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Trading is the new favorite as a side-hustle or full-time work. Even in the minds of novices, it has evoked a lot of curiosity. So, one may feel like testing the waters by using platforms like Libertex.

Irrespective of being an expert or amateur, you need to explore useful details of Libertex to optimize your trading strategy. Continue reading to know Libertex safety and security, the sign-up process, customer reviews, deposit and withdrawal, and many more.

Evaluation Criteria

In this Libertex review, we have evaluated this trading platform on certain criteria. The main criteria considered are:

  • Cost-efficiency of the trading platform, including exchange commission, minimum deposit and account maintenance fee, trading costs, and market spreads

  • Technical competency of Libertex, comprising trading tools and other complex instruments

  • How reliable the trading platform is

  • Libertex review of trading success rate, determining the profitability of the trading platform

  • Trading convenience thanks to the Libertex app and advanced features

With the dynamics and trends of financial markets changing every day, you can now easily open a trading account online. Through a reliable broking platform, you can do sell and purchase an underlying asset. Libertex is a popular platform for the trading of your underlying assets.

Libertex Broker Overview

Libertex was started in 1997 and is used by Indication Investments Ltd. With lots of trading instruments, it has been a trusted platform for investors, traders, and financial institutions.

Irrespective of your expertise and experience in the financial market, you will find all your basic trading needs here. Also, it’s very reliable as it is used by Indication Investments Ltd., an investment firm regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CySEC.

Today, this trading platform is proud to have 250+ tradable assets, 120+ accepted countries Libertex, 3M+ global clients, and 40+ international awards.

It has won the best trading platform award in the 2022 FX Report Awards. Also, in Ultimate Fintech Awards, 2022, it bagged the prestige of the Most Trusted Broker LATAM.

However, like every other trading platform in the financial market, Libertex also has some limitations. It does not work with CTrader. Further, traders sometimes do not get enough support from affiliate programs or trading education resources. Also, you may need to pay higher fees for some withdrawal methods.

The upcoming sections of this Libetertex review will help you know essential things before you start trading on this platform.

Libertex Underlying Assets

CFD trading on Libertex is allowed across various underlying assets. Those underlying assets for CFD trading are:

  • Five metals
  • More than Fifty Forex currency pairs
  • Over seventy  cryptocurrencies
  • Hundred stocks
  • Eighteen indices
  • Ten ETFs
  • Five oil/gas
  • And six agricultural

What is Libertex?

Official Libertex Website

Libertex can be considered an international brand serving as an online broker as a part of Libertex Group. The variety of trading offered by this company, headquartered in Cyprus and founded in 1997, is amazing. Using this as your trading platform, you can trade using Forex, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities like oil and gas.

Moreover, you can invest in stocks here. Needless to say, the variety of investment and trading provided by Libertex has earned them international awards. And also, their innovation and detailed attention to perfection have provided them with 3 million clients spanning more than 120 countries.

To provide online traders with a seamless experience, Libertex comes with an independently running and downloadable trading app. You can download it through the Apple app store or Google play store.

Also, the Libertex website itself acts as a unique trading platform where you can register and start trading. Notably, you can learn the ropes of trading CFDs here through its blogs elaborating on basic terms and know-how.

Libertex Review of Platforms

The main trading platforms of Libertex are MT4, MT5, and Libertex web and mobile apps. The MetaTrader platform gives access to complex instruments and strategies for trading. You can also use it as a web-based trading tool without downloads.

Libertex Native Platform

You can use it on any browser, and it has a user-friendly interface. The trade execution is done very fast on this platform, giving the traders an edge in the market.

Libertex does not support the CTrader platform but comes with a trading interface having customized complex tools with trader insights. You can also enjoy the integration of MetaTrader platforms on Libertex.

Further, its own bespoke platform for clients using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 offers many functions and features.

MetaTrader 4

This platform will let you know about all market prices and liquidity details. This platform is preferred due to the fundamental analysis and technical analytics across all levels of the trade. F

urther, traders can enjoy higher flexibility on this platform with the execution of multiple trading orders. In addition, the security offered by the MT4 platform is matchless.

MetaTrader 4

To trade CFDs on FX, metals, ETS, agriculture, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, oil, and gas, you can use this platform. You don’t need any extra software or browser extension to use this platform.

Libertex Review of Complex Instruments

The Libertex platform comes with many trading instruments. As one of the most reliable trading platforms, it offers the following:

  • Personal action plan for portfolios, helpful for new investors
  • Trading signals for the convenience of decision making
  • Trading ideas having analysis from in-house experts
  • Trades from the chart so that you can simply use your hand on the chart screen for trading
  • The most profitable assets, giving insights about the assets on which other traders are earning the maximum money
  • Dividend section for yielding dividend payments
  • An up-to-date economic calendar
  • Real-time news about stock markets, trading, and global currency, helping you make the most money when trading CFDs
  • Hot assets, having the list of assets that have experienced the most pricing fluctuations in the previous few hours
  • Daily update so that you get all the necessary information on the best trading platform in a concise manner
  • Best stocks to buy so that you can make the most money when trading CFDs

Libertex Review of Special Features

A reliable platform for leveraged trading, Libertex has many special features. Showing information in eight languages makes trading for users across various zones easy. Further, it allows you to pick between various time frames.

In addition, it comes with 43 indicators, including twenty-two trend indicators, eight volatility indicators, and thirteen oscillators. With Libertex, you can even use the order management feature to get a live quote for each asset.

Libertex allows you to make a customized list of your favorite and frequently traded assets. Thus, you will be able to manage the fluctuation of prices in regular trades. The same section will let you have a look at your remaining balance, pending orders, and order history.

The Live Trades section keeps you familiarized with the trends. Thus, you can emulate their decisions and make the most money when trading CFDs.

Libertex Legal Safety and Security

Being one of the best trading platforms, operating for more than 20 years, Libertex takes the safety and security of online investors and traders seriously. The norms and rules Libertex follows for its own bespoke platform reflect its attention to impart trading safety.

Moreover, the guidelines of Forex Club International LLC influence the operations of Libertex. Apart from Forex Club, Cyprus Securities regulate this trading company and thus remains responsible for how it remains trustworthy to users.

Libertex allows trading CFDs in Switzerland and the EEA area. Along with Forex Club International LLC and CySEC, Libertex is also regulated by MAEX LIMITED, a registered company of the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius.

In addition, the payment methods Libertex are handled by Holcomb Finance Limited, a company registered in Cyprus. Further, Libertex makes sure that every endpoint is secure. The funds of clients are kept in segregated bank accounts to bolster safety.

Moreover, along with legal safety, Libertex offers protection of traders’ data across many web applications on Android and iOS devices. Libertex uses a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption for it.

However, it’s essential to note that trading itself poses a high risk. You can lose money when trading through any trading operation practiced with any app or platform.

As a universally acknowledged fact, trading brings chances of profits as well as losing money rapidly. And Libertex is not an exception in this regard. So, trading in Libertex (or anywhere else) includes risks that fall within the usual territory of trading and investment.

Libertex follows the regulations properly and has posted a risk warning on its application. The warning makes the new traders aware by saying 83% of their retail investor accounts lose money while using leverage. This warning message for retail traders speaks a lot about the transparency of the trading platform.

Libertex Negative Balance Protection

Winning awards globally and used by firms like Indication Investments Ltd, Libertex also offers negative balance protection. This protection for retail clients per-account basis is offered by Libertex as part of its regulation norms.

The negative balance protection ensures that retail clients do not lose more than the balance they have in their retail investor accounts. The protection is also available for professional accounts to stop losing money rapidly.

Sign Up Bonus of Libertex

Libertex does have the facility of giving you a sign-up or, as mentioned on the website, a welcome bonus. But, it surely comes with certain prerequisites, which may make the bonus scheme seem less attractive.

The condition of receiving the bonus excludes dealing with cryptocurrencies. You need to deposit a minimum of $100 to get the welcome bonus following your registration and funding of your account for the first time.

Also, you need to perform sufficient trading operations within 90 days to convert the bonus into real money. During trading, you pay an amount of brokerage fees. Libertex keeps track of the fees paid, based on which the bonus is calculated.

As the bonus reaches a particular percentage (or payment chunk), Libertex converts the bonus and sends it to the client’s account. You can take out the money from your account or invest the amount for future trading.

Importantly, the company reserves the authority to cancel the bonus earned under the following conditions.

  • Never performed any trading after opening your account or within a particular period
  • Fail to redeem the bonus within the given period

To avoid cancellation of bonuses, you can check the time remaining to redeem the money through the Libertex platform. Also, here it’s important to note that the required amount for deposition and bonus amount can change.

So, keep an eye on the app or website notifications to make yourself updated.

Minimum Deposit of Libertex

The minimum deposit amount for any tradable instrument in Libertex is $10. However, Libertex encourages its first-time traders to deposit more money in their trading accounts. By doing so, they can receive interest between 5% and 12% per year. This interest will be paid on a monthly basis.

Currently, Libertex provides first-time traders with the opportunity of earning 5% of the deposit amount (at a monthly acquired interest rate) for any depositing amount from $1,500 to $4,999.

For depositing $5,000-$9,999, first-time traders will receive a monthly interest payment of 9% of their depositing amount.

For depositing $10,000-$24,999, the company offers a monthly interest payment of 10% of the depositing amount, and for depositing more than $25,000, traders will receive a monthly interest payment of 12% of the depositing amount.

Account Types

Currently, Libertex offers two types of accounts for active trading: Libertex Portfolio and Libertex CFD. Aside from that, it also provides the users with the opportunity of practicing Forex trading with a demo account.

Libertex CFD is treated as a conventional trading account that offers you to buy or sell different trading instruments. These include currencies, metals, stock indices, cryptocurrencies, and more.

In addition, this account offers traders to choose between long and short trading positions. Moreover, the dividend payment is paid into any open trade, and the multiplier can be set between 1 and 999.

Libertex Portfolio is the latest account type that is designed especially for investors. This account type is ideal for individuals looking for steady long-term gain from the stock market.

It allows you to make regular purchases of stocks over a long period of time. And the best part of this account is it offers zero commission.

Customer Reviews on the Libertex Trading Platform

Traders Reviews

As a reputable online broker in CFD trading for a long time, Libertex has received many reviews. Users have mentioned how they learned trading through the platform. More importantly, they have shared that they earned profits through trading there.

So, one can trust this fully regulated online broker for successful forex trading or investment. Further, users consider the fees policy of Libertex as customer-friendly.

But, amateurs or first-time traders find their website and policies difficult to understand. So, Libertex could have kept things more simplified or provided more basic educational blogs.

Moreover, people face difficulties associated with withdrawing funds from Libertex after trading for a long time. That implies a necessity from Libertex’s side to promote more ease and proactiveness for addressing and resolving withdrawal problems.

So, combining every type of review, one can say Libertex, as a reputable broker, isn’t free from flaws. But, it has been doing well as a trading platform.

To continue supporting people to earn money when trading CFDs and investing, Libertex needs to perform better.

Libertex Spreads, Fees, and Commissions

Trading costs involve three important aspects, including spreads, fees, and commissions.

Libertex Spreads

Before 2021, Libertex operated with spreads. But recently, it has removed its tight spreads of 0.0007 to zero spreads.

Thus, you don’t need to have any condition of tight spreads while trading here. That still serves as one of the biggest changes made by Libertex for forex traders.

Libertex Commission

The platform charges a commission for trading. But, the commission amount is not the same for every asset.

Commission for gold is different compared to that associated with Apple and Tesla stocks. Moreover, you need to give a variable commission depending on the trade amount.

But, Libertex takes no commission for trading with currency pairs. Also, Libertex takes no commission for its portfolio clients. That makes the platform highly appealing to portfolio users.

Libertex Fees

One can consider the Libertex fees taking minimum deposits, spread, and commissions into consideration.

Apart from these, it charges swap fees. Libertex also takes withdrawal fees depending on transaction ways and assets.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Libertex Knowledge Base on Deposit and Withdrawal

To deposit into a Libertex trading account, traders need to log into their account and go to the Deposit part of the page. After that, they have to select the preferred method for deposit and follow the on-screen instructions for a successful deposit.

Libertex accepts the following payment methods to make a deposit to any Libertex trading account:

  • Debit/credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • GiroPay
  • iDEAL
  • Multibanco
  • Neteller
  • P24
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Sofort
  • Skrill
  • Trustly

To withdraw any amount from the Libertex trading account, traders need to visit the withdrawal section and then input the amount to be withdrawn. After that, the amount will be processed through the payment method they have selected at the time of the money deposit.

No doubt, both deposit and withdrawal methods in Libertex are easy and can be made instantly. However, the company charges a commission for withdrawal through any platform except Paypal and Skrill.

And for bank transfers, it may take 2-5 business days to reflect the amount on the trader’s bank account.

How To Open a Libertex Account – Step-by-Step Guide

Registration page of the Libertex platform

The process of opening an account in Libertex is quite easy and involves several steps. You can register from the official website.

1. Filling up of Essential Details

You need to enter the email, password, and phone number. Also, you need to give a captcha code to complete the fill-up of the online form.

Here, in the end, you should agree to the service conditions to continue the registration. The PDFs links are given. You can read the documents before agreeing to online data processing.

2. Entering Remaining Important Details

After filling up the first page of Libertex registration, you are directed to the next page. Proceed through the next steps, like giving your residential address and a copy of your passport to complete the registration.

Importantly, note down the details you have given or take a screenshot. In this way, you will face no hassle while remembering crucial details during login.

3. Login and Start Trading

After you complete the whole registration, you can start trading after entering the details. Also, a minimum deposit amount is required to make your forex or invest account functional.

Here, it’s worth to note you can initially hone your skills with a demo account equipped with a demo balance here. That helps in gaining confidence before you start handling actual retail investor accounts or investor profiles.

4. Process of Opening Libertex Demo Accounts

The process of opening a demo account is similar to that of opening an actual Libertex account. Below the “START TRADING NOW,” you have the link for opening the demo account.

Insert important details like password and email ID. And then, you can start trading with a free demo account.

Libertex Affiliate Program

Without trading CFDs here or investing in stocks, you can use Libertex as an earning source. One can monetize the incoming traffic through strategic processes and earn commissions.

This trading platform provides attractive trading opportunities which can help you to gain strong leverage in attracting clients. No wonder, Libertex possesses a strong network of affiliate partners.

How to Become An Affiliate Partner?

The procedure of becoming a partner is easy and thus lets you get started as a partner without any hassle. Make an account and get in touch with the necessary features and tools to optimize and track your performance as an affiliate partner.

Operations of Libertex Affiliate programs

After making your profile as a partner, you can promote or advertise Libertex in your network. By network, we refer to blogs, social media, business websites (if you have any), or any platform capable of gaining high traffic.

If you are a social media influencer with many followers or have a website with a high influx of users, you can post a Libertex link and gain users from there. The more users coming and trading here, the more commissions you can earn.

But it’s important to note here that the clients coming through your channel and link needs to satisfy trading conditions. Otherwise, you will not earn the commission based on the payment plan.

Process of Opening An Affiliate Account

To open the affiliate partner account, you need to fill up the sign-up form. The whole form can be segregated into three parts- personal data, contact info, and occupational details.

After inserting the important entries, you can start working as an affiliate partner.

Libertex Customer Support

Contact Us Page of Libertex

The Litertex platform stands out thanks to its extensive and friendly customer service. While using its web and mobile apps, you will find extensive support from the team on a 24x7x365 basis. Further, the team ensures that yet get to explore all the information about your trading account.

First of all, they have an extensive knowledge base in the form of an FAQ section. You will find their information about the trading platform, payment method, operations, miners, and rules. Also, you can email them at [email protected] for correspondence.

Further, there is a contact form on the contact information page of the Libertex trading platform. You can fill in your message, email id, name, and verification captcha to submit your queries. Once you email the team, you can expect a reply within one business day.

The Libtertex trading platform even has a live chat facility, allowing you to choose between Russian, Spanish, English, and Portuguese languages. Libertex also offers assistance through Telegram and Whatsapp.

Advantages and Disadavantages of Libertex Customer Support

Advantages Disadvantages
  • A vast knowledge base or FAQ section easily be found with a user-friendly interface of the official website
  • Assistance through Telegram and WhatsApp
  • Live Chat Support
  • Usually reverts within 1 business day
  • Due to high traffic or new traders, there can be a surge in queries. So, the customer support team may take longer to get back to you
  • The Libertex trading platform does not offer telephonic support

Libertex Vs. Other Brokers

1. Libertex vs. Avatrade

Both Avatrade and Libertex are popular trading platforms for investors and traders at the present time. No doubt, they have many similarities but also some differences.

The first similarity between these two trading platforms is both of them offer retail investment accounts on their official website. Secondly, both platforms work virtually, and all trading processes are conducted digitally.

However, compared to Libertex, AvaTrade offers more types of accounts for everyone, including new investors, experienced investors, new traders, and experienced traders. The platform also offers multiple account types available for institutions and traders according to their needs.

In addition, AvaTrade does not charge any commission for withdrawals. Furthermore, AvaTrade provides loss insurance to its traders. So, with regard to insurance policies and account types, AvaTrade wins out over Libertex.

2. Libertex vs. Roboforex

As trading platforms, both Libertex and Roboforex offer very similar features and services. No doubt, both trading platforms are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CySEC.

In addition, both Roboforex and Libertex have been in online trading for quite some time. And this is probably the reason why both of them are considered equally credible online trading platforms.

However, it is possible to find out some differences between these two trading platforms. One major difference is Libertex offers its user to trade in Cryptocurrencies which is not available in Roboforex. So, traders looking to trade in Cryptocurrencies have to head over to Libertex.

On the flip side, a key advantage of Rooboforex over Libertex is that it has many types of trading accounts. So, if you consider the types of trading accounts, Roboforex has the edge over Libertex.

3. Libertex vs. Alpari

Libertex got started in 1997, while Alpari started in 1998. So, we can say both these online brokers come with more or less similar years of experience.

Coming to trading assets, Alpari gives you more trading assets compared to Libertex. Libertex has relaxed the spreads to zero.

On the other hand, Alpari doesn’t have zero spreads. Libertex minimum deposit can be $10, while it’s $5 for Alpari. For leverage, Alpari gives a maximum of 1:3000, while Libertex offers 1:500.

Libertex Pros and Cons

  • Libertex app with all-around facilities
  • The facility of demo accounts
  • Libertex app that can be downloaded accross multiple platforms
  • Option for multiple trading platforms
  • The advantage of no commissions and spreads in certain cases
  • Fewer options of language for website use
  • Difficulty to grasp through details while using the platform
  • Trouble accessing the website due to location constraints

Libertex comes with advantages and disadvantages as a CFD broker and investing platform.

As a user for trading CFDs, you have a great access facility with Libertex. You can access the trading app through more than one platform. Also, Libertex has relaxed the norms for commissions and spreads, which can be of advantage for investors and traders.

But you get options for a few languages on the Libertex website. Also, for a first-timer in trading, one can face difficulty while navigating through the site. Notably, depending on location, one faces difficulty in accessing the Libertex blogs and resources.

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Conclusion: Libertex Review

We know Forex traders always look for a reliable brokerage firm when they decide to try their luck in Forex trading. It is possible to find many online brokerage firms at the present time. But the best online brokerage company always offers the lowest trading cost and communicates all the calculated expenses with its traders. In addition, it offers a wide variety of trading tools and different financial instruments in a user-friendly interface.

When conducting this Libertex review, we found that Libertex covers every important feature of an online Forex company.

Traders can trade on Libertex with peace of mind, as it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It offers both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms for its traders.

Furthermore, Libertex offers different trading assets like stocks, Forex trading, crypto trading, metals, indices, and many more. Although Libertex is a good brokerage platform with some great features, it has some flaws as well. If we compare Libertex to other trading platforms, it definitely has a limited number of trading assets.

Moreover, Libertex’s position in the global finance market is impacted due to its lack of regulatory oversight by a centralized exchange. For all of these reasons, we have ranked Libertex 18th and offered a star rating of 3.0 on the basis of our research. As a whole, Libertex can be considered a valuable brokerage firm for traders as well as investors all over the world.

Libertex Review FAQs

Is Libertex a Safe broker choice?

Yes, Libertex is a safe broker choice for trading in the forex market. This trading platform is completely authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission or CySEC.

CySEC is a well-reputed regulatory body. It has no record of licensing and regulating a broker with fraudulent intentions. So, you can consider Libertex broker as a reputable Forex trading platform.

What is the minimum deposit to trade with Libertex?

The minimum deposit to trade with Libertex is $10 only. However, more money in Libertex accounts will open up more trading opportunities for Libertex traders. As one of the golden trading rules, we always recommend you make sure that your open trades never exceed 10% of your total account balance.

Can I practice Forex trading with Libertex?

Yes, it is possible to practice Forex trading with Libertex. Create a demo account Libertex where you will get a demo balance of $5000 and two currency pairs, USD/CHF and EUR/USD. No doubt, the exchange rate of these pairs varies quite a bit, making them a good way for you to learn Forex trading. After that, start trading, and you could gain a profit in just 5 to 30 minutes.

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