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By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Every year, more than 100 million people worldwide study a foreign language. As the competition for jobs increases, mastering multiple languages becomes an important skill that is no longer restricted to diplomats and interpreters.

The learning process of a foreign language requires a lot of effort and dedication. If you are not willing to make this kind of commitment, you might not be able to learn the language efficiently.

Preply Reviews

That is where Preply comes in: It aims to revolutionize the way people learn and practice foreign languages by introducing a learning platform that makes learning easier and more accessible than ever before.

At the core, Preply is for everyone regardless of age, gender, or occupation to experience learning as a simple and effective process. Since its launch, Preply has helped thousands of people learn a new language. In this preply review we are going to talk about how preply work, preply legit or not, its mobile app, and also the technical issues if any.

Preply Reviews

What is the future of foreign language education?

We believe there are three major trends that will change how people learn languages over the next decade.

First, the rise of mobile devices has made learning much more accessible than it used to be. The introduction of high-speed 4G mobile networks means that students can learn even when they are offline or on the go. Therefore, people will rely less on schools and traditional educational institutions.

Second, social media platforms have become the meeting place of the digital age. Social platforms are establishing themselves as a new way to learn about foreign languages, culture, and geography.

In our personal experience, social media will revolutionize the learning process for languages. This trend lends itself well to Preply’ss platform’s mission because it allows students to learn from native speakers all over the world, not just within their own country.

Third, education is becoming increasingly accessible thanks to the growth of mobile networks and high-bandwidth internet connections. This means that more people than ever before are able to learn new lesson without leaving their homes. It also opens up other possibilities for foreign lesson learning, such as video and audio lessons.

What is Preply?

Preply is an online tutoring service where students can learn foreign lessons from native speakers using its own platform in their own learning style. It allows tutors to teach a wide variety of subjects in a large number of countries across the world.

The site is free to sign up on and offers tutors a chance to work remotely and teach people from around the world.

Preply Reviews

Preply is an online educational platform that pairs students with private Preply tutors remotely via online chat with an option for trial lesson. It features a ranking algorithm that uses machine learning for the classification and recommendation to find tutors.


How does Preply work?

Preply has created a platform based on user experience and interaction to help people learn a foreign dialect quickly and more efficiently with the help of other tutors. The focus is on a friendly and personal environment, in which users learn in a way that is both effective and fun.

Preply’s learning platform uses several learning methods, including the ‘Pair Learning’ method. In this model, one student speaks with a native speaker via online chat (first in a trial lesson) while interacting with a lesson tutor. The other student observes the lesson from his or her own home.

Preply Reviews

The moment the students join a conversation, they are matched with tutors who can help them learn, practice, and improve their foreign lesson skills in real-time.

Preply’s educational chat service is available on desktop (via the website), iOS (through their app), and Android (through their mobile site). The tutoring sessions are conducted in an ad-hoc manner. If you are not sure when to start learning, let the Preply Ranking Algorithm help you find a tutor whose schedule suits your preferences.

If you are looking for a quick alternative to finding a tutor, Preply is an excellent choice. It has expanded its network in many different countries and makes it easy to learn with native teachers who want to help you improve your language skills.

How to use Preply?

As we mentioned above, the learning process on the Preply platform is quite straightforward. Once you have registered for an account, you can spend a few minutes completing your profile so that tutors will have a better idea of what languages you are learning.

When you are ready to start your first lesson, simply select a tutor from the ranking algorithm’s suggestions or search for a tutor by name. Alternatively, you can schedule lessons with the tutor ahead of time if you know when you want to study. After that, all you need to do is chat with your tutor in order to learn in an interactive and engaging way.

Why use Preply?

  • Preply’s online educational platform is unique because it allows people to learn and practice a foreign lesson with native tutor. With over 150 tutors working with Preply at any one time, Preply offers an extensive network of individuals who can teach you whatever your heart desires, including English, French, Spanish, German, and many more.
  • As mentioned above, the Preply platform uses several learning methods in order to assist students with their studies. Pair Learning with tutor is one of the most popular ways to study because it provides an engaging environment for both students and tutors who can help each other learn.
  • The cost is much less than traditional language courses. Lesson courses with tutor are typically very expensive whereas Preply’s tutoring service can be as low as $2/hour which is roughly 30% cheaper than the average price in the US.
  • You learn from native teachers, who help you learn one-on-one in an interactive environment.
  • Finally, Preply uses a ranking algorithm to ensure that you can find a tutor who is perfect for your language needs.


How to get started with Preply?

The process of signing up on Preply is straightforward. Start by creating your own profile where you can describe your lesson goals, your experience level, and where you are located. You can also upload photos of yourself so that tutors have an idea of who they will be working with later on.

The moment you sign up on Preply, the ranking algorithm will provide you with a list of available professional tutors with their introduction video based on your lesson proficiency level and schedule preferences. You can then select a tutor from the suggestions or search for one by name if none of them are perfect for you. Finally, select a time slot to begin learning.

Key features of the site and how they work?

Preply’s educational platform is unique because it allows people to learn and practice a foreign lesson with native tutors from all over the world. With over 150 tutors working with Preply at any one time, Preply offers an extensive network of individuals who are passionate about language learning.

Ranking Algorithm

The algorithm uses machine learning to classify and recommend tutors based on available data. The algorithm analyzes data on students’ learning habits, the popularity of tutors, their geographic locations, and the languages they speak to recommend the most relevant teachers.

Preply Reviews

The ranking system also looks at what progress each student has made with tutor during a lesson based on questions asked and then integrates that into its recommendations for other students.


Machine Learning

The ranking algorithm uses machine learning to recommend suitable tutors for each student member.

Preply’s training programs make use of machine learning to support student progress towards their goals through customized learning plans based on students’ preferences and designed by tutor.

Online Chat Environment

An online chat environment allows students and tutors to interact in real-time across various platforms

Also, Preply’s real-time interactive chat rooms enhance the user experience by allowing students to interact not only with their teachers but also with other native speakers from around the world which can help them practice their newly acquired skills in case they are having difficulties understanding certain lessons.

Advanced Search Tool

Preply Reviews

The platform’s interface allows users to easily compare prices and rates offered by different tutors according to their lesson proficiency as well as availability time zone. This advanced search tool helps students teachers based on personalized preferences.

Extensive Network

Preply offers a unique learning environment to its students as the platform provides them with direct access to an extensive network of native tutors and professionals from around the world.

The fact that customers pay for each minute spent learning rather than per session makes Preply more cost-effective compared with some platforms where tutors charge a fixed fee regardless of how much time is spent on the lesson.

Preply has its own ranking system for tutor to ensure that students are paired with the tutors they need. Pros and cons of using the site


One-on-one lessons for Language Learning

Preply is an online lesson learning platform that offers one-on-one lessons with native tutors. The classes by tutor are held in an interactive chat room and use a ranking algorithm to pair students and teachers based on their profiles.

Users can sign up for free and create a personal profile in which they can describe themselves and their goals, specify the languages they want to study, pick a schedule with tutor, and add references from other sites such as Babbel.

Preply Reviews

Classes with tutor run once every week, lasting 50 minutes each. Users have the option of scheduling private sessions or joining group classes with three to five people.

Preply users can search through user profiles available for tutoring in over 40 languages including French, Spanish, English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Ukrainian, and Turkish.

Teachers are not only native tutors but also professionals with at least two years of experience teaching online. All teachers have to pass an analysis test before being allowed to teach on the site.

Available for different Devices

Preply is available online through web browsers, as well as via Android and IOS devices or any other device which has internet access.

Preply Reviews

This allows students to study comfortably from home, at work, on public transport, etc.

Feedback Option

Users receive feedback from their teachers through Preply’s internal messaging system.

Video recording can be enabled during private sessions in order to avoid any misunderstanding between both parties

Customized learning plans with Trial Lessons

Teachers design tailor lessons on student preferences and goals.

Preply is available in 41 languages. Users can select their teachers based on ratings and reviews by previous students, lesson ability, availability time zone, professional experience, and teaching materials. Tutors preply review is also good.

Preply Reviews

The platform allows for full customization of lessons according to users’ preferences. Teachers design customized plans that help achieve targeted goals quickly since they make use of their years of experience.


Interactive Environment

Preply also claims its platform offers convenience through its interactive chat rooms which allow users not only to interact with their teachers but also with a diverse community of native tutors from around the world.

Users can find tutors based on their availability, language proficiency, and teaching level as well as any experience or references from previous students they may have.

Friendly User Interface for Language Learners

The site’s interface is user-friendly and allows for smooth navigation across categories which include lesson courses/tutoring sessions, student profiles, uploading introduction video, messages exchanged between students and tutors, live chat room, etc. Tutors preply review for the interface is also satisfactory.

Multilevel Options with Trial Lesson

Lessons are offered for both beginners and advanced learners within the following categories: dialect tutoring, exam preparation courses, business languages, adult education courses, etc.

After trial lesson student pays as per the own hourly rate of tutors on Preply for more lessons. The tutors on preply decides their own price as per the hourly rate and academic subjects they offer.

Native Teachers

The company claims it outperforms other competitors because its teachers are not only native tutors but also professionals with years of experience in online tutoring who can provide real-time feedback through chat rooms.

Tutors Undergo Background Check

To ensure professional conduct, all teachers undergo an analysis test before being allowed to teach on the site.

This test measures their pronunciation skills as well as their ability to interact with students using native materials. The new tutor on Preply space with prior knowledge can find students as per tutor’s profile and with the help of support team after proving a single lesson on the online platform.

Preply offers a variety of native and professional teachers with extensive training and experience to cater to the needs and preferences of different learners.

The platform ensures anonymity for its users by allowing them to adopt avatars that they can use across all chats on the site in order to maintain their privacy.


Preply is also more flexible compared to other platforms where users are limited to group courses with a set number of students, as well as time slots that don’t always suit their schedule.

Preply space is flexible as it lets learner select a very good tutor with search results as per hourly rate and decide how many hours they want to invest in with the right teacher.

Preply gives opportunity to new teachers based on act tutoring and other subjects they offer and that too on their own rates.

You can find English tutors among other tutors as language teacher/language tutor on Preply as per their needs.

No Distraction

The site is simple and easy to navigate, allowing students to focus on the lesson without distractions.

Students using the service can chat one-on-one with tutors in a clean interface that doesn’t have ads, popups, or distractions. There’s no need for downloading any extra software or plugins on their end.

The first lesson is part of trial classes so that new student decides on lesson quality, teaching experience, and teaching style for finding a suitable tutor. It also lets user check their lessons in lessons tab.

The first hour is free to let learner check on good tutors out of available tutors. They can even decide on the number of hours to be taken from their perfect tutor(out of many tutors) based of positive reviews of many students

Optimized Platform

Using HTML5 technology, Preply provides faster performance across all devices improving lagging issues among current similar platforms available.

It is built to improve with time as more people use the website and gather more data on their users.

The platform provides an optimized environment for both a student and dialect teacher interactions with features text chat, whiteboard, voice recording, emoji support, note-taking functionality, screen capture capabilities, free video calls, image sharing, engaging lessons via IBL (Individual Based Learning).


Limited ways

As per Preply reviews teachers/tutors on Preply are required to teach within certain categories of languages and levels of proficiency.

They cannot teach outside this area so it doesn’t allow for more flexible teaching…which some learners may prefer or wish for.

No group lessons

As with other similar platforms, Preply does not offer group courses through its platform, which some students might see as a disadvantage.

Additionally, there isn’t much integration with other online learning materials such as Live Lingua which could enhance the user experience allowing them to access additional content across all their devices.

No flashcards or games

The site is not designed for learners who are looking to learn through memorization by playing memory games or completing quizzes which can be easily implemented into other sites such as

This may seem like a large con, but consider that these types of games are not conducive to learning a foreign language. The site provides students with real tutoring sessions in their native languages.


The cost for using this service 

The pricing on Preply’s website is not immediately clear. However, if you go to the FAQ section of their website, they state that for first-time tutors, you will be paid $8/hour for your first 10 hours on Preply. The first lesson is a trial lesson by the native speaker for new student.

Preply Reviews

For first-time students, there is a small sign-up fee of $5. After that, learners can pay per hour (based on exchange rates) or purchase monthly subscriptions.

Preply tutors provides a trial lesson to help students make up their mind.

Alternatives to Preply

As mentioned in the article here, Preply is a dialect exchange website. While this website does have some great features, there are several alternatives available for those of us who are looking to do more than just say “Hello” or “How are you”.

1. I Will Teach You A Language

This website is a resource that allows you to pick a language and input words or phrases into a text box.

The site then provides a translation from English to the target language, as well as an audio file of someone saying the word or phrase in the correct pronunciation.

I Will Teach You A Language

I Will Teach You A Language also offers courses and video lessons for those who want to go a little deeper and learn more.

This platform is great because it is completely free. You can go as far as you want with this website, whether by only translating phrases, or paying the small fee for access to learn more about the language of your choice.


2. Babbel

Babbel is an online language learning service that focuses on vocabulary and phrases. The platform includes exercises like crosswords, writing prompts, and speaking tests to test your knowledge of each lesson.Babbel

Babbel has live lessons via webcam; they allow you to connect with native teachers who will help correct pronunciation of words or even teach you how to say specific words in the target language.

They also offer a great community where users of the site can share thoughts and ideas about their successes and struggles.

While Babbel does offer a subscription service, they also offer several free courses including French, Italian, German, and Spanish for English speakers looking to learn more about the languages spoken in countries where English is not commonly spoken.

Babbel is different from both Preply and I Will Teach You A Language because it focuses more on teaching grammar rules than on vocabulary. There are several categories of lessons available including “conjugations” and “vocabulary”.

This means that once you have these basic building blocks down, you can continue learning with additional resources such as reading books or watching TV series in your target language.



Mastering a new language is no easy feat, but it’s an important one. As the world becomes ever-more interconnected and culturally diverse, being familiar with different languages can help you on your journey of self-discovery.

Learning a new language takes time and patience, but luckily there are more resources available to you than ever before!

Currently, the online market for language learning apps and platforms is one of the most developed with a wide range of choices for learners. In comparison to other similar platforms, Preply stands out due to its personal approach towards teaching.

If you’re looking to learn a new language in an easy and fun way, Preply is the best option for learning. That is because Preply ensures attentive classes with one instructor per student, has an affordable price which includes two classes each week with unlimited access to homework material and automatic grading on every assignment plus it also offers free trial lessons so you can test out this opportunity before committing to enrollment.


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