Best Mid-Century Modern Interior Designs For Your Living Room

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mid century modern interior design characteristics

The mid-century living room style mainly encompasses graphic wall art, wooden furniture, and tidy ceiling lines. It has easy sofa sets and comfortable carpets to boost the design of the living room.

Mid-century modern interior design applies to the trend that first appeared in the 1950s. The concept still remains a favorite among home interior enthusiasts even after decades. Mid-century modern style blends art with soft-lined furniture. Traditional and futuristic lead in an overall minimalistic atmosphere for the entire living area.

There are different mid-century modern interior design characteristics that you can try and here are some of them:

Mid-Century Country Style Modern Living Room

mid century modern interior design characteristic

You can try blending country style with the mid-century interior design. These two designs would give great results with its warm ambience, nostalgic feel, and aesthetic appeal. Long vertical windows and a cozy fireplace area would contribute to the country interior design.
A simple leveled sofa would bring in the mid-century modern element. A hairpin coffee table will complement the sofa set which can become the focal point of the living room.

Bright Mid-Century Modern Living Room

A neutral-toned or plain mid-century modern living room can look dull. The room should speak volumes about your love for colors. Experiment with different hues and paint your room bright. If not paint, add on some bright décor elements which will add some liveliness to the room.

Go a step further, go artsy and turn your white walls into your canvas. If you like to paint, create and design, you may also create some fabulous artwork for your walls. A minimalist sofa and chair and an iconic coffee table are just the perfect elements of a mid-century modern furniture.

Spacious Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid-century modern style can be suited for a wide space like this. Pick a light blue accent sofa package to spice up wall color and wood flooring. The blue couch doesn’t make the overall environment too dull.

Place coffee tables in the middle and at the side of the sofa. Both the tables have different styles and express subtle lines that clearly reflect modern elements in the mid-century with the sofa collection. You may place a lot of small items in a long table. The smaller ones may be used as a lamp desk. The simple architecture of the space works best with the windowpane to build a spacious atmosphere.

Natural Mid-Century Modern Living Room

The mid-century modern concept puts forth wooden couch and coffee table fabrics. The use of wood is a universal choice, also brings a natural, neutral tone. Add to that is the wooden cabinet and shelf that is purely nostalgic. Refresh the area with fresh plants in different pot styles. It not only looks lush, but the place feels calm and relaxed. Beautify the entire space with a black-and-white geometric carpet. The living room is now ready to bring family members and guests or friends for a gala time.

Fashionable and Trendy Brown Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Choosing neutral tones like brown for a living room can make the area look boring and plain. This stereotype can be challenged by bringing a mid-century modern concept by displaying innovative room accessories. Add a brown tone to the walls of the living room. A minimalist coffee table and sofa would perfectly seal the mid-century modern concept. Have a beautiful dangling black lamp or a unique glass-made cover pendant bulb. An aesthetic storage space can be placed to display family portraits or an on old clock.

Simple Yet Stylish Mid-Century Modern Living Room

mid century modern interior designThis one is a mid-century minimalist modern living room with a classy touch. The living room is best described here. The careful selection of distinctive furniture plays a major role here.

The main sofa remains low and smooth, as the mid-century modern living room portrays most of it. The most striking feature is a coffee table that utilizes fabrics instead of wood. Yet the legs of the coffee table still have delicate curves.

Hanging light and portraits behind the couch allows even the mini space to look great.

Effortlessly Elegant Pastel-Colored Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Add pastel hues such as soft pink to the walls. Beautiful and fresh, fulfill the overall pastel look with accent chairs, a minimalist sofa and a pastel-colored ottoman.

The coffee table with subtle lines correlates to the large wooden cabinet, which also houses the displays in the room. The use of the windowpane and the wooden flooring makes the small area feel relaxed. The design of the compass-shaped wall decoration and the bright circle in the white frame do not clutter the place. Even with its pastel looks and screens, the living room holds a sleek charm for everyone.

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