20 Tips On How To Find Inner Peace

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Imagine you are sitting in a yoga class. People around you are lost deep in meditation.

You try to force yourself to meditate, but thoughts come rushing to you the way water rushes down the river. You are thinking about your work, your family, and pretty much everything that makes you anxious. And an anxious mind is very distressing.

Here is what you need – Inner Peace.

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Inner peace is among the greatest gifts that you can find. Yet, it’s a gift that many struggles with. Worry, anxiety, and rumination are totally the opposite of inner peace. And we are here to help you get your desired inner peace.

But first, let’s look at the meaning of inner peace in depth.

What Is Inner Peace?

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Inner peace is known as the antidote for anxiety and stress.

In simpler words, inner peace lets you search for peace of mind while decreasing anxiety and stress. It’s a phenomenon needed for world peace.

Keeping your mind calm in a world full of constant stress, noise, classifications, judgments, and stress can be challenging.

But inner peace can become your savior from all the tensions of the world. It will separate you from the negativity and allow you to feel free.

Once you get true inner peace, money or judgments won’t have any power to break you down. What’s going on in the outside world won’t matter to you. Instead, what will matter is what’s going on inside your internal world, i.e., your soul, mind, and body.

Imagine getting up daily with peace in your mind, love in your heart, and a sense of calmness. And think about going to bed with zero regrets and feeling like you have fulfilled your purpose in life. It will make you feel happy about the way you have spent each second of your day.

This is what inner peace means.

✨ Here are the 20 Tips On How To Find Inner Peace ✨

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Photo credit: unsplash.com

So, now that you know the meaning of inner peace, you must be wondering how to achieve it. For that, we bring to you 20 simple tips that will help you get inner peace.

1) Let Go Of The Past

Stop thinking about the past and move on with your life. Don’t waste your energy and time thinking about bad memories of your past.

Instead, focus on the present and how you can make use of it in a positive way moving forward. Only then will you be able to achieve inner peace.

2) Practice Gratitude

Spend a few hours of your day noticing things that you are grateful for. It can be anything. From fresh air to plants to fresh food on your table, learn to be thankful.

Make it a conscious effort to recognize all the blessings around you that keep you alive and in peace.

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3) Accept The Things You Can’t Change

Come to terms with all the changes that are happening in your life. Recognize that all these changes have been a learning experience for you, and stop punishing yourself for things you can’t control. Those changes don’t make you less of a person.

Acceptance is the highest potential of inner peace that you will experience in your life.

When you understand and accept the things, you learn to let go of hatred, regrets, guilt, and other negative emotions. It’s good for your mental health issues. To find peace in what you have and don’t let your own thoughts drift you away. Lastly, practice acceptance.

4) Be Mindful Towards Everything

mindfulness printed paper near window
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Nowadays, people are quick to get angry and hostile.

Try to be more mindful of the way you react to situations that are either not in your control or are caused by the carelessness of others.

It’s crucial to stop and think about the worth of the things that are making you angry. Is it worth being pissed about it? Ask yourself.

This mindfulness meditation will help you in the present moment.

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5) Keep Your Consciousness Clear

Find out ways to live your life in such a way that you don’t have any regrets. Instead, make good and wise choices from today and live a life that you can proudly own. It’s a key to inner peace.

Be loving, kind, and less judgmental.

6) Take Care Of Your Mind And Spiritual Calm

It’s vital to care about your physical appearance and exercise your mind. Avoid negative thinking and practice mental exercises that will make the neural pathways in your brain strong.

Thus making it easier for you to overcome challenges and do mindfulness meditation. And help you in finding peace.

7) Take Care Of Your Own Life And Body

Our physical condition is a reflection of our emotional state. So when you look after your body, you’re also looking after your mind, which will contribute to overall happiness.

8) Journaling

Keeping track of your life’s events in a journal might help you learn more about yourself.

Keep things organized in your life (including your head), and keep yourself on the right path with a journal. A lack of organization may contribute to an overactive mind and sense of overwhelm, which can be remedied with journaling.

9) Avoid Being Judgmental

Let’s face it; being judgmental isn’t healthy.

When you make the decision to accept others for who they are, care about others’ feelings, and be a decent person, you will feel wonderful about yourself at the end of the day.

A person with serenity in their soul and mind knows how to avoid making judgments. Don’t let toxic people harm your inner peace.

10) Live Right By You

We all have certain moral principles and values to which we attempt to adhere. It’s our guide in becoming the person we want to be.

Once you get to that point, you will wake up with a sense of calm in your heart and go to bed exhausted from love. And it will make you feel wonderful inside if you live by the beliefs and principles you value.

11) Find Fulfillment

Find activities that make you feel complete inside.

What are some of the things you like to do in your life that give you a sense of fulfillment?

Maybe going for a walk outdoors is your thing? Do you like seeing movies (my favorite!)? Whatever your passion may be, be sure to include it more often.

12) Focus On Good Memories And Find Peace

As much as you can, try to maintain a good attitude.

Focusing on pleasant memories is one of the best strategies to do this. Keeping great memories alive keeps your spirits up as well.

13) Meditate

Meditation is a fantastic method to access inner calm. It helps you get at a state of peace with your problems and handles them head-on.

14) Don’t Ignore Your Feelings

Listen to your unpleasant emotions, even if it becomes distressing.

Take some time to better understand and make peace with those sentiments. The more you try to push away those terrible feelings and ignore them, the more they will appear and disrupt your tranquility.

So, accept what they’re trying to tell you, listen to them, and make peace with

15) Be Authentic

The more you try to be someone else — a people pleaser, for example — the more tired you will become as a result of trying to maintain up with a lie.

So instead, be yourself because that is when you will encounter genuine joy and inner calm.

16) Focus On A Solution, Not The Problem

Consider each issue and turn it into an opportunity to learn and develop.

We frequently concentrate on just our problems – feeling sorry for ourselves and feeling helpless, rather than taking a step back to consider possible solutions.

So rather than focusing on the problem, focus on the solution and leave behind your victim mentality.

17) Don’t Tell Yourself What You Wouldn’t Tell Others

We may be overly critical of ourselves to the point that it becomes harmful.

Pay attention to how you speak to yourself and consider whether you would ever say those things out loud in front of others. If not, do your best to avoid negative self-talk.

Assume that other people can hear what you’re telling yourself so that you learn to be kinder towards yourself.

18) Live Your Life Unconditionally

It’s easy to be joyful just when everything is going well, and it’s simple to get enraged if things don’t go our way.

This is an illustration of living conditionally and is good for your well-being.

Instead of letting external factors influence your happiness, start living intentionally by not letting your circumstances determine how you feel.

19) Accept Yourself

Source: Unsplash
Photo credit: unsplash.com

Accept yourself for who you are. Nobody is perfect in this world. And accepting it will help your internal well-being. The only way to feel close to perfect is to be at ease with yourself and accept what you are composed of.

20) Don’t Compare Yourself To Other People

There will always be a person who is smarter, more attractive, or more likable than you.

So what!

Your life is not a race, and your aim should not be to surpass others. Rather than comparing yourself to others, focus on how you might improve yourself.

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✾ Thoughts That Are Blocking Your Path To Inner Peace ✾

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Photo credit: unsplash.com

Here are nine common unconscious assumptions about life that prevent you from being at peace within.

✎ “I Have To Do Something Right Now.” 

It’s a very subtle belief that most of us are not even aware we have. It results from our fixation on productivity and success, and it manifests as an unpleasant, constant restlessness.

Everyone wants to feel influential and accomplished, but has seen time and again, these are just ego traps.

You push yourself towards failure by believing that you need to accomplish things. When you let it go, you will see that a lot of your worry has dissolved, and you will feel relaxed.

You’re also more likely to enjoy what you need to do without the relentless internal pressure of feeling that what you’re doing right now isn’t enough.

✎ “I Will Be Happier If I Get What I Want In Everyday Life.”

Another cliche that I’m sure all of us are familiar with.

However, despite recognizing that you don’t need anything to be happy, it’s all too easy for you to get caught up in the chase.

You need to be attentive when you sense that you require something to be happy. Then, when you recognize you’re doing it, you can practice letting go of your desire, even if only for a brief time.

The more competent you are at doing so, the less your mind will obsess about being happy in the future.

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✎ “Finding Inner Peace and Happiness Is Difficult.” 

This is one of the negative thoughts that get in the way.

Many of us believe we are far away from inner peace and admire those who appear to have achieved it. As a result, you unconsciously conclude that it will take a lot of time to get there from where you currently reside. And that you will need to go on a lengthy trip to discover it.

Maybe you’ve heard that fundamental change in how you feel or act. And it requires years of rigorous training or some sort of journey.

But it’s actually letting go of the notion that what you desire is so far away. And accepting that when you stop pushing so hard, you’ll start to notice the silence, you’re searching for.

This is the journey as a whole, which requires turning your beliefs upside down in your own life.

✎ “If I Express My Emotions Honestly, People Will Think I’m Weak.”

You’re often advised to keep your feelings in check as you grow up. And, unfortunately, these typical emotions are considered socially awkward, such as anger, fear, and sadness.

You’re also taught to control how much you display your good feelings, such as happiness and excitement. This convinces you in adulthood that honest expression would be met with disapproval by others.

The irony is that, as everyone yearns to be genuine, those who actually accomplish it are typically rewarded with respect and admiration. And you will get the spiritual calm you desire.

✎ “If People Knew the Actual Me, They Wouldn’t Like It.”

This is similar to the problem you face with emotional displays. You hide certain aspects of your personality. And define yourself publicly by what you show and privately by what you’ve hidden. You are a lot more than either of those stories.

Remember that people will gravitate towards the genuine you because they value honesty.

✎ “I Should be Happier Right Now.”

In the society we live in, too much focus is put on comparing people socially.

So when you don’t feel good, you look at what you have and feel guilty for not satisfying your lot in life. Alternatively, you may look at what you don’t yet have and ask why you aren’t as happy as the person next to you.

It’s possible to be happy even when you don’t feel like it. Happiness isn’t something you need to have all the time; it comes and goes, much like any other experience. So don’t let your inner peace and happiness depend on it.

✎ “It’s Not Good Enough To Be The Best Of Me.”

The last two decades have seen a tremendous surge in personal development. Although many of these concepts are beneficial, they may be prompted by harmful motives. Most individuals do not feel compelled to be better because they want to; instead, they think they are not good enough. And they believe that they need to constantly improve themselves.

When you can discard this notion, you’ll see that chasing perfection is never-ending and nerve-wracking. Hence harming your inner peace and happiness. You’ll notice that you may love and appreciate yourself now as you are without having to be someone else before feeling comfortable.

✎ “I Owe the World.”

This is difficult, and it has to do with the notion that you must be your best self. Even though gratitude is vital, we shouldn’t walk around with the belief that we are in debt to the universe.

We see this in people who compulsively attempt to prove their worth to others. However, when we let go of the deep sense of debt and duty, we can really begin to give individuals what we have to offer.

✎ “A few instances in My Past Absolutely Sucked.”

We spend so much time thinking about our past that it becomes impossible to enjoy the present. We define ourselves through these events and believe we must share them with everyone we know before discovering the real us.

When we learn that they are much less significant than we assumed, we stop feeling like frauds and allow old memories to fade away.

♥ What Does Inner Peace And Happiness Feel Like? ♥

The fact is that inner peace and happiness exist at all times. And it resides at the heart of your natural existence.

Hence making your active mind dwell in a profound state of calm.

As you are constantly looking for it outside of yourself, you lose sight of how peaceful it is inside you. You are pulled in one direction and then the other by your senses and minds throughout the day. It is only when you recognize that you have a treasure of deep calm. Then that feeling makes you return to it in your regular practice.

Yoga and meditation will assist you in regaining your state of calmness. And your efforts pull you inward and return you to your authentic self. Thus allowing you to sense and recall it when you do yoga.

It’s similar to when the good witch in The Wizard of Oz tells Dorothy that she can always return home. So you, too, can rest in your natural state. It just takes a little training to recall how to get back home.

When you are at peace, everything around you may happen, and your pleasure is not contingent on external events. You can stop looking for peace and happiness in the outside world and instead view things differently. That deep level of peace and happiness cannot be achieved through anything external.

It isn’t obtained by accumulating items or positions, and it isn’t accomplished through people’s use. It’s a latent quality that only needs to be rediscovered. It appears in ways that can’t always be quantified.

So you need to know what to look for to understand. It emanates from within and is reflected in your everyday activities when you are at peace.

Now you must be questioning yourself – How can you tell if your methods are genuinely doing you any good? How can you be sure that you are more connected to the state of peace?

☀ These are some of the indicators of inner peace and happiness ☀

➤ A compelling ability to enjoy each moment

➤ A loss of interest in evaluating other people’s behaviors and interpreting them.

➤ A loss of ability to worry

➤ Contented feeling

➤ A sense of connection with others and nature

➤ Constant, overwhelming episodes of appreciation with attacks of smiling

➤ A rising tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Source: Unsplash
Photo credit: unsplash.com

Finding inner peace will not happen overnight. It’s the result of a sustained effort and making a deliberate decision to live a more peaceful and calm life, even in the face of adversity.

Once you’ve discovered what works best for you, maintain it because, over time, you’ll build your skill at cultivating inner serenity into your

Make a point of trying out a few of these each day, and you’ll notice some beneficial results in your life.

Try our tips and tricks to find the inner peace you are looking for.

Peace Out!

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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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