9 Hacks to Help You Write Killer Content

By Bella Williams

October 2, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to write quality content

Knowing how to write quality content is not easy.

Most writers are not able to create good content which can hold readers’ attention. Some writers are too bothered about writing perfectly. Others tend to overlook quality and compensate for their lack of skills by writing extremely lengthy articles.

There are only a few who know how to write quality content and those people can really create a difference for their audience.

If you are aspiring to improve your content, here are 9 hacks you can use:

Keep it Simple

Interestingly, readers can only concentrate on a piece of content for a very short period of time. Their attention span is so limited that your content must be relevant, concise, and devoid of metaphors to avoid losing their interest. For those who are passionate about writing, this can be a challenge.

Most readers are not likely to read the entire content of a page. Most of the time, they only want certain information and they want to see that quickly. When your reader can’t find that information within a couple of seconds, he leaves the site and never returns.

So, the trick to creating killer content is to use short, precise sentences, and short paragraphs. You can use the free Hemingway app for help.

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Inverted Pyramid

While some readers are only interested in the hard facts, there are others who desire to find more information. However, no reader is going to be patient enough to scroll up and down a blog to get that.

So, it is wise to use the inverted pyramid in your content. Position key facts in the first paragraph and the not-so-important ones in the subsequent paragraphs. You can watch this clip to find out how you can do that:

Talk about Benefits

Instead of highlighting the features of a product that you want to sell, you must focus on the benefits the reader will get from it. A reader is on your website to get some new information or to solve a problem.

All they want is to access useful information fast and you’ll need to create catchy headlines to attract them.

Create Catchy Headlines

An easy tip to create killer content is to make your headline eye catchy. You should keep it direct and without ambiguity. When you keep your headlines this way, your readers will know exactly what they’ll find in your article. They’ll be tempted to read the whole blog.

Designing Call-to-Actions

write quality content

Once you have a dedicated group of readers, you must try to get them to act. For this hack to work, you will need to generate a feeling of urgency. Unless the reader senses this urgency, he will not fall for it. You must also realize that you have to work hard to make them convert because it’s not going to happen by itself.

Use the Right Keywords

The best way to showcase your content is to focus on SEO techniques. You have to know how to insert the right keywords in your content as well as appropriate links to other articles on your website.

Initiate Social Discussions

You can generate killer content by crowdsourcing your opinions on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You may ask a pertinent question to see the kind of reactions it evokes.

social media

You may even embed these responses into your blog. You can call for discussions by sending links to your original readers and share these further to create a debate-like atmosphere. This will mean more publicity for your post.

Interviews with Clients

When you interview some impressive clients and get them to share their experiences on Skype, for instance, you can generate a lot of interest among readers. You can embed call recordings as YouTube videos or get them transcribed for your readers.

You can also get others to write guest posts for you. This can add more value to your site and it can keep content creators coming back.

Use WordPress Plugins

There are as many as 40,000 plugins you can use for your site. These plugins can help you create killer content, which you’ll find hard to do on your own. You can create more quality content using those tools.

The Word Stats tool, for instance, gives you a range of tools to enhance content quality. The Editorial Calendar plugin lets you manage content better and the WP Keyword Suggest lets you insert the best keywords. Easy Content Templates plugin helps you create new posts faster while the Search Everything plugin lets you locate past data as you build new content.

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