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The Dumb Little Man team, made up of financial specialists, seasoned traders, and personal investors, leverages advanced algorithms for in-depth reviews of brokerage firms. They focus on critical aspects like:

  • User Experience
  • Profit Potential
  • Reliability
  • Broker Expertise
  • Cost-effectiveness

By integrating feedback from actual users, they offer an impartial and thorough assessment. Their comprehensive research identifies Monevis as a dependable choice for those seeking a robust financial ally. Nonetheless, Dumb Little Man advises prospective customers to meticulously examine their detailed analysis to grasp any potential drawbacks linked to the broker.

Prop trading businesses allow traders to trade a wide range of financial instruments and collect funds with the purpose of profiting. In this aspect, Monevis is unique in that it allows merchants to showcase their expertise by providing funding of up to $200,000 and significant loss coverage through a rigorous screening process.

This review article will shed light on Monevisperformance and user experience by combining insights from Dumb Little Man’s trade professionals with consumer input. Readers will gain a thorough knowledge of Monevis’s advantages and limitations as a prop trading company by combining expert research with personal experiences.

What is Monevis?

Monevis is a premier prop firm committed to providing traders with access to the best market conditions and funding opportunities. Traders can potentially acquire capital of up to $200,000 via a rigorous two-phase review process, which includes loss coverage. Monevis focuses on employing innovative technology to offer minimal spreads, fast transaction execution, and an amazing trading experience.

At Monevis, traders experience the future of trading through immersive technology, which provides cutting-edge tools for staying ahead of market trends and making informed decisions. Automated payout systems provide traders with hassle-free and timely access to winnings, allowing them to focus on honing their methods. Monevis’ lightning-fast execution speeds allow traders to capitalize on market opportunities with precision and efficiency.

Monevis provides innovative trading platforms, including MT5 and mobile options, that allow for easy trading from any place. Traders also benefit from a strong community, where they may connect with experienced peers to share expertise and receive assistance as they navigate the markets together. Transparency is essential at Monevis, with real-time performance metrics available to assess progress and influence data-driven decisions for best results.

Monevis’ revolutionary business platform enables bright traders to exhibit their skills and earn substantial profits using the firm’s funding. By emphasizing discipline, focus, and consistent profitability, Monevis finds and supports traders who are positioned for financial market success.

Pros and Cons of Monevis


  • Enhanced financial tracking
  • Streamlined budget management
  • Real-time spending alerts
  • Secure financial data integration


  • Potential privacy concerns
  • Dependence on internet connectivity
  • Possible compatibility issues with other apps
  • Subscription fees may apply

Safety and Security of Monevis

Trading CFDs with Monevis Brokers Ltd involves significant risk, as evidenced by 71.25% of retail investor accounts losing money. These complex instruments, coupled with high leverage, can lead to substantial financial loss.

Monevis stresses that the information provided is for educational purposes only, does not constitute tax, legal, or investment advice, and should not be seen as specific investment recommendations. Additionally, the information may not be accurate and should not influence financial market decisions.

Monevis s.r.o. does not operate as an intermediary, does not accept deposits, and emphasizes that all fees are for operational expenses, not investments.

Monevis Bonuses and Contests

Monevis enhances trading with advanced technology like MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and mobile options, providing flexibility and superior trading conditions from any location. Operating under its own license (MT5), Monevis ensures enhanced security and stability, reducing risks associated with third-party licenses.

The Monevis Partner Program offers a profitable referral system with a tiered commission structure, rewarding up to 22% commission as referrals increase, encouraging community growth and promotion of the platform.

Monevis Customer Reviews

Monevis has received several positive testimonials from customers who commend the firm for its efficiency and reliability, particularly in handling payouts and providing useful trading tools like MetaTrader. Clients expressed strong confidence in Monevis, highlighting the company’s punctuality and smooth financial transactions, noting the seamless withdrawal experiences and the advantages of using MetaTrader to kickstart trading careers.

Monevis Commissions and Fees

For traders seeking capital, Monevis provides planned options with challenges that allow access to funds ranging from $5,000 to $200,000. Entry fees vary between $47 to $997 depending on whether traders choose the 1-step Sharp Edge or a 2-step challenge. Profit splits vary from 75% to 90%, depending on the challenge and performance.

Monevis provides a wide choice of payment options to its global audience, including prominent cryptocurrencies and traditional credit cards. Another essential feature is payout flexibility, which allows initial payout requests to be made instantly while second payout requests can be planned every two weeks.

Monevis Account Types

To provide traders with consistency, Monevis provides a range of trading account alternatives with consistent terms at every tier. Every account type has a 1:50 leverage and profit targets of 7% and 6% for the first and second phases, respectively. The same risk management restrictions apply to all accounts, which include a 5% daily loss cap and an 8% maximum drawdown overall. Furthermore, traders must trade with all account sizes for a minimum of five days.

However, the price structures and refund amounts of these accounts differ primarily from one another:

  • Price and Refund for $5,000 account: $47 with a $47 refund
  • Price and Refund for $10,000 account: $97 with a $97 refund
  • Price and Refund for $25,000 account: $207 with a $207 refund
  • Price and Refund for $50,000 account: $317 with a $317 refund
  • Price and Refund for $100,000 account: $537 with a $537 refund
  • Price and Refund for $200,000 account: $977 with a $977 refund

Opening a Monevis Account

  1. Start by registering for a new trading account on Monevis’ registration page.
  2. Create your trading profile on the site by inputting your details.
  3. From a variety of options designed for varying skill levels, select the kind and size of the account that most closely matches your trading goals.
  4. After deciding which type of account is best for you, go to the payment section.
  5. Finish the payment to activate the account of your choice while guaranteeing the security of the transaction.
  6. After processing your payment, check your email to receive a confirmation.
  7. Carefully go over the email, since it has all the information you need to get started trading with Monevis.
  8. Start trading activities at Monevis with the details from the email.

Monevis Customer Support

Monevis is dedicated to aiding traders in achieving success by fostering informed decision-making and disciplined trading practices. The firm’s commitment is reflected in its comprehensive customer support and resources designed to help traders effectively navigate the markets.

According to experiences documented by Dumb Little Man, Monevis provides several avenues for customer support. Traders can access support via a dedicated Discord channel, which facilitates real-time communication and community engagement. Additionally, support can be reached through email at [email protected]. This multi-channel support ensures that traders have constant access to the guidance they need to manage their trading activities efficiently.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Monevis Customer Support

Real-time communication via Discord

Dedicated email support

Comprehensive resources for traders

Limited contact channels beyond email and Discord

Potential delays in response times during high-traffic periods

No mention of 24/7 support availability


Monevis Withdrawal Options

A trading professional at Dumb Little Man evaluated and verified MonevisRiseworks payout process as safe and simple. The platform is increasing withdrawal alternatives to give users more flexibility. To withdraw, traders simply log into their Monevis dashboard, go to the payment area, pick Riseworks, enter the payout amount, and supply an email address.

After the payout request is approved, Riseworks invites traders to register an account and authenticate their identification. This includes authenticating their Riseworks dashboard account and completing the transaction agreement.

Monevis and Riseworks also use Sumsub for KYC to assure transaction security and compliance. Monevis welcomes its clients’ participation in improving its payout services by completing this KYC process to avoid payout delays or rejections.

Monevis Challenges and Difficulties

Because electronic trading depends so much on technology, Monevis is vulnerable to things like cyberattacks and system breakdowns. Furthermore, this trading style is fast-paced, which frequently increases market volatility and causes sharp price swings that have a substantial influence on trading results.

Additionally, traders have to manage strict regulatory standards; modifications to these regulations can have a big impact on trading tactics and operations. In addition, electronic trading frequently faces operational issues that can result in trading errors, monetary losses, and reputational harm to traders.

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How to Pass Monevis Evaluation Process

To successfully navigate Monevis‘ evaluation process, which is known for its strict criteria, enrolling in a comprehensive training program is important. When you join such a program, it can provide you with the necessary knowledge and strategies to meet the demands of the evaluation. Equipping yourself with these tools will significantly enhance your chances of passing and securing a position with Monevis.

Asia Forex Mentor – Rated Best Comprehensive Course Offering by Investopedia

Asia Forex Mentor is highly recommended by trading experts at Dumb Little Man for those serious about passing the Monevis evaluation process. Founded by Ezekiel Chew, a renowned forex trader with two decades of experience, Asia Forex Mentor has successfully guided thousands of traders through proprietary firm evaluations.

Ezekiel Chew, who also leads the Golden Eye Group, created the One Core Program specifically to teach traders effective forex trading strategies. His platform started from humble beginnings, offering lessons to close friends, and has since expanded to a comprehensive online training program. Chew’s track record in forex trading and his dedication to education make Asia Forex Mentor a top choice for traders aiming to succeed in Monevis’s challenging evaluation.

How Could Asia Forex Mentor Help You Pass Monevis Challenge?

Forex Trading Tutorial

Asia Forex Mentor is well-positioned to help traders successfully pass the Monevis evaluation process, thanks to its highly acclaimed training programs and the credibility it has built within the trading community. Here are key reasons why this platform stands out:

  • Awarded Most Comprehensive Course: Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program was the best comprehensive forex training, according to Investopedia. This award illustrates how comprehensive the forex trading training is, covering everything you need to succeed.
  • Recognized for Excellence in Forex Education: Benzinga, a financial news and research firm, voted the One Core Program the best forex trading training for beginners. This prize proves the program can aid new and seasoned traders, making it ideal for Monevis challengers.
  • Best Forex Mentor: The platform got BestOnlineForexBroker’s 2021 Forex Mentor award. Their award illustrates how well they coach and how much purchasers can profit on the currency market with their aid.
  • Top-Ranked Forex Trading Course: Experts reviewed many forex trading schools and chose Asia Forex Mentor for its best trading methods and systems. This ensures traders learn from the best and employ proven trading tactics.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

Many testimonials from participants of Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program consistently highlight the effectiveness of Ezekiel Chew’s teaching methods. Traders praise the program for its systematic, no-nonsense approach that cuts through the fluff and focuses on practical techniques.

They credit the program with providing valuable, reliable information and a deeper understanding of forex trading, which has helped them overcome previous barriers and move towards consistent profitability. This feedback underscores the program’s ability to transform average traders into knowledgeable and successful market participants.

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Conclusion: Monevis Review

Monevis is ideal for traders who want better financial tracking, budget management, real-time spending notifications, and secure financial data integration. These characteristics create a powerful platform that improves trading efficiency and financial oversight. Privacy problems, dependency on stable internet connectivity, compatibility issues with other apps, and subscription fees should be considered by potential users.

Top-tier trading courses like Asia Forex Mentor can help traders pass Monevis’s test. Asia Forex Mentor’s extensive curriculum and experienced advice prepare traders for Monevis’s problems. Dumb Little Man trading experts encourage due diligence in preparation to maximize platform benefits and minimize risks.

Monevis Review FAQs

What is the maximum allocation in Monevis?

Traders on Monevis have access to a range of funding methods, with a $5,000 maximum allocation restriction. This maximum limit gives seasoned traders a substantial amount of capital to manage, enabling them to make bigger trades and maybe earn higher returns.

What are the available payment methods for Monevis?

To enable payment flexibility, you can use well-known cryptocurrencies such as TRON, Litecoin (LTC), Solana (SOL), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC). Monevis Funding, like other companies, also accepts major credit and debit cards, making transactions more accessible and convenient.

What is the refund policy at Monevis?

According to the website, Monevis has a 14-day return policy if no trades are executed on the funded account during this time. Refunds are conducted using the original payment method to offer a transparent and equitable approach for all dealers.





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