How To Boost Your Personal and Professional Spirits During the Pandemic Crisis?

By Ankit Kumar

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to improve life satisfaction

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

These are tough times, aren’t they? The pandemic has shaken the world, no one is spared. It has revolutionized the way the globe was operating, prior. All of us, in our personal and professional lives, are living a life never experienced before. But do we have a choice? No, we do not. For us to keep safe and alive, we will have to live the ‘new normal’.

That is where keeping our spirits high comes into picture. Since the new normal is hampering our lives, it does take its toll on our mental and physical health. Let us not let the pandemic lower our spirits. We have a precious life to enjoy and we shall do so! There is a lot of capability within us that we, sometimes, do not even know. It is just a matter of reinventing our inner self to fight against the outer worldly crisis.

How is the Pandemic Affecting Our Lives?

The pandemic is having different kinds of knock-on effects on our lives. The implication that it is showcasing range from being physical to emotional to financial to social. There is a lot of turmoil going around in different ways, some of which are mentioned below:

On a Personal Level

  • Feeling isolated as not being able to socialize and move around freely
  • Lower business returns and more of financial hassles
  • Economic setback with unavailability of all desired items
  • Poor cash flow on a personal level
  • Illness and loss of dear ones

On a Professional Level

  • Work from Home (WFH) regime is a different way of working
  • Unable to meet team members/seniors regularly and have more interaction
  • Less availability of guidance and more of self-work and independent functioning
  • A cultural shift in the mindset
  • Unavailability of seamless internet connectivity

And there could be more…

However big the number of issues is, it is up to us not to let ourselves down and keep our spirits strong, happy, and positive. Though everyone has their own way of dealing with these concerns, here are some tips that can help a great deal in elevating your spirits.

Key Tips to Lead a Happy and Satisfied Personal Life, Amidst the Pandemic

improving life satisfaction

  • Feel blessed that you have such a nice life. There are ups and downs in everyone’s lives and everyone must deal with that. But the very fact that God has given you a life to cherish demands our gratitude.
  • Look at people who are more troubled than you, who have lost their near and dear ones, are dealing with severe financial crisis, unable to feed their family, far away from their families. Such cases must make you feel that you are in a much happy space as compared to them. This should make you thankful in return.
  • Do these regularly – exercise, pray, meditate, eat good food, sleep well, spend quality time with family, perform your hobbies regularly, even if virtually. These regular activities shall keep boosting your inner self and keep you positive and strong.
  • Leverage the virtual world by regularly keeping in touch with family and friends all over the world. Everyone is in the same state of mind; hence, discussing and spending time shall surely help.
  • Keep telling yourself – ‘This too shall pass, ‘happy days are here again’, ‘every dark cloud comes with a silver lining’, and ‘think positive, be positive’, among others. The world out there is filled with such encouraging quotes. Though these may sound theoretical, embedding them in your mind shall work. Read good books, since no wonder why, they are our best friends.
  • Help others in need – be it by giving money, food, clothes, advice, or whichever way you can. Serving others will bring about a great sense of satisfaction, which will help you overcome your own set of worries/concerns/anxiety.
  • Keep in touch with what is going around in the world, but do not get too engrossed into it. Going deeper into what is happening around the world, especially in the pandemic may let you further down. Instead, watch happy and cheerful digital stuff that can lift you up.

Points to Ponder for a Successful and Stress-free Professional Life, in the Pandemic Times

  • Ensure a systematic internet connectivity plan in place so that you are continuously connected with your seniors and teammates.
  • Attend your virtual office as if you are present in person – dress well, get upright and smart, be confident, show your eagerness to work virtually.
  • Set up an area at home that will serve as your workplace daily. This makes you feel you are at your official location, giving a professional touch.
  • Ensure a healthy work-life balance. Keep focused hours for work and, at the same time, give time to yourself and your family.
  • Keep exercising, walking, and taking breaks in between. Sitting continuously in front of the digital media can cause harm.
  • Remain updated with what is happening on the professional front, in the organization. Keep in touch with your colleagues, even if it is not work specific. This way, you shall feel more connected and a part of the entire community that is living your life, work-wise.
  • Do not hesitate to contact the relevant person whenever you feel you are stuck. Working virtually does not mean you are disconnected. Keep a rapport with all. Wish your colleagues on their special days, congratulate them on their achievements, and just chit chat with your favourite people. These activities help you not to get grinded in the daily routines.
  • Take part in video conferencing calls and be heard. Show your opinion and clear all your doubts. Be interactive – this helps you feel as if you are a part of the office activities and there is a similar world that is working just like you.

Praying for a Pandemic-Free World

praying for the pandemic free world

As we keep ourselves up and running, the one thing that can help us all is to pray together to the Almighty to give us a pandemic-free globe soon. There is so much pain and worry that we have been witnessing; it is time God looks at us and bestows blessings in the world. Stay blessed, stay positive and be happy with what we have – life is too precious to be wasted!

Ankit Kumar

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