25 Most Powerful Italian Courses: A Deep Comparison

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


Architecture, entertainment, literature, glamour, and romance are only a few of many things Italy offers. It is a city where dreams are born. When in Rome, you will be treading in the footsteps of the Roman rulers and taking a breather on Santa Severa’s breathtaking shores.

Not only that, but you will get to interact with people from all over the world. All of the potential encounters will make you want to talk to them too. In almost every case, this will only be possible in the language they are fluent in, which is Italian. 

All because of their common parent, Latin, it is indeed a language that sounds a lot like English. However, merely because Italian is relatively less challenging for English speakers than Cantonese or Romanian does not imply it is straightforward. From the vocabulary and grammar to the pronunciation of the Italian dialect, you still have tons of ground to cover.

The appropriate language courses will assist you in effectively learning Italian and make the experience of language learning even more enjoyable. Here are some of the finest Italian courses you can choose from to learn the language of Repubblica Italiana!

25 Most Powerful Italian Courses: A Deep Comparison

1. I Will Teach You A Language

I Will Teach You A Language

Image from https://iwillteachyoualanguage.com/


This particular course offers you a 7-day free trial for all its in-the-making Italian speakers. When it comes to the paid option, there is an alternative for you. The price of Italian Uncovered is $297, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You may test it out for a month thanks to the guarantee.

If you do not like the Italian lessons after 30 days, you may obtain a complete refund with no issues raised. It is more expensive than other introductory courses, but it is far less expensive than similar in-person courses. All of these lessons are also a one-time deal, so unlike other subscription language programs, you won’t have to keep paying monthly fees to access the information.


This is one of the many online courses that use a story to help you learn the Italian language. There are numerous beginner-friendly language courses available, but none are as extensive and thorough as Olly Richards’ Uncovered series which is ‘I Will Teach You a Language’.

Like all other languages accessible to learn from here, Italian is one of these too. It will take you from having no prior understanding of Italian to being able to communicate at an intermediate and advanced level with enough practice.

You will start with the learning material by listening and speaking after a 20-chapter story of an original Italian novel in this language learning course. The grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation for this chapter are a part of the learning materials you study afterward. All three of these things help you to get your Italian words and phrases better with each module.

Every chapter on this app enhances your conversational Italian by ending it with a quiz, and then you go on to the next one. The short tale part is accessible in PDF and MP3 formats, so you may listen to native speakers read it while reading the PDF. Not only that but there are videos of these native speakers that can enable your pronunciation to get better with practice.

All things considered, Italian is not an easy language to learn. It is why you will have to work through this course with patience if you want to be able to speak Italian like a pro in your daily life. The excellent teaching style plus the fun and motivating story-based learning will be the best way to learn the Italian language.


2. Italy Made Easy

Italy Made Easy


You must pay a one-time price for the courses because this app is not a subscription service. Depending on the choice you select, each level of From Zero to Italian costs $300 or $400. There are two versions of each course: basic and VIP. With the basic version, the Italian speakers will teach you how to write Italian in English so you may understand this specific language better.

On the other hand, the VIP version allows you to submit assignments and receive comments from a native Italian speaker, and receive a completion certificate at the end of the course.


For both casual and serious students, this app is all the learning material they will require for Italian. This particular course does not attempt to duplicate the same lesson for each language they teach. As a result, they are more engaging and filled to brim with the potential to make intermediate students into experts.

Additionally, they provide higher-quality training while giving an extensive knowledge of Italian culture. Italy Made Easy is unquestionably the best way to learn if you are searching for a solid Italian foundation that covers all of the essential abilities.

There are two beginner-level courses, which means you will need to watch roughly 300 videos to get to the intermediate level. More than a hundred lessons with video, as well as additional activities and short drills, are included in many of Italy Made Easy courses. Pronunciation, writing, listening, vocabulary, speaking, reading, grammar, and other topics will get covered too.

Furthermore, if you choose the premium course, your assignments will be checked by professional and native speakers who will provide you with individualized comments.

The combination with Quizlet’s flashcard system is a fantastic addition to the courses. To improve your Italian, you will need to expand your vocabulary, and the flashcard technique will help you do it more efficiently. Their classes are very interesting and engrossing.

There are a lot of units and lessons in them, and they faithfully cover Italian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and other topics. The lessons are really detailed, and the instructor is skilled, experienced, and interesting. The number of exercises, activities, and quizzes will ensure that you are actively participating in the course rather than passively consuming it.

The team of Italy Made Easy is also working on a Learn Italian With Audio course for students who have completed six months of study. It doesn’t end there, you can also play vocabulary games and have access to incredibly thorough quizzes. All of these truly will make your Italian learning a piece of cake!


3. Coffee Break Italian

Coffee Break Italian


This Italian teaching app is a premium course that is available for free. However, if you want a deeper understanding of the Italian world, its culture, and its language, then you have the option of choosing from the paid version.

The Italian lessons are truly worth their cost. With only 108 Pounds or $124, you can have access to 40 audio lessons, 40 bonus audio lessons, 40 lesson notes, and 40 video lessons to learn from!


If you are someone who wants to study the Italian language by listening to a podcast, Coffee Break Italian is your best bet. This particular course has proven to be a fantastic resource for learning Italian. It’s a lot of fun, well-organized, and easy to comprehend for a foreign language. Coffee Break Italian is an online Italian course that offers simple and steadfast exercises, all of them which are free of cost! Each lesson you learn will undoubtedly boost your self-assurance.

You can follow the student as she learns the Italian language, culture, and vocabulary from the likes of Mark and Francesca on their free podcast. Both of them are fluent speakers and will enable you to make the Italian learning process easier and faster for you. They talk about the usage of Italian adjectives, nouns, words, and phrases to make your conversational Italian as fluent as possible and build upon your language skills. You can access the audio wherever you are in the world. Just listening to them speaking will help you realize any mistakes and work on them.

You also have the option to enroll in one of the many premium option courses. These include basic Coffee Break Italian, Reading Club, Travel Diaries, which includes audio lessons and weekly texts. With the help of these Italian speakers, you can get a better clue as to how to speak Italian. They provide you with the option of either starting as a beginner or at an intermediate level.

Whichever one you choose will work on your speaking skills accordingly. You will gain access to numerous lesson materials, ad-free podcast sessions, and supplementary lessons with audio with bonus translation tasks and vocabulary, and a video version of the Italian online sessions. All of these essentials will help make language learning easier while you delve into the Italian culture with every word you learn!


4. Pimsleur 



You can ride the Premium Pimsleur rollercoaster for 7-days free of cost. This is one of the best apps which will let you have a greater insight into utilities that will be available when you actually pay. Additionally, you can buy the whole Italian course to go from a beginner to an intermediate learner for only $575. If not that, there is also an option to buy 30 lessons at a time for only $150! Whichever alternative you choose, your skills to learn Italian will only get better with practice.


When it comes to this particular Italian course, Pimsleur sets high expectations in the world of language learning. These Italian online courses use the works of the Pimsleur method to give their students the best out of the best. It focuses on the specific language and its tiny nooks and crannies to bring about deeper understanding.

Pimsleur is an Italian course that thrives on vocabulary and grammar. But it does not just end with these two, you will pick up important phrases, fundamental pronunciation, cultural perspectives, and crucial language skills to make your conversational Italian remarkable. It focuses on beginner, intermediate and advanced learners by catering to their needs individually.

Pimsleur is one of the only language courses that allows reviewing any Italian learned after extensive breaks and still providing time to prepare for the given questions.

There are 30 minutes of audio lessons where the student will listen to other people’s use of new vocabulary in day-to-day conversations. There will be no rushing onto the next lesson so the key is to stay patient.

Following this, students will listen to its explanation and construct sentences of their own. Pimsleur includes real-world context and flexible vocabulary, allowing you to learn a foreign language in a natural and fluid manner. With enough focus and practice, learners will be able to master and learn Italian in a short time!


5. Babbel 



The best part about Babbel is that it has a 20-day money-back guarantee where you can get a full refund if the lessons are not to your liking. When it comes to the pricing, it is amongst a few online courses that have a monthly based payment. You can pay $12.95 for a whole month or $6.95 per month for a whole year. How affordable is that!


If you are looking for an online app that has everything you need in one place, Babbel is unquestionably the one. It is one of the best language learning online Italian applications that you can use on the go. There are fewer courses cover that everything from grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation of phrases and words. All of these will help learners all over the world can benefit from fast learning and have a near-to-native accent.

To make this app stand out from all the others, Babbel provides a subscription for live language learning sessions. Here, students can interact with native speakers and get a better idea of how to speak Italian. You can practice speaking in a comfortable environment with your teacher without having to worry about getting judged. It is a wonderful choice for casual learners who want a one-stop course that isn’t too difficult.

Other than that, Babbel also offers a subscription for lessons that are according to how you as a student have time. There are lessons available for just a matter of 10-15 minutes with which beginners can make progress every day. It is one of the very few online courses that have up to hundreds of classes every week. Depending on the level and involvement, the student can pick the times and days that make the most sense for them.

Furthermore, you can access speaking and listening grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing, and idiom classes. These lessons are well-structured and their descriptions are helpful. Not only that but, the lesson includes vocabulary and grammar challenges as well as comprehension activities. With such a wide array of features, Babbel will turn out to be your best bet to learn Italian.


6. News in Slow Italian

News in Slow Italian


This app for Italian gives you the choice of subscribing for $19.90 per month. They do not necessitate any commitment, additional expenses, or agreements. Why you may ask? If you believe the language course is not up to par, you can easily cancel. You may utilize their free 7-day trial to test things out.

There is an option to subscribe for up to 12 months at a time in advance to prevent a recurring subscription, but you will not find any discounts on the monthly fee. Students can also buy a gift card for themselves or someone else that can be used for as many months as they like.


When talking about one of these podcast Italian courses, you can count on this app to have your back. Its users can benefit from it by using it as an app as well as a website. A subscription to an app like this gives access to a variety of material to work with. This Italian course is a podcast based on the news where you may learn all the language and background information in dialogues.

Students who are starting to learn Italian as beginners might just benefit from its course for complete beginners. This is known as Get Up To Speed or (G-U-T-S). Other than that, Learners can polish their Italian learning skills with this all-in-one Italian course to speak like a true Italian.

News in Slow Italian provides a complete vocabulary and grammar course where you can understand the expressions behind crucial Italian phrases and words. The recordings are all intriguing, and the lessons are well-organized and utterly straightforward to follow. You can think of these as supplementary listening practice and conversational phrasing opportunities.

The fun part about News in Slow Italian is its podcasts based on real-life news. This is one of the many features that helps you to immerse yourself in the traditions of Italy. It is an all-encompassing Italian course that has transcript material for advanced and intermediate learners.

Additionally, you can also find realistic or fictional stories for various difficulty levels. The recordings of audio and text will be followed by translations that pop up when you need them. Vocabulary flashcards, pronunciation practice, grammar lectures, and quizzes are all included in most of the courses. All of these features will enable you to have the basic information needed to make your introduction to people when in Italy or even just order food at a restaurant.


7. LingoDeer 




Lingodeer was originally a free app, however, it has now been upgraded to a premium app. LingoDeer subscriptions are $11.99 per month, $29.99 for three months, and $55.99 for a year. You may take advantage of additional course features such as doing lessons offline, receiving ongoing assistance, and learning more about the language. There is also a $119.99 lifelong package and DeerPlus, a partner app to aid in your journey of learning Italian.


If you are looking for a gamified app such as Babbel, LingoDeer is your way to go. It is an engaging and well-structured Italian course that can help its learners to fully comprehend this foreign language. This Italian course is entertaining enough to make studying feel like a leisure activity. This easy-to-follow course will take you from total beginner to lower intermediate Italian.

Each lesson in this language learning app is about the length of a coffee break and teaches you a topic of grammar and plenty of vocabulary. You will practice by taking multiple-choice tests, matching the phrase to the correct picture, detecting the unnecessary word, composing phrases, and other fun activities in this online Italian app.

To finish off practice, DeerPlus is a platform available for learning Italian that includes additional vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar problems.

At the introduction of the unit, there is a decent description of the grammar of the language goal that the students will have to complete.  The course is generally well-structured and enjoyable, but mastering a language in just a few minutes per day is difficult.

As the units conclude, you will find comprehensive and interpretation listening activities as well as speaking tasks. You might also employ LingoDeer in conjunction with a textbook and other online Italian courses.

If you are utilizing LingoDeer as your primary language learning tool, you will undoubtedly benefit from some extra practice from its exercises. This is a critically beneficial program that lets you create your own sentences with the content or reviewing supplementary vocabulary lists and relevant applications.

With a plethora of features at your disposal, you are sure to make adequate progress with enough practice and focus!


8. Ouino



Ouino features three different membership options, with the monthly fee decreasing as you join up for more months. A three-month membership will set you back $12.99 per month, a six-month subscription will set you back $9.99 per month, and a 12-month subscription will set you back only $6.99 each month. Whereas there is also a lifetime offer where you have to pay $95.76 which is only $3.99 per month! Talk about a price drop.


Nearly everyone has heard of Duolingo and Babbel when it comes to language learning apps, but they are not the only ones accessible. If you really want to learn Italian, you will need the greatest resources. One of these Italian courses is Ouino. All of the lessons provided by Ouino are high-quality and engaging, which keeps you motivated to finish the Italian course as soon as possible.

You will need a proper learning program if you want to make significant progress. Ouino has your back. This particular online Italian course includes almost 400 courses, 1,200 activities, and 60 short tales.

All of these are separated into 5 sections which can enable you to learn all the fundamental knowledge of Italian. You have the option of listening to or reading the lessons. These learning materials will help you gain a more complete understanding and thorough knowledge of this language. Thanks to this benefit, you should be more comfortable talking to native Italian speakers.

With a lot of explanation, repeated exercises, and barely a sprinkle of gamification, the courses might come off as academic. You have the option of following their suggested learning route or selecting your own things to learn.

Sentence construction, pronunciation, verb conjugation, vocabulary, natural conversations, and other informational topics will all get covered as well. This app employs a multi-sensory approach to help you get more confident in speaking the native language of the land of Neapolitan ice cream. With all of these features at your fingertips, with plenty of effort and dedication, you will be able to achieve acceptable progress with this Italian course!


9. Language Transfer

Language Transfer


Language Transfer might just be one of the only Italian courses that provide its services free of cost to its students. You will have access to all of the exercises and informational content to master the Italian language. This primarily is because of the recordings being available on SoundCloud for everyone’s perusal. It means you can join and enjoy the program as well as its materials on a free ride!


Another addition to the podcast courses is Language Transfer. It is far more unique than all of the Italian courses you may find online. This particular language learning online Italian course is laid-back and fun, but you will learn a surprising amount of valuable information.

If you want to learn Italian with this program, it can be done with no hassle whatsoever. You will not face the restrictions of a teacher in this program. It might be due to the easy accessibility of the lessons on the app called SoundCloud. This free Italian course is highly suitable for any of the learners who fall into the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. It is because Language Transfer provides a strong foundation upon which you may grow.

The brief classes are set up so that you may listen in on the teacher and his pupils’ interactions. As there are no quizzes to test the learners, students will discover how Italian works as they go along. All of this will allow you to easily construct your own phrases and improve your Italian vocabulary. The website also offers a lot of downloadable material that you may use to study when you are on the road. All of this learning material is free of cost so you have nothing to worry about!

It is better if you pair Language Transfer with a textbook or some flashcards to make your language learning a bit more efficient. You can supplement it with additional practice exercises, especially for writing, reading, speaking, and listening exercises, as well as any Italian course that teaches you key terms. Learners can truly learn Italian efficiently and effectively with this free language course. These will make you feel capable of going further than what you have learned in previous classes, textbooks, courses, and apps.

There could not be anything better than a free learning Italian program. So learners, what are you waiting for? Grab onto this free app and make your language learning dreams come true.


10. Memrise 



You can access a lot of stuff with a free account. This free account has its own name which is, Freemium. There are numerous users who are quite satisfied with their free accounts. However, if you want to delve deeper into Italian, there is also another option.

Paying for a Pro membership, on the other hand, gives you more learning options and other benefits like offline access. The Pro membership is $9 per month, $59 per year, or $129.99 for a lifetime.


Memrise, or also known as the twin of Duolingo is your best bet when it comes to a course to study the language of Italy. It is largely a flashcard application which is great for a beginner student.

You may think why is this even significant? The flashcards help in memorizing better when the words literally ‘flash’ in front of your eyes. It is one of the best exercises to learn a new language effectively.

With only five minutes a day to perform the exercises in this app will give you a rudimentary understanding of Italian. There are numerous useful review exercises as well as mnemonics to help you recall terms. Some of the courses also include videos with fluent speakers who can help you converse better in Italian which in turn enables you to improve your pronunciation.

Chatbots that help you learn by talking, videos of fluent speakers, customizable software that alters how the app instructs you based on your progress, and statistics showing when and how much you studied are all available to pro users. Difficult Word activities, which help you work on vocabulary that you have previously gotten incorrect in Memrise, are also available to Pro customers.

Memrise employs a fun method to drill important Italian phrases and vocabulary in only a few minutes a day. Their teaching system will evaluate you at the appropriate times to properly train your recollection capabilities. You may use it in conjunction with almost any of the courses, such as Language Transfer, and reap the advantages after tons of practice.

This particular course covers pronunciation, idioms, grammar, TV shows, and tons of other topics. All of these materials are crucially necessary for learners if they want a good grip on the local language of Italy. Not only that, but they are a fantastic method to expand your vocabulary.


11. FSI



It is a free-of-charge course that can help you learn Italian through audio data and old-fashioned textbooks. All of the material is available on their website to download with which learners can study even while traveling.


FSI is an online program offered by the Foreign Service Institute. It is undoubtedly the greatest free language course accessible. According to FSI studies, basic competence in languages like Italian takes roughly 480 hours of practice.

The majority of textbook files are free to use. They have been digitized, converted to PDF form, and recordings have been created for the perusal of the learners of Italian. The majority of these books have nicely structured and detailed text, alongside a greater reliance on well-mannered, constructive dialogue. Pronunciation and accent take up the initial pages of the digital Italian textbook. If you can not afford any other course, FSI is among the well-known and extensive courses available.

If you wish to take this course, be sure to supplement them with additional support resources so you can practice speaking and acquire new vocabulary.

It does, unfortunately, have drawbacks. These may include outdated typefaces and table of contents that do not correlate to the number of the page provided in your viewing window. Additionally, the files are out of date, with the latest being from the early 1990s and the others dating back much further which in turn makes them tough to interpret and utilize.

In the case, you do use this online Italian course, proceed with caution and a lot of patience.


12. Wlingua



Wlingua is available as a free-of-charge website. This Freemium part allows its users to have access to a plethora of resources to learn Italian at this convenience.

Other than the free version, there is also a paid one. Wlingua allows subscriptions that start from only $12.99 per month. You get 7 days of Premium for free when you create an account. Levels A1-B1, “readings,” downloaded lessons, and activities are among the differences between free and Premium. Accounts start at $12.99 per month, $26.99 for three months, $48.99 for six months, and $84.99 for a year, which works out to just $7.08 a month!


Wlingua might be a good fit for you if you love exercises based completely on grammar. Almost every lesson in this course is centered on a particular grammatical concept. Additionally, the grammatical explanations are significantly superior to those found in most educational courses.

Wlingua also presents pattern recognition which is aided by color-coding which is extremely helpful for many learners. It is a gamified app, much like Babbel, LingoDeer, and Duolingo, making that a plus point amongst its users. You will get to practice grammar by answering problems like identifying appropriate noun gender which can help you learn Italian with a greater understanding.

There are few vocabulary-related drills, and you will be presented with a handful of terms at a time frequently. These vocabularies then become your building blocks to understanding the Italian language as a whole. Despite the fact that the classes utilize the same terminology, this is a difficult start to the course.

All in all, it is a well-structured course that builds on previous lessons.


13. Assimil 




Depending on the edition you buy, the Assimil books can cost anywhere from $40 to $200. The basic “Sans Peine” or “With Ease” series costs $60-80. It is not the most affordable language learning material on the market, but it is undoubtedly worthy of buying!


The Assimil technique focuses on learning a language the way school children do, with a concentration on experience rather than memorizing conversion tables. It has some ardent supporters who think that, despite its sluggish start, the Assimil technique will help people attain conversational fluency.

Using this e-course, you will learn by listening to fluent Italian speakers and then reproducing what they say. If not that, you will be listening and doing comprehension tasks too.

It not only focuses on grammar but mostly on how a word should be correctly spoken, which is crucial when learning a new language.

You may record your voice and compare it to the audio recordings’ pronunciation. Each line in the dialogue, as well as any additional notes, has its pronunciation indicated. Each lesson in this course includes a methodical presentation of all new terms taught.

Multiple-choice questions and fill-in sentences are two main types of translation exercises that are accessible. After each task, your results are shown and analyzed to show you how far you have come.

When you have all of these educational materials for you to play with, there is no question of if you will be benefitting from this course or not. Because you will be!


14. Fluenz



Depending on the bundle you pick, Fluenz costs anywhere from $187 to $408. These are not subscriptions, but one-time purchases.


Fluenz is possibly the best course than the conventional courses available online. It has an antiquated vibe to it, which is not always a bad thing. Fluenz is a well-organized course that offers an abundance of practice activities for its users.

This course will help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, speaking, writing, reading, and listening capabilities. There is an option to act out dialogues, practice dictation, and so much more! The best part about this app is lessons build on one another, making it easier for the students to track their progress.

You have the option of installing the Fluenz program on your desktop computer or your laptop. Some students may perceive Fluenz to be overly comprehensive. Moreover, the extensive video instructions, paired with a variety of practice activities will provide you with a greater insight into the local language of Italy.


15. ItalianPod101 



ItalianPod101 starts off with a free trial of 7-days. This podcast unlike others has its pricing from $8 per month. This is the cost of the Basic plan. The Premium plan costs $25 per month whereas the Premium+ Plan is somewhere around $47 per month.


ItalianPod101 is the quickest, most straightforward, and most enjoyable opportunity to understand Italian. Why you may ask? Well, because it is a podcast!

Their classes take you by the hand and walk you through authentic Italian dialogues. Furthermore, the teachers take their time and explain each term and phrase. You will receive word lists, slideshows, and flashcards that will re-quiz you on words so that you will never forget them. Subscribers have access to additional materials, lesson notes, and a variety of other features, some of which are more valuable than others.

With voice-recording tools, you may practice and compare yourself to native speakers. You may even study Italian one-on-one with a private tutor. By private messaging, your personal teacher will provide you with customized feedback, corrections, and answers to any issues you may have. Your teacher will also provide you with an individualized curriculum and weekly assignments to follow.


16. Mango Languages

Mango Languages


If you are thinking about getting a subscription for one of this app’s Italian courses, it will cost you $7.99 per month for the single program. But if you want to join more than one program, the rate increases to $17.99 per month.


There is something special regarding Italian intonation, or pronunciation, that many people find fascinating. It does not make a difference if an individual does not know anything about the language; they will identify it right away.

However, it is still extremely challenging to learn how to talk in the traditional Italian manner like local speakers. But that’s where the online Italian course from Mango Languages comes in.

Even though this course isn’t associated with audio recordings, it appears to be quite similar to Pimsleur at first sight. This language-learning Italian course begins with a discussion, followed by grammar and cultural explanations. Other than that, it also includes practice for constructing your own phrases.

Keep in mind that this approach relies heavily on repetition. But in the end, you will definitely see improvement in your reading, speaking, and writing skills.

This app has a special feature where you can read out Italian words and phrases and then overlay them with a native speaker’s audio. Just like many other apps, it allows self-recording, which then lets you listen to the tape, and even compare it with other people.

Moreover, it also lets you listen simultaneously to both. Consequently, it quickly reveals any areas where your pace, emphasis, or pronunciation is off.

Although Mango Languages has much to offer, its main purpose is to address speaking and listening skills. You’ll need to use it in conjunction with another resource for practicing your writing and reading.

As far as the drawbacks are concerned, some learners believe that the course itself is a bit monotonous. Consequently, the learning method is pretty boring for some. Except for that, Mango Languages also isn’t suitable for advanced Italian learners.


17. edX 



The free version of this Italian language learning app provides learning material that is available for a limited period of time. But if you pay the $49 for the paid version, you will also have access to graded assignments and a shareable certificate upon program completion.


Are you thinking about learning Italian from edX? You should keep in mind that the people who have learned from this app in the past have very differing opinions about it. Many say that it was just what they were looking for. And on the other hand, there were some that could not get along with the program’s teaching style.

Nevertheless, you will find many Italian courses on this app that will help you refine your reading and writing skills. Not only does edX have language learning activities for beginners, but it also caters to advanced Italian learners. The best part is that the programs used are from various accredited universities, which ensures that you are provided a top-quality learning experience.

If you are thinking that edX only has this much to offer, you couldn’t possibly be more wrong. After getting a complete grip of the available Italian courses, you may also try out Italian programs that address various topics. These subjects include the countless Italian dialects, Italian history, and marketing.

There is now an incredibly comprehensive set of lessons, all in Italian are available on this language learning app. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced are the three possible levels. Each Italian program comprises conversation videos, lecture videos for learning grammar, a plethora of activities to reinforce essential topics, and each chapter concludes with a reading activity and 1-2 discussions with native speakers.

Apart from all of this, there is sometimes a chance that the quality of the Italian courses in the app can vary. Moreover, there are very limited chances of acquiring insightful feedback on your learning. Since you only have an option to have chats with native speakers, you will have to make the most out of them. But all in all, if you are comfortable with the language learning methods of this app, it might just turn out to be a fun experience.


18. Rocket Italian

Rocket Italian


For about a hundred dollars, you get 29 interactive audio lessons, 33 language and cultural lessons, 2240 voice comparison phrases, a full suite of assessment tools, and flashcards for each session. As a result, this learning material will help you get a lot closer to fluency. But if you are not satisfied with the app’s learning approaches, Rocket Italian guarantees refunds for up to 60 days.


Have you ever wished for Italian teaching apps to leave all of the unnecessary additions behind and give you clear explanations on vocabulary and grammar? If that is the case, Rocket Italian might be your cup of tea. You will see that there are loads of people praising this app as it holds its ground against more established apps for learning Italian.

Rocket Italian offers audio lessons that only need you to hear the words and phrases. Each of these lessons is around 25 minutes long, which means that it doesn’t get boring. To help that cause, the program is developed for complete interaction between the automated native speakers. But the best part is undoubted that you can listen to these online Italian lessons any time and any day of the week without any teacher.

When you first look at the courses and the overall structure of Rocket Italian, you will see that it is simple, easy to understand, and covers a lot of language material.

The app appears to be well constructed for learners wanting to establish a firm foundation in Italian, with fun audio courses, language & culture classes, and unique vocabulary sheets.

Each course has 8-10 lessons that are linked by topic and help learners picture a specific social situation they could encounter, such as moving around in Italy, asking for directions, etc.

The modules and courses are organized logically, so you start with standard language and work your way up to more complex language.

Furthermore, all of the features of this course provide enough practicing opportunities to ensure that learners comprehend the material, and they are structured in an interesting manner. The site also has a lot of downloadable content, including both written documents and audio recordings.


19. Bite-Size Languages

Bite-Size Languages


The Bite-Size Languages course for Italian is available for $47, which includes audio for lessons, transcripts, translations, and grammar notes.


There are many people out there who would agree that learning Spanish in English through language apps doesn’t give you the proper exposure needed.

There is a lot of discussion over whether or not languages should be taught in the same tongue. One thing is certain: learning Italian in Italian will provide you with far better grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary despite the fact that it will be more challenging.

The Italian courses at Bite-Size Languages are founded on the concept that the more Italian you hear, the better. They employ understandable material, a language-learning strategy that has been shown in countless research. The notion is that listening to or reading fascinating content that is somewhat above your aptitude but that you can grasp will enable you to learn Italian more naturally and fluently.

As a result, you will jump right into short Italian dialogue designed to expose you to level-appropriate vocabulary and grammar in this program. According to the app developers, simply listening to the discussions is more than sufficient.

However, it may be a bit too challenging for some learners to comprehend 100% Italian study, or they might just want to focus on more simple knowledge. Due to this reason, Bite-Size Languages also offers additional English-language materials, such as transcripts, word-by-word translations, cultural suggestions, and short grammatical notes.

One of the best things about this app’s online Italian courses is that you get loads of listening practice, which further improves your speaking, listening, and pronunciation. Moreover, the lessons at this language learning app go at a certain pace that encourages you to keep up. You can see this during the initial introduction of lessons, where dialogues are slow in the beginning. But as you go along with the program, these same dialogues get faster to test your comprehension and listening.

Except for all its benefits, you may want to keep in mind that the vocabulary and grammar explanations may be too short for some learners. Additionally, there are no practice activities, which suck the fun out of the learning experience.


20. Grammar Hero

Grammar Hero


Grammar Hero is more expensive than other Italian grammar courses, but it is undeniably more fun, engaging, and arguably more beneficial. It is up to you and your personal learning style to decide whether it is worthwhile. You can join the Italian course here for $197 per language. Even though that’s a hefty price tag, there’s no denying that this app is great for beginners.


Grammar is the most boring subject for many people. Learning sentence construction and conjugation tables seem to be tedious and time-consuming. When compared to speaking practice, pronunciation exercises, role plays, and other communication-based learning exercises, it appears to be even duller.

If there are beginners out there who agree with the above-mentioned claims, Grammar Hero might be an appropriate online Italian course for them. This language learning app teaches intermediate-level grammar via the perspective of creative short tales, so you can have fun while simultaneously listening to the Italian course in context – and perhaps comprehend and memorize it more naturally.

You begin by speaking and listening to the material as many times as necessary. After that, you’ll be given a grammatical summary and examples to help you learn the grammar.

During the next two stages, you can gradually memorize the learning materials available. You’ll first reread the text to gain additional exposure to the grammar, and then you’ll practice it (a multitude of activities including spotting errors, writing compositions, translation, and fill-in-the-blanks lessons).

The courses provided by this Italian language learning app provide various fascinating stories that are bound to get a hold of your attention. Other than that, the quality of the audio in the Italian course is very high-quality. As a result, learners prefer listening to the grammar and vocabulary to practice their skills when speaking Italian. It also focuses on the areas of grammar where you may most likely get challenged, which makes the whole learning experience easier for you.

However, the Italian courses focus on very standard lessons, meaning you can learn the same level of grammar on some other apps for better prices. The app also doesn’t include teacher support that could improve your writing through feedback.


21. Ripeti Con Me

Ripeti Con Me


This app certainly isn’t free, and you’ll have to make monthly payments to make use of its benefits. The cost for learning Italian would be approximately $19.80 per month.


The ultimate aim is to not only sound like an Italian but also practice speaking language that is relevant for everyday dialogues.

This is where Ripeti Con Me can help anyone from beginners to people learning advanced Italian. You will first listen to Italian material and then practice speaking and writing them in 30-minute online lessons. As beginners proceed through the materials, they should pick up some vocabulary and see improvements in pronunciation. Additionally, there are also some free grammar courses available. These, however, are not the main focus of this app’s language course.

However, this app for learning Italian does not provide any feedback or analyses on pronunciation. You also don’t have the option of listening to tapes of yourself speaking. Instead, you’ll still most certainly profit from sessions with an Italian teacher who can point out any mistakes you’re making.

But still, this language course is one of the few apps that place such a strong emphasis on helping you improve your Italian accent. In any case, you may want to keep in mind that this course doesn’t provide explanations for its lessons, which is a drawback for many people. Moreover, the speaking and writing practice is also very limited, which restricts your learning capability.


22. One World Italiano

One World Italiano


When it comes to online learning, there are three distinct options. The silver subscription is available for €19.99 and offers six courses and more than 400 online video lessons. Secondly, the gold subscription costs €119.99 for seven courses, with video lessons and private practice with a teacher on video conference. And last but not least, the platinum subscription goes for €218 per month, offering specific topics to focus on, online videos for easy learning, and private video lessons with a teacher.


Set aside your grammar conjugation tables: One World Italiano prioritizes Italian dialogues and listening comprehension in their courses.

That isn’t to suggest you won’t be learning Italian regarding tenses and tones. It’s just not the language learning app’s biggest attraction. The available language courses include grammar explanations, dictation exercises, vocabulary lists, and much more.

The courses offered by One World Italiano can be unorganized but it’s a good option for extra practice lessons.

This happens to be one of the few apps that put more focus on speaking and listening practice. However, it is no suitable for complete beginners as the courses are entirely in Italian. Since it mainly focuses on learning through dialogues, the reading and writing practice available in the app is quite limited for beginners.


23. LingQ Italian

LingQ Italian


LingQ has a free version that has numerous features to help you learn. But like every other free app, this course also has its limitations. But if you get the premium version for $12.99 per month, you will get added features on top of the ones that came with the free app. Moreover, there is also a premium plus option for $39.99 that offers live tutoring, writing corrections, and premium audio and video lessons.


LingQ is a language course app with a plethora of audio and written information to learn from. It promotes itself as an online language learning community, and after you join, you can use it to locate a language exchange partner. As a result, you get to learn Italian in a more interactive environment. One of the best parts about it is that you can get started with all of this for free.

LingQ works on the principles of a specific course system. Each session contains a reading and listening aspect as well as a brief text in your target language. You may either read the content or listen to it read out by fluent Italian speakers, or you may do both.

The lectures are divided into courses, with the majority of them following a storyline. Each chapter builds on the prior session’s tale while also introducing new vocabulary.

LingQ’s course has four distinct tools, which are Flashcards, “Cloze Tests”, Dictation, and Multiple Choice. To determine which words you should be evaluated on, all of the tools employ a Spaced Repetition System. This is one of the most efficient techniques of learning vocabulary since it encourages you to recall words just as you’re about to forget them.


24. Duolingo Italian

Duolingo Italian


Duolingo offers free programs and surely has a suitable course for you as well. It may be used on your PC and linked with the free mobile app to learn languages more easily. But if you purchase Duolingo Plus for $12.99 per month, there will be greater opportunities to learn through lessons that aren’t available on the free version.


Duolingo is one of the most well-known language learning apps. Some people adore it, and some people don’t. But one thing is certain: it has certainly changed people’s perspectives on language learning.

While there are many similar courses on the internet today, Duolingo was revolutionary when it first started because of its brief, game-based courses with practically no material on grammar lessons.

Due to this, Duolingo’s courses are undeniably addictive. Many learners find themselves utilizing it on a daily basis for months or even years in order to keep their learning streaks going. There are also levels, points, bonus subjects, certifications, etc. Personal desire, i.e. your dedication, is usually required for self-studying. However, Duolingo still has its ways to provide you with plenty of motivation, even when you are not in the mood for grammar lessons.

However, you can only learn so much in these little study lessons, and the explanations may not be adequate for a complete comprehension of the grammar. The translation is the main focus of the course, with minimal speaking, reading, and listening opportunities. There have also been concerns that the Italian language course is outdated and prone to errors.

Duolingo also strictly focuses on translation lessons instead of everyday Italian dialogues. Other than that, you also don’t get your hands on any helpful audio or writing material.


25. Speechling Italian

Speechling Italian


Speechling offers a “Forever Free Plan” that is entirely free of charge, no matter how long you use the Italian courses. However, it does come with its limitations. But if you fork over $19.99 per month, the unlimited plan is also quite beneficial, giving you access to the entire course features. And if that isn’t enough, there is currently a discount on the unlimited plan as well. Italian learners can use the promo code “ALR123” to save up to 10%.


Speechling is a website and app that allows you to practice speaking in a variety of languages. The free version is an incredible online course that makes it effortless for learners to practice grammar through listening. On the other hand, the Unlimited Plan includes limitless teacher corrections of your audio recordings.

This makes it one of the best courses for getting real-life help from an Italian expert who can provide you with more listening materials. And for the learners that want to try out higher levels of difficulty, the course also provides questions and freestyle modes. Since there are so many people available online to help you, there is no end to the audio lessons. Thanks to this, you can also practice your writing during the online course to improve your grammar.

But if there are learners out there who are total beginners, it would be better to try out some easier courses to have a primary understanding of Italian. This app isn’t the best for when it comes to learning from scratch, which means you might have problems understanding what you’re listening to. Moreover, some people also have an issue with the time duration of the audio recordings in the available courses.



It is clear that there are various high-quality apps available for learning languages like Italian. But keeping everything in mind, we ranked I Will Teach You A Language as the best one among others since it has a wide range of methods which is suitable for everyone!


How Many Courses In An Italian Meal?

An Italian meal is made up of five courses. Although every Italian meal out there doesn’t include all five courses, the majority of them do.

What Are The Courses Of An Italian Meal?

This is what you’ll need to make a five-course Italian dinner:

1. Antipasto

A classic Italian meal begins with antipasto, which roughly translates to “prior to the actual meal.”

2. Primo

As far as Italy is concerned, pasta may usually be the first dish, or primo, and is presented as the appetizer rather than the main course. The primo can also be soup, rice, or polenta.

3. Secondo

This happens to be the second course, which is also sometimes referred to as “il secondo.” The most common options are chicken, beef, or fish, and quantities are often moderate.

4. Contorno

The main course is generally accompanied by a vegetable platter. The simplicity of the vegetable is highlighted in this side dish. The word contorno loosely translates as “contours,” and it refers to how the vegetables course shapes and defines the meal.

5. Dolce

A classic Italian meal is concluded with a dolce (sweet).


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