How to Grow an Audience on Facebook

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

If you’ve scrolled through Facebook, chances are you’ve seen a few business pages on your feed. We’re talking about well-established businesses with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. You’ve made your Facebook profile and are getting crickets, although it appears to be straightforward. You’ve started creating innovative and engaging material, but you’re having difficulties drawing an audience. What more? Building your audience on Facebook doesn’t happen overnight. Long gone are the days of buying Facebook likes; if you want to make your reach, you need to work for it.

What is Facebook?

It is the social networking service founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 with his fellow Harvard College students and roommates. Facebook can be accessed from tablets, smartphones, and personal computers, with an Internet connection. You need to register and create a profile by sharing your personal information on Facebook for you to be eligible to use their features. They can post photos, text, and multimedia shared with their Facebook friends or other users. In addition, Facebook has been widely used by many for communication, marketing business, making friends, and disseminating timely information worldwide.

What is Facebook Audience Network

The Facebook Audience Network was launched in 2014, and it is Facebook’s version of the Google Display Network. FAN stands for Facebook Audience Network, and it is a vast network of third-party apps and websites.

This partnership between Facebook and several app developers allows you to increase your reach and audience outside of Facebook while still using precise targeting, measurement, and delivery methods. As a result, you can continue to use your custom audiences, core audiences, and lookalike audiences!

The purpose was to assist marketers in achieving their marketing objectives at the lowest possible cost.

Things you can do to Increase your Facebook Audience

1. Make People Aware of Your Page

One of the easiest ways to build those first few followers is to let your network know you’d like their support. Sharing a page on your profile and asking your connections to like it can be the simplest and fastest way to promote a page. The URL will supply you with a generic URL when you build a business page. Before you can modify your URL to whatever you want, you’ll need at least 25 followers, so set that as your first objective.

2. Change Your Page’s URL

Once you’ve posted on your page and collected at least 25 followers, Facebook will allow anyone with an admin status to customize the URL for the page. This URL is how some potential customers will find your page and show up under the Facebook search results if anyone is looking.

Always try to keep your usernames the same across social media platforms.  You’ll want to make sure that your username is similar (if not identical) to your business name. If you’re not sure whether the username is available, run it through a Facebook username checker. These checkers will let you know whether your requested choice is available on Facebook and other social media platforms.

3. Ask Your Friends to Share the Page

Sending requests to all of your Facebook friends isn’t going to work. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a bit of help. However, keep in mind that some users will not share the page because they prefer to avoid social media business pages. You can reach out to specific friends via Facebook Messenger (which may result in the sender being marked as spam) or make a general request to share the page with your friends.

4. Get Active on Facebook

If your business is directly related to a specific region or community, consider joining various groups online. These groups can assist you in meeting new people, including potential clients. As a new business page, promptly responding to communication is essential. You want to comment, interact with, and post new and relevant information. Suppose someone may look for local posts asking for recommendations. You can recommend the company through their account or comment as the business offering to help.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Communication

Online people are likely to message a business page if they have any comments, questions, or concerns. As a new business page, responding to communication promptly is essential. Remember, you are not just building likes on your page. You are building trust, communication, and engagement too. Try answering questions or comments shared within 24-hours of receipt to help you maintain a connection with your audiences. Even generic comments on a Facebook post deserve a quick answer acknowledging you appreciate their feedback. You can always set your daily or maximum budget for the ad, meaning you won’t get billed thousands of dollars unexpectedly.

6. Consider Using Targeted Ad Campaigns

Sponsored campaigns were not necessary to get your company’s page in front of new audiences. If you have a few marketing dollars to spend, consider a targeted ad. You’ll be able to advertise posts that have already been published on your page, a post that drives people to your website, your page, or a local business, and a link to your page’s online-like page.

Putting It All Together

The Facebook Audience Network can help businesses receive an excellent return on investment from their marketing operations. Expanding your Facebook audience could result in better outcomes at a lower price. Marketers can utilize the various ad types to target individuals who are idly scrolling or even playing a game.

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