Main Street Finance Group Reviews: Business Loans for Small Business

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Main Street Finance Group Reviews

Small business loans help stock the shelves, buy new equipment, and expand the footprint. No need to mention that they can help your business survive in a financial crisis and push it to rise among the mass.

Main Street Finance Group has stepped into the market for these purposes, bringing in multiple loan options to support business owners. Fast approval, quick funding, and lower interest rate are some of the significant benefits of joining Main Street Finance.

Besides, small business owners can leverage free loan consultation if they are puzzled to choose which loan best fits their needs. So, let’s know more about Main Steet Finance Group Loans through this review.

Overview: Main Street Finance Group Review

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Best For Small Business Loans

APR: Starts at 6% • Loan Amount: $5000 - 5,000,000 • Loan Term: 3 months - 25 years

What is Main Street Finance Group?

main street finance group review

Main Steet Finance Group Loans is a US-based lending company specializing in funding businesses with short-term and long-term loans. Since 2014, the company has offered multiple business loans, including Business Cash Advance and Line of Credit in 50 US states.

Main Steet Finance offers loans ranging from $5000 t0 5 million to grow small businesses based on personal credit score. The company has multiple secured and unsecured loan options with flexible payment plans.

They are proud of supporting 6000 plus businesses and delivering $1 Billion plus loans. A loan up to $500,000 has a simple application process without considering the perfect credit score.

What are the Types of  Loans Offered by Main Street Finance Group?

Main Street Finance Group Reviews

Main Steet Finance Group offers multiple loan products for small businesses.

Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance (BCA) is a short-term unsecured cash solution against your future credit and debit card sales. It is also called Marchant Cash Advance that loans against future insurance receivables. Main Street Finance offers BCA loans ranging from $5,000 to $1,000,000 for 3 to 36-month loan terms.

The interest rate can differ depending on the size of the capital and loan term. However, you can repay the loan through automatic daily or weekly payments.

Lines of Credit

Business Lines of Credit offers a flexible form of financing that helps business owners use the fund whenever needed. Though it helps you maintain a constant supply of funding, it charges interest only on funds you draw.

You can borrow $5,000-$500,000 for Business Lines of Credit at Main Street Finance Group. And you can pay off the loan in 12 months term based on either automatic daily or weekly payments.

SBA Loans

SBA Loans can help pay off existing loans, invest in real estate, and boost the business’s economy. Though they are hard to qualify, Main Street Finance Group has made it more accessible. Main Street Finance offers an SBA 7A loan within 60 to 90 days.

Besides the above, Main Street Finance Group provides the following loan programs for small businesses.

  • Long-Term Secured/Unsecured Loans
  • Business Debt Consolidation
  • Equipment Financing
  • Credit Card Processing Savings

How does Main Street Finance Group work?

Main Street Finance Group has seven loan products that help small businesses meet their financial needs. The borrowers can apply for loans ranging from $5000 to $5 million for their business.

However, Main Street Finance has not mentioned interest rates and other fees. So, the APR and terms of your small business loan will depend on your creditworthiness and monthly business revenue.

Borrowers need a business run for more than a year and earn a monthly $10,000 regular business revenue to qualify for loans. Besides, the average business account balance, existing cash advance loans, and liens also affect the chance for loan approval.

Once you submit the loan application, you can receive the result notification in 24 hours and get the fund in 24-48 hours. After getting the fund, you can repay the loan in automatic daily or weekly repayments.

So, the amount of interest rate will be deducted automatically from your business’s checking account. Besides, you can also pay off early without suffering prepayment penalties.

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What are the Features of Main Street Finance Group?

Main Street Finance Group Reviews

Unlike other lending companies, Main Street Finance Group provides business financing to those business owners with poor credit. Below are some highlights of Main Street Finance services.

Multiple Business Loan Products: The company has an extensive business loan program. They offer seven loan products, including Business Cash Advances, Lines of Credit, SBA Loans, and Equipment Financing. Besides, they have collateral loans and unsecured long-term loans for small businesses.

Fast Loan Approval and Quick Funding: Main Street Finance Group Loans have a simple application. You can finish it within a few minutes. Once you submit the application, you can get results in 24 hours.

If you feel good about the loan offer, you can continue signing the agreement and underwriting standards. After that, you can receive your requested loan amount either in 24 hours or 48 hours. A loan amount up to $500,000 can reach your bank account on the same day of application.

Benefit for Poor Credit: Many traditional and popular lending companies require a strong credit score for loans. However, Main Street Finance Group leverages the business owners who have poor credit.

All you need is the 600 FICO to qualify for Main Street Finance Group Loans. This helps you improve your credit history and later helps you apply for other lending companies.

Flexible Payback Plan: Main Street Finance Group offers business loans with flexible payment schedules, unlike other lending companies. This helps business owners run their businesses and pay off their loans.

The company allows payment in automatic daily and weekly plans. Borrowers also can pay off the loan early as Main Street Finance doesn’t have a prepayment fee.

Free Consultancy: Main Street Finance also offers free consultancy to business owners. Many times, borrowers can be puzzled while applying for a loan. At that time, the loan experts from the lending company can suggest and guide them.

Main Street Finance Group Requirement?

Below are some requirements that borrowers will need while applying for the loans.

Time In Business

Borrowers need to ensure that their businesses run at least for 2 years. Less than 2 years in business is illegible for Main Street Finance Group.

Annual Revenue

The business owners should have at least $250,000 annual revenue in their businesses. If not, they need to prove that their business monthly revenue touches the $10,000 mark.

Business Bank Account

The business bank account will be needed for transactions. The borrowers can receive the fund and repay through a business bank checking account.

Credit Score

Main Street Finance Loans do not need good or excellent personal credit scores. But borrowers need to show they have 600 FICO for the loans.

Besides the above, borrowers also need the following documents for verification.

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Voided check from applicant’s business checking account
  • Last 3 statements from the applicant’s business bank account
  • Last three credit card processing statements

How to Apply for Main Street Finance Group?

Main Street Finance Group Reviews

If you’re 18 or above, the following steps guide you to apply for Main Street Finance Group Loans.

Step 1: Enter Main Street Finance Group’s official website and hit “Appy” once you find the loan you desire.

Step2: Put your basic details about your business, including monthly revenue and current credit score. Once you finish filling in the required information, send the request agreeing with MSFG’s Terms of Use.

Step3: After reviewing your quote, the Main Street Finance Group representatives will contact you via email, message, or call. They will inform you about the loan offer and terms based on your requirements. If you feel the offer is comfortable, you can e-sign the agreement and receive the fund.

How much does Main Street Finance Group Cost?

Main Street Finance Group Reviews

Main Street Finance Group offers multipurpose small business loans ranging from $5000 to 5 million. However, it has not revealed the specified interest rates and fees on its official website. However, APR starts from 6%.

Once your application gets approved, you will know the full details of loan terms, including loan interest and other costs. Once you receive the loan fund, you can repay the loan ranging from 3 months to 36 months. However, SBA 7A extends its term up to 25 years.

Besides, Main Street Finance Group does not charge a prepayment fee. So, business owners can pay off their loans as early as possible without experiencing any penalty.

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Who is Main Street Finance Group Best For?

Main Street Finance Group offers small business loans to all industries except Nonprofits, Religious organizations, Finance companies, and Gambling organizations. So, those business owners who need capital starting from $5000 to $5 million can consider Main Street Finance.

Also, borrowers who need urgent and long-term loans can consider this lending company. They can take loans for 3 months to 12 months and more.

Borrowers who have early-stage to consider business loans and lack the loan idea can opt for Main Street Finance. They can consult the loan experts from this lending company for free.

Main Street Finance Group Pros and Cons


Multipurpose Loan Options: Main Street Finance offers small business owners secured and unsecured financing options. Besides, they have seven loan products from Business Cash Advances to Credit Card Processing Savings.

Fast Approval and Funding: Once you submit your application, you can receive the result in 24 hours and get funds on the same day. If not, you can get loan funds within 2 business days.

Poor Credit Eligibility: You need no perfect credit score to qualify for Main Street Finance loans. The credit with a minimum of 600 FICO will be enough to be eligible for loans.



Lack of Transparency: The official website has not mentioned interest rates and fees. You can know your loan cost only once you submit your application.

Minimum Loan Amount: The loan below $5000 is not possible to apply at Main Street Finance. So, only borrowers who need loan amounts above $5000 can leverage this lending company.

No 24/7 Customer Service: Customer service is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to pm. So, customers can not talk to customer care officers 24 hours.

Main Street Finance Group Compare to other Lenders

LenderLoan AmountLoan TermMin. Credit Score
Main Street Finance Group$5000 - 5,000,0003 months - 25 years600
Fundera$2,500 - $5,000,0003 months- 25 years500
Fast Capital 360Up to 5 million3 months - 25 years500
Ace Cash Express$100 to $1,00012 to 36 monthsNot Specified

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Main Street Finance Group vs. Fundera

Main Street Finance and Fundera are closely similar in offering a maximum loan of 5 million and 25 years term. Besides, both offer multipurpose business loans, including SBA Loans, Invoice Financing, and Merchant Cash Advance.

However, customers complain that Fundera charges extra fees for the loan. Besides, Fundera is a lending marketplace, so it can not work as a direct lender.

Unlike Fundera, Main Street Finance is a direct lender available in 50 US states. Besides, it has a fast application approval and funding process.

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Main Street Finance Group vs. Fast Capital 360

Fast capital also offers multipurpose business loans, including business term loans, SBA loans, and equipment financing. Like Main Street Finance, it offers loans up to $5 million with a 25-year loan term.

However, Fast Capital is hard to qualify though it has a lower minimum credit score than Main Street Finance. In addition, main Street Finance has fewer document requirements, making it less quick and less stressful.

Besides, Main Street Finance offers a free consult for new business owners who lack loan ideas. Also, borrowers can early pay off the loan and can be relaxed at Main Street Finance.

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Main Street Finance Group vs. Ace Cash Express Loans

Ace Cash Express Loans offer an emergency small amount of funding for unexpected expenses, monthly bills, or home renovation. They have payday and installment loans ranging from $100 to $2000.

These are small personal loans that need a minimum of 300 FICO to qualify. However, Ace Cash Express Loans can charge up to 600% APR in 6 months, which is higher than Main Street Finance.

Main Street Finance has starting interest rate of 6% and offers loan terms ranging from 3 months to 25 years. In addition, it has multiple business loan options, and borrowers can apply for the loan starting from $5000.

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Final Verdict

Main Street Finance Group offers multiple small business loans ranging from $5000 to 5 million in 50 states of the US. Business owners who look forward to maintaining cash flow and financial health can leverage these multipurpose loans.

The lending company has a quick online application and fast approval. Besides, borrowers can receive the fund in 1 or 2 business days and consult their business needs for free.

Main Street Finance Group FAQs

What are the requirements to qualify Main Street Finance Group Business Cash Advances?

Borrowers will need their business run at least for 2 years, $250,000 annual business revenue, and 600 FICO personal credit.

Do you need a business bank account to apply for Main Street Finance Group loans?

Yes. Borrowers need a business bank account to receive the fund and repay the automatic daily and weekly payments.

Is Main Street Finance Group Loans legit?

Yes. 6000+ small businesses have already verified the company.

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