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The Ultimate Guide On How to Get Unbanned from Tinder

Tinder has gained such massive popularity that its feature swipe right has become part of our common lingo. It has emerged as the future of dating. With over 57 million users, it is not uncommon to hear the users complain about getting banned. If you are wondering why your account got suspended, do not fret. You are not the only one asking this question. In this article, we will help you understand why your account has been banned and how to solve this.

Nobody thinks of waking up one day to find out that their tinder account has been banned. Even though it is essentially a social media application because it is a dating app, its rules are a little different.

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Tinder looks out for its users and has strict policies against some behaviors. Behaviors such as sexist or racist comments, lying or cheating, etc., will have negative consequences. So ensure that you are on your best behavior even when at Tinder and you will not get banned!

Sometimes you might think that you have not done anything inappropriate at all, but still, get banned. But don’t get disheartened. It could be possible that you unintentionally offended someone and they reported you. However, just one report will not suspend your account.

Tinder ban means that you will not be able to access your account. This could happen if you have violated Tinder’s Community Guidelines. These policies have been designed to protect you and other users’ safety.
You will receive a notification telling you that you have been banned from tinder when you try to log in.

Before telling you solutions, let’s first look at what can get you to this stage.




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How to Get Unbanned from Tinder: The Ultimate Guide

◉ Catfishing 

Creating a fake profile under a false name is the quickest way to get banned from tinder. Fake accounts are very common on tinder and it is one of the issues the Tinder team is working on finding a solution to it.

If you feel like an account is fake, you can also report it. The Tinder team will look into the matter and decide whether to suspend the profile.

It is also possible that someone might steal your photograph and/or name to create a fake account. Immediately report the account and make sure that it gets suspended.

If you are the one catfishing, the only advice we have for you is: don’t! You might think that you will seem more attractive while pretending to be someone else. However, there is nothing more attractive than someone who is themselves.

◉ Racism

A comment might not seem racist to you however it can come off differently to the other person depending on their personality. If you are intentionally being racist, do not think that you will be able to get away with it.

Tinder is very sensitive on this matter. Even a song with racist lyrics can get you banned. Tinder will give you warnings. If you do not pay heed to the warnings you will definitely get banned.

◉ Sexism

This is quite similar to racism. Nobody likes to be treated differently over factors such as gender or race. If you hurt someone’s sentiments with a sexist comment, they have every right to report you.

So think before you speak. Sometimes, however, people try to provoke you. If that is the case avoid arguing with them and preserve your peace of mind.

Alternatively, if someone’s comments are making you uncomfortable, hit that report button and let the person face the consequences.

◉ One person, Two accounts

You made a new Tinder account because you lost access to your old account. And you have used the same name. Bio and pictures etc. This violates the policy of the ‘one person, one account’ guideline. It is not allowed to have multiple accounts and so this might get you banned.

◉ Inappropriate language

This is a common and obvious reason for getting your account suspended. Choose your words wisely. Online or offline, rude behaviors are not appreciated at all.

You might not be able to block rude people in real life but if you encounter one online, report them immediately! Do not let them get away.

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◉ Homophobic comments

Tinder also caters to the LGBTQ+ community. Users state their preferences in the bio, and if you come across a homosexual you can swipe left. However, the algorithm ensures that you only come across people who match your preferences.

There is no need to chat with someone from the LGBQ+ community just to call them out. If you will make someone feel uncomfortable like this, your account will definitely get suspended.

Tinder does not tolerate any mean, homophobic comments or actions. So if you are from the community do not feel scared. You can also enjoy the app without worrying about the hate you might receive. If that does happen, do not shy away from hitting that report button.

◉ Spamming

If you are not getting a response to your messages, rather than sending a dozen messages take a hint. Spamming someone can make them feel uneasy and result in you getting banned.

Another kind of spamming is copy-pasting the same message to all the matches. Tinder will find it suspicious and block your account. Chatting with multiple people at a time is not an issue, but make sure you engage with them and not spam them with the same messages such as “hello dear”.

◉ Robotic Behavior

Have you been swiping right like today is your last day on earth? Tinder AI might have seen this as a fake profile or robotic behavior.

Another robotic behavior could be that you made many attempts while your internet or system was down. If something is not working, wait for a little. Otherwise, it can get suspicious.

Have some patience and show some self-control.

◉ Offensive Bio

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Bio is how people judge you. So a negative or offensive bio will not leave a good impression.

This is also mentioned in the tinder community guidelines – hate speech is strictly prohibited.

However, it is possible that there was nothing hateful in your bio but someone got offended by it and reported your account.

You should be careful about what you write in your bio. You can get inspiration from a lot of websites and blogs. Be creative and do not copy-paste it from a blog.

◉ You leave after swiping the right

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If you are not texting your matches after swiping right, what exactly is your purpose for downloading tinder?  You are not only wasting your time but other users’ time and efforts also.

You might be doing it unintentionally or innocently, however, it does not give off a good impression. And someone might even report you for this shady behavior.

◉ You made an offensive joke

Maybe you are into dark humor and joke about sensitive topics such as being underage, self-harm, or prostitution. Tinder AI, however, will not understand this.

It can also be offensive to someone and they might report you.

◉ Too many users unmatched you

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If several users are unmatching you, the tinder AI will consider this as a sign that there is something wrong with you. It could be your profile or behavior.

According to the Tinder community guidelines it has to protect its users and so it will ban you from the app so that other people’s experience is not disturbed.

◉ Using Tinder for paid promotions

Tinder is an app meant for socializing and dating. Promoting your products or your Instagram account is not allowed according to the Tinder policies. This is easily a sure way to get banned because this behavior can easily be spotted by Tinder.

◉ Nudes or inappropriate images

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You might believe that posting a picture of your abs will make girls swoon over you. It is okay if you are showing a little bit, however, nobody likes a show-off.

What is even more of a turn-off is sending unsolicited nudes. You will immediately get reported and banned. Posting your nudes is also not appreciated and will not result in many matches.

posting pictures of animal corpses is also counted as an inappropriate image.

◉ Lying about your age

Tinder has revised its policies and is now only available for users 18 years old or above. This might sadden you but this is for your own safety. Underage users can easily be exploited.

If you are a minor, rather than making a profile with a false age, wait patiently. If someone figures out your real age, you will get banned forever. This means that you might not be able to create an account even when you are of the legal age.

You might find it annoying but Tinder can ban you even if you are joking about being underage. Somebody might report you because they did not get the joke.

9 Ways On How to Get your Tinder Account Back?

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So let’s say that you, unfortunately, made some of the above-mentioned blunders and your account has been suspended. What now? How will you now meet your next date?

Is there a way to recover your banned account? Is this just a timeout? How long will the ban last? Or is it a permanent ban? Fortunately for you, your account can be recovered. We have just the right tips to help you get back on tinder. So don’t have to worry about finding new dating apps.

1. Appeal to Tinder

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Although there is no official tinder ban appeal that you can submit, the tinder support system is very cooperative. You can contact Tinder to learn why your account was banned. Then you can choose to apologize or clear out any misunderstandings. make a polite appeal. Be wise with your words and do not lose your temper.

This entire process takes a few days or even a month, so do not lose hope.

2. Create a new account

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If your account is not getting unsuspended, you can make a new tinder account. However, you will have to start from scratch. You will lose all your data, photos, ELO scores, and matches.

This time, however, you can make sure that you do not make the mistakes you made before. Also, a new account will be automatically boosted to get more matches.

A few things you should know when making a new account:

3. Use a New Number

Tinder will recognize your old number so you will have to get yourself a new SIM card to create a new profile. Otherwise, tinder will not allow you to register a new account.

4. New Google Play Store Account

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This might seem a lot of hassle but you will also have to create a new Google account (for android users) or Apple ID (for iPhone users) before downloading the Tinder app. This is because your Google accounts and Apple ID store your data that cannot be really deleted.

You will be required to register a new Google account or Apple ID for both free and premium accounts.

5. Enter New Data Only

After buying a new SIM card and creating all these new accounts, you will be able to finally register a new tinder account.

Since all of your data will be new, Tinder will not be able to recognize that this was a banned tinder account.

6. Make a better profile

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Here you will get a chance of setting up a new and better Tinder profile. Add better photos and a new bio as that is what people will notice the first.

If you upload the same old photos that have been swiped right or even worse swiped left is not the wisest choice. The good thing is that you have prior experience in setting up a Tinder profile. Know what types of photos will get the most likes and swipe rights.

You do not have to take new pictures for your new tinder account. You can just edit or crop them a bit differently.

Play with your photographs in Photoshop. You can change the light, alter the brightness or even add a filter.

If you do upload the old picture, tinder’s AI will recognize and match it with your old account and this can get your account banned again.

So use new photos just to be safe from getting banned.

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7. Create a new Facebook account

If your Facebook profile was linked to your previous Tinder account, you will have to register a new Facebook account also. And, avoid linking it to your Tinder account by entering a new phone number. It is anyways a smarter option than registering the account via Facebook.

8. Do not link your Instagram account

Even though many Tinder users link their Instagram profiles to their Tinder profiles, it does not affect your likes or matches.

If you had linked your previous Tinder account with your Instagram profile, do not do it this time.

Tinder will recognize and match it with your old profile and there is a chance of getting banned from Tinder. Another reason can be using the same display picture as your Instagram account. This will get you to be discovered by Tinder AI and get your account banned.

9. Use a different credit card

If premium features are needed you will have to use a credit card. If you wish to purchase a tinder subscription, you will have to enter new credit card details.

You do not have to get a new credit card. You can use the credit card of any family member or friend. This will ensure that your new Tinder profile will not be linked to your old profile and you stay unbanned.

If you plan to enjoy the free version, you can skip this step.

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Some Open Questions

How do I get my tinder photos verified?

You might not be able to blue tick verified on Instagram or Twitter, but getting verified on Tinder is quite simple. You just have to pictures through the Tinder app in certain poses.

What is the use of getting verified, you might wonder. Well, this verification proves that this is not a fake profile. That you are not a catfisher or a robot. It does not mean that you are a celebrity. Just that you are a real person.

But does that mean it is a useless feature? Not at all. Dating apps are filled with fake profiles and catfishers. Some users use fake profiles to trick and exploit their potential dates.

While swiping right you also should make sure that the tinder profile is verified and they are who they say they are.

Fortunately, this process will not take long. It will only take a few moments. You only have to take a few selfies.

You will know your tinder profile is verified when the blue checkmark appears next to your name.

So here is a simple yet quick guide to getting your photos verified.

The verification process will be the same whether you are using the Tinder app or the Tinder website.

Open the Tinder app and log in to your account. then click or tap the profile icon on the top-left corner to go to your profile.

Next, tap or click the gray checkmark next to your name.

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Then select continue or next.

If you are not verified yet, there will be a gray checkmark appearing.

You will then be shown a number of pictures showing models making quirky and odd poses and facial expressions. Use your computer or phone camera to take pictures copying those expressions or poses.

Do not be anxious about the process. The poses are not that difficult. It will ask you to wink or hold your arm up.

After you have taken the photos and submitted them, tinder will update your status as under review.

The process will not take much time. After a just few minutes, you will get an email informing you are verified or not.

In case you are not verified, it will ask you to click your pictures again.

And if your pictures are accepted, a blue checkmark will appear in the place of the green clock.

Everywhere your name appears, This blue checkmark will appear next to it. The users will see the blue checkmark.

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How to Block a User on Tinder?

If you feel uncomfortable because of someone on the Tinder app, you can block them. This could be due to several reasons such as someone sharing sexually explicit content, or being rude to you.

They will then be unable to see your profile anymore and neither will you see their profile.

This is particularly helpful if you want to hide your profile from your ex or family members. And do not worry, the other person will not be notified that you have clocked them.

There are 2 simple ways to block someone on the app. Let us inform you about both methods.

Blocking Someone who is on Your Contact List

If you wish to block someone who is saved in your contact list, load your contact list on the Tinder app. Then simply select the user to block.

Below are the exact steps to make it even simpler:

Open the Tinder dating app and log into your account.

Tap the profile icon on the ribbon at the bottom.

On your profile screen, you will be able to see the Settings option. Tap on it.

Click on the block contacts option on the Settings page then tick on the contacts tab on top of the screen.

Import the contacts into the application.

Select Yes to allow the Tinder app to access your phone contacts.

Then, pick the contacts that you want to block and press Block Contacts.

And that is it. The user has now been blocked by Tinder.

Manually Add Their Details to Block a user on Tinder 

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If you do not want to load your contacts onto the Tinder application, then you can enter a user’s contact information detail to block them.

Follow these steps to block a person from your Tinder profile:

Open your Tinder application and log into your profile.

Press on the Profile icon on the bottom ribbon. Go to the Settings.

Select the Block Contacts on the settings page.

Select the Plus sign on the top right corner to add the contact you wish to block.

In the Name option, enter the user’s name you want to block.

Type the user’s phone number in the Add phone number option.

Enter the user’s email address in the Add Email field.

Press Done once you are done.

You do not have to enter both the user’s phone number and email address. You will have to provide at least one.

If the user is found on the Tinder app, they will be blocked.

How do I unblock someone on Tinder?

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What happens if you blocked someone and now have changed your mind. Does tinder allow you to unblock the user you had blocked previously?

Well, we have good news for you. It is possible to unblock a user.

Here are easy steps you can follow:

Firstly, open your app and log into your tinder profile

Press on the Profile icon on the bottom ribbon.

Proceed to Settings.

Press on the Block Contacts.

At the top of the Block Contacts screen, there will be a Blocked option. Tap on that.

Look for the user you wish to unblock and press the Unblock option next to their name.

How to Unblock all the Blocked Users

If you want to unblock everyone press the three-dot icon and tap on the Unblock All option.

Can you get banned from Tinder for no reason?

If you have gotten banned from tinder it is likely because for some reason. But is the reason valid or not can be debated.

As one of the global dating apps, tinder’s system is programmed to detect any threat and immediately remove it.

Their terms of services and community guidelines are quite detailed and strict. Before signing up for your account, you should go through the conditions and understand them fully to ensure that you can avoid any negative experiences such as getting permanently banned.

You might have done something unintentionally but the AI considered it a violation and banned you. Or someone could have misunderstood you and reported you. This leads to your account getting suspended. The right way to avoid this is to follow the rules and the regulations stated by tinder.

However, if you feel like the ban was unfair to you, you can make an un-ban appeal. Tinder support services reply as soon as possible so it will not be a tedious job.

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This is it. All the methods of avoiding a tinder ban. Hopefully, this helped you understand how to behave on dating apps and what kinds of actions will not be accepted according to the community guidelines.

Sometimes it also depends on the user on the side, they can get you in unnecessary trouble.

If you ever have to go through this experience, at least now you know the steps to unban your tinder account.

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