21 Practical Resources to Learn Mandarin Online for 2024

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Have you been searching for practical resources on the internet to learn Chinese language? You need not look any further. The current evolutionary era of technology has made it easy for you to acquire enough vocabulary grammar and skills for a high level of proficiency in the China dialect. In time past, it was difficult to learn Chinese language due to limited courses to gather new Chinese words and phrases. Worry no more as this review article provides you with different ways and practical resources to learn Mandarin Chinese online and become fluent Chinese speakers.

Mandarin Chinese is a widely spoken language in the world. Programmers have designed different mobile apps with Mandarin Chinese lessons and courses for you to get acquainted with the Mandarin language and learn Chinese language. Some lessons on the apps are free, while some demand that you to subscribe for more access to Mandarin vocabulary, audios, video lessons, and many others.

There are lots of factors that might stand as a barrier on your way to practice and learn Chinese language. They include budget, learning style, and level of proficiency. While some of these practical resources require you to pay a stipulated fee to get advanced features, some are free. Kindly read on as here, we give you the top and most accessible practical resources available around the world.

Learn Mandarin Online

Do you desire to migrate to China? The internet is vital for you to learn and practice China-related fun skills in diverse fields such as health-related, fashion-related, programming, and language. In learning Mandarin Chinese online, whether skills are basic or you’re intermediate just trying to brush up your tongue – Duolingo is an online app that offers those privileges for you to learn pinyin. Pinyin involves phonetics sound and pronunciation. it is a valuable exercise for speaking Mandarin Chinese. If you are familiar with pinyin, you will understand various Mandarin Chinese characters and be able to hold comprehensive conversation in no time.

There are millions of native speakers of China in different parts of the world. To learn Chinese online and hold a conversation is not about the number of funds you have invested to learn new words. It has to do with the amount of time you are ready to dedicate during the learning process. Whatever your choice of study of preference, you don’t have to be scared to take that first step which is action!

Furthermore, your goals can act as a propeller to keep you motivated to ensure there is constant progress towards learning Mandarin. At the initial stage, your goal might be to have forehand knowledge on exchanging pleasantries, but learning different Mandarin characters could ignite your passion in getting ready for more Chinese pronunciation.

Online Chinese learning is like learning any other language in the world. It involves four different parts – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. If you are having an interactive Chinese online class for several hours using a mobile app, but can’t spot your weaknesses there will be no fast improvement in learning important phrases.

The Mandarin Chinese language is quite easy to forget such as phrases, words, characters, etc., This makes it a skill that requires lots of practice by having a conversation with China occupants for more vocabulary grammar. The best way to learn is after each class you spend time revising the things you have learned. If you want to have fast fluency in the Chinese language, then, you need to put in the required efforts to see awesome results, because at the end of it your success lies depends on you.

Is Mandarin Chinese Really Easier Than You Thought?

You might be curious as to the feasibility of your dream to become a Mandarin Chinese speaking person. Calm your mind as it is one of the easiest languages to learn, especially when you follow the tips provided by this article. If you could keep your fears aside and attend Chinese lessons, you will learn Mandarin, and make good conversations with it. Although it will take time to be fluent like native speakers, the major thing is to be active in a Chinese speaking and start learning new words to construct good grammar.

Consistency is vital in learning Chinese pronunciation. The major thing that makes learning Mandarin exceptional is the various steps involved that can’t be compared to other languages. Most languages involve grammar, mastering, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc. The same is synonymous with learning Mandarin. If you could focus on these exercises, you will understand any language easily. For instance, some languages are similar to the English language, such as Swedish, German, and other European languages.

The Germans find it easier to speak either Swedish or English because of the close similarities in spelling and pronunciation with their languages. When it comes to the Chinese language, it is different. Don’t lose hope in your dream of learning the language because of this. However, if you are from an Anglophone country, you should be willing to spend hours to improve yourself in Mandarin because both languages are different entirely from each other. It is possible to see yourself speaking it fluently within few months into learning when you enroll in Chinese courses.

During the lastc phase of learning, you might not see zero overlaps because there are some common words in other related languages which are different. During the advanced stage of learning higher Mandarin characters, you might feel discouraged to learn other words and phrases. At this juncture let’s see the close similarities and pronunciation between English and Swedish in the following words:

Political conservatism (English) – Pokitisk konservatism (Swedish)

Supernova (English) – Supernova (Swedish)

Epilepsy patient (English) – Epilepsia patient (Swedish)

Magnetic resonance (English) – Magnetism resonance (Swedish)

Alveolar affricate (English) – Alveolar affrikata (Swedish)

5 Useful Tips to Learn Mandarin Chinese

Everyone has a different speed for language learning, especially one with zero overlap in their language. You could take up to nine months learning the Mandarin language before you could start doing translation from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese. A rapid catch-up is assured when you follow the following useful tips on how to learn the language effectively:

1. Listen Regularly to Mandarin Chinese:

Get familiar with what the language (words) sounds like before you move on to learning about the characters. Listen to contents from China. Endeavour to hold a conversation when chanced arises with China based and out spoken persons. You can also begin to try reading whatever you are listening to from here. Pinyin is the best phonetic writing system created for people to learn Mandarin. Make use of this writing system for efficient growth. Note that it is through regular listening to Chinese audios and video clips that you get to begin an efficient journey through learning the Mandarin language, and also differentiating various words.

2. Memorize Mandarin Characters:

It is a gradual process that is achievable by creating time to be familiar with Chinese characters. You can dedicate time to learn them in different sentences every day because there is a huge tendency to forget these characters. Having a learning methodology that will help you memorize Mandarin, and also pronounce them like native speakers is important. No matter the audio or videos you watch on the internet, you need to memorize them to gain more exposure to others.

3. Intensive Reading and Research:

It is advisable to read different Chinese learning materials that capture your interest. It could be glossaries, Chinese history, Chinese dialogues, Chinese culture, and many others. The essence of intensive reading and research is to get acquainted with various patterns that will expose you to learning new words. Reading can make you have the decent vocabulary to create awesome sentences without grammatical errors.

4. Watching Chinese Cinema Movies:

You can improve your knowledge of Mandarin by watching interesting Chinese movies. As a result of this, you can understand the structure and sound of the Chinese language. You can decide to pause the movie and repeat the words or sentences to test your Chinese accent. Watching these movies will keep you on the right track to increase your skills in speaking Chinese within a short time.

5. Study Patterns in Mandarin:

Patterns are more important than rules because they will help you stay away from complicated vocabulary grammar. It is through the patterns in Mandarin you construct good grammar like the Chinese to hold a conversation. The Chinese language is different from other languages in the world because there is no gender, complicated tenses, declensions, verb aspects, etc. The best way to be conversant with Chinese vocabulary grammar is by using them in phrases, sentences, and words.

21 Practical Resources to Learn Mandarin Online:

1. Mandarin Blueprint

Native speakers of mandarin Chinese are the founder of the course. You will see different things that will aid in learning mandarin Chinese. A way to learn is the by the high-quality video clips with excellent quality to aid the learning process for beginners with its outstanding course. Although it is not free, it offers a good teaching of Chinese to people who want to learn.Mandarin Blueprint


Comprehensive videos.

High-quality videos and course materials.

Awesome features to meet up students weaknesses.


It is expensive.

Non-native Chinese speakers are the founders.

Click Here to Find Out More About Mandarin Blueprint

2. Yoyo Chinese

It is a mobile app that comprises lots of Chinese video clips, reviews, flashcards, audio files, and many others. There are over 20 million lessons for students to learn Chinese Mandarin, and their classes have been divided into other smaller units for easy comprehension.

yoyo chinese


The courses are well detailed

Easy comprehension for busy people learning Mandarin

Review is done based on what you have learned


There is no customization of the course

It is not ideal for beginners

Click Here to Find Out More About Yoyo Chinese

3. Chinese Zero to Hero

The classes on the practical resource have been recorded, and you will get access to the writing, audio files, quizzes, video clips etc. It is one of the best places to learn some Mandarin pronunciation and also make good sentences using the right phrase and words.

chinese zero to hera


It allows offline download of videos.

Presence of Flashcards.

Easily affordable & free content for users.


Looks merely like a wishlist.

Click Here to Find Out More About Chinese Zero to Hero

4. Chinese For Us

is a better course option for anyone learning Mandarin characters from entry-level to expert level. Users have to subscribe for $8.99 monthly to enjoy premium features, and when it expires, they have to re-subscribe.

chinese for us


Good quality videos.

Detailed courses.

Different course options for users to pick.


It is expensive.

Click Here to Find Out More About Chinese For Us

5. Coffee Break Chinese

If you are casual about learning Chinese, you can use this practical resource to get audio lessons and practice writing. There is a premium version that comprises four different sessions valued at $104. With Coffee Break Chinese, you are sure of acquiring suitable words that will fasten the use of Mandarin.

coffee break chinese


The audio courses are well detailed for beginners.

Offers Mandarin vocabulary with a clear explanation.

The gradual learning process of Chine.


Very eexpensive.

No extra material for free Chinese courses.

Click Here to Find Out More About Coffee Break Chinese

6. Pimsleur 

It is one of the websites to learn Mandarin Chinese through excessive repetition. You will get encounter lots of practical vocabulary, common phrases, greetings, etc., that will help you interact with a native speaker. It is one of the best way to learn characters at an affordable rate.



Well researched tutorials for Mandarin.

Presence of repeating phrases for retention.

Effective study time.


Presence of much English language.

Outdated scenarios for the premium course.

Click Here to Find Out More About Pimsleur

7. ChineseClass101 

You can rely on this online practical resource to learn Chinese. Most of their tutorials are in audio format which makes them similar to podcasts. It is well structured into a different level based on fluency – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you have a problem with listening to Chinese tones, grammar, vocabulary, you can bank on it.



Lots of Chinese courses for basic learners of the China language.

Less use of English in each of the level.


Presence of English at the beginner level.

Presence of clunky navigation on the website.

Click Here to Find Out More About ChineseClass101 

8. GoEast Mandarin

You are sure of having the tone of someone from Shanghai using this website as a way to learn Chinese. It has both self-study lessons and private lessons too. It has one of the best Mandarin teachers with lots of teaching experience to help you learn fast through their solid content.

goeast chinese


Well-structured classes.

Flexible Mandarin classes.

Best online Mandarin teachers or instructors.


Not enough online community interaction for learners.

Click Here to Find Out More About GoEast Mandarin

9. HelloChinese 

It is one of the recognized or leading online platforms to learn Chinese. It has both web and mobile app for different users, and the speech recognition software on the app is similar to the one in Duolingo in terms of lesson delivery style.

hello chinese


Covers different Chinese characters .

Awesome speech recognition.


It is too expensive.

Interface design like Duolingo.

Click Here to Find Out More About HelloChinese

10. Hacking Chinese

You can find a lot of Chinese characters on Hacking Chinese at a constant practice. It has arguably the best way to learn the skills required for conversations in Chinese.d it allows you to become familiar with the characters within a short time.

hacking chinese

Easy memorization of new words.

Awesome study sessions according to user performance.

Presence of natural audio pronunciation for basic China-language learners.


Absence of key features on the free package.

Click Here to Find Out More About Hacking Chinese

11. LingoDeer

The resource has both mobile and web app for different users. Lingodeer uses different lesson delivery patterns found in apps like Babbel. The good thing about lessons here is that they are smaller for fast comprehension to keep learning Chinese interesting, and for easy assimilation.



Presence of a grammar-based curriculum.

Well-detailed explanations .

High-quality voice dialogue in Mandarin.


Bad organization of content and lesson.

The user interface is tedious.

Click Here to Find Out More About LingoDeer

12. Ninchanese

It is another platform for learning Chinese and has over 3,500 lessons with different Chinese skills for both beginners and advanced learners of Mandarin Chinese.



Detailed Chinese lesson.

Available in both mobile and web app for different users.


Childish gamification might not be compatible with adults learning the Mandarin language.

Diluted teaching.

Click Here to Find Out More About Ninchanese

13. Domino Chinese

Learn Chinese online from Domino Chinese app in an entertaining way at an affordable price, and it becomes easier for you to stay motivated throughout the Chinese lessons. There are series of lessons to build up a proper understanding of the language, and also have reasonable Chinese grammar.

domino chinese


Real-life application.

The simple foundation learning process.

Over 1,000 Chinese dialogues for easy memorization.


It could be boring.

Click Here to Find Out More About Domino Chinese

14. ChineseSkill

It is a game-like application for you to learn Chinese. There are free and paid courses for you to choose anyone. The app is available for both iOS and Android users, and the same team is behind the development of Lingodeer. Also, Chinese skill has similar progress like HelloChinese but they place more emphasis on characters.

chinese skill


Good friendly user interface for users.

Simple to use because of its simple structure.

Comprises lots of Chinese characters.


The characters make it overwhelming for entry level users.

Absence of Chinese culture for users to learn.

There is no microphone feature to check your time or pronunciation.

Click Here to Find Out More About ChineseSkill

15. Mango Languages

It is a good resource but many people underrated it for one reason or the other best known to them. There is a monthly fee that offers you access to over 700 languages, and it has an awesome interface that allows you to navigate easily on the website. You can do your English translation because it has lexical chunks and color code words.

mango languages


Simple to use because of its beautiful design.

More focus on lexical chunks to avoid grammatical blunders.

Useful vocabulary to make beautiful sentences.


Less grammar focus.

Absence of content for advanced Mandarin learners.

Click Here to Find Out More About Mango Languages

16. Super Chinese

You can learn Mandarin efficiently by using the app through its proprietary artificial intelligence. HSKonline is the founder of the app and is for both Android and iOS users. You need to subscribe to get premium features or full access. On the other hand, there are many language practices in different interactive exercises to check learners’ abilities.

super chinese


Different practice activities to aid learners.

Fun and lovely to use.

Presence of both male and female native Chinese speakers audio.


Insufficient writing process.

Less guidance on Chinese pronunciation.

Absence of character memorization.

Click Here to Find Out More About Super Chinese

17. TutorMing 


It is another website to learn Mandarin and it has some similarities like italki, but there is a unique learning curriculum for beginners. You need to show maximum commitment to class to have easy memorization.


Expert native Chinese teachers.

Unique Chinese course curriculum.


Slightly expensive for users working on a low budget.

Click Here to Find Out More About TutorMing

18. Assimil

It is a good book for beginners learning Mandarin but there is not enough vocabulary. The reserve is the case because it has lots of complete translations in each class. Also, the grammar explanations are not much compared to other online Chinese courses. It uses a reliable approach that allows for easy assimilation through reading and writing.



Easily affordable.

Good native speed for easy comprehension.

An abundance of Chinese lessons.


Absence of vocabulary lists.

Unattractive user interface.

Click Here to Find Out More About Assimil

19. ChinesePod

The resource is reliable but it has a flaw which is tedious navigation on the site. However, this way to learn.



It is awesome to watch because of their awesome presenters.

High-quality videos.

Different range of Chinese topics.


The price is expensive.

Sloppy navigation.

Click Here to Find Out More About ChinesePod

20. HiNative

It is a question and answers application for Chinese language learners to get in touch with native speakers. It is available for desktop, Android, and iOS users.



Presence of useful free version.

Active community for quick responses.


Unanswerable question on Chinese grammar.

Click Here to Find Out More About HiNative

21. Smart Chinese Pinyin Teacher

Here is a place for profound pinyin practice under professional teachers. If you want to get familiar with Chinese phrases and tones then, Pinyin Practice can offer you that opportunity. Chinese tones can be tricky, especially for native English speakers. But it is an ideal way of improving your listening and speaking skills.

smart chinese teacher


Enhances both listening and speaking skills.

Exposure to tone formation.

Increased fluency in Chinese.


Absence of Mandarin characters.

The pronunciation of pinyin practice is not intuitive.

Click Here to Find Out More About Smart Chinese Pinyin Teacher


Chinese language or learning Mandarin is not too hard if you could find the right practical resources to learn it. The major requirement is your commitment to the process. An open mind ready to learn will go far in making you sound like a native speaker in no time. Also, you can schedule a time for memorizing Chinese characters, patterns, and pinyin practices to ensure easy comprehension.

To sum up, we rank Yoyo Chinese as the best one in this shortlist as it has over 20 million lessons which include outstanding methods for teaching the language!

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Where Can I Learn Mandarin Online For Free?

If you can’t afford to pay for some premium platforms, there are different resources to learn Mandarin online for free, such as Anki, Jukuu, Free Chinese podcasts, Tatoeba, Chinese forums, Chinese language stack exchange, MDBG, Chinese boost, Perapera-Kun plugin, Duolingo, and many others discussed above.

Learn How To Speak Mandarin Chinese Online For Free

Presently, there are lots of persons who are fascinated by the life in China and want to speak Mandarin. Coursera is an awesome platform for skills teaching and increase your language learning speed. Some courses are free, and while others are paid. It is a smart choice to take because you will gain different exposure to different aspects of the language learning such as Chinese grammar, Chinese words, Chinese expressions, Chinese phrases, etc.

How To Learn Mandarin Online?

Select the practical resources that match your lifestyle, then practice consistently. Set achievable learning goals. This way, you would become a pro speaker of the Chinese language in no time.

Learn How To Speak Mandarin Online

In life, language learning is an important process that can either be fun or stressful depending on your passion and resources at your disposal. Do you want to learn the spoken form and writing of the language? Take advantage of the practical resources provided in this site in learning Chinese and become a profound Mandarin Chinese speaker.

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