7 Tips to Lower Utility Bills in Your Business

By Isabella Lee

May 21, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

lower utility bills

Businesses always need to optimize their processes to make the operations more profitable. One factor you need to pay special attention to is your business’ utility consumption.

If you’re willing to put the effort, it is easy to reduce the utility consumption of your business. The problem is most companies think that it is not possible.

It is not true at all. And as proof, we’ll share with you 7 tips to lower the utility bills in your business.

Use solar power partially

lowering utility bills

One thing you can do is rely on solar power. While complete migration to solar energy might not be possible for your business, you can easily set up some solar panels and use solar power partially. It will ensure that you can reduce your electricity consumption by the same amount.

Most of the authorities and governments globally will provide you with tax credit when you set up solar panels and start using solar power. You can also make your business eco-friendly by doing so.

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Make it a team effort

If you’re the only person making an effort to reduce your company’s utility consumption, you will have limited success. You have to educate your employees to save, too.

Once you do so, you will be amazed at the number of resources which you can save. It will also mean that you’ll be able to reduce your bills drastically.

As a way to encourage, you can provide your employees with added incentives or add savings to your bottom line. A team effort will help you succeed in saving big on utility costs.

Use Data analytics

These days, you have the option to use data analytics to understand your utility consumption. While it might require you to spend some money to set up the sensors and gather data, it will be easier to understand where you can save money.

You can put up not just electricity meters but also water meters to make it easy for you to understand the utility consumption. It will help you save up to 10% of your electricity and water consumption.

Hire an expert

If you are having a hard time reducing your utility bills, it is a good idea to hire experts to help you out. Energy audit experts can help you understand your utility consumption. They can also give you recommendations in writing after conducting an audit. You just have to follow their recommendations.

Do not ignore the sunlight

how to lower utility bills

One of the most simple tips to lower your energy consumption is to use sunlight during daytime. Instead of always having curtains and blinds drawn, it is a good idea to open them a bit during the day. It will ensure that your office has plenty of sunlight.

As the sunlight increases in your office, the consumption of electricity will go down during the daytime. You will not have to rely on artificial light.

Plug the leaks

During the summer months, if there is any leak from your office, you will not be able to maintain your office at a comfortable temperature. The air conditioner will consume more electricity to keep the desired temperature. So,  plug in the leaks after checking your windows and doors.

On the other hand, a leak or if any of the pipes in your office are broken, it will result in excessive consumption of water. The excessive use will once again increase your water bill. You have to find that leak and fix it.

Use smart power strips

These days, small and big businesses rely on gadgets to make their employees more efficient. One of the most common accessories in any office is a power strip.

The problem is that if the power strip is not smart, it will leave the gadgets running throughout the day and probably throughout the night as well.

This can drive your electricity bills through the roof.

A much better solution is to opt for smart power strips. You can program them to turn off automatically during the night.

Instruct your employees to shut down their devices before leaving the office. Both of these measures will make it easy for you to reduce electricity consumption by a significant amount.

These seven tips are the easiest ways for you to lower utility bills in your business. Following them can help you quickly increase your bottom line and ensure that you can have a smaller carbon footprint as well.

Isabella Lee

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