Learn French With 25 Best And Useful Apps (From Beginner To Advanced)!

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Don’t you find the French language amazing? Are you planning to travel to France? France is a great country whose language is spoken all over the world.


Like all other languages, learning French will require memorizing lots of words however you can make this easier by using a learning app.

Below we have put together a list of the 25 best and useful apps to learn the French language.

How do I learn French?

1. Lingodeer




Though not as popular, it is one of the least expensive apps for language learning. The application gives you comprehensive structure explanations with clear audio files.

It has several different exercises including French pronunciation and interactive games that make practice fun.

You will learn the French language at your own pace as the app gives you new french words and expressions as you progress and every so often reviews them.

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2. Babbel




Babbel app offers an engaging way to learn French through 15-minute lessons that help you learn the articulation of French words like native speakers.

It helps you speak native French as the program comprehensively covers areas such as listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

It combines different styles of studying French including multiple-choice options, fill-in blanks, and flashcards. The app works best for beginners who want to learn French as well as intermediates.

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3. Pimsleur


$19.95/month or you can subscribe to a 7-day free French learning experience.


Learning French could never be easier than with the Pimsleur app as you can get guidance from teachers who are native speakers.

The teachers mostly speak native French making it one of the best apps to start learning French words.

There aren’t many apps that teach you how to pronounce and listen to each French word as effectively as this one.

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4. Duolingo




Duolingo is one of the best free apps to learn French and provides you as little as 5 minutes of reading every day. It has incorporated a game-like way of studying french phrases and culture making it fun and interactive.

The app can be customized to provide learning based on the students’ options and their learning. It is a top-rated app for teaching you French grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening, and making a French conversation.

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5. Language Transfer



Language Transfer

Using what is known as the thinking method Language Transfer provides an excellent introduction to the French language through its audio course.

It allows you to pause a lesson to finish a mental exercise out loud then resume to compare it with the answers provided as you sharpen language skills.

The application has been built to make the student not just memorize but understand verb conjugations, words, grammar, and French vocabulary.

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6. Manga Method



Manga Method

Manga Method is a free language learning platform that uses comics to teach students to speak French. It is a very engaging way of getting people to learn and become French speakers fast

It leverages contributions from users to provide audio recordings and translations of Manga stories into various languages. It is especially good for beginners looking for a fun way to take French lessons.

It has several free resources for practice with high-quality pictures and audio done by French natives. You will get a translation immediately after you click on a word to boost your vocabulary.

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7. Lingvist


$19.99/month with a free 7 days trial period


Lingvist is another great app for learning French as it uses AI, statistical analysis, and digital flashcards to help students learn a new language.

Advanced French students can benefit from their mix of new and unknown words boosting their vocabulary in french fast.

Linguist users are encouraged to go through at least 100 flashcards in a day which mostly entails expressions or sentences with blank spaces to fill out.

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8. Clozemaster




This is a great app for getting French-speaking skills with thousands of cloze tests requiring you to fill in blanks. The app comes with an option to save or create a collection of sentences for revisiting when exercising.

Its grammar quizzes help you understand certain concepts through a cluster of sentences. It has a real-life feel as you practice speaking French without having to know the rules.

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9. Linguee




This is another great free-to-use platform for people who want to become French speakers because the application is easy to use and available in offline mode.

This unique platform does not use machine translation to give examples for words in a context like other apps. Instead, it sources phrases and words from research papers and articles done in French.

Their translations are mostly done by indigenous speakers making it a great tool for practicing articulation, french vocabulary, and grammar.

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10. Memrise


$9/month for the pro account or you can subscribe to the free package.


Memrise is an amazing app for learning foreign languages such as French as it helps you memorize expressions, characters, and French vocab. Starting a conversation will be easy when you learn Frech on this platform.

It has a huge library of content in the free account however with the paid pro account you also have offline access to resources.

This application uses both audio and written resources to teach you the language and also quizzes you after completing each lesson.

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11. Anki


Free however iOs device users will have to pay $25 for lifetime use.


Anki is an open-source language learning platform that loves using flashcards to make remembering words & phrases easy. It constantly reviews its flashcards to bring you relevant content.

It has incorporated spaced repetition and speech recognition to solidify the memory of those words in your brain for the long term. Anki is best for beginner and intermediate-level speakers.

A key feature is that you can customize your flashcards to appear the way you want and can as well share your card online through Ankiweb’s database.

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12. Francais Authentique


$57.28 pack 1 with 4.5 hrs of audio. You can also access their 7 days free trial period.

Francais Authentique

This is a superb application to learn languages and is great for intermediate-level speakers and beginners. It has detailed explanations of vocabulary in French including verbs and it is cheaper than most other language learning platforms.

The real-life feel of the lessons makes it one of the best when it comes to learning a new language. The tool will completely immerse you into the French language through its repetitive and conversational lessons and clear explanations of vocabulary.

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13. News in Slow French


$19.9/month plus a 7 day free trial period

News in Slow French

This is a very useful app for people at all levels of French conversations. Its courses are well designed and use real-life events and talks to teach.

Its way of teaching grammar is unique with a focus on conversationally explaining every verb and adjective. You will speak French in a short time once you start studying with this app.

It has a library of phrases and vocabulary to help you master speaking French in a conversational tone. It is fun and you learn a lot of skills and master confidence in spoken French.

It uses dialogue to explain a verb or adjective in a conversation making it one of the best apps to learn French fast.

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14. FrenchPod101


$8 basic, $25 premium, $47 premium plus


It is a good platform to get skills for beginners and intermediates with tons of bite-sized video and audio learning resources. It has a comprehensive collection of flashcards, a French-English dictionary, and word lists.

They have arranged every course according to proficiency levels while each level has a set of courses to go through.

The course set, however, doesn’t follow any order therefore users are free to choose the lesson they want. People get the audio file, a dialogue track, and a review track from every lesson.

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15. HiNative


$5.68/month it also has a free version app that showcases only the basic features.


Speaking French is just a matter of time with this awesome application which gets answers to your questions from a big pool of native speakers.

The app is uniquely engaging as it has many templates to help you construct the right question to get the right answers. You get to hear how native French speakers pronounce their words for you to get it right during practice.

This intuitive educational app allows you to choose the right words for the right situation with real expressions not only for a daily conversation but also for work-related communications.

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16. French Today



French Today

French Today is considered to be among the best apps to French learn with tones of videos and audio files to get French-speaking skills from.

This app provides Paris tours with a real-life French guide, it has lots of resources for children, as well as Skype lessons.

The platform is quite pricy as taking a French tour or a live one-week French teacher can be very costly. It has high-quality recordings and common vocabs for everyday situations.

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17. Speechling


Free subscription or take the unlimited plan for $19.99/month


Speechling is an audio-centered language learning tool that students use to listen to lessons from various speakers.

It is a very effective tool for teaching listening and pronunciation skills. The app however does not teach grammar however it systematically sorts its content based on your level of comprehension.

It also has a feature that dictates to you while you write what you have heard then compare it with the transcription provided.

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18. Wordreference 




This is one of the most accurate translation dictionaries for those who want to learn French. It does not currently use whole expressions instead it uses individual words and thorough definitions.

It also provides examples of scenarios where you can use a word, its synonyms, and pronunciation. Lots of tutors and learners use it for their academic activities which is proof that it is hugely beneficial.

Whichever form of studying French you’re using, always ensure you have the Wordreference application with you for verifying words as you study.

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19. LingQ


Free but you can also subscribe at $12.99/month


This is a platform for language learning and has a vibrant community of members with lots of written and voice content.

It is outrightly one of the best applications for French learning and its course is in the form of reading, listening, writing, building vocabs, and speaking.

All French lessons are inclusive of writing and reading and you can choose which of the two to focus on. It has also incorporated a dictation tool, cloze tests, flashcards, and building tools for your vocabs.

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20. Radio France



Radio France

Radio France is a great app for learning French as the announcers broadcast by speaking clearly but slowly the news and events of the day.

A transcript is provided for everything they broadcast so it is advisable to listen to it more often.

Once you review and find yourself at 90% comprehension level, you can switch to other normal radio stations.

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21. iTalki


From as low as $5 to $60 per hour.


This is one of the most influential and useful language tools for studying spoken French through its large database of language teachers.

Each tutor’s profile comes with details of their qualifications and reviews from other students so always check on these details before hiring.

It is budget-friendly as teachers set their prices giving them the freedom to choose based on their preferences.

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22. Tandem




Tandem is a popular app for learning languages and it has millions of users from all over the world. It is great for people who want to learn French in a hip and engaging style.

It has a database of tutors to choose from just like Italki and each is handpicked for their knowledge, professionalism, and fun factor.

It has a translator that works superbly with a correcting feature when you don’t write proper grammar. the pro version gives you unlimited translations and an ad-free experience.

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23. Coursera


Some courses are free of charge


This is another great place to learn the spoken French language as it has a treasury of teachers.

The platform is also excellent for courses with French subtitles. A tutor takes you through the course within a set period therefore it cannot be slow-paced like in other apps.

Though there are quizzes to test your comprehension, you may need a different detailed app to assist your learning process.

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24. Journal en Français Facile



Journal en Français Facile

This is an online journal of events, history, and other French events. The content is read slowly and easily to help the student understand what the announcer saying.

It is specially created for people who are foreign to the spoken French language. They at times use uncommon words to help the listeners to remember.

It is an easy and fast way of studying the spoken French language so you’re encouraged to listen to the shows wherever you can.

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25. Forvo




Forvo is a platform specifically developed to help in the pronunciation of French words. It has millions of words to search for with information showing where the speaker is from.

Any registered person can contribute by voting for words and phrases done in their native language. The course is divided into three levels and has a set of flashcards to help you in pronunciation as well as give examples of how you can use them in a sentence.

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As you can see learning French should not be such a hustle as there are tons of applications to choose from. After reaching a certain level of fluency, immerse yourself in French content such as movies, publications, and songs to get even better.

Free dictionaries like Wordreference are very important in mastering the French language. You will also get to experience the wonderful culture and ways of the French people.

Almost all of these learning platforms are supported by Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. Anki however charges iPhone users 25 dollars for a lifetime use but is free on for the Android version. How is that for iPhone users?

So, if you’ve been planning or thinking of going to France, this is the time to find the best applications in the market for studying French. If you dedicate 30 minutes or an hour to studying French, you will become fluent within a year so start practicing soon.

To sum up, we rank Pimsleur Spanish Course as the best one in this shortlist as it has 5 levels which include outstanding methods for teaching the language!

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How Can I Learn the French Language?

You can learn the French language by using audio files when learning. Take note of the several French learning software available online with flashcards and dictionaries that can translate words you don’t understand.

How Long Does It Take To Learn French?

Within a few months, you should have known several phrases and words however a serious learner can become a fluent French speaker in one year.

Which is The Best Way of Learning French?

Immersion is an efficient way of learning the French language by getting a constant flow of material in the French language and without much translation.

Which is The Best Way to Learn French On Your Own?

By activating your passive memory and reading widely and memorizing the gender of verbs. Always have a solid structure of learning French and set goals to reach.

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