8 Best Android OCR Apps To Scan Image To Text

By Rahol Singh

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

best android ocr apps

Do you want to digitize all printed text so you can keep a soft copy of it, since there are a lot of advantages to going text from image? If so, all you require is an optical character recognition (OCR) tool.

What is OCR technology?

Optical character recognition (OCR) application converts handwriting, or even pictures, into text. These OCR apps are also known as an image to text converter. OCR apps analyze a file and differentiate it by noting features typical to characters or by fonts stored in their databases. Some OCR applications also put it through a spelling checker to “guess” unknown words. 100% accuracy is hard to achieve, but a close estimation is what most applications strive for.

These image to text converters can be productivity shortcuts for researchers, office workers, and students. So let’s play with it to find the best OCR application for your needs.

CamScanner App

CamScanner is the best online OCR software, which can be used for multiple tasks such as text on photo, scanning documents, and converting pictures into PDF. It is one of the obvious choices especially when set side by side with other available solutions.

Google Keep

This application from Google lets you retain all records under your Gmail account. With this OCR app, you can complete tasks and set reminders. In addition to this, you can add search notes and drawings, and photos by automatically created topics.

Once you have this note, you can sync it to your laptop, phone, watch, and tablet via the Google Keep site or Chrome app. With Google Keep, you can grab the photo with your Camera and select the option “Grab image text” from the app photo menu on Google Keep to text.


best android ocr apps onenote
Via microsoft.com

This Android image to text converter from Microsoft comes built-in on Microsoft devices. This OCR app allows you to save the OCR file to a cloud account. The feature of this cloud storage allows you to access any of your Microsoft devices every time from the cloud.

PDF Scanner

PDF Scanner is one of the eye-catching OCR applications for Android. This OCR app supports over 50 languages from different parts of the world and works fluently with all of these languages. This OCR app also can convert a pdf into an image file.

Text Fairy

The best part of using this app is that it can identify a range of 50 languages. The application is free and ad-free as well. It gives you the option of transferring the extracted data into a text or a pdf file.

Google Lens

This OCR app is offered by Google itself, which takes the conventional techniques of OCR to a different level. This Android app can give the details about an object just by observing it through the phone camera and can also convert text from the image that reads into another language quickly.

Office Lens

best android ocr apps office lens
Via techpluto.com

This image to text converter always makes sure that this is a certified app that works just ideally. In addition to OCR, this application offers a built-in feature, known as Whiteboard, which allows you to crop, as well as clean up shadows and glares. Although it faces critical comments on its name in the reviews, overall this app has received a thumbs-up from the majority of its users.

Text Scanner

Text Scanner (OCR) application claims to support over 50 languages with Chinese, Japanese, French, and more. It supports extracting text from images and handwritten text. The application interface features necessary scanning functionalities like a brightness slider and magnification to capture text in the most transparent way possible.

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