Give Your Pet the Gift of Insurance This Holiday Season

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

Give Your Pet the Gift of Insurance This Holiday Season

Our pets are some of our best friends, offering compassion, support, and love no matter what we’re going through. Even though they may live out their lives in what sometimes seems like the blink of an eye, making sure they are in the best health possible is one of the greatest gifts we can give them in return for their companionship. But vet bills and other pet health maintenance costs can become quite significant in some cases, which often only gets exacerbated as the pet ages. 

One of the ways to help reduce or in some cases eliminate the cost of much of your pet’s veterinary care is to get pet insurance coverage. Providers like Pumpkin pet insurance allow pet owners to customize coverage to fit their specific needs. Here are some of the ways that giving your pet the gift of insurance this holiday season is a priceless gift.


Pet Insurance Helps All Pets

Nearly any pet can be insured which means that your furry friend, whether newly weaned or geriatric, can be covered by at least one insurance plan. While dogs and cats are often the most frequently insured pets, many other pets can receive insurance as well, as long as the covered animal sees an in-network vet.

This makes it ideal for those who travel with their pets as well since they will be able to cover medical expenses even when not using their normal vet.

Pet Insurance Helps All Pets

Routine Costs Of Care

The routine costs of care for your animal will often be covered by your pet insurance plan, however, they won’t be the biggest benefit. Between your pet’s food, toys, yearly checkups, shots, and other expenses you pay regularly, most people are already spending several hundred dollars per year on their pets.

If you factor in irregular purchases, this goes up even more. Things like crates or other needs during the first year of ownership can even push the owner’s yearly cost into the thousands. This makes the cost of pet insurance nearly inconsequential in the big picture.

Emergency Costs & Medical Expenses

One of the major benefits of having pet insurance is coverage for potential emergencies. In the unfortunate event that your pet should need emergency medical attention, a car accident, or accidental ingestion, for example, the vet bills can climb very high, very fast. 

We love our pets, and the last thing that should be on the mind of a pet owner in an emergency is the potential cost of saving their pet’s life. Pet insurance can reduce or even eliminate the risk of having to make that decision, and can allow for the immediate treatment of the pet’s injuries.

Injuries & Long-Term Care Needs

Some injuries leave our pets with long-term care needs, and sometimes they just need more care as they age, just like us. If an amputation leaves them without a crucial component to mobility, they need the help of an assistive device or prosthetic. These are often custom-made and can be very expensive.

As pets age, sometimes they begin to require a regimen of prescriptions to keep chronic conditions in check. Other situations may see sensitivities or allergies develop that subsequently require the pet to maintain a particular diet with prescription pet food or supplements. Pet insurance can help reduce the portion of these costs that the owner pays overall.

Breed-Specific Health Risks

Pet insurance is a great gift for the purebred owner, who will often see a higher rate of breed-specific ailments or conditions. Not only can insurance help cover the initial testing for genetic conditions, tests for dysplasia & eye defects, and more, but it can also reduce the cost of treatment should those issues ever subsequently develop.

Is Pet Insurance Expensive?

The gift of pet insurance is a gift that not only saves the owner money long-term, but it keeps on giving year-round as the pet can maintain better general health. For pets with chronic conditions, it’s hardly even a question that it can save considerable sums over time. Many policies can be obtained for only $20-$30 per month.

Are There Alternatives To Insurance?

Other than borrowing money or crowdfunding, there aren’t many viable alternative options for those who have to pay a large vet bill. In some cases, the owner can put the pet up for adoption, but in many cases, if there is emergency treatment needed there may not be time to find the money, which can result in euthanasia.

Giving The Gift Of Insurance To Your Pet For The Holidays

With all of the benefits that pet insurance has to offer both the pet and its owner, there aren’t any reasons not to give the gift of insurance to your pet this holiday season. The sooner you insure, the cheaper it will be, and the quicker your savings and good health can start.

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