5 Hacks To Help You Reuse Old Content for More Traffic

By Kuldeep Bisht

February 16, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

repurposing content

Creating stunning new content regularly is a hell of a task, I know. Are you plagued by the same concerns? Low on time to create converting content? Looking for smart ways to use your old and existing content to drive more visits to your blog?

Here are 5 superb methods to help you create new content faster.

Transform Your Webinar Content Into A Series of YouTube Episodes

youtube series

If you have already done a few webinars, you can reuse them to drive visits to your websites. Begin by collecting related webinars together. Now, split them into 10 (or 6) minute videos, and create a whole episodic series of short advice videos. You can then shares these episodes one by one on your YouTube channel, and during each upload, suggest the viewer hop over to your website to get a sneak-peek into the upcoming episode.

Check out Moz’s list of YouTube tools to optimize your video content, and increase the campaign’s effectiveness. I’ve used this tactic and literally tripled the eventual success of my webinars by transforming them into a series of YouTube episodes.

Weave Your Related Blog Posts into An Ebook

blog posts ebook

Not done any webinars yet? No issues. I am sure you have a few super successful blog posts already. Arrange posts from a single niche together, and weave them into a nice and comprehensive ebook. I’d say 80% of your work is copy paste, and the rest is about connecting the dots and organizing the content into a book form. Once your ebook is ready, you can use it as a freebie to promote lead generation from your blog landing pages (motivate users to share email ID by offering free ebook). ShoutMeLoud’s list of top ebook creation tools will help you.

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Use Your Old Website A/B Test Experiences As Knowledge With the World

In the past couple of years, experimental data and case studies have grown as a more sophisticated and effective method of building credibility and authority in one’s niche. Did you run an A/B test on your website, to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, landing page’s conversion ratio, buying guides on your e-stores, or keyword research?

Well, if you have the data with you, and memory that serves you well, you can organize it all, and share your experience-based outcomes in the form of a case study. Also, remember this tactic the next time you do any kind of comparisons and testing for your website. Such a case study will help you build authority, and can aid in email marketing and lead generation activities.

Let Your Powerpoint Presentations Do Some Magic

I’m assuming you’d have created at least a few presentations (Powerpoint, or any other) in the past couple of years. Why let them eat dust? Get them all, put them in a folder, organize the content, update them wherever necessary, and give them a makeover by using a decent template. Once done, you have a whole gold mine of slides that can bring traffic to your web pages.

To achieve this, create a SlideShare account, upload the presentations there, and embed some of the slides into your web pages. Be creative, and you can easily motivate readers to share email ids in exchange of complete decks. I strongly advise you to check out LifeHack’s list of top 10 suggestions to create stunning PowerPoint presentations.

The Quora Method of Repurposing Your Old Blog Posts to Garner Fresh Traffic

A lot of bloggers and content marketers like you are excited about Quora. Here’s a tactic to help you make the most of it. Study some of the more successful blog posts you have done. Now, go to Quora, and search for questions that are answered, to some extent, by your posts.

Hint: Go for Quora questions with the high number of upvotes, because it means they are in demand, and actively visited.

Now, answer the question on Quora in your words, and suggest readers check out the finer details by visiting your blog post.

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