5 Ways To Make A Good Impression In Less Than 30 Seconds

By Mahesh

April 17, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

make a good impression

You must have heard a lot of people say, “the first impression is the last impression’. Frankly, that can be quite true. The first few moments you spend with a person is crucial since it will determine the direction of your conversation and even your relationship.

Whether you are set for an interview or dealing with an important client, you need to make a good impression for the first thirty seconds you have. The impression you create should be a fine blend of your personality, body language, and communication skills.

When you are able to mix up all these three elements in the right proportion and present them before other people, you’ll be able to give your presence more impact.

On average, a person can hold another’s attention for the first 8-10 seconds after engaging conversation. After, that person’s attention starts to get diverted to other things in his surroundings. If you want to impress others with your personality, try to capture their attention within that time frame.

Here are five ways to help you make a good impression in less than thirty seconds.

Use open body language

Before you try to talk freely to a person, you need to open up your body. Your body language and movements are essential when making a good impression.

Prior to the conversation, you should take a deep breath, boost up your confidence and square your shoulders. It will make you appear stronger.

A relaxed and confident person is able to communicate freely with others. If you are too tense, you will not be able to achieve the desired impact.

Make eye contact

make eye contact

People like talking to other fellow people, not inanimate objects. Making eye contact is essential in establishing the initial connection you need to have an influence on the other’s perception.

You may find it awkward to keep looking into the eyes of the other person, but it gives your presence more impact. It enables you to communicate non-verbally, which is one of the best ways to establish a connection.

People who avoid making eye contact are often the people who don’t have enough confidence. Therefore, if you want to make a strong first appearance, make visual contact.

Share things that you may have in common

When talking to a person for the first time, trying to make a connection can be difficult. One good way to start is to find things you both share.

If you are introduced by a friend or someone you know to another person, you can start off the conversation by talking about that person who introduced you. You can also talk about common interests such as business or profession.

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friendly smile

A friendly smile can win the hearts of others when you talk to them. It makes the discussion friendlier, infusing the willingness to go ahead with the discussion.

Keep a friendly and genuine smile on your face when you talk. It will give you the impression of someone who is easy to approach and amicable. It delivers a sense of warmth to the people you are talking to.

Introverts are often associated with people who find it difficult to smile. These people are not as outgoing as others and may find it hard to create a positive impression.  Whatever the topic of discussion, make sure you start off in a light-hearted manner.

Allow others to speak

When you have thirty seconds, it’s easy to feel pressured about speaking the entire time. After all,  need to create an impression, right?

Well, that’s not always the case. It’s still best if you can provide the other person an equal opportunity to talk. Communication is not a single-way process so you and your partner should have an equal chance of sharing and listening.

Although you need to start the conversation, make sure to just speak for a while and allow the other person to speak after. When he’s talking, listen and respond with appropriate body languages so you can make a good impression.

You should blink, nod and smile at the right moments. These actions can make the other person feel that you are acknowledging what he is saying. This helps you develop a relationship based on mutual respect.

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Along with these, you can also ask questions. This is a sign of your interest and engagement. Even if you do not agree with what the other person is saying, you need to respond strategically. 

Hopefully, these tips will be beneficial to you the next time you need to make a quick good impression.


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