Rocket Japanese 2024: It Exceeded My Expectations

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

If we take a look at the history of world languages and how they begin, we are surely going to get shocked and awed at the same time.

Now, there aren’t many languages left today that can claim to be present around a time when Alexander The Great was roaming through the lands forcing empires like the Persian Empire to kneel in front of him.

Or a time when Chandragupta Maurya laid the foundation of the Mauryan Empire in India.

But Japanese can claim that it has indeed witnessed great men from its origin and is still witnessing with all of its glory.

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Where it all began?

As discussed above, Japanese is one of the oldest known languages of men that’s still spoken around major parts of the Globe. Especially the Japanese Island peninsula.

Languages like Arabic, Tamil, Hebrew, and Persian/Farsi are also ranked in the group of oldest known modern-day languages.

The history of Japanese human settlements dates back to around the 4th century BCE. It was the time when the Yayoi people started to settle down in the Japanese region.

And according to experts, the Japanese started to grow in the region during the same period.

Why Rocket Language?

Well, I was looking for a perfect course or the software available online to learn Japanese, the market was loaded with various options.

Software like Memrise, Anki, Italki, and several others was individually advertising ‘I Will Teach You A Language!



But when I closely monitored their features, they weren’t enough to teach me Japanese effectively individually. I was looking for more of a complete package that can teach me the language I prefer in the most fun and effective way.

And this is when I decided to go with ‘Rocket Languages’ after carefully evaluating the course content, interactive audio lessons, language culture lessons, and rocket reinforcement writing lessons.

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How is the experience so far?

To be very honest, this was my first experience using rocket Japanese. that’s why it is the most honest rocket Japanese review you’re going to get from anywhere.

At first, I was a bit intimidated after accessing the complete user interface of the rocket languages setup. But practice makes a man perfect. Now, I am quite fluent with the learning dashboard.

One thing that I love about rocket Japanese is its amazing course dynamics. I mean the whole setup is so thorough that it focuses on your learning abilities with the help of added reinforcement activities, read and write activities, and amazing hear it say activities along with flash cards.


What’s the most exciting thing about learning Japanese?

Even though I began learning this language to clear my exam that was a must to secure admission to a University in Japan. But so far, the whole ‘teach you Japanese’ experience I have got is amazing.

And the majority of the credit goes to the amazing rocket reinforcement activities and interactive sessions offered by the rosetta stone that I attend frequently.

Plus, how can one not possibly fall in love with the Japanese culture, the Japanese grammar, and scripts like hiragana katakana and Ryukyuan?

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The art of learning Japanese effectively: In my opinion

Well, In my opinion, the art of learning any language effectively lies in what kind of lesson you’re adapting as a student from all the courses you’re taking. For example, rocket Japanese’s Japanese language learning lessons not only focus on flashcard learning and stuff like that.

The lessons are more oriented to help the user understand their very own writing system, words, new vocabulary, and the pronunciation of a native speaker.

That’s why selecting the right course or software to learn a language is probably the only effective method of learning and enhancing the understanding of the language.

Rocket Japanese

Isn’t Japanese a dead language or something like that?

This is probably one of the most asked questions I tackled when I started taking Japanese reading and writing courses.

Before switching to the rocket Japanese interactive audio lessons, I believed the same. I was just a guy who was taking writing lessons just to pass his upcoming exam.

But during this whole process of learning, I noted some things. Most of us think that English is the only modern-day living language left today. Anyone who speaks and represents any other language and culture is not someone who can cope with the modern-day world.

But after going through the rocket reinforcement activities and rosetta stone interactive sessions, learning your native language fluently is one of the greatest privileges one can have.

Because the language is not only a mode of communication, it is the culture and tradition of the people residing in the area and their forefathers.

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I bet Japanese is only spoken in Japan

Another question that I have to frequently answer whenever speaking about online rocket Japanese courses and their effectiveness.

There was a time, a few decades ago when Japan controlled major countries in the Southeast Asian region, including China.

As a result of this hold, the majority of the elder population in the Southeast region can speak and understand Japanese.

But yes, primarily Japanese is only spoken in Japan as the major and official language.

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How old Japanese is?

Whenever you access rocket Japanese for the first, it displays a brief history about the language and how it originated.

About Japanese, no one can exactly tell when it originated. But it seems like experts and a majority part of the population believe that it first appeared as a general model for communication around the 3rd – 4th century BCE.

Like the rocket, Japanese experts and the majority of different historians believe this era to be accurate, the Japanese ranks as one of the oldest languages that are still widely spoken around the globe.

Oh, I got it, it’s like Chinese, right?

Well, if you ask me personally, then yes. The Chinese/Mandarin is similar to Japanese in quite some aspects.

I have gone through rocket Japanese reading and writing tutorials as well kanji-based courses and phrases, that’s why now I can write and speak Japanese like a native in the real world aside from online practice and courses.

So, a few weeks back, I decided to try out learning Chinese as well. And up to my surprise, I was able to understand quite a remarkable number of words, phrases, and scripts of the Chinese as well.

It shows the effectiveness of the Rocket Japanese course as well as the fact that there is some kind of similarities between the two languages indeed.

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The origin: Japan

Taking all the speculations and rocket Japanese reviews aside, let us talk about the real facts I have researched so far.

All of this research is extracted from the findings of expert archaeologists and notes of renowned culture and history experts.

It all started back in 30,000 BCE. The prehistoric period that shows traces of Japanese archipelago inhabitants.

In the literary world, the first-ever written record of Japan was found in the ‘Book of Han’ written around sometimes close to the 1st century BCE.

A thorough comparison of Japanese and Mandarin

Besides my observations, let us take a look at what facts have to say about these two languages.

According to historical records, Mandarin itself is heavily influenced by the Japanese. Mandarin was first introduced in the 14th century AD and became the official language of China back in 1912.

On the other hand, the Japanese originated between the 3rd – 4th centuries BCE. And considering the overall control of Japan in the region a century ago, Mandarin adopted many similarities from the Japanese.

And as I have discussed in my rocket Japanese review, the Japanese words and speaking dynamics are quite similar to the Mandarin dialects.

If carefully observed, one can also identify various kanji words in the Mandarin dialect.

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Learning Japanese as a total beginner

Now, let us talk about the real issue. How can you learn Japanese as a total beginner? Especially by using rocket Japanese interactive audio lessons and language courses as I did.

Well, in my opinion, the whole process is affected by two factors the most.

First, the type of Japanese course you have selected. Its teaching dynamics, its ability to teach stuff online, its vocabulary and pronunciation dynamics, etc all of these factors lays the foundation of learning online.

Second, how much effort you’re willing to put in through the course. Remember, Japanese is not something you can learn overnight. It has a dense and centuries-old script and grammar which makes Japanese learning quite hard. Even if you’re constantly using flashcards or the ‘lifetime access’ version of rocket Japanese.

That’s why, instead of hastily paying for high-end versions of software and interactive audio language learning course like rocket Japanese. Try to get free trial setups and mobile apps offered by the same course to determine whether you can make it throughout the course or not.


How much I have progressed so far?

Well, I can already tell as an Online Japanese learner, things can get quite tough while learning Japanese. you may consider jumping from one lesson to another lesson because you didn’t understand the specific kanji style.

But hey, practice and determination are what make learning effectively. And on a side note, this is exactly what rocket Japanese focuses on the most.

But to boost your spirits up here’s my journey so far.

After testing out so many amazing courses, I decided to go with the rocket Japanese. I adapted myself to the learning dynamics of the rocket Japanese rocket reinforcement and survival kit as much as I could.

And only a couple of weeks ago, I have cleared my embassy-based Japanese exam with flying colors. If you ask me to give a rocket Japanese review, I only have a 5-star rating for the language learning lessons this amazing software provided me.

Also, the course dynamics and course descriptions of the rocket Japanese were way better than various online speaking Japanese lessons I tried out before.

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Japanese Script: A brief note

Sure, it is quite cool to speak a new tongue up to perfection. The particular speaking lesson included in every rocket Japanese language learning program is also quite spot on.

But the real level of mastering a tongue is to have a firm command over the script. Especially if we are talking about Japanese.

Point to be noted, the rocket Japanese survival kit is solely designed with a mission to focus on the writing script lessons.

If we take a closer look at the Japanese script distribution, the syllables and words are influenced by two writing systems. The hiragana and the katakana.

On the other hand, the kanji characters (the Han Characters) act like helping characters along with the hiragana and the katakana characters as a part of Japanese.

The rocket Japanese survival kit lesson tells us that the Han Characters make the major portion of similarities between the writing scripts of China and Japan.

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Is speaking Japanese hard?

Well, in my opinion, it depends on one’s attitude towards learning something.

Taking notes from the lessons I have got from the rocket Japanese course so far, speaking and writing are two different things in terms of learning.

You can learn to speak fluently as a beginner or focus on a lesson that’s more oriented towards the script. In short, it is totally up to you to decide which lesson you want to opt for.

But considering the online dynamics of most so-called rocket courses, especially the rocket Japanese one, you have a great opportunity to master both Japanese script and pronunciation simultaneously.

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What steps should I follow while learning Japanese?

Step 1: Focus on the grammar

It’s not every day when I get the chance to give a rocket Japanese review or present a step-by-step roadmap to learn Japanese through rocket Japanese. It is one of the topics that I like to write about as I have experienced the rocket Japanese myself.

The first step of learning new tongues should be focusing on the grammar of a language. Comparing to the human body, grammar acts as the skeleton upon which the whole structure of the language is mounted.

Master the grammar and you have mastered the language, the first golden rule I have learned from rocket Japanese.

Step 2: Practice the script

As the rocket Japanese review already tells us, there’s no point in learning new tongues as long as you can’t understand or write its script.

The lessons I have learned in my entire rocket Japanese review notes-making sessions allowed me to once again take a look at my Japanese writing skills.

There’s one thing that’s truly exceptional about rocket-based courses and lessons, you can save your so far progress anywhere anytime. Tired of practicing the new script? Save your progress at the spot and continue from the same point the next day.


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Step 3: Watch lots of tutorials

If you think that only a single course or lesson is going to help you out in learning something new, then my friend you are gravely wrong.

Learning something new is not something that depends upon the type of lesson you have accessed, it depends upon your ability to store and understand as much data as possible regarding the subject.

That’s why getting your hands on as many lessons and YouTube tutorials as possible to gain more and more knowledge is one of the best strategies you can follow.

That’s why I have specifically added this point in my rocket Japanese review.

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Step 4: Try to learn the local pronunciation

It doesn’t matter what kind of lessons you are talking about. Even if you’re using the rocket Japanese course, you need to focus on the overall pronunciation skills no matter what.

One of the very first things you get when access the rocket Japanese environment, is the complete series of lessons that are specially designed to work on your pronunciation skills.

Separate any lesson or course from the set to start with. carefully watch and learn how natives speak and then try to reciprocate yourself in the same manner.


Is Rocket languages a good course to begin with?

As I already mentioned, I was not taking Japanese lessons for fun or to learn something new. My sole goal was to clear the exam as soon as possible and get admission to my dream university.

Which I did finally. But in my whole journey of becoming a master, the rocket Japanese have played the most vital and supportive role.

The software lessons are specially oriented to help beginners learn new languages through constructive lesson schemes and added online audio-visual aid such as flash cards.

In my opinion, there is one most valuable lesson I have learned from this software. It is not about some words written on a piece of paper, it is the history of a nation in its purest form.

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Can I use some other course or software as well?

Of course, you can. The internet is loaded with amazing online lessons that will be perfect for you to learn whatever language you prefer.

Don’t forget about the mobile app-based learning which comes with amazing lessons, features like voice recognition, and amazing free trial packages.

But here’s a trick to ensure the lessons you’re talking about are working effectively. Try to speak with your friends in the same language you’re learning. They wouldn’t understand but surely you would get an idea about the level of understanding and pronunciation you have mastered so far.

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Rocket Japanese 2024: Everything you need to start

The overall course structure

I am a very picky person. In other words, I am not a person who gets satisfied with something this easy. I either want the best or I don’t want it.

But even with my strict evaluating criteria, this software is surely something amazing.

I mean the overall course planning and lessons are so excellently designed that you don’t need a tutor at all. All you need is a computer/mobile, a stable data connection, and a will to learn new languages.

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Language and Culture focusing lessons

Language and culture lay the foundation of any nation. You may speak or learn a new tongue but as long as there is no history attached with it, it’s not going to gain the importance it must have.

Guys sitting at Rocket understand this. They are the experts on world literature and linguistics. That’s why rocket corporation is all about summarizing stories of nations and their tongue within these amazingly formulated lessons.

You can practice as much as you want, get added help in the form of quizzes and lessons, enjoy features like voice recognition to work more effectively on your pronunciation skills.

In short, rocket lessons are a complete package!

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User-friendly audio lessons

Around the globe, learning something new effectively require some features and practices. One of these practices is the use of interactive audio lessons backed with pictorial aids.

These lessons also help the overall cognitive learning abilities of the user as he/she will be learning solely by listening and memorizing stuff.

The use of flashcards and picture-based data can also aid the overall learning abilities of the user.

Writing and Survival kit lessons

At one point or another, we all went through this. Remember back in school, there were times when we couldn’t understand some poem or story that easily?

No matter how hard we try, how much we cram, there was something that went missing. Now, think about what the teacher used to ask us to do in such a situation.

Let me remind you, the teacher used to say that to learn more effectively. We need to memorize and then write down what we have memorized as long as we don’t completely master learning it.

This is the same approach used by writing and survival kit lessons offered by the rocket suite.

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Interactive Quizzes

Indeed, one of the oldest tricks in the book can help someone learn something completely new quite effectively.

Well, how can we know what we have learned so far as long as we don’t test our knowledge? To help you get your hands dirty with as much interactive practice as possible, the Rocket Japanese has a whole range of fun and concept-based quiz series.

And here’s the more fun part, you can access the quiz even on your mobile phone through the mobile app, all you need is a mobile and a stable data connection!

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Now I believe you have got a thorough idea about the importance of understanding the dynamics, as well as how important it is to learn languages from native speakers.

You see, the art of learning new languages is not confined only to cram as many words and phrases as you can. It is about connecting yourself with the traditions and culture of the people themselves.

While learning Japanese, you can become a master of kanji hiragana and katakana, you can become a master of Japanese, or you can even master every activity or lessons rocket Japanese teaches.

But as long as you can’t replicate an understanding or pronunciation just like a native, you haven’t mastered the language yet.

And in my opinion, you need to focus on three things to become a true master of the Japanese language.


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Understanding the grammar

Japanese used grammatical rules are different from any other known grammar followed by any language around the globe.

Being one of the oldest tongues of men, it will require you to take as many language culture lessons as you can take.

These lessons will lay the foundation on which you can progressively fully master Japanese used grammar and related rules.

Understanding the script

In terms of the writing script, the Japanese script is quite similar to its Korean and Mandarin relatives.

As a person who has taken notes on the Japanese culture as well while going through the Japanese rocket Japanese course, neighboring cultures and ethnicities have impacted the Japanese in many ways.

But if you ask me how can you effectively learn the Japanese script? I have only one answer for you.

Get your hands on as many writing lessons as you can get for hiragana katakana, and kanji writing courses to become a master of the basic Japanese writing skill.

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Understanding the pronunciation

Well, how can one possibly claim about learning all the essential dynamics of a language without learning its pronunciation? Especially the one that can imitate the speaking essence of a native speaker.

When I first accessed the survival kit writing lessons and the menu rocket Japanese dashboard, one thing was quite catching from the very start. The voice recognition and ‘hear it say’ feature.

This allows the Rocket Language user to hear and practice the native pronunciation of the Japanese language throughout the course.

And in my opinion, all Japanese courses must have a feature like this for a better understanding of the tongue.

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