language.

Korea on the international stage is becoming increasingly significant due to South           Korea’s strong economy, geopolitical relevance, and expanding influence in pop culture in Asia.

Any native speaker uses one of five main dialects, however, Seoul’s speech in South Korea is a standard language.

The Korean alphabet Han’ Gul comprises 14 consonants and 10 fundamental vowels. It goes back to the 15th century and has been developed to learn quickly and effectively.

Rocket Korean

There are a few that are in mind when you’re seeking quality and dependable online courses to learn Korean. Like many platforms that teach many languages, Rocket Languages has some difficulty in providing decent and providing complete content for languages that do not use romanized letters.

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Rocket Korean is missing in a lot of aspects, compared to other Korean courses.

This rocket Korean review is especially for those, who want to take audio lessons and Korean language culture lessons. This Rocket Korean review will take a detailed look at what Rocket Korean has to offer: the good and the ugly.

Rocket learning method

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In contrast to any other program offered by Rocket Languages, Rocket Korean language learning only has one level. This makes it appropriate just for pupils at the basic level. Rocket teaches its students through audio lessons mostly. Newbies like Rocket, because learning different aspects of Korean language has become a lot easier with this program.

Throughout the Rocket training, there are eight modules for learning Korean. These language courses include four different sorts of lessons:

Audio lessons, Online language and culture lessons, Free Korean lessons in Writing, and Korean language lessons in Survival Kit

A total of 31 interactive audio lessons, 32 language and culture lessons, 26 writing lessons, and 10 survival kit courses are included in all 8 modules.

Each kind of lesson has its Rocket Reinforcement exercises, save for the writing courses. These resources are a means to review what you have learned by doing a number of activities.


Perfect pronunciation

Experts believe that you need just 300 words to speak in Korean.

Rocket Korean teaches you more than 2074 words and sentences. And our state-of-the-art speech recognition system allows you to refine your pronunciation digitally to make sure you learn properly.

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Rocket Korean begins with the essentials. Then you decide how much you want to study from more than 120 hours of repeated courses. You can review your progress anytime through the app.

It’s your option from ice-breakers and conversation beginners to detailed grammatical explanations.

Amazing User Interface

You will enjoy the changes made to its platform by Rocket Languages. Korean language learning has become easier with the upgrades.

Users in the past were somewhat puzzled about where to start classes. Now, the dashboard is clearly labeled and numbered so that you can start or collect simply where you left off.

Rocket languages are also improving Desktop’s user experience. The experience is bright and visual as well as having a more user-friendly interface.

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Rocket’s computer screen now has a new user interface that separates the contents into separate columns. Earlier, Duolingo and Babbling had an advantage because their language course layout is more intuitive and easy to find.

Rocket definitely has caught up with Duolingo and Babbels in this regard who were miles back from before with the layout of their course and improved to a great extent.


The idea of a Leaderboard

The concept of a leaderboard will appeal to you greatly. One approach to stay motivated is to utilize the application on a daily basis is to compare your development to the progress of other users.

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You will reach your objective of learning to speak Korean with Rocket Korean if you put in the effort every day and keep your motivation up.

Lots of Amazing content

It is impossible to get enough knowledge from each lecture of Rocket Korean. Additionally, they include supplementary resources and extended vocabulary to allow you to acquire additional information that goes beyond the boundaries.

If you are going to travel in the near future, the new Survival Kit will give you fast, easy-to-learn words. The cultural teachings provide extra context for understanding the language. Overall, there are enough ways to keep you engaged for a significant amount of time.


Exciting Audio Lessons

Rocket Korean has amazing interactive audio lessons.

The duration of these interactive audio lessons is usually between 20 and 30 minutes. With this course, you will be able to acquire different aspects of Korean. There are three hosts in all, two of them are Korean and the third of whom is from the United States of America. The Korean hosts will communicate entirely in Korean, while the American hosts will explain everything in English.

Before moving on to new content, every course begins by reviewing what you have already learned in prior sessions.

Rocket Korean does not contain any of the cheesy, cringe-worthy grammar explanations. Every lesson is smoother and more natural as a result of this. However, when compared to a resource such as KoreanClass101, the classes are a bit on the dry side.

The audio resources frequently begin with a dialogue that is then dissected and debated, as well as translations of words and phrases that are spoken slowly and clearly.

In the sense that you are expected to participate and speak during the event, they are interactive. On the contrary, if you don’t participate actively in the classes, you’re unlikely to get anything from them. The Rocket Korean program is comparable to Pimsleur in this sense, however, Pimsleur will provide you with greater oral communication abilities, whereas Rocket Korean will provide you with a stronger foundation in grammar and written Korean.

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You will appreciate the way the hosts clarify the grammar explanations throughout the program. They also do a good job of interspersing intriguing cultural components throughout the course.

You may practice your conversation skills after listening to the audio lesson in the Play It! area, in which you can take on either host’s position and talk in that role. Here, the lines of the host you did not choose will be played automatically, and you are expected to fill in as a conversation partner.

In this course, you will speak the new language all across Rocket Korean. Your speech recognition software gives you a degree based on how effectively you are able to read the lines.

It’s a lovely approach to push you to speak more Korean, however, like with any language-learning resource speech recognition software, it’s not all good.

The Korean hosts also talk more Korean than the main conversation. While it’s undoubtedly difficult for learners to comprehend, that’s simpler. Plus, you can see and hear the additional things stated in the Extra Vocabulary section below.


Rocket Reinforcement

The Rocket Strengthening system is a significant element of the interactive audio features, language, culture, Korean writing, and survival kit classes. This is probably the portion you spend the bulk of your time in the Rocket program.

Sadly, it’s not really excellent.

You will examine what you have previously learned by performing many activities. But they’re all very sluggish and essentially rote. This is a great feature for progress tracking.

The Rocket Reinforcement consists of the following:


While there are a few other ways to use your flashcards, they are not especially fascinating. Basically, you only have a word and have to think about the translation. Then you flip the card and give it to yourself.

It doesn’t help that the cards are so hideous, but it’s not even the greatest problem here. Flashcards are helpful to study, however, it would be far preferable for most individuals to use a platform like Memrise or Anki.

These learning systems are “more intelligent” than Rocket Korean. Instead of only utilizing sheer force and repetition, as Rocket Korean does, these other platforms use a separate repetition method (SRS). This essentially indicates that the more frequently you remember a card properly, the longer the period before you encounter it again. Also if you make a mistake on a specific card, the card will appear more frequently.

This can save you a lot of time and help you study better.

Hear it! Say it!

You’re going to listen to a Korean word or phrase and then record yourself repeating the same thing to you. Again, you will earn a mark based on the accuracy of your speech. You’ll also evaluate yourself – hard, good, or easy since you found it challenging.

Know it!

You will practice your abilities to generate Korean from English in the following session. Just enough, a word or a phrase is supplied in English and must be said in Korean.


Next, you’re going to have a five-question questionnaire. Again, it’s really simple, but it’s pretty good actually. Most questions include a number of possible solutions that might easily be mistaken for the right one if the training had not been finished. These exercises truly work to offer you lots of practice with the lecture content, however, it would be good if Rocket Korean had a bit more natural look at old material. There is a custom flashcard function that you may use for this purpose theoretically (without SRS), but it is not currently accessible.

Emphasis on genuine language and culture lessons

You’ll enjoy seeing how they put a large focus on actual everyday English by adding an authentic conversation. You may listen and imitate the pronunciation and intonation of the native speakers by recording your own voice and plays with the native speaker.

You may also participate in the discussion successfully by playing one of the roles in the dialogue. The computer will only play the other speaker’s audio, leaving you with pauses to talk and record your voice automatically.


Good for only beginner level

You can only go with the Rocket program to some extent only. If you want to learn more fluently, after completing this course, you need to locate an extra program. This may be an enormous disadvantage of this Korean since when you become acclimated to the Rocket Japanese style, you need to switch to a new platform. You may find overlap with other contents and waste re-learning information you already know. You may also find it tough to decide which level to start with the new program.

Most interactive forums are empty

You would appreciate the concept of interactive user forums for questions and answers among users, you will discover that the majority of them are either vacant or out of date. Users are just not logging onto the boards on a regular basis, making it impossible to network with other Korean students.

Bad voice recognition feature

Even while it’s fantastic that they now incorporate voice recognition software to provide you with feedback on your pronunciation, the program is far from flawless, frequently awarding me a perfect score even when I made purposeful errors in pronunciation.

Instead, you would want to see more emphasis placed on the pronunciation itself, specifically on how to produce the distinct sounds that are unique to Korean, rather than relying on flawed technology. If you want to improve your Korean pronunciation, we recommend hiring a Korean instructor on italki to assist you.


Amazing tools

One of Rocket Korean features is in fact the My Vocab tool that is essentially a dictionary that reads every word in the course – English, Korean or Spanish – and shows its several contexts and uses.

Then you may listen to the word of dialogue phrases showing how to utilize them.

It’s really helpful.

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For further study, you can also review it and add it to your flashcard deck.

The other tool is the My Progress tab, which contains the leaderboard, studies, and tests.

When you finish the lessons and numerous other activities in Rocket Korean, you gain points that can advance you ahead and get badges. This is a means of competing with others.

Such a gamified competition is quite effective as a motivator.

Survival Kits

The third lesson type is likewise uninspiring. These lessons consist of memorizing lists of words and phrases using Rocket Reinforcement.

In this aspect, I find Rocket Korean a bit dated. It’s like finding a list of terms relevant to a topic and memorizing them all. It might work, but it’ll be monotonous, and they’ll be simpler to forget without strong associations.

Reading text on an app like LingQ or listening to audio lectures like KoreanClass101 is a far better way to learn words. It’s considerably more effective and fun to learn terms in context.




Language Cultural lessons and writing lessons

This section has two parts. The first portion teaches Korean grammar, such as pronunciation and past tense.

The program is textbook-like. Many grammar points are carefully clarified. There are also several samples with audio that you can listen to and practice speaking.

You’ll have all of the previous Rocket Reinforcement activities. These are tedious and probably ineffective ways to study Korean.

While you can drill a lot of words and phrases this way, reading and understanding Korean are practically hard.

The quality and depth of the culture section pleasantly impress you.

If you try other Rocket Languages classes, the culture lesson time is too short and uninspiring. The Rocket Korean course outperforms the others. The cultural teachings are extensive and fun here.

Writing is the next lesson type in Rocket Korean. I’m glad they added a writing section, but it’s not well done or structured in a way that’s very helpful.

These classes will focus on two characters. Sadly, the teachings are elementary. You’ll learn the names of the letters, how to pronounce them, see a brief video on how to write them, and see examples of words that contain them.

The fact that these sessions, and Rocket Korean in general, do not teach you how to read Korean, irks you the most. It’s also odd that you only learn two characters per lesson.

Pricing and Premium Subscription

Rocket Korean appears to be on sale regularly. Although the initial price is $149.95, it never costs more than $99.95. You can also choose to pay a monthly plan for $19 a month.

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Since the purchase is one-off and not a subscription, you will have lifetime access to the resources.

There is a free trial available from Rocket for learning a language. You can access the free lesson through the mobile app. You can access the mobile app from your app store.

Short Rocket Korean review

Rocket Korean course offers one of the most positive consumer evaluations compared to other online language learning programs. It’s a great platform to learn a language. This will help you learn the basic aspects of the Korean Language. But it is not guaranteed that it will help you talk like a native speaker. There are reinforcement activities that will help you understand the Korean writing system and become a good speaker.

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The major reason is that it’s a high-quality application that has many different features for studying Korean words and Korean vocabulary.

New learners may take this course for free so they can be 100 percent sure this course is acceptable to them before making any payments.


To wrap up this evaluation, the Rocket Korean course can be stated to be an excellent online course for everyone who is just beginning to study Korean. The fact that this software covers all elements of Korean is ideal for learners(writing, speaking, reading, listening as well as grammar).

There are also a number of tools and features for learners to increase the retention rate and review their progress such as games, quizzes, and software. Because there are more options to study, learners are less likely to be bored and learning will be more efficient.

Advanced tracking tools provide fantastic incentive boosters in the Rocket Korean course. Since you can keep track of your progress, you will be more encouraged to log in and improve your achievements every day. Another aspect that motivates you is badges. After completing essential portions of the course, learners get access to the badges. Although it may appear stupid for some learners, these little differences make this course fun to learn. Hope this Rocket Korean review helps you!

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